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  3. Franky the Finicky Flamingo
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Dogs are pack animals, so they are concerned with communicating with each other. The easiest way they communicate is through their super sensitive noses, and through sniffing and smelling they can talk to each other. Though dogs only really sweat from their noses and paws, each hair follicle has a special sweat gland. It is speculated that this gives each dog an unique scent that only a dogs special nose can pick up.

Another gland that gives off an unique scent is their anal glands. It's why dogs like sniffing other dogs' butts. These glands give smells as unique as our names; a dog identifies another dog through their odor. But as humans, we don't have the same smelling talents as dogs, so we only distinguish the musky, dog odor. Also, it doesn't help that dogs love rolling in stinky stuff. It helps mask their natural odor from other animals which they hunt or try to avoid.


Though cats can sniff things out better than we can, they aren't as concerned with sniffing out and becoming friends with other cats. They are a more lonesome creatures, and thus haven't evolved to have super obvious and unique body odors. Instead, it is more important for a cat to be stealthy. They are smaller, and have many more predators than your average wild dogs have.

That is one reason why cats are so finicky about grooming. They are trying to keep clean and odor free in order not to attract bigger animals that could possibly eat them, and to hide from the more aggressive cats.

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Their tongue is specially designed to remove dirt and other particles that might lead to odor. Keep in mind, male tomcats can develop a thick, musky scent from their anal glands. That is because they are the biggest, toughest cats around and it helps intimidate other kitties from approaching them or their territory.

Diet is also a factor. Dogs eat almost anything, including trash and dead animals, and it can give them an unique bouquet of odors coming from their mouth and butt. Cats have a very restricted diet, which their body handles very well, and it helps limit their odor. The best answer, considering it addresses not only physiologically why but also evolutionarily why.

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Cats are pretty finicky with their food. Cats are hunters, not scavengers. Though hunger can drive a cat to eat carrion, a cat prefers fresh kills. It's why cats like playing with their food. It's a trait to encourage hunting and eating fresh meat. I think they may have meant that cats' bodies are used to eating the regular stuff mice and birds , while a dogs' body has no idea what to expect because a dog will eat anything that looks edible.

Which Animals Recognize Themselves In Mirrors?

Yep, those little glands attached to the hair follicle is responsible for the wet dog smell. It produces an oil known as sebum, which helps protects the dog from cold and other elements. When dry, it produces that familiar musk we smell on dogs. If the dog becomes doused in water, the glands are activated to produce more sebum to protect the dog from the cold water and help warm the dog up afterwards. The glands can go into overdrive for up to two days after a bath.

So a dog's natural musk becomes stronger due to all the extra sebum being produced. They evolved to produce more sebum than other breeds when in contact with water, as they spend so much time in it.

Franky the Finicky Flamingo - Wanda Luthman - bøker() | Adlibris Bokhandel

Our cat smelled like maple syrup for about two weeks once. Ordinarily she just smells like sunshine and fluff.

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It causes attraction to cat pheromones, as well as other psychological effects. Your cat does stink, but you just don't notice it because you have a brain parasite telling you everything is fine. Please wash your cat every once in a while. Cats are pretty good at keeping themselves clean but do stink after a while without a real bath. It causes attraction to cat urine in rats. No cat-loving effects on humans have been found at all, although it shows a small but statistically significant effect on human behaviour linked to anxiety.

I'm not an expert, but I assume it has to do with cats' nature as stealth predators. Their natural smell is less and they spend a lot of time keeping themselves clean. I don't know but it's one of the main reasons I like cats more.

Franky the Finicky Flamingo

I want a pet, not an eternal smelly baby that I have to wash all the time to avoid smelling disgusting. The hair is still a problem for me, but some cats don't shed much at all. I like to think of my laziness as efficiency and intelligent simplification of life, but I'll accept it. Listen I know this is not going to make you decide to like dogs or anything but poodles don't shed at all and they also don't smell unless you let them go a LONG time without bathing.

Same thing with greyhounds. They don't have the same oils on their skin as most dogs which means they're prone to dry skin, but it also means they don't smell. Supposedly greyhounds don't shed either, but my grey apparently never read the greyhound manual, because he leaves a dusting of fine white fur wherever he goes. All depends on what you're looking for, I guess. I like dogs at times, but the love gets overwhelming and indiscriminating for me and loses some of its value. If you have a cat that stinks, I can't help but think you're doing something wrong.

Its saliva is basically a natural detergent, and if it has a healthy diet, that alone should be enough to keep it clean and pretty much odorless. My cat eats mainly dry food but occasionally gets some tuna or chicken. Chewing on meat every so often helps keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh. She goes outside to shit, and doesn't have a litter box because they are disgusting. I can hold her right up to my face and she doesn't smell like anything. Basically, let your cat be a cat, and it'll be healthy and therefore clean without ever needing a bath. I have two cats. One stinks and the other doesn't.

The stinky cat has immaculate teeth. I think there may be other factors aside from the ones you mentioned. I swear I've read that if you shout at a cat or tell it off, it will start to wash itself because it feels uncomfortable and doesn't know what else to do. Or maybe it's just being a dick and trying to appear nonchalant. Give it a try, anyway. I have an inside cat and a few outside cats. None of them stink. The dogs I have owned have always done something to make themselves stink, especially when wet. I am guessing they are a lot more effective at grooming themselves than dogs are.

Also, even though dogs lick themselves they don't do it to the extent that cats do. My cats in their spare time do only either of the two things: Even when they sleep they wake up intermittently to clean themselves. I don't have dogs, but have close friends that do. We spend a lot of time together and we usually hangout the whole weekend at their place.

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I've never seen their two dogs lick themselves, unless they were licking their balls or arse. Are you talking about a cat's fur, or are you talking about cat feces and urine? Some people don't keep their litter boxes clean and their homes start to smell bad, but that's a litter box smell, not a "cat" smell, per se.

Unless there's a health problem, cats should never give off an odor. Cats themselves have a very pungent almost "bitter" hard to describe smell. I think they smell terrible as well. Makes me wonder if there are different types of "smellers" the same way there are different types of "tasters. Pretty much everyone is anosmic to can't smell certain chemicals, and overly sensitive to others. Musk scents in perfume are a good example, perfumers will use several different ones in the base of one fragrance because nobody can really smell all of them.

My friend bio major did a project meaning he wanted to fuck with us on this using a vial of a chemical I cant remember the name of. I smelled nothing, our other friend puked immediately describing the smell as "a blast of chlorine and feces". I fucking love the way my cats smell. They're so warm and soft and smell so nice I just love to snuggle my face into them. I always think the tops of my cats' heads smell like honey. No idea why, but they smell awesome: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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