Adventures With Natural Healing

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    I enjoy meeting all the market vendors that are using what they grow and know to help heal people through food, bodywork and plant based body care products.

    (Onion in Sock) How To Break a High Fever with Natural Remedies

    I will take back the knowledge and wisdom I have gained and apply it through my work and in ceremony for and years to come. Gratitude prayers to Pele.

    Through the courses, students will learn how to be observant and to use their senses to deeply understand the interrelationship between nature, animals, and humans. This will instill within students a deep sense of connection with nature and the Earth.

    natural healing

    This beautiful journey begins from within ourselves touches because we believe that inner peace and beauty radiate light to the outside world. Courses are intensive, detailed, and professional.

    The stimulating effects of cupping make the body release endorphin, and the treatment leaves a lasting, relaxed sense of well-being into the whole body. The number of horns used is , depending on the patient. Our Services Wilderness Lodges.

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