Travels To Fahdamin-Ra

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  1. Across the Savannah (Travels to Fahdamin-Ra, #2) by Chaz A. Young
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  3. BOOK REVIEW - Travels to Fahdamin-Ra (Novel) (Young Adult)

Across the Savannah (Travels to Fahdamin-Ra, #2) by Chaz A. Young

This is an adventure you'll never forget! Across The Savannah by Chaz Young is available to buy now.

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  5. Travels to Fahdamin-Ra -

Click here to read more about Author Chaz Young. Click here to view more books. Sun Ra sits between Horus and Anubis, their golden headpieces gleaming in the back of the hooptie ride as they cruise downtown Oakland.

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BOOK REVIEW - Travels to Fahdamin-Ra (Novel) (Young Adult)

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