Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madisons Kitchen

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Focusing on recipes for a relaxing evening, Deborah Madison has created an innovative array of main dishes for casual dining. These are recipes to savor throughout the week—quick weekday meals as well as more leisurely weekend or company fare—and throughout the year. The emphasis is on freshness and seasonality in recipes for savory pies and gratins, vegetable stews and braises, pasta and vegetable dishes, crepes and fritters, delicious new ways to use tofu and tempeh, egg dishes that make a supper, hearty cool-weather as well as light warm-weather meals, and a delightful assortment of sandwich suppers.

Supper is for Sunday night or a Thursday.

  • Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison's Kitchen.
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Supper can be impromptu, it can be potluck, and it can break the formality of a classic menu. Also by Deborah Madison.

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Cooking Book Review: Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison's Kitchen by Deborah Madison

Looking for More Great Reads? Otherwise, I like the idea of this meal, and I think you could easily switch in a variety of other proteins and vegetables. I received Swiss chard and cilantro in my first CSA box of the season, and this was one of the few recipes in my collection I also had all the remaining ingredients for on hand. It was a little time consuming for a weeknight, but it turned out quite delicious. I really love the flavor combination of cilantro and cumin. I may have over-salted a bit, but that was a silly mistake on my part that I will be more careful about next time.

I sometimes worry too much that a "healthy" dish will be bland that I am a little overzealous with the salt and pepper -- oops! I couldn't really imagine eating this as a full meal on its own, so I served it over quinoa. I think it would also be good served over couscous. I only used half the amount of chard called for as suggested in the recipe headnotes -- Madison says she likes the dish chard-heavy, but I liked the proportions better using the smaller amount and that's all I had!

This is tasty and nourishing, if not earth-shattering. Pretty simple to make, as I recall.


Lovely herbal notes to this flavorful gratin, and the lemon zest added after baking adds a nice zing to the flavor. The texture of well-cooked summer squash is not my favorite, but that's my only quibble.

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Perhaps my oven is off, but it took quite a bit longer than the recipe said to set up, and the oven temp had to be turned up as well. I completely forgot the crema but this was tasty nonetheless. This was only slightly spicy but very comforting. I didn't like the idea of the pasilla strips hanging out in the pasta, so I simply blended them into the sauce and that worked well. If you make the sauce in advance, this is doable for a weeknight meal, but you will definitely be dirtying a few pots with this recipe.

I much prefer Madison's "Red lentil soup with lemon and spinach. But maybe broccoli would have been a better choice? This is utterly delicious! The marjoram pesto absolutely makes this dish.

Vegetarian Suppers

I had hardly any parsley on hand, but the pesto was still outstanding. I prepared the butternut squash the alternative way, by slowing browning in olive oil rather than steaming, and also made the broth-y sauce suggested. I was consultant rather than cook for this recipe since my mom made it for us while visiting when I wasn't feeling well.

We skipped the radicchio, but did make the optional sauce which was really delicious. Roasted the squash instead of sauteeing or steaming as that is our favorite way to prepare it. Perfect served with some Romano cheese on top. Very nice end of summer dish. I left out the capers and served with chickpea spaghetti. This was a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth dish. It requires about 2 hours in the oven, and filled the house with a wonderful aroma.

Will definitely be making this in the future. Quick and easy pantry-based dinner. The final flavor is greater than the sum of the ingredients, and great protein for a meatless meal. I think I've tried all of Deborah Madison's chickpea and pasta recipes at this point, and this one was good just like all the others.

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I think I prefer her recipe in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone that has sage and garlic, though. That one has you simmer the aromatics in oil and then pour it over the pasta and chickpeas, which makes a really flavorful finished dish. Very rich dish with lots of flavors going on.

I used red kale for the greens as chard was not available; it worked quite well, but the chard sounds even better to me. Keep an eye on the Gorgonzola cream sauce. Tasty but somewhat awkward to pull together.

Amazing Holiday Deals on Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison's Kitchen

A lot of pans for a modest profit. Not great, and sort of fussy to boot. This recipe produces a lot of dishes between blanching the broccoli, soaking the egg noodles, soaking the dried mushrooms, etc, and the flavor doesn't really pay off. Also, I don't think it's really fair to call this dish a stirfry, since the recipe has you add around a half-cup of mushroom soaking liquid to the pan. It's more like simmering some Asian ingredients in a sauce. This seemed a bit bland, so added some white wine, red pepper flakes, more garlic, and some basil, which pepped it up. These were delicious and worth the effort.

Maybe not a weeknight meal as there's a bit of prep. The flavors were terrific.