The Medellin Diaries (Single)

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  1. See a Problem?
  2. A travel to Colombia is an experience of a lifetime!
  3. The Medellin Diaries (Single)
  4. The Quick and Dirty Guide to Visiting Medellin, Colombia
  5. A travel to Colombia is an experience of a lifetime!

He told many interesting stories of life with his uncle: The surreal luxury of the Catedral, the prison that Pablo self-built for himself, where almost every night there were parties and sometimes even football matches with entire teams inside. The escalation of ways and means to bring the drugs in the U.

Nicolas was arrested only once with a friend, immediately torn to pieces with a chainsaw by Colombian police in front of his eyes. Fortunately for him, in the meantime uncle Pablo knew of the arrest and personally called the president of Colombia, saying that this was a war between them and if they began to put in relatives then he would start to kill the sons and the nephews of all highest military and political men. After the death of Pablo, the family decided to stop.

Now the drug trade is controlled mainly by the Cali cartel, their eternal rival. The war between the Medellin Cartel and the Cali moved also on the football field, with Independiente Medellin against America of Cali. And when the Cali drew a game thanks to a somewhat suspect refereeing, Escobar killed the referee!

The hidden dream of every football fan! A big hug to the many new friends of the facebook page of Dekaro Diary! This time I put photos of Cartagena and Playa Blanca. Cartagena is among the most beautiful cities visited so far on this trip. Especially the old part, within the walls built after countless pirate attacks, including that of Drake in , which not only plundered and set on fire it, but also got a heavy ransom to return it to the Spaniards. Around Cartagena there is an archipelago of small islands that reach Playa Blanca , a beach white, of course with the typical Caribbean Sea, warm, turquoise.

I stayed there for three days of lazy leisure.

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It is the classic quiet place with little shacks on the beach where is possible eating and sleeping in hammocks, ridge tents and cute huts. I stayed in a ridge tent because all the huts were already occupied. In the evening some of these stalls put music and people drink on tables by candlelight. The first night, though, I preferred to drink beer on my own, sitting on the shore by the sound of the sea. This sound stayed with me even after, in the dreams, because the tent was just about ten meters from it.

A travel to Colombia is an experience of a lifetime!

It is like anisette. The man from Bogota told me that when it was alive Pablo Escobar , the king of Colombian drugs for many years, it was better because he was very generous and built hospitals, roads, schools, and donated money to the people instead after him not much because the state is very stingy. He added, however, that we Italians can be proud of our mafia because it is respected around the world! For what I have noticed the Colombians are not big drinkers, all the opposite of their Venezuelans neighbours, because it is already the second time that when I drink aguardiente with them, they keep saying how strong it is, how they will feel on the day after, etc… when in reality is a normal alcoholic, not so strong.

Like in a fairy tale, the entrance to the old city of Cartagena.

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  • A travel to Colombia is an experience of a lifetime!.
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Football match, with the modern Cartagena in the background. Chessplayers in barrio Getsemani, out of the walls. It is the neighborhood where the slaves lived. Lady with fruit in Santo Domingo square. This lady is from Palenque, a nearby town founded, like many others in America, by runaway slaves. Palenque was the first of all these city in the continent to be officially declared free, in The Colombian flag on the modern Cartagena.

Salsa In Colombia (Is it hard???)

Photo taken from the Fort San Felipe de Barajas. The Caribbean Sea in Playa Blanca. Maderlen preparing my launch. Guys, I announce you that I have started a family. Enough of this wandering.

The Medellin Diaries (Single)

Thank you Javi for your comment! Salvador de Bahia and Arraial d'Ajuda. Olinda, Recife and Praia da Pipa. Natal, Fortaleza, Sao Luis, Belem. The trip on the Amazon from Belem to Santarem. Alter do Chao and the new river journey to Manaus. Tayrona National Park and Santa Marta.

Searching for the Lost City. Cabo de la Vela and surrounding. Cartagena and Playa Blanca. Mompos, Medellin and Pablo Escobar.

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Visiting Medellin, Colombia

Lake Quilotoa, Kichwa people, legend of the condor and Banos. The Amazon rainforest near Puyo and the colonial city of Cuenca. The romantic cobbled streets and such vibrant atmosphere like nowhere else. One by one rise colonial buildings and historic houses many of them are years old! The surrounding gardens are peaceful and scenic. No wonder it is treasured among the locals and foreign pilgrims. It was around 5 h in the afternoon when we reached the upland. The sunset and the view of the sprawled city left me speechless. Halfway through my stay in amazing Colombia we decided to make an excursion to Santa Marta and see the Carribean coast.

Some of the locals advised me to visit Santa Marta first because there I would find the most attractive and untouched isolated beaches. Santa Marta is one of the oldest today-existing settlements in Colombia and also an important colonial city. Some might say that the rapid urbanization and awful traffic take something away from its beauty but I would disagree on that.

Just another journey… Giovanni De Caro Blog

You just have to know what you are looking for. It has plenty of nice restaurants, hotels and cafes. But where were these virgin beaches and dense jungle I was hearing about? I enjoyed so much this green paradise! The scenery changes from sandy tawny beaches to dark greens of the rainforest to amber rocky peaks spattered with cacti in the west. I never saw something more beautiful than this! I also heard it is extremely enjoyable to go by boat from Taganga, a charming fishing village, to many beautiful and hidden beaches.

Another sought after tourist attraction is Ciudad Perdida Lost City trek but as much as it is thrilling it is also arduous and unfortunately I postponed it till my next visit. I have to admit that I wished I had a mosquito spray and a better sun hat with me. And drink plenty of water! The climate is hot and very humid. I felt a bit dizzy and dehydrated but the thrill of the jungle kept me on top form!

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  3. The Medellin Diaries (Single) eBook: Roosh V: Kindle Store.
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  6. Pine forest and rugged cliffs are soaked in summer sun. What I also remember vividly is Plaza Botero. Around it are 20 something sculptures made by the famous artist.

    A travel to Colombia is an experience of a lifetime!

    But when you see them live and in an urban setting it is really something to behold. I remember that I constantly checked my backpack for my camera, wallet, phone. I think the city has a bad rep thanks to drug cartels. You know nothing about it? Escobar was in charge of at least 80 percent of worldwide cocaine trade.