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So, it is not surprising that we also use "eclipse" in the same way when talking about other things besides the sun, the moon and the earth.

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In conversation , when one thing eclipses another it makes it less important or popular. For example, television eclipsed radio in the s as the most popular form of home entertainment. When one person eclipses another, they do something better. For example, a younger child might hate it when her older sister's school and sports success eclipses her own. The older sister outshines the younger one. This usage of eclipse is not only used when talking about people. Things can also eclipse other things, as in this sentence: Many synonyms of eclipse deal with light and casting shadows, like in the example of the older sister outshining the younger.

If a person or a thing outshines another, the light they give off is so bright that no one notices anything else. You could also say the older daughter cast a shadow on her younger sister. Or you could say the younger sister was living in the shadow of her older sister. Now, let's hear how we use eclipse this way in everyday conversation.

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Let's listen as two people talk as they wait in line to audition for a Broadway musical. His performance in Les Miserables was amazing.

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Critics are still talking about it! What is he working on these days? That is just awesome! It will probably be another number one seller! So, what's it like being his brother? Oh, I'm so sorry.

Seeing an Eclipse Is Good! Being Eclipsed Is Not

But it's just that He casts a really big shadow! It's so typical , isn't it -- an older brother or sister eclipsing a younger one. They get to try everything first and do it longer. So, they're usually better -- usually the shining star in the family!

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I'm doing it again, aren't I? I am sure at this audition you are going to outshine everything your brother Doug has done on stage. Its Broadway run closed on June 19, Eclipsed takes place in the country of Liberia in at a bullet-ridden one room shack, which serves as an army camp for the rebel group called Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy LURD , which aimed to depose Charles Taylor , the then president of Liberia. The women are helping to care for a bright year-old The Girl , who has also been abducted and raped after being discovered by the C.


Soon, Maima returns from the battlefield, where she was fighting as a soldier. She tries to convince The Girl to leave the C. Rita, who works for a peace organization, makes occasional visits at the compound to end conflict. The Girl now seems to resign herself to her new life in the compound with limited options to choose from—stay with an abusive C. Gurira's inspiration for the play was a photo of Black Diamond, a female Liberian freedom fighter, in a New York Times article. Gurira interviewed more than 30 women—who had been raped, among whose daughters that had been taken by rebel fighters and turned into sex slaves.

She also spoke to female peace activists who were instrumental in ending the violence. The names of the women in Eclipsed come from the people Gurira met during her travels, whereas the fifth character is unnamed. The Off-Broadway production of Eclipsed transferred to Broadway at the John Golden Theatre , with cast reprising their respective roles.

Tommy, who directed The Public Theater's production, directed the Broadway production. Eclipsed began previews on February 23, with an official opening on March 6, The play marked the Broadway debut for Nyong'o, who turned down Hollywood films to bring the production to Broadway. Gurira and Tommy joined the cast of Eclipsed on June , where they surprised the audience during the curtain call live on Facebook to announce plans for Carole Shorenstein Hays to bring the production to the West Coast at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco, California for a limited engagement in Spring Sengbloh left the Off-Broadway show and was replaced by Stacey Sargeant on November 3 until the end of the production.

The production received positive reviews On and Off-Broadway. And it features a ferociously committed ensemble performances staged with power and finesse by Leisl Tommy". However, she went on and praised the performances: Her plight is terrifying, and Nyong'o makes the tragedy achingly personal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved June 19, Retrieved 10 April Retrieved 18 April Retrieved 4 February Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 6 March Retrieved 11 June Retrieved 5 June