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Can you expand on the reactions you have received to the film so far from the audiences? On the whole, reactions from audiences have been very positive. The MeToo movement began just as we were starting to show the film at festivals. At the same time, many women were very moved by Jake and how his character evolves in the film.

To me, this was very moving because it showed that this very personal story was,in a way, universal, and touched other cultures, too. What valuable lessons did you learn from those years that helped you as a director? But then, when I got out of school, one thing led to another; I met filmmakers, directors, and ended up accompanying them in giving life to their dreams.

Sometimes you meet people that really open up doors and make you think about the essence of cinema, the craft. She was a true visionary filmmaker. She also raises a lot of ethical questions. She had a profound understanding of the way films are crafted. I learned a lot from sitting down with her in her basement.

We watched her films on an editing table as she explained editing, rhythm, the musicality of films. Any fond or fun memories you can share? One of the major challenges was shooting the film with a very small crew. The sound person had to put the blood on Delfine, for example. However, sometimes small problems can take on big proportions simply because everyone gets involved.

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I have many fun memories of making the film, both of the filming and of the overall post-production process with editor, Tobias Beul, and executive producer, Thomas Gottschall. He made miracles happen. Delfine was curious to see what the take looked like, so she came over to see it, too. Just then, the sound recordist, Novica Jankov everyone calls him Noni said: Delfine was stonefaced, trying to remain concentrated on the monitor, while I glared at Noni. The film is still screening around the world in festivals. I just saw it — boom. View all posts by James Prestridge. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content Close Search for: Published by James Prestridge. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Along with said surrender, there is constant doubt. I mean, what would you do? And we all know that getting this right is a fine line.

But taking such time the film runs at almost 2 hours only brings the audience deeper into the characters and their various complicated situations. I was surprised to find myself in tears as the film came to a close — the stream of waterworks continuing all the way through the end credits and beyond. And I loved that almost Shakespearean possibility — a terrific misdirection.

To take that extra step into 5-star territory, a film must be an almost transcendental experience — something which goes beyond brilliant technical achievements.

You Go To My Head (feature film)

And that is exactly what You Go to My Head did. I loved this film, and will go to the ends of the earth to proclaim such sentiments. Again, it truly takes its time. And at its heart, You Go to My Head is a love story… albeit an odd and if you really linger on it — a perverse one. You Go to My Head is — from my perspective — a perfect film. You Go to My Head has done well on the international festival circuit. No wider release information is yet available. You Go to My Head is an art-house film, taking turns which you'd never expect, which is also surprisingly accessible - a combination which is unusual.

It's a unique love story. It's a psychological thriller. And it's a marvelous venue to show off the talents of so many gifted artists. Your situation is a particularly alarming one and definitely requires the expertise of a well-qualified medical specialist.

Go to the best facility you can. I have depression and I hit my head a lot. I have many headaches, and sometimes I forget things really easily. Hi I triped and tryed to catch myself. In doing this I ran head first into my front door. I hit the left side of my head hard. I didn't black out. I had a large bump on my head. Now it's 3 daya later.

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Bump went down but head still hurts and it hurts to touch the area. I feel a bit like my head is in a cloud. Should I get checked out or give it time?

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I went to the ER to get checked out I am having horrible headaches since and have started to feel nauseated and a little lightheaded Should I go back and getting rechecked? Kept checking on him every hr when sleeping.. I got up to fast from my bed, fainted, hit my head on the back of my head pretty hard on my carpet but then i woke up from the faint immediately, my neck hurts but i feel fine, should i be worried?

Day 3 after concussion diagnosis from the ER. I had a 90lb dog get excited, jump on me, knock me over where my head hit the corner of a table when I went down. I was unconscious for seconds. Then I remember random flashes from the night of, mostly just remember blackness. All I know is he only did a head CT of just my head without contrast. I was just altered I guess. My head still hurts and is slightly swollen at the sight which is the size of a softball.

Got a small injury above my left eyebrow just near the temple with a steel ring it's a small injury but swelling and bleeding were there Two days ago I hit a slick spot on my porch and hit my head full force I went a day later to the hospital and the did a ct scan and said everything was normal both sides of my neck hurt and head has a lot of pressure and base of neck is sore and I still feel weird it that normal.

I have taken several blows to the head and my head is swollen around my temple arteries, what do I do?! I fell on my face Monday. No brain bleed and broken bones in head or face. Broken wrist and nerve damage. Diagnosed with a concussion. Vomiting and nausea, pressure and migraine day 2 and 3. Should I go back to the hospital? My friend sasha has a bad migraine and she noticed bumps on her head and she was bleeding. What do me and sasha do to stop the pain? I fell down my balcony and hit my head below on concrete.

I didnt wake up until the next morning. Was taken to a hospital where I was diagosned with 2 brain bleeds. I still have trouble walking. This happened on May 31, Is it normal not to be able to walk properly after 2 brain bleeds.

About an hour ago I rolled down 7 stairs hitting the top of my head straight into the wall. I have a big bump, but did not loose consciousness or feel dizzy. I just ake all over my body and where the bump is. I have an ice pack now. It would still be a good idea to go get that checked out! You never know how serious it could be.

I have a history of concussions, yesterday my 2 yr old daughter head butted me right on the corner of my eyebrow. It felt as though someone had dribbled my brain like a basketball and I felt really off for a minute, but I had only a little pain afterwards and didnt feel any sort of headache until about 24 hours later. I currently have had a bad pressure headache in that exact spot for about 2 hrs now. I have had epilepsy all my life due to my mother for drinking while pregnant with me.

Diana Krall - You Go To My Head

Years later I have had one too many blows on my head that so much so, that I am now dealing with seizures every night. The last one I had before this one, I was able to get up and walk away shortly after leaving the hospital. But I had a much harder time being able to do that this time around, and my head felt like it was on fire and my rt side of my neck hurt when I am trying to get up or move it to the right.

What do you think I should do? Over 5 months ago I hit my head and it swelled to the size of a large grapefruit! I'm still having headaches and my neck hurts bad. Now sharp pains shoot straight to the back and top of my eyeballs. Memory is bad and I forget what I'm saying mid-sentence and I feel woozy.

go to head

I'm no doctor when in doubt go to the hospital. Sounds like you might have blood building inside causing pressure when this happens you will get back and spine pain from the pressure. You need to go NOW. On Tuesday I fell backwards while playing Pickle Ball hitting the back of my head on the concrete. I heard a crack sound when my head hit but do not think I passed out; other players were right there helping me get up.

Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (You Go to My Head)

I had no symptoms anywhere on my body including my head. On Thursday, I played Pickle Ball again. A nurse was present and said keep a eye out for headaches, dizziness etc due to my being 72 years old. On Friday afternoon I noticed a very slight pressure feel in my head and called my doctor's office. They said not to worry unless symptoms are severe.

I cannot tell if I am worrying too much or not! Last night I tripped and fell in the dark and my head bounced off the floor, laid there for a few moments dazed and confused.