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I don't regret reading it at all, but I also have a sinking feeling that if you asked me about it next week, I wouldn't remember the details. But again, it wasn't bad at all, so I suppose the best thing for you to do is give it a shot and see for yourself.

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~ let me tell you a story

I'd not read anything from this author before now but after reading "The Chocolatier's Wife," I sure plan to look for more! Speer does an excellent job with the setting, that of a medieval type country without our modern conveniences and without modern crime-solving technology, and she makes it all seem very real and believable. I also enjoyed the inclusion of magic in the story, and that Tasmin wasn't the most powerful even though she was very skilled with the magic she had.

Still, what sets this story apart from most of the competition is Ms. William was a lovable character that I couldn't help liking and rooting for, but I have to say that I absolutely adored Tasmin's character. She had a wry sense of humor and an outlook on life that continually made me grin, and at times laugh out loud.

Customer reviews

What an enjoyable story! I highly recommend "The Chocolatier's Wife" to anyone who enjoys a magical mystery with a little romance and danger skillfully woven in. I don't agree with the reviewer who said they really didn't see how the protagonists reached their conclusions, but it is not a "fair play" mystery, since some facts are not revealed to the reader at the time the character learns them. The writing, in a light but rather proper, period-esque style, is pretty well done and helps define the relationships and culture.

I did catch a number of minor errors: There are at least a couple other spots I marked, but I'm sounding too critical already. Those are trivial matters, though, and didn't much affect the degree I enjoyed the story. I don't understand the rationale behind forbidding couples from even meeting pre-marriage, though. What bugged me was how Tasmin and William, despite years of friendly and caring letters, still went back and forth from being comfortable and teasing partners, to passages full of doubt, miscommunication, and often-irrational jealousy, especially on Tasmin's part.

William was also, despite his pragmatic good intentions, rather too disinclined to consider others before charging ahead.

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I can understand his rejection of the plans of his controlling parents something his brother cannot manage , but he takes too many things for granted, and one shocking discovery seemed to move him very little, less than one other not as serious did. South distrust is another inconsistent element, because while they generally think the worst of northern magic-users, it turns out southerners DO hire traveling mages for a variety of reasons, where I had the initial impression that southern magic was limited to the Wise Women who work the betrothal spell for each infant.

I would certainly be willing to read another story by this author if the plot sounds appealing and the price is not too high.

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I was attracted to this by the cover art, which is simply gorgeous. It has that soft, misty quality of Pre-Raphaelite art, and I hoped the story would live up to its cover. This is not a dynamic, action-filled book, but one in which everyday people struggle to understand not only one another but why terrible and tragic events are threatening them.

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  6. Sometimes the people one knows the least, are the people one thinks one knows best It's a love story, but again a quiet, restrained romance that is nonetheless poignant and real. There is magic in this world, and it plays an important part; yet there are no grand powerful wizards or heartless evil witches. There is no melodrama here - just good people facing evil with courage and hope.

    The kind of people you'd like to live next to, and be glad to know. I rate it as a keeper! It seems harder and harder to find a book that is truly original, but I think Ms. Speer pulled it off.

    Chocolatier Kevin Wray

    The kingdom of Berengeny is divided in four sections. Travel is hard so many people rarely do and suspicion is rampant about people who are not born in your section. To make it easier not to have magic used on you, a Mating Spell was used. Each child born goes to a wise woman to have their future mate found.

    William Almsley has to wait until his seventh birthday to find his intended Tasmin Bey from the North, full of magic. We get to know them through their letters until one day William is charged with murder and Tasmin comes to help him. This is a story that is part mystery, part fantasy and only nominally a love story about a marriage of convenience that becomes real. The imagery is excellent and the magic an everyday sort of thing. The relationship between William and Tasmin makes the book awkward and yet sets the tone for the mystery.

    William is the kind of hero you want to hit over the head with a frying pan.

    The Chocolatier’s Wife & The Chocolatier’s Ghost

    Some times he is callous and others he thinks of his marriage as an imposition he did not choose. Tasmin, a trained potion maker, could have taken the out that William's murder charge gave her, but instead she puts up with his family and differing customs to help a man who does not let his appreciation sway his doubts. Then he will do something kind and back to not telling her what is going on. The irony is that if he does not marry Tasmin, he does not marry, yet he does not seem to be in a hurry to do anything. There is some awkward sentence structure, but the story is a very enjoyable.

    One person found this helpful. What a delightful book! Cindy Lynn Speer weaves a tale of murder, mystery, magic, fantasy, history, and romance that keeps the pages turning. Seriously, it would fit in all of these genres. The story of William and Tasmin is sweet and charming, told through letters and narrative beginning at their births, when a spell chose them for each other to be married.

    William lives in the South, and, horror of horrors to his family, his intended is an herb witch from the North. William, who owns a chocolate shop, is framed for the murder of the bishop, and Tasmin decides it's time to go South and save his butt, even though he still hasn't called for her to be married yet. She starts investigating, and their love grows as they turn over clues and tease each other with playful flirting.

    Speer has a wonderful imagination and talent for spinning words, drawing us into a world we never knew existed. I didn't want to put this one down! In a world where marriages are arranged in infancy by use of a 'Mating Spell' William, of the House of Almsley, was looking like a forever bachelor when he went to see the Wise Woman on his seventh birthday.

    Finally, his perfect mate appears, but to his proper Merchanting family's horror, she is from the North Country. After the end of a war years before there has been little communication between the North and the South. All 'proper' Southerners know that the people of the North are Hags who eat their dead and 'just anyone' can practice magic. Barbarians, indeed - but are they Over the years William develops a relationship by correspondence with his intended, while progressing in the management of the family business and becoming a fine captain of his own merchant ship.

    When the time comes to marry he shocks the family by announcing he intends to quit sailing and open a chocolate shop. Miss Tasmin Bey has grown up with William's letters and gifts and developed an affection for him, but is teaching Herb Lore at the University!!?! Her family, who are not much inclined to have their daughter marry on of the 'barbarians of the South' see this as an opportunity to void the marriage arrangement. Instead, Tasmin resigns her post at the University and flies after a fashion to his aid. It is quickly apparent that William didn't commit the crime, and up to Tasmin to get to the bottom of it.

    A well constructed story with murder, magic and pirates!!! Speer writes a fast paced tale that engages to the very end. In this 18th-century-ish land, everyone is shown their optimal spouse by a scrying spell at an early age, so there's approximately never any doubt about who should marry whom.

    William, scion of a rich merchant family in the South, is unfortunate enough to should marry Tasmin, a sorceress from the despised North. Actually they don't meet for a long time, but do correspond and send gifts and sort of fall in love by mail. But then William decides to open a chocolatierie, much to his family's dismay, and the local Bishop is found dead of poison with a box of William's chocolates at hand. Things get complicated from there, in a sweet and stylish murder mystery and romance.

    Four perfectly-roasted Halsey almonds which are deadly if they are not properly roasted out of five. What follows, is a charming story of true love. Nothing goes smoothly — William grows up and after a stint as a sailor, decides to open a chocolate shop. Tasmin hears about it from a letter, and immediately flies to his side. This story captivated me. I loved the characters, the setting, and the story. The letters William and Tasmin write to each other at the start of each chapter are sheer magic, and the writing is a delight.

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    Thank you for hosting, congrats on tour! Thanks for the review! I think The Princess Bride. I really enjoyed reading the entire post, thank you! Thank you so much!