Spirit-Led Preaching

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For our audience, the center of the target is parents in their 30s who are busy raising their children and who often feel enormous financial and relational demands. We certainly want to inspire and motivate every person, young and old, but young families are at the heart of our strategy and our message. The first season is September to Thanksgiving.

Spirit-Led Preaching: The Holy Spirit’s Role in Sermon Preparation and Delivery

Our community like most others revolves around the school year, so our year begins right after Labor Day. At that point, the atmosphere in the city is electric, full of anticipation, which makes it a perfect time to launch a new series and invite people to come. I clearly remember last year a mom telling me about her hopes and wishes, as well as her concerns and worries, for her kids as they prepared to head into a new school year.

We need to get some Jesus in these kids. We launch the year with two separate series. Each series is about six weeks long, targeting Primary Newcomers — first-time visitors to the church. After all, the gospel is the power of God for those who believe Romans 1: The message that God loves, forgives, heals and restores is good news for the sinner, the seeker and the saint. And at the end of the day, we all deal with many of the same life issues. I pray more, asking God for wisdom on how to present my testimony and reach the lost. This kind of dynamic drives me to my knees and causes me to draw closer to Christ and grow in Him like never before.

Spirit-Led Preaching - B&H Publishing Group

The second season is after Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. Our Christmas Eve service is one of the highlights of the year. The blend of tradition and creativity, plus the inherent hope of Christmas, makes this the most attractive time for our people to invite their friends to come.

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The series we preach during these weeks focuses on the wonder of the Incarnation and the matchless love of God — and we pull out all the stops for Christmas Eve and encourage everyone in our church to bring people with them. The third season is January to Easter. Every person expects the beginning of the calendar year to kick off something new.

They make resolutions about all kinds of things: The hope of change is the theme of this season. We have two series, each again about six weeks long, to inspire people to look to God for real and lasting change. And then, of course, we focus the next series on the Cross and the Resurrection at Easter as the ultimate source of life change.

We end every service in the series before Easter having people pray and strategize about those they are going to bring with them on Easter weekend. The fourth season is after Easter to the end of summer. In the weeks after Easter, many people are preoccupied with graduation, finishing school, and preparing for summer vacations, weddings and countless other activities.

Instead of this being a season of harvest, we invest our energies in plowing and sowing truths about the character of God and the nature of spiritual life in the church. The sermon series addresses the heart of generosity and encourages people to give out of deep appreciation for all God has given them — especially His grace. We ask people to make a commitment to give for the upcoming year, and we celebrate their radical selflessness.

This enables us to set our annual budget.

We applaud every person who has served in the past year, and we invite people to explore opportunities for the coming year. Many stay in their current roles, but others want to try something new.

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Their eager and effective service will have a powerful impact on the families who come for the first time. In August, our emphasis is always on getting people into a small group. Strong, supportive communities are the backbone of the church. We enlist new group leaders to prepare to meet and invite new people to their groups in September when the small group season starts.

My job is to hear the voice of God and preach only and always what He gives me to share.

In a concentrated time during May each year, I ask God to show me what people are dealing with in our community and church family, and I trust Him to give me clear direction about the topics for the series in each of the seasons of the coming year. In May of this year, I spent many hours each day for several days listening to the voice of the Spirit regarding our upcoming year. I asked God to remind me of the concerns people had shared with me, and I asked Him to put particular biblical insights on my heart.

As we talk about each series, they bring fresh, Spirit-prompted ideas. Our collaboration fills in lots of holes in my thinking, praying and planning. When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation.

Spirit-Led Preaching

Everyone on the team plays a vital role so our church will be built up. When everyone is engaged, they bring their unique contributions, and then they can let their creativity fly. They write songs, create videos, and produce art and literature to make worship as God-drenched and powerful as possible so the entire service is a unified message. Finding the right balance has been an ongoing process.

He holds two degrees M.

Heisler and his wife, Laura, have two sons. My plan for doing this is to recover the doctrine of pneumatology The Spirit and the Preachers Sanctification. The Spirit and the Sermons Preparation. The Spirit and the Sermons Presentation.