Distant Voices

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  1. Distant Voices, Still Lives: No 21
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  4. "Distant Voices"
  5. Distant Voices (episode)

Distant Voices, Still Lives: No 21

O'Brien is his sense of doubt. Kira is his sense of aggression. Odo is is his sense of suspicion. Dax is his sense of confidence and adventure.

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However, as he figures this out Altovar emerges through the side of a nearby container and disappears with Dax. Moving toward Dax, Bashir suddenly finds himself playing tennis with Garak on the Promenade.

FIFTH QUADRANT - Distant Voices (Playthrough)

It seems the station is Bashir's mind and Altovar is the force which is killing him. Garak, a natural choice for Bashir's sense of intrigue, seems pessimistic but agrees to continue searching while Bashir heads for Ops. The situation worsens as Bashir progresses. Wounded people line a corridor and he finds Sisko there with a nurse , trying to heal them just as Bashir might. Naturally, Sisko is his sense of professionalism. The commander agrees to help Bashir who has aged yet again get to Ops, but moments later Altovar pulls Sisko into a nearby wall, disappearing once again.

Bashir runs, but runs into Altovar, who states he wants to systematically destroy Bashir's mind and then kill him. Shortly thereafter, Bashir finds a dead Kira and melting Odo, both of whom have fallen victim to the Lethean. As Odo dies, he advises Bashir to use the conduits to get to Ops quicker.

Although unsure whether he is going the wrong way, Bashir is determined to find Ops. His hopes rise when he finds O'Brien, but this version of the chief, Bashir's sense of fear and doubt, does not want to face the Lethean. He advises Bashir of which way to go, and reluctantly agrees to go along despite Bashir's rapidly accelerated aging.

At the juncture where Bashir should emerge in Ops, he finds himself on the Promenade again, this time outside Quark's, where something important seems to be going on. People are gathered around a table on which Bashir finds his unconscious body; Quark explains that he is taking bets on everything from how long Bashir will live to which organ will fail first. Their conversation is interrupted by dismayed cries from the crowd as O'Brien's lifeless body appears in place of Bashir's.

The Lethean appears once Quark calls off the bets, killing the Ferengi and informing Bashir that he is next. The now-decrepit doctor runs as best he can to the Promenade. Garak does not see how Bashir will fix the station if he is hardly able to walk. Nonetheless he agrees to help Bashir get to Ops, observing how stubborn his friend is. The pair eventually make it to Ops, where there is a surreal feeling. Joining in, Garak congratulates Bashir on having a fascinating mind once the song is over.

The doctor is still determined to fix the station despite Garak's continued pessimism, but when he opens a panel, he finds not computer circuitry but tennis balls, which fall on him.


As Garak reiterates the hopelessness of the situation, Bashir confronts him, claiming he does not belong and demanding to know who he really is. Garak transforms into Altovar. Debi Jones as Micky. Marie Jelliman as Jingles.

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Sally Davies as Young Eileen. Nathan Walsh as Tony as a child. Susan Flanagan as Maisie as a child. Michael Starke as Dave. Vincent MaGuire as George. Antonia Mallen as Rose. Chris Darwin as Red. Andrew Schofield as Les. Anne Dyson as Granny. Jean Boht as Aunty Nell.

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Judith Barker as Rose's Family. Chris Benson as Rose's Family. Alan Bird as Baptismal Priest. Pauline Quirke as Doreen. Matthew Long as Mr.

"Distant Voices"

Frances Dell as Margie. Carl Chase as Uncle Ted. Roy Ford as Wedding Priest.

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John Carr as Registrar. John Michie as Soldier. Jeanette Moseley as Barmaid. Terry Melia as Military Policeman. Ina Clough as Licensee. Lorraine Michaels as Rose's Family.

Distant Voices (episode)

John Thomalla as Military Policeman. But these still lives are never really inanimate.

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  4. The deliberate choreography is set to a constantly shifting soundtrack of hymns, jazz and popular songs from the playground and the pub. Sometimes it's the cast singing along or a graceful spiritual or Ella Fitzgerald adding an extra layer of emotion to a heart-rending scene.