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Jesse John Sailes Chapter Vacher has given us a valuable addition to the Central Avenue library, as rich in personal experience as it is broad in range. Every jazz fancier I know would find something delightfully memorable in these pages.

The book is entertaining, powerful, and eye-opening. Peter Vacher has surpassed himself, and that is saying a great deal. While all these players were elderly when interviewed each of them seemed to have retained remarkable memories. The stories are fascinating. Most interesting to me are interviews with Billy Hadnott, Jesse Sailes and John 'Streamline' Ewing because they worked in a variety of settings under diverse leadership.

Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas

The show is presented by Steve Jaxon Vicario, a lifelong Sinatra fan and who uses his vast collection of Sinatra audio bits in every show. Exclusive local broadcast rights are available for market-based cash license fees. For more information about getting Swingin' with Sinatra for your station, please contact Vicario Productions: We've run it for 14 years on Saturdays from pm, when our listeners are relaxing and enjoying themselves and the show fits perfectly in the moment. Suspicious of almost any kindness shown her, she is particularly confused by the special attentions of a young white customer.

Soon the relationship grows into love and then marriage, and Maya believes a permanent relationship is finally possible.

But it is not to be, and she is again forced to look for work. This time she finds a job as a dancer in a sleazy San Francisco bar.


Her remarkable talent, however, soon brings her attention of a different kind, and before long she is singing in one of the most popular nightclubs on the coast. From there, she is called to New York to join the cast of Porgy and Bess, which is just about to begin another tour abroad.

John Anderson and Colt Ford - "Swingin'" Official Video

This remarkable portrayal of one of the most exciting and talented casts ever put together, and of the encounters between these larger-than-life personalities and audiences who had rarely seen black people before, makes a hilarious and poignant story. Back home, and driven close to suicide by her guilt and concern, she takes her son with her to Hawaii, where she discovers that devotion and love, in spite of forced absence, have the power to heal and sustain.