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The Tale of Peter Rabbit - Potter. Moo, Baa, La La La! Monster 1 guarding the stairs entrance. Monster 1 chasing the player. Add a photo to this gallery. Sign In Don't have an account? Gameplay Monster 1 appears past the sealed doorway after the power has been turned off. Dominic was an asshole extraordinaire. At first we see his terrible behaviour and vile treatment of Eden. We sympathize with her and root for her plan to succeed. But Dominic has also hidden things from Eden. He's a tortured and scarred man.

His start in this world was heartbreaking and cruel leaving his progression into adulthood stunted and filled with a need to control and debase. Eden was a salve to his wounds and his redemption came only through her love. That is the best thing isn't it? Seeing a douche, an asshole of monumental proportions, brought to his knees by a strong and loving woman.

But the changes to Dominic happen slowly, the relationship between him and Eden took time to progress and turn into something beautiful. That was what made reading this realistic. There was no insta-anything. Dominic came to see the errors of his ways from seeing how he misjudged Eden. Getting to know her for real this time, was what made him see her for who she was: Eden held out on Dominic, never trusting his intentions, which was expected. I loved how she didn't just believe him, but overtime was wholeheartedly convinced of his devotion.

The man wore redemption well! I didn't know how he was going to do it, but damn, he did! Things he said, his actions, melted me. Getting the story in dual 3rd person pov's helped as well. I don't think Dominic's change would have been as believable had the book been written any differently. Add some serious steam, and voila! Great story with a beautiful and satisfying epilogue! View all 29 comments. Dominic Armstrong is a man fueled by hatred.

A man who has lived through a horrendous abusive childhood who has nothing but cold, ruthlessness left within. He manipulates everything to fit his own needs until he has no use for them anymore. Then he just discards them. When he sets eyes on Eden in a local bar, she becomes his latest conquest. He gets what he wants always He's rich, powerful, arrogant, and very very hot.


He walks into a room and 4 Perfect Asshole Hero Stars! He walks into a room and all heads turn Eden is struggling to make ends meet, stripping to stay above water. One thing she wants, however, is a marriage. And the story begins. Eden was essentially beautiful arm candy for Dominic. He used her for sex and appearances. Until one day he takes it too far and Eden escapes with a secret.

Fast forward a year And brings her back.

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Eden is a tough heroine and I credit her for her strength in dealing with all things Dominic. She makes one final deal with him. Six months then she gets her divorce She will not let him win. That's all you get. Will Eden finally get her wish for a clean break from Dominic? A divorce and freedom from his controlling ways? Why not five stars? This is one of those books that, with a good beta reader and editor, it would've been an easy five star read. Unfortunately, the little issues I had here and there grew to become distracting for me.

Phal's writing style is beautifully poetic. She truly has a gift few authors have in describing scenes and senses that bring to life the plot before you. Several, however, went a bit too far to me. His green eyes must've been mentioned, well doing a search on the word green pulls up 57X. The transitions however, were not clear. She would flip flop between two, sometimes three characters within one paragraph. Or the next paragraph would fast forward in time by days. I often had to go back and figure out where I got lost along the way.

Again, easily an editor can fix this. Overall, as I said, the storyline kept me interested and I plowed through it in a day. If I were to be even more picky, a different title would draw more readers. When I read "Monster" I thought I was heading into a very dark, sadistic read. Just a man filled with hurt and vengeance he needs to change if he wants to keep Eden. The pacing was perfect. His gradual evolution believable. Her resistance was also very believable. No weak heroine here. I really enjoyed it and the author has a really good thing going. Looking forward to the next book featuring a very hot tattooed man-whore bar owner Carver!

Until It Hurts And I thank you, View all 34 comments. Mar 10, Claire Robinson rated it liked it. Monster is one of those books that you read, and what starts out as a potential 4 or maybe even 5 star read, gradually drops down the ratings as it progresses. What I liked - I love a book about an asshole, trying to make good on his past, and repair all of the damage his previous actions have caused, and Domin 3 Stars.

What I liked - I love a book about an asshole, trying to make good on his past, and repair all of the damage his previous actions have caused, and Dominic Armstrong is the epitome of every asshole you have ever read about before. Cold, cruel, brutal and emotionally closed off, mostly due to the Monsters from his past. It makes a change to read of a woman fighting for something better and not putting up with her lot in life, just because your man is rich, buys you whatever you want, and parades you around like the next-best-thing doesn't necessarily mean that he is worth staying with.

Monster (Monster, #1) by Francette Phal

Eden stood up for herself in spades, particularly when Dom pulls her back to him after a year away from him, and I commend Francette Phal for giving us a heroine with some balls. Their story as it progresses is pretty emotional too read. Dominic gradually realises that everything he perceived to be true about Eden is pretty much the opposite.

They both concede that the other may have been wrong in their initial judgements. I loved watching Dominic put himself out there to Eden in the hope that he could repair some of the damage he had caused, and although his upbringing does not excuse his behaviour, the flashbacks that Ms.

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Phal provided as the book progressed were pretty heartbreaking. The breaks from one POV to another as a little sporadic, and at points I had to go back and work out where it had jumped from one person to the next. Some of the language and descriptions were a bit overly wordy and flowery for a book of this type, and what made it stand out even more was that it was sort of sporadically added through the story, I felt like I was jumping from Historical to Modern fiction at points.

Going back to the wealth of language, I pretty much think every descriptive word for brown and yellow were used at some point in the book, and I found myself craving coffee more than once! Bourbon Citrine Gold Mocha Chestnut Cedar Peaches I would still wholeheartedly recommend this book, for the most part I enjoyed it and the story that was told, and I am eagerly waiting for Until it Hurts the next book in this series as it features a certain hot, tattooed bar owner going by the name of Carver. I would like to thank Francette Phal for generously providing me with a copy of Monster, in exchange for the above honest review.

View all 24 comments. Review to come tomorrow. Talk about a mad blurb!! Can't WAIT for this book!! View all 4 comments. Monster is a new standalone novel from Francette Phal. The blurb states accidental gold-digger but I think it was more like opportunistic gold-digger. In the opening chapters, neither Dominic and Eden do much to endear themselves to the reader. Dominic is cold, callous and manipulative — he frequently debases and degrades her in front of his friends. The first few chapters depict Dominic as a cold, sadistic and ruthless control freak with very little endearing features, if any at all.

Eden, for her part, is very misguided. I really admired her attempts to make something of her life and how hard she tried to go it alone until, of course, Dominic manages to once more knock her off course. The book started out great. Dominic's asshole light was shining bright! The story gripped me and I was buckled in and ready for the journey. However, little by little as the story went on I began to feel disconnected. There is no doubt that Francette Phal can write.

The talent is evident with every word you read That is where she began to lose me. Too many flowing descriptions, too much redundancy and too many unnecessary tangents regarding side characters. With all this wordiness, I lost my connection between Dominic and Eden. And ultimately ended up being more drawn to Dominic's evolution and self discovery, rather than the romance. If you're looking for a dark read, sorry this isn't very dark. I didn't think of Dominic as a monster. There was really only one scene that disturbed me, and that was on a very small scale.

I've read MUCH worse. I'm getting ahead of myself let me go back Eden suddenly goes from poverty and hunger to riches, decadence and the arm candy of her cold husband. Her marriage is a business transaction. There are no feelings involved and Eden's main purpose is to look good in public and fulfill Dominic's sexual desires whenever he says. He uses her body, humiliates her and there is nothing she can do about it. Eventually Eden becomes tired of being Dominic's plaything and trophy wife.

She runs, and like a hunter unwilling to give up his prey, Dominic tracks her. This is where things pick up and really get interesting. Eden is not a weak whimpering heroine. In fact when she makes up her mind, she stands up to Dominic and does not allow him to bully her anymore. Dominic's childhood and painful past have molded him into the man he has become. It was easy for me to understand why he treated Eden the way he did, he has never experienced love and has no idea how to show tender emotions.

When Dominic revealed a new side to his personality I couldn't help but fall for him. Till death do us part. Even though the blurb hints at darkness, this is a very light and in some scenes sweet read. Highly recommended to my romance lover friends who enjoy alpha heroes brought to their knees by a strong woman. View all 7 comments.

I really liked this book. The writing was good. I have to say that I saw pieces of other books in here similar to Underestimated by Jettie Woodruff. Eden married Dominic for money and he used her for sex. Made her feel small and worthless chick with two holes. Then Eden saves enough money to run away and start a new life for herself because she is pregnant with the Monsters Kid. Offcourse he finds her and takes everything away and Eden is forced to live with Dominic again. She falls in love with her husband.. And Dominic changes into a loving can caring father and husband with that extra special sexiness!

View all 6 comments. May 03, Kitten Mercer rated it liked it Shelves: I don't know if it's just me, but I couldn't bring myself to love this book. I loved that Eden stood up on her own, but sadly I didn't feel any emotional connection between her and Dominic. What's up with the writing, tho? Phal's Flawed but this book went downhill and I almost couldn't stand the writing. I would've marked this as DNF but I wanted to see how Dominic would redee I don't know if it's just me, but I couldn't bring myself to love this book.

I would've marked this as DNF but I wanted to see how Dominic would redeem himself and win Eden's heart and their child in the end. He was horribly degrading to Eden in the beginning, and I was hooked. I loved the slow melting of his icy demeanor through the story. His transformation into the good guy he became by the ending was genuine. Dominic had a lot of ugly baggage in his his past, so he had to work hard to become a better husband to Eden. Eden was a spitfire, with a spine made of steel.

I loved everything about both of these characters as well as their story! I cannot believe it's taken me this long to read this story. View all 17 comments. A wonderfully woven tale of misunderstandings, passion and forgiveness. Written in multiple POV, this story is not unique, the premise is not different but the author made sure to deliver a book that is unique and different with a plot that was well-developed; She had the ability to capture my attention with a stellar writing style, smooth flowing prose and characters I was able to connect with, I was hooked from the first page.

Dominic is a man with many issues brough 4 Redemption is Sweet Stars! Dominic is a man with many issues brought on by a horrific childhood, Eden is a woman in debt. The moment Dominic sees Eden, he is consumed by his desire to have her, all he could think of is owning her. Boy is she wrong because all Dominic sees in her is a gold digging opportunist and he treats her as such for 4 miserable years. Eden finally has enough and decides to flee, we see Dominic doing and using every means in his possession in order to find her.

Their reunion is a wake up call for him, he starts to reassess his former beliefs where Eden is concerned, he begins to SEE her and in doing so, he sees the horrific mistakes he committed in their marriage. He was as the title suggests behaving like a monster but was he really one? Dominic was a mystery that I wanted to see unraveled. But that was exactly how Eden saw him. It was the mystery of him that piqued her unfailing curiosity and try as she might, she could not abandon the idea that there was much more to him than what he chose to display to her and the rest of the world.

I loved seeing Dominic do everything in his power to get Eden to forgive him and to be redeemed, I loved him full-stop. All I can add is that I will definitely reread Monster in the future. View all 9 comments. Nov 17, Rin W. Vitale rated it it was amazing Shelves: Me after reading this: It was really good! I cried, I swoon. I'm in awe with Dominic! Well, not with the old Dominic. But damn yes with the Dominic after he met the chubby-bubbly Liam!

Here are some of my favorites moments of these two! Dominic awkwardly scoop up his son and hold him up to his eye level. He was a father. And in his hands was his child. It was there that she found him, seated in a wicker recliner, one leg slightly tossed over the other so that it formed a square and it was in the cradle of his that square that he had Liam nestled on his lap. It was such a beautiful sight that Eden was lured closer, until she stood at their side. Eden assessed him, tilting her head just so to see if she could peer beyond the austerity he wore so well.

Until one day, Eden decided it was to much for her sanity then view spoiler [she fleed hide spoiler ]. And it was so smart of her! Took long time for Dom to finally find her. His childhood remind me of Christian Grey's somehow And it was so sad.. Drinking a lot of water always helped, but not this time and while he searched through cabinets and fridge for something to eat, his eyes settle on nearly empty bag of bread. There were only two slices and each one had dusty green and white mold growing on it, but once Dominic cut away the moldy areas, he ate the slices of bread like it were the best things in the world.

And Dom's childhood reminded me of CG's.. Hurting you as I have, disappointing you to this degree, has been my greatest failing as a man, and for that I am deeply regretful. You deserve better than me, undoubtedly. There are far better men out there who are free to love you in the way that you need. And I know when you walk out that door you will live and thrive and laugh and smile because that is the sort of person you are. A really good read to me.

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So, I hope this also entertain you as it did to me, people! Sadly I was left wanting. It missed the mark almost from the very beginning for me.

Nightcore- Monster- 1 hour version