Gestalt Therapy and the American Experience

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Dialogue between these opposing sides leads clients toward gradual insight into the range of their feelings and important themes in their lives. An example of how this technique is used by the Gestalt therapist is having the client to "become" another person such as asking "the client to be his mother and say what his mother would say if the client came in at 2: Awareness of and the reintegration the client's avoidance behaviors are assisted by the interventions used to increase and enhance awareness of feelings, thought, and behaviors.

Homework assignments between therapy sessions may include asking clients to write dialogues between parts of themselves or between parts of their bodies, gather information, or do other tasks that are related to and fit with what is going on in the therapy process. Homework may become more difficult as the awareness develops.

Therapy sessions are generally scheduled once a week and individual therapy is often combined with group therapy , marital or family therapy , movement therapy, meditation , or biofeedback training. Sessions can be scheduled from five times a week to every other week and session frequency depends on how long the client can go between sessions without loss of continuity or relapsing.

Meetings less frequent than once a week are thought to diminish the intensity of the therapy unless the client attends weekly group with the same therapist. More than twice a week in not usually indicated except with clients who have psychotic disorders, and is contraindicated with those who have a borderline personality disorder.

Gestalt therapy - children, define, functioning, adults, withdrawal, drug, examples, person

Weekly group therapy may vary from one and one-half to three hours in length, with the average length of two hours. A typical group is composed of ten members and usually balanced between males and females. Any age is thought to be appropriate for Gestalt therapy. There are groups for children as well. Gestalt therapy is considered by its proponents to have a greater range of styles and modalities than other therapeutic systems and is practiced in individual therapy, groups, workshops, couples, families, and with children, and in agencies such as clinics, family service agencies, hospitals, private practice, growth centers.

According to Corey, "The therapeutic style of therapists in each modality vary drastically on many dimensions including degree and type of structure; quantity and quality of techniques used; frequency of sessions, abrasiveness and ease of relating, focus on body, cognitions, feelings; interpersonal contact; knowledge of work within psychodynamic themes; and degree of personal encountering.

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Gestalt therapy is considered to have pioneered the development of many useful and creative innovations in psychotherapy theory and practice. However, there is some concern regarding abusing power by therapist, as well as the high-intensity interaction involved. The concern is in the nature of therapists being enchanted with and using the techniques of Gestalt therapy with other theories of therapy without having the appropriate training in Gestalt therapy theory. Gestalt therapists are very active and directive within the therapy session and therefore, care must be taken that they have characteristics that include sensitivity, timing, inventiveness, empathy, and respect for the client.

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These characteristics, along with ethical practice, are dependent on the skill, training, experience, and judgment of the therapist. The intensity of the therapy might not be suitable for all patients, and even disruptive for some, despite the competence of the therapist. In addition, there is a lack of monitored, scientific research evidence supporting the effectiveness of Gestalt therapy.

Gestalt therapists expect that as result of their involvement in the Gestalt process clients will improve in the following ways: Wadsworth and Thomson Learning, Ellis, Michael and John Leary-Joyce. The Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy. National Institute of Mental Health.

National Mental Health Association. Definition Gestalt therapy is a complex psychological system that stresses the development of client self-awareness and personal responsibility. Description The relationship between the therapist and the client is the most important aspect of psychotherapy in Gestalt therapy. There are four characteristics of dialogue: Inclusion, in which the therapist puts him- or herself, as much as is possible, into the experience of the client.

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The therapist does not judge, analyze, or interpret what he or she observes. Presence refers to the therapist expressing his or her observations, preferences, feelings, personal experience, and thoughts to the client. Commitment to dialogue allows a feeling of connection contact between the therapist and the client. Dialogue is active and can be nonverbal as well as verbal.

Gestalt Therapy demonstration: Letting go of being in me carry your weight

It can be dancing, song, words, or any modality that expresses and moves the energy between the therapist and the client. Createspace Independent Publishing Platform Imprint: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform Publication date: About Wordery Wordery is one of the fastest growing online booksellers. Why should you use Wordery Specialist. Secure payment via PayPal. Proven customer service excellence.

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