Gocce di fantasia (Narrativa per ragazzi) (Italian Edition)

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Spinsi la porta ed entrai. Che razza di esordio da deficiente! Sei senza cappotto, senza zaino Mi strinsi nelle spalle e feci un passo verso di lei. E penso a te. Anche se non so il tuo nome. Che poteva fare, oltre a mandarmi a quel paese?

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Certo, potevo ritrovarmi con una bella segnalazione alla polizia per molestie, e quello poteva essere un problema. E poi tacqui, sorridendo. Come uno stupido, probabilmente, ma non me ne importava nulla. In camicia, giacca aperta e cravatta allentata, in piedi davanti a lei, bellissima e semplice mentre si toglieva il grembiule e lo poggiava sul bancone, e poi si girava a prendere un fiore da un vaso. E me lo porgeva. Mentre lo prendevo, le nostre dita si sfiorarono appena.

Le frasi sulla lavagna di Serena: Ama molto leggere, soprattutto romanzi d'amore. Chiacchiera dei libri che legge e delle cose che scrive sul suo blog:. Newton Compton , Raffaella V. Poggi , Risultati Giveaways , VeloNero. Judging by the frown, I think the answer there is yes. And shame on my brothers everywhere for overlooking such a fine girl as yourself. But no way in hell was I telling him that. Big boobs, a lack of height, and childbearing hips ran in the family.

My mom was exactly the same so there was really very little I could do about it. The lack of luck in love seemed more exclusive to me, however. Or a short and shitty one, you pick. Either way, I was just fine and dandy as I was, flying solo. In all honesty, the idea of heading quite that far up into the Pacific North West did not appeal. Ben, the bass player, opened one eye and gave us both a tired look. Then he closed it and went back to sleep. Momenti come quelli dovrebbero essere memorabili. Bisognerebbe sentire il fato che si muove sotto i piedi.

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E invece, mi toccava lo sguardo scontroso di un tizio con un completo elegante. Aveva due occhi blu ghiaccio, i capelli scuri gli scendevano sul viso e sul collo, incorniciando gli zigomi di un angelo ma la bocca di un bambino cocciuto. Jimmy Ferris, leader della band. E colui che mi avrebbe spezzato il cuore. Finally, at long last, Jimmy sighed and looked up at me. Everything paused, apart from my pulse, beating loud behind my ears. The man was beautiful in much the same way as the stars. I could only look upon him with longing, he was so far out of my reach. Still, moments like these are meant to be momentous.

Fate shifting beneath your feet should feel big. But instead of mood lighting and dramatic music, I got a cranky cold blue stare from a guy in a razor sharp suit. Dark hair fell over his face and collar, framing the cheekbones of an angel but the jaw of a stubborn child. Every other discernible inch of him appeared to be fully grown male. The way he held his jaw, however … well. Trust me to find him attractive. So I frowned straight back at him. It was tempting All of this was my own damn fault, I should have been dust weeks ago.

Every time I opened my mouth to tell him I quit, however, the words disappeared.

Worse even than normal. Ev had asked me to go out with her and her friends a couple of times, but I always made excuses. Carpet burned knees would not have been nice. Also, the minute we got back to Portland, I was either finally quitting, demanding hazard pay, or both. I capelli scuri gli ricadevano sui tratti affilati del viso e un accenno di barba gli delineava la mascella. Tutto firmato e con i capelli tirati indietro. Troppo raffinato per i miei gusti. Across from us, Jimmy paced back and forth, hands balled into fists.

Normally, the man was a princess, a show pony, put together with perfection. Hair slicked back and designer everything. As eye candy went, his superior rock god status made him ideal. I was safe to fantasize and indulge my libido while remaining well beneath his notice. How much simpler life would be if it had. Today, however, Jimmy seemed all too human, only half dressed with his dark hair falling over the sharp angles of his face and matching stubble lining his jaw. His usual airtight control was nowhere in evidence. The state of him and the room was shocking.

Nothing seemed to have been left unharmed. I must have looked like one of those clowns at the fairs, the ones you where you lob a ball in their mouth to win a prize. No sign of blood though his knuckles were scratched and pink, tender looking. Legs apart, he braced his elbows on his knees and hung his head. When there was nothing at home, she sat Davie and me down at her table and she fed us. Treated us like we were her own. Apparently, neither could I. And to prove it, I stood there utterly useless, my heart breaking for him. Of course I had.

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Truth was, Jimmy needed a therapist or a counselor or someone. The man was cracking before my eyes and watching him come apart felt like torture. Now suddenly, his pain felt like my own, tearing up my insides, leaving me raw. The room swam blurrily in front of me. What the hell was I still doing here? Qualified or not, I was all he had. Just talk from your heart.

He took a shuddering breath, resting his forehead against me. Damn it, he had seemed okay. Better than him imagining phone calls from the recently deceased, but still. So low that I had to strain to hear him. Hell, the woman sounded like a nightmare. His shoulders hitched beneath my hands, his misery surrounding us like an impenetrable shell. He followed behind me like an obedient child. The lights in the white bathroom were blindingly bright a. I placed his shirt and tie on the counter, grabbed a facecloth and wet it.

Meanwhile, Jimmy stared off into the distance, his mind obviously far away once again. The cold damp cloth made contact and he reared back, nostrils flaring. I just need to get my bag and jacket. His chin jerked and his gaze skittered over me. Lips fine, he studied the slowly drying patch on the front of my blouse.

The air hissed out between his teeth and his expression calmed. I nodded, giving him a small smile.

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  • Hai intenzione di andare prima o poi? Ringraziai Dio per questo. Still, I swear I could feel his pain bearing down on me, threatening to snap me in two. Today he needed a friend. All sorts of things, really. But every time I went there from then on, she made time to talk to me, even if it was just for two minutes.

    Still, she always made a point of giving that to me. She kept an eye on me and Dave, made sure we were clothed and fed, that we had what we needed. She cared when no one else gave a shit. Jimmy carefully picked up the piece of paper in front of him, folding it back up. The poetry was in him, in the way he was baring his heart to these people. He stood tall, facing the crowd. His truth might not be pretty, but there was strength in his stance, pride. Warmth bloomed in my chest at the sight. I slid into the pew and retook my seat. Jimmy deposited himself next to me, the leg of his suit pants brushing against mine.

    Honestly, after all the drama and emotional upheaval, sticking close seemed a good idea. For him, of course. His gaze dropped briefly to where we connected before moving away. He made a noise. It sounded agreeable enough. Up in the pulpit the preacher started talking. He looked straight ahead, however, apparently unaware of what his thigh was doing. Nothing showed on his face. Maybe it was his way of acknowledging me, of saying thank you. Or maybe the man had a cramp.

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    A small smile curved my lips, my shoulders sagging with relief. Yes, I could admit to missing having someone special sometimes. Hence my vow to stay sexless and single. I had to protect myself from my own shitty taste in men, even if I did find my own hugs somewhat lacking. Though I think that was probably a blessing. It was a lot to take in. The way I saw him was altering today in all sorts of ways.

    She too had tried several of the desserts. Maybe he likes you. We are talking about the same Jimmy Ferris here? She barked out a laugh.

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    I wrinkled my nose. These are the risks we take when we care about people. Something in the way she said that set me on edge. Jimmy and I are strictly a business relationship.

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    • I just need a little help getting back on my feet. Have a little respect, huh? The sight brought the cold rushing back in. Last I heard she was still in LA. It must be a Ferris thing, they both did it at times of stress, bewilderment or just about any other emotion. Jimmy turned, giving their mom one last look.

      To all the world, his gaze must have looked bored, irritated. But the fingers fussing at the bottom of his jacket gave him away, to me at least. Should we buy her some warmer clothes? They really were similar in so many ways. Il silenzio di Yair, dopo otto mesi di corrispondenza incessante Per questo occorre vedere degli occhi di fronte a se', toccare delle labbra, delle mani, un corpo che si ribella e strepita contro le tue idee di astrattezza "pura"" e ancora "Un altro giorno.

      Non smetto di guardare il cielo. Come sei riuscito a trasformare il mondo intero in un'enorme morsa che a poco a poco si stringe intorno a me? Basta, basta, basta"] E poi la pioggia, risolutrice Un romanzo, a mio parere, di una bellezza sconvolgente. Un uomo, Yair, che profondamente commosso, vede Myriam risaltare tra tutti, e deciso, dopo qualche giorno, le scrive; convinto di poter mandare avanti un rapporto aperto, profondo e libero, per corrispondenza.

      Diventa presto uno scambio sensuale, intenso. Ognuno racconta all'altro, segreti che non erano mai stati pronunciati, situazioni imbarazzanti e vergognose. Chi sono io per giudicare un mostro di bravura come Grossman?! Io sono una persona pratica e con i piedi per terra - una Tamar, per intenderci - e non sono fatta per indagare, capire e apprezzare le elucubrazioni mentali di due folli. Sono arrivata alla fine, facendomi violenza, per vedere se potevo dare almeno una stella a questo libro. Ma non mi devo giustificare con nessuno.

      Mi confondeva le idee avere un libro senza voto tra quelli letti. Il mio giudizio resta comunque quello espresso nella recensione qui sopra. Un atto d'amore anche verso la scrittura. Mi sembra la storia di uno stalker, di un maniaco e il modo in cui il protagonista scrive le lettere mi fa sentire viscida. Jun 05, Zulqarnain Ali Zaki rated it really liked it Shelves: If these are the things you're looking for, it's gonna be your best read.

      These feelings are too strong at some places. It demands all of your attention. You might get frustrated but it's one of the interesting about th "The passion of my yearning for someone, a man above all, who would not only dare to strip me of my clothes, but would look at what is there within me, so we could see, together, what I am made of" Emotions, feelings, longings, doubt, fears, anger, emptiness, search for true love. You might get frustrated but it's one of the interesting about this book.

      In short, you can find every emotion in it. Yair see Miriam at a party and he starts writing letters to her. They don't meet each other during their correspondence, although they were living at the distance of a few miles. First part contains all the letters of Yair in which he shows all the aspects of his soul, no matter how dark they are. In the second part, Miriam in her letters shows how her life is just empty. How she is living a meaningless life, regardless of having a family and a job.

      The story is about extraordinary and unexpected ways of finding true love. You might find true love at any stage of your life. When you find that love nothing remains hidden. Your love gets familiar with all the dark aspects of your personality. She becomes you and you become her. Many questions remain unanswered but it's on the imagination of the reader. In reality, the whole story is only in your imagination.

      In ''reality" you can't be this naked. Your souls can't touch each other if you bound yourself to reality, only. I feel I couldn't imagine sufficiently many things during my first reading. Therefore, this book demands to be read again. Each one of them speaking--no, shouting out, for a completely different man in me. Men unfamiliar to me. This is why people try to connect with one another, isn't it? Uno sguardo ben mirato basterebbe. Eliminarmi con una parola. Mai tanta corrispondenza d'intenti ho trovato tra me, la mia vita e la trama di un libro acquistato peraltro alcuni mesi fa.

      La scrittura di Grossman lascia tracce tangibili di un fare poetico mai scontato! Mar 28, Nelliamoci rated it it was amazing. Grossman ce lo dimostra: Come un fiume in piena: Che piacevole scoperta questo libro! Non proprio facilissimo, ma decisamente intenso ed emozionante. Ho intenzione di rileggerlo presto: E' un libro che non si dimentica facilmente! Sarei felice di poter dire a me stesso: Un coltello affilato, ma misericordioso. Non vedevo l'ora di finirlo. Questi due non si aiutano per niente, anzi credo si trascinino nel baratro a vicenda.

      Qualcuno nelle altre recensioni parla di catarsi, ma sinceramente ne dubito. Ma se si toglie tutto questa impalcatura restano due casi umani che non avrebbero dovuto proprio scriversi nemmeno un biglietto. Per fortuna che ho preso il libro in biblioteca e non ci ho speso dei soldi. Diario di una nevrosi? Aug 30, J. Ieri mentre scrivevo ho di nuovo pensato a quanto sono strane le lettere.

      Quando io ne leggo una tua, mi trovo di fatto in un tuo momento passato. A volte mi cap Ieri mentre scrivevo ho di nuovo pensato a quanto sono strane le lettere. La banda del paese. La fiumana di gente rincorreva le sirene delle volanti e in meno di mezz'ora tutto Castelleone si era riversato sulla spiaggia. Il campanile del duomo settecentesco svettava su una piazza deserta.

      Raffiche improvvise strattonavano cartacce e mozziconi di sigaretta. Il commissario Renzi fumava e osservava sconsolato la calca che si andava formando, lisciandosi i folti baffi neri. Le forze dell'Ordine erano state movimentate al gran completo, con totale dispiegamento di uomini e mezzi: Il pulviscolo danzava nel fascio pallido che ricadeva sul tavolo di legno spesso e grezzo. Fuori dalla finestra le chiome degli alberi erano squassate dalla tormenta. Nella penombra scorse diverse cornici appese alla sinistra del camino in pietra. Un amore su due ruote e un bloccasterzo di troppo.

      A pensarci adesso ci rido, ma quella volta mi sarei sparato. Ricordo come fosse un secondo fa, la tremenda frustrazione Correva l'anno e mi sentivo un leone, coi miei ventiquattro anni, la moto, l'abbraccio travolgente della primavera e baffi e ca. Aprendo la porta della cameretta la madre lo sorprese intento a fissare il coniglietto di cioccolato. Alessandro si soffiava dagli occhi la zazzera castana spaghettiforme, per concentrarsi sull'animaletto-dolciume: Storie da biblioteca - Risultati concorso.

      Secondo a parimerito nella sezione Pesaro Un anno fa era stato a un passo dall'altare e adesso era solo come un cane. Ironia della sorte aveva un gatto a fargli compagnia. Tra poco in ufficio ci sarebbe stata una pesantissima riunione sul bilancio di fine anno e lui era nell'elenco dei relatori. Sicario a zero ore. A giudicare dall'occhiata furtiva della portinaia non dovevo proprio avere una bella cera. E le rondiniche solcano il cielofanno promesse Speranza di leinell'aria natalizia,tramonto rosa Gatte nel sole,lente nuvole bianche: All Formats Kindle Edition Sort by: Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg.