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This book could be used to teach personification since each article of clothing has feelings and thoughts as if they were people. It also could be used to understand, make inferences, and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of poetry and provide evidence from the text to support understanding. How did the t-shirt feel when it was being used as a dust rag? Did the gingham sheet like being a ghost?

Because the rhythm is lively in these poems, the students could describe how rhyme and repetition interact to create images in poetry. The shoe laces who are too cool to tie. Lee Bennett Hopkins, Dec 10, Natalie Varnell rated it really liked it. Poetry referenced in text on page Summary: This is a fun collection of poems about clothing articles told through the articles perspective.

Is a really fun collection of poems. The strongest element would be the effortless flow and easy readability of each poem.

Children will undoubtedly find these poems to be fun and entertaining. They flow very well and are not hard to u Genre: They flow very well and are not hard to understand. Each poem does rhyme which children always love. Here is one that I really liked that demonstrates the style of the collection as well as the humor. They call me a dust rag! She started out small and we fit to a T. This would be a fun book to read aloud us a class.

It also would be fun to have students pick an article of clothing that they are wearing and to write a poem about it. Teachers could use this book to teach about personification. Oct 07, Harley Stine rated it liked it Shelves: The design of this book was so cute, colorful, and fun. Both the poems and pictures inside are very lighthearted and whimsical. Students especially females would be drawn to this book just because of the lively and amusing nature of the cover. Toddlers would pick up this book out of a stack of books because it is silly and appealing to the eyes.

The poems inside are all about different articles of clothing.


My favorite was "Emily's Undies". It had great rhythm and rhyming words. This book woul The design of this book was so cute, colorful, and fun. This book would be best for toddlers up to about first grade. The topics and nature of book would be too remedial for any children much older than that. The poems inside the book teach very early life lessons like how to dress one's self.

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If I had Pre-K class I would probably use this book to incorporate in to my classroom lessons. One day could be focused on a single lesson. We could start the day by reading the poem about getting dressed. Afterwards we can verbally talk as a class about how we get dressed in the morning what you need, what goes on first and then how it differs from getting dressed at night changing into sleep clothes. In an older class with more advanced students we could make our own poems about articles of clothing or maybe even another broad topic and then compile all of our poems in to a classroom book that I would laminate and keep in the classroom library for years to come.

I would also make sure that each student gets their own copy. Sep 20, Brittany rated it really liked it. This is a whimsical book of poetry centered around individual clothing items like Bob's Bicycle Helmet or Emily's Undies.

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These items are worn by animals depicted in the artwork. The clothing items are personified through the poems. Each poem tells a story from the clothing items point of view. This book of poetry is acceptable for K-3rd grade students. Students of this age range are beginning to pick out their own clothes and express themselves through their clothes. K-3 students might find this book relate able and funny. The pictures for each poem covers the entire page. Some illustrations take up both pages with the poem written on one page.

Other poems are written throughout both pages with the illustrations as the background. This book is very colorful and is comparable to children's picture story books. The illustrations are very detailed and some of the illustrations tell stories themselves. The illustrator uses different fonts and shapes so that the words can stand out to the reader. I recommend this book to parents to read to their children. It makes dressing up fun and as stated earlier, children will be able to relate to the poems. This can be used to start a conversation about the appropriateness of wearing a certain clothing item during a season winter, summer spring or fall or for a special occasion.

Oct 04, Brenna Longenecker rated it it was amazing Shelves: This poetry collection is all about clothes! They are separate poems, but each one talks about a different piece of clothing. In most of them, an animal is wearing clothes.

Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes - Alice Schertle - Google Книги

Children could relate to this because they probably all own the clothing that these poems address. The style in this poetry collection is demonstrated by the color choices and how the pictures connect with the text. In each poem, the text representing the piece of clothing is in a different font and color. The color of the text connects with the color in the picture.

Each picture represents what is happening in the text. I would have my students draw one of their favorite pieces of clothing from home. Then, they would write where they got it or who gave it to them and why it is their favorite, just like in the story. After they complete it, they would share it with the class. And it would have their name and their favorite thing. Oct 06, Maureen Houston rated it really liked it. Bob scrapes his knee. As a teacher read aloud or partner read, these poems can be used during reading, but can also be a fun way to incorporate a little humor into the school day!

Sep 28, Heather rated it it was amazing. This book is a collection of cute little creatures and their different articles of clothing. There is a groundhog,bird,pig,mouse,alligator,bear and rabbit in these poems. Theme is an underlying message that is communicated in these series of poems. Although it may not be that obvious a theme in this book is that there are things that everyone cares about.

Whether it materialistic or not, we all have something that we Title: Whether it materialistic or not, we all have something that we love or are proud to have, such as each of the characters described in this book. It also shows personifies these characters very well. It talks about them individually and shows their personalities. This book get students thinking about animals and different pieces of clothing or accessories. After reading this to the class, going around the room students can state what their favorite thing to wear is.

Also, looking at the Bertie's Shoelaces poem would be good to teach a lesson. Since Bertie doesn't tie his shoes I could ask the students if they think it is safe to walk around with their shoes untied and ask them why. Dec 04, Victoria Brady rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is a collection of poems that bring life to the clothes in your closet. The pictures in this book are colorful and created to make the reader feel that they are experiencing what the child in the book is experiencing.

The setting of this book is present day and the child is about the age of the intended audience which is ages 4 to 6. The language is easily understood for the intended audience.

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The rhymes in the poems make the children feel accepted and okay with who they are. If I were to use this book during a classroom activity, I would encourage the children to dress up when they come to class and spend time having the children complement each other. I may also have the children explain to each other what they like about the other children to promote acceptance of the children the way they are. Apr 24, Natalie Mauro rated it really liked it Shelves: This a book of poetry that can be enjoyed by children years old and older.

This book contains fun rhymes and poems with silly twists-they're about clothes! Hats, underwear, dress up clothes, jackets, pajamas, swim suits, and more clothes that are found in a closet. Each poem and clothing item is attached to a different animal and the clothes' personality comes to life as it talks. The design of the book is simple, cute, fun and colorful. Each watercolor illustration pertains to the specific This a book of poetry that can be enjoyed by children years old and older.

Each watercolor illustration pertains to the specific animal and clothing item mentioned in the poem. This book would be relateable to children because it's about clothes. One poem mentions a "hand me down sweatshirt", and another is about a bear's old shirt that's now used as a dust rag. Children would enjoy it for the fun rhymes and the silly and cute illustrations of various animals wearing clothes. The names of the animals are also typical children's names-Emily, Violet, Jack, etc.

Oct 03, Tammy J rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book is very colorful and inviting. The table to contents is in rainbow colors. The illustrations are humorous and allow the child to just ponder. They are done in watercolor which add to the elegance of the book. Each poem has a title with an animals name and item of clothing which are colorful.

Each item has two colors and is in capitol letters. Not all of the words rhyme but it adds fun descriptive words to engage the reader. The poems tell a story and are catchy. There is a collection of The book is very colorful and inviting. There is a collection of poems within the book. You could use this book with pre-k to third grade.

Just looking at the illustrations alone or the title would be a good discussion topic to engage children. You could use this as a mentor text to guide children on writing a poem and how different each poem can be. Having illustrations that go along with the poem allows the reader to see what is being written and have a visual as they are reading.

May 05, Emma rated it liked it Shelves: What if one of your articles of clothing had a voice and could write poetry? This illustrated collection of poetry imagines just that! The clothes belong to an adorable troupe of animals who sometimes love and sometime ignore their garments. Each rhyming ode expresses a unique viewpoint. Print out design-your-own templa What if one of your articles of clothing had a voice and could write poetry?

Print out design-your-own templates for hats, t-shirts and pants check out sites like Teachers Pay Teachers for free downloadable sheets. Your students can have fun recreating their favorite piece of clothing. Next, add words in a speech bubble! Help each student imagine what their clothing would say. If your students are up for it, progress to a full poem. Revisit the poems for inspiration and talk about the attitude and point of view of each article of clothing Oct 06, Broghan Schlicher rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is written from the point of view of animals clothing and is a collection of poems.

Shoelaces, hats, sweaters and undies just to name a few of the funny items that are narrating this book. This book would be very good for a pre-school age and kindergarten group. This is a fun book to learn the basics of poems. I would also use this book to help maybe a toddler get dressed or to encourage a child to start potty training with the undies poem. This book was a great read, and I enjoyed them all. The pictures look like they may have been drown and then painted or colored. The photos are very age appropriate and will be a book you will want to read over and over again.

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Overall I give this books 5 stars!! Dec 02, Alyssa Crowley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Garments come to life as they tell about their experiences that they share in the life of their owners. Each one is an important article that goes on some sort of an adventure. This humorous collection of poetry takes readers on an inside adventure of the garments of clothing and their important duties throughout life. I w Schertle, Alice. I would love to use this book with my preschool group over the summer. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I picked this up from the library for my 3. He loves the poems. Most have excellent rhythm and lend themselves well to reading aloud, with Expression! He follows along and enjoys the imaginative take but most of the gentle irony is lost on him. She was charmed as well and a copy is already on it's way to her just shy of 6 yr old granddaughter who will probably actually get the humor, Most of the poems are delightful, clever affectionate looks at our various lives and personalities as seen through our clothing's eyes.

There are a couple of weaker entries that don't seem quite as fully realized but on the whole it's an excellent book to share with the youngster of your choice. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. We had high hopes for this book because we love the little blue truck books. Unfortunately, the poems are not very interesting for my 4 year old daughter and they were boring for me to read as well! The poems are catchy and clever rhymes, each one about a different animal wearing a different article of clothing.

I like "Wanda's bathing suit" about a rabbit who likes to get herself and her suit wet, along with everyone around them. The illustrations are cute and vivid. You can read the book cover to cover or select a rhyme or two per sitting and either way it's great. I liked it and found it entertaining, especially the illustrations. This was purchased as a gift for a four year old girl; until she hears it read I'll have to wait and then probably edit my review. One person found this helpful.

Cute and fun book of poems! Great illustrations and an entertaining read for adults oh you think baby is actually listening? Wish it came in a board book though!

Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes

My four year old son loves this book - we have read it countless times. The nursery rhymes are so clever and gets the biggest laugh from the Emily's Undies rhyme every time we read this book! See all 17 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 month ago. Published on November 21, Published on July 7,