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Armed with a pleasant Tolkein lightness and a charming city which manages to be imaginative even in its simplicity, I can't imagine how any fantasy-loving youngster wouldn't get swept up with Conn, his grumpy master Nevery, and the story of one young wizard-thief's quest to be accepted by those around him in the midst of a city where magic is dying. Perhaps not in my strike-zone of fantasy stories I like'em dark , but on a more objective basis, certainly well worth the time. Nov 06, Kathryn rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Conn is a young thief in the Twilight, managing to stay alive and well when so many others have fared far worse in the cold and threadbare conditions.

But, when he tries to steal a wizard's locus magicalius stone a source of connection with the source of magic he ends up winning a new life for himself as an apprentice to the wizard Nevery. For Nevery sees what others never bothered to see in the lowly pick-pocket; a good-hearted boy with an uncanny aptitude for magic. But even in Nevery's home Conn is a young thief in the Twilight, managing to stay alive and well when so many others have fared far worse in the cold and threadbare conditions. But even in Nevery's home, life is not exactly cozy and comfortable. The magic is fading throughout Wellmet and even in the Duchesses' Dawn Palace, all is not well.

Is the magic fading due to forces of nature, corrupt wizards, or something else? And who will be right when Conn and Nevery begin to disagree on the answer to that question. I really enjoyed the first few chapters of this book.

Prineas' wise word choice quickly wove a believable and interesting world. Her use of hyphenated words like "keen-gleam look" really made an interesting style to the story so I became annoyed when, a few chapters in, that style all but disappeared. I felt cheated, as if she tempted us in with promises of being unique and then lapsed back into normalcy. I also felt the first half of the book moved slowly in places, occasionally fell into redundancy or simply failed to really progress the plot or characters.

However, I was still interested in our protagonist, his honesty and forthrightness and insight really won me over and I liked that he never made excuses for what he did in the past, never whined or complained for what he had to endure. Some of the other characters, like Nevery, were a bit more "standard fantasy stock" but ultimately wove together to create a satisfying and fresh story. I really ended up enjoying the second half of the story. It became more complex and interesting and I was curious and engaged throughout. That bumped this up to a four-star book for me and I am definitely interested to continue the series.

View all 7 comments. Jan 13, Andy rated it did not like it Shelves: Connwaer has lots of street smarts and a skilled pick-pocketing hand. At the start of the story he steals the locus magicalicus of the Wizard Nevery Flinglas. And so, Conn is taken in with interest and some apprehension by the wizard Nevery. Magic abounds in their city of Wellmet, or at least it used to.

Lately, the magic has weakened, and Nevery has come back from exile to try and solve the mystery of its disappearance. Although Conn must prove that he is worthy of magician status by finding his own locus magicalicus every true magician has one , he is much more interested in doing his own clandestine detective work to determine where the magic of Wellmet is going.

Zoie's Mid-Week Reads: The Magic Thief

The plot was not engaging and, frankly, rather dumb. The characters were predictable and unoriginal, but worst of all was the writing which lacked vocabulary and eloquence. View all 4 comments.

Magic Thief Series

Jun 06, Ann Rees rated it did not like it Shelves: As I was perusing the shelves in my local library, I came upon this book, looking deceptively innocent with its nice blue and gold cover. Since I like fantasy, I decided I'd give it a go. Little did I know what horrors awaited me.

The plot, if you can call it that , centers around a young thief oh so appropriately named Conn, who attempts to steal a locus magilawhatsit from the wizard Nevery, which should have killed him. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen. Instead, Nevery decides to take Conn As I was perusing the shelves in my local library, I came upon this book, looking deceptively innocent with its nice blue and gold cover. Instead, Nevery decides to take Conn home with him and make him his apprentice.

Because really, when a grubby little thief tries to steal your powerful magical stone from you and doesn't die from it, you would obviously take him in, feed him, clothe him, train him in magic, and send him to an expensive school where he receives an education that most orphans can only dream of. He then begins the search to find his own special magic stone thingy, which he does for most of the book. The plot drags on and on without anything interesting happening besides the numerous boring subplots except for the biscuit recipe.

Conn eventually finds out that 'his' stone is currently in the hands of the queen. Naturally, he decides to sneak into the palace and take it. I mean, it's not like the ruler of the land owns it or anything. Oh wait, she does. But that doesn't matter because it's HIS stone after all. And after he finds his locus magicachoo, he spoiler promptly loses it when fighting the bad guy. Except in HP, you feel Harry's emotional connection with his wand, and his devastation when it breaks.

The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas | Scholastic

Here, you only feel that the whole 'find your magic stone' subplot was a complete and utter waste of time and paper. Or at least likable? Not in the slightest. They are all unpleasant stereotypes you can't connect to. Gary St-err, Conn is your average, badly written fictional thief with a heart of gold. He's 'mischievous', 'quick-witted', 'charming', and has the personality of a doormat.

Which is an insult to doormats everywhere. He is such a bland, boring character that I literally forgot his name while reading this book. If you can't remember what the main character's name is in the middle of the book, you know the author is doing something wrong. Our villain, whose name I can't remember , is a generic baddie who hates Conn, tries to kill him on various occasions, and has no character whatsoever.

The other bad guy of sorts is a bully at Conn's school who surprise, surprise hates his little pickpocketing guts. He also has no character outside of his stereotyped category. But these are just the antagonists. Doesn't Conn, dull and bland as he is, have any friends? Of course he does. And they also are unoriginal cardboard cut outs. Nevery is an irascible old codger who, for all his snapping threats at Conn and making him work for his keep which seems to be a bad thing in Conn's eyes , puts up with his obnoxiousness thinking that he might be useful someday for saving the kingdom or something like that.

He is not the best authority figure, particularly when it comes to the way he interacts with others. If handled well, a bad mentor might make for some interesting reading. However, it is not handled well here. You may begin to ask yourself, 'Well, where are all the girl characters? There must be at least one strong female protagonist who helps the hero, right? Yet another used to death stereotype, Rowan is an intelligent princess who attends Conn's school and helps tutor him, since he can't read or write well, if at all.

And is it just me, or is Rowan being set up as Conn's future love interest? Of course, I wouldn't know anything about that considering I haven't read the other two books. If you couldn't tell from my review, I really don't like this book. The plot more like a mishmash of subplots drags in all the wrong places, I've seen all of these characters before, only done better, the writing is nothing great, there aren't any good role models, the world isn't that creative, and all in all it's just very forgettable.

There's nothing in this book that makes it worth reading instead of other fantasies. If you do want to read it, I'd advise getting it from the library, so you can see for yourself whether you'd want to buy it or not. I have not read the next two books in this series, nor do I plan to.

I would only recommend this book to my worst enemies. If you're looking for books about young boys and magic, I suggest you try the Septimus Heap series or reread Harry Potter for the thousandth time. No disrespect is intended toward the author in this review.

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I apologize if it seems that way. View all 5 comments. Lewis ' Narnia Chronicles and J. Rowling 's Harry Potter series, Sarah Prineas ' The Magic Thief represents a children's book that's bound to be devoured by thousands of adults. The eponymous thief Conn meets his future magical mentor, wizard Nevery Flinglass, while trying to pick his pocket. Nevery's locus magicalicus , a sort of magical stone that gives a wizard his power, should have killed Conn on the spot Like L. Nevery's locus magicalicus , a sort of magical stone that gives a wizard his power, should have killed Conn on the spot -- but does not, much to Nevery's amazement.

Thus begins a partnership and a trilogy that will attract as many adults as members of its intended middle-grades audience. Their city of Wellmet, like other cities in this alternative fantasy universe, literally runs on magic; recently, that magical force has been gradually disappearing -- almost as if it were being drained by some unseen and unsavory force. While Nevery is investigating the strange diminution, the teenaged Conn undertakes to find his very own locus magicalicus , a requirement if he is ever to become a full-fledged wizard -- or even a full-fledged wizard's apprentice.

Prineas navigates the plot through terrifying scrapes and close calls for Conn, his hard-earned advancement in the wizarding realm, a possible newfound love, and a search for the cause of -- and solution to -- what Nevery calls "the decay of magic" in Wellmet.

Take some advice from me: Buy the other two books in the trilogy -- The Magic Thief: Lost and The Magic Thief: Found -- before you finish The Magic Thief. You will thoroughly enjoy the novel and the endearingly sassy and intrepid Conn. So much that you will be eager to pick up Conn's adventures in the sequels just as soon as you finish The Magic Thief. Conn is a common thief, living on the streets of Twilight and stealing what he can to survive.

The Magic Thief Complete Collection

Until he tries to steal something very important from a wizard. But what catches the wizard's interest isn't so much that Conn tried to steal his precious magical stone, but that the stone didn't kill Conn when he tried to. Twilight is part of a city separated into three sections basically the good side, the bad side, and the in between , and the city's magic fading - fast. And how Conn is a common thief, living on the streets of Twilight and stealing what he can to survive.

And how to rectify it are the pressing questions that need to be answered. While a lot of this book is a little predictable, I was still surprised at some of the plot points and found them fairly unique and interesting. This book started a little slow for me. The first two chapters have a very unique writing style, which kind of subsides as the book goes on though perhaps this is a good thing.

But as the story progressed I found myself feeling more and more involved and curious as to how it would end. By the final third of the book I was really enjoying myself and eager to read the next chapter. I liked Prineas' writing style once the book got into the flow and the book is easy and quick to get though. I really liked our main character, Conn! He's very likable, smart, brave and observant.

I believe my other favorite character was Benet - though to say why would give it away. I liked the other characters a lot, too, but they never really developed as much as I'd hoped, and thus seemed more one-dimensional than the others. Though, I'm hoping this will be alleviated in following books. Which, I do plan to read, and hopefully rather soon! Jan 22, Aviva rated it it was amazing Shelves: Picked this book up last year during a trip to Chicago.

My kid had dragged along four thick hard-backed novels for our our five-day stay, and had them all read by day two and needed something to read on the trip back. I've since bought her a used Kindle so we don't have to pay overweight fees for our luggage! We hit a book store, and picked up several books, including this one.

She insisted she wasn't going to read it, so I said fine, I'll read it. Turns out, she got to it out of boredom befor Picked this book up last year during a trip to Chicago. Turns out, she got to it out of boredom before I did, and liked it a lot. She doesn't trust me to pick out her books, but I definitely know her genres. I found this book entertaining, the characters interested and well formed, and the plot intriguing. I definitely plan to read the next book and so will Ellie! May 05, Kathy Davie rated it really liked it Shelves: First in the Magic Thief fantasy series for middle-grade readers and revolving around a young pickpocket with potential.

Prineas, however, does have a different take on how magic works and who her major protagonist is. I enjoyed her dual first-person protagonist point-of-view with Conn, as it First in the Magic Thief fantasy series for middle-grade readers and revolving around a young pickpocket with potential. I always appreciate an author making it easy for the reader [me! There were a few plot twists, but no major issues. Just enough to give the story a bit more interest. Nor does Nevery have the time to train an apprentice, not when he must discover why the city is losing its magic. His quest to protect everything he loves brings him face-to-face with a powerful sorcerer-king and a treachery beyond even his vivid imagination.

Sneaking out of prison isn't easy, unless you are a thief, or a wizard. Luckily, Conn is both! Trouble is, once he's out, where does he go? His home is a pile of rubble since he blew it up doing magic. His master, the wizard Nevery, is not happy with him. Worst of all, Conn's been exiled, and staying in the city will mean his death. When Verent, a young apprentice from neighboring Danivelle, comes to Wellmet to ask for Conn's help with his city's magical problems, he is less than impressed with Conn. Will Verent be able to overcome his misgivings about Conn in order to help his town? And with Conn's help, will Verent become a proper wizard?

Duchess Rowan has promoted Conn to ducal magister, but the other wizards see him only as a thief. But something sinister is brewing, as magicians' locus stones are being stolen and magical spells are going awry.

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In a city that runs on a dwindling supply of magic, a young boy is drawn into a life of wizardry and adventure. Conn should have dropped dead the day he picked Nevery's pocket and touched the wizard's locus magicalicus, a stone used to focus magic and work spells.