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CGI Animated Short Film "In a Heartbeat" by Beth David and Esteban Bravo

What you also have is Clovis Fowler, who is one of my new favourite wicked women of fiction. I will just give you a little glimpse of how her husband sees her below, just to whet your appetite, she could almost give Mrs Danvers of Lydia Gwilt a run for their money. I try to improve my English. There is no gown, no simple or complicated design that is capable of dimming her voluptuous body, yet he no longer has the addiction he once did for her. In this, most men would think him quite mad, or a sodomite, but a man, especially a man like Finn, does not like to be used, and the feeling in his tackle goes limp whenever he thinks of her trickery.

So he dines in silence. Yet amongst all this romp and sensation there is some incredibly moving moments and thoughts subjects The Parentations. How do you have to look after yourself if you have to try and live forever? What situations must you avoid?

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How do you cope as some of those around you that you live age and die? How must it be to want to die and be unable? The other particularly poignant strand of the novel is how we see society and culture progress and change over the years and how some of the characters we come to love, but might not live to see these changes, would benefit from them. I found that incredibly emotive. Her characters are wonderful, even the ones you are meant to hate yes, the fabulous Clovis and come fully formed with all their complexities and how they change in the subtlest of ways along with the times — another interesting element of the book — and as they try to survive what life throws at them.

The room is dripping in tat. Puckering across the single bed a dingy, blue blanket fails to disguise the lumpy mattress. A weathered, Lusty chair, meant for a garden and cocktails, sits beside a small, unused Victorian fireplace in this rented room in Pimlico. Kay Starr sings from a beaten up portable gramophone, two men stand entwined in a small moon-shaped space in the centre of the room.

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To dance naked is unbearably exciting. Jonesy lets David take the lead. As I said earlier The Parentations was an instant hit with me, hence being one of my books of the year so far. I have no doubt that it will be one of my books of the year full stop as ever since I closed the final page these characters and their stories have held a place in my heart which continues to grow. Go and get your hands on it. Tagged as Books of , Kate Mayfield , Review. So the Man Booker Prize longlist has been announced. Over the last few years however the love has waned somewhat.

What do I think of the list? Secondly, I think this is a really fresh and much needed list. It is by no means the perfect list, but when are they? I would have liked some more books from other commonwealth areas like Africa, India and Australia etc.

~ Where Writing and Faith Got Married

Yet at the same time I love the fact that the list has so many women on it, there is some younger and lesser known talent and with a crime novel and a graphic novel a slight feel of excitement and change. I talk more about that below. So those are my initial thoughts. Am I going to read the whole longlist? Then I think I will see what takes my whimish moods, which is the best way to read anything full stop.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the list? What is missing, if anything? Filed under Man Booker , Random Savidgeness. One of the best discoveries of my time blogging has to be the fiction of Carys Davies. I first read her short story collection The Redemption of Galen Pike , when I was judging Fiction Uncovered back in as a submission and remember pondering if we could give it all of the prize money, it was that good.

Every tale defied expectation, without the need for twists in the tale, and each had an epic scope even if it was a pages long. I then read her debut collection Some New Ambush at the start of and was blown away once more. So I was very, very, very excited when I heard that she had written her first novel, West , though of course instantly got nervous as to whether I would love it or not.

From today I am numbering him among the lost and the mad. Do not expect that you will see him again, and do not wave, it will only encourage him and make him think he deserves your good wishes. Come inside now, child, close the door, and forget him. The discovery or even capture of these beasts Cy believes will be the making of his name and, much more importantly to him, improve the life of himself and his daughter who he is heartbroken to leave behind. Many think him mad for going on such a journey that will certainly involve many dangers, in fact many people believe he will not make it back again.

It is at this early stage that the novel splits in to the two stories of Bellman and his daughter as time moves forward. We follow Cy as he heads out on a journey that could lead him anywhere, through small towns, where in one he hires the help of a young native Shawnee boy called Old Woman From A Distance to help him journey further with added knowledge of the perils that might lie in store.

Back in Pennsylvania, while her aunt reminds her regularly that she is probably now an orphan, Bess has to deal with the arduous danger or a young farmhand and an older librarian both who have their sights set on her and not necessarily for marriage. Not a word is wasted as Davies takes us over hundreds of miles trekking through vast expanses with Cy or hundreds of days back home working out the way society and the world works for Bess.

It is a mini epic in its truest form. And then one night he heard the ice booming and cracking in the river, and in the morning bright jewels of melting snow dripped from the feathery branches of the pines onto his cracked and blistered face, his blackened nose. Later that day he caught a small fish. Berries began to appear on the trees and bushes. Winter ended and spring came and he continued west.

What adds to its epic nature all the more is the interweaving of both huge topics of the time and mini stories that might take a mere sentence or two, or a paragraph at the maximum. This is never explicitly discussed or shown, the tension between Cy and Old Woman From A Distance says it all as their power struggle develops with no common language, just common ground which both are trying to gain ownership of over the other.

West once again showed me why I love Carys Davies writing so much. Within her vast landscapes Davies also creates mini worlds which is the power of all her prose and storytelling. Yet there is no mucking about with never ending floral prose, it is beautifully crafted short and sweet sentences that condense what would take some authors a chapter potentially. She also has the power to make you darkly chuckle before having your heart broken. Tagged as Books of , Carys Davies. I have been wracking my brain to work out if I have ever done a post mid-year about the books I have loved so far that year?

I think it is only something that I have done since Booktube, but I could be wrong. What you might need, or maybe like, in your life is as part of us catching up is to know what my books are so far this year and, possibly even better, win some of them. How can this magic happen? Well, I shall insert the video of my favourites books of so far below and you can watch and then comment as instructed to potentially win a package of some of them. A brief post I know, but thought it would be a good chance for a catch up AND a chance for you to win some lovely books.

You have until the end of July. Filed under Books of , Give Away. Tagged as Books of , Giveaway. Her second novel following Elizabeth is Missing which I absolutely adored when I read it back in , so much so it was in my top three reads for that year. So no pressure for Whistle in the Dark then…. Penguin Books, hardback, , fiction, pages, kindly sent by the publisher. The sun had sunk behind the building and all the previously golden edges were now grey.

The relief Jen felt at seeing Lana again was turning into something else, and though she mostly wanted to bundle her up and rock her and feel the weight of her and do anything she could to convince herself that her daughter was really okay, there was a thin thread of dread within her too. As Whistle in the Dark opens we join Jen at the hospital some hours after her daughter has been found following her disappearance several days before.

We soon learn that Jen has had an extra sense of guilt as Lana went missing on an artistic retreat with her mother, to bring them closer together after some difficult times of late.

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The question that soon comes to obsess Jen, becoming the focus of the novel for us as readers, is where on earth Lana went for those four days and what may or may not have happened to her. Lana stays silent but what, if anything, might she be hiding or simply too scared to share? Lana feigned sleep all the way to London: She knew this neat, dry sleeper on the back seat of the car was a fiction.

Where I think Healey excels in her second novel is with the tension and the atmosphere. Not simply when the book begins, with a real momentum from the off, it remains throughout those first adrenaline fuelled days to weeks later when things start to settle and get back to normality. Well, as normal as things can be when your daughter is starting to talk a little differently, only be able to sleep when she can see the sky and a mysterious cat keeps turning up inside your house.

We are told of a time when Jen believes that she met a modern incarnation of Rumpelstiltskin, we learn there are groups online who are all trying to work out what happened to Lana from being lured into a reservoir by a mermaid, spirited away by ghosts, dragged to hell by the devil, abducted by aliens my hometown getting an infamous mention, which I kind of loved who reportedly appear with flashing lights in the woods or forced into rituals of a local cult. This online fever, a part of which becomes a bigger strand in the story, shows the dangers of the digital world let alone the supernatural one or the real one as Jen remains convinced her daughter has been part of some kind of assault and kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Son wants to rent out the family home to a trifling relative, Ida Mae, who still owes Mama B money from back in the day. Settle down and sit a spell with Mama B and her new challenges in this award-winning novella series. Soon Mama B finds herself compelled to take in yet another wayward soul from the class. But will Frank agree to open his home to strangers? Falanda McPherson, the evangelist who has come to lead the fall revival at Mt. With her closest comrades away and other church members afraid of the minister, Mama B quickly becomes the one-woman hospitality committee.

Thankfully, Falanda will be staying at the hotel…well…she was staying at the hotel until she managed to get herself kicked out. Now, Mama B finds herself trying to help a woman whose explosive patterns put everyone in danger. Order separately or get Mama B Books Compiled! In fact, the last time Kerri went to church, she only attended for the cool door prizes and food served at Vacation Bible School.

But when her wealthy roommate, Stephanie, gets engaged, Kerri finds that her only hope for financial survival is an editing job at a Dallas area mega-church. But can she fake her faith lone enough to make it through the day probationary period? How will her family respond? And, more importantly, will Kerri get more than she bargained for at this new job? The more she and her best friend, Stephanie, learn about what it means to follow Christ, the more their inadequacies shine. After an impromptu trip to Vegas, Kerri and Stephanie return to Dallas feeling like even bigger failures.

Is it even worth the struggle? Follow Kerri and Stephanie in this much-anticipated sequel. Now she works as a telemarketer and longs for the past. With her thirtieth birthday around the corner, Camille is determined to break back into the music industry. But her new agent says her only chance is to reinvent herself—as a gospel singer.

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Optioned for movie by Paulist Productions. But her Aunt Gloria, who took her in after the accident, is getting remarried. Going back home means Dianne must face her own demons as well as a drug-addicted mother who is now falling even farther into schizophrenia. Her two cousins must come to terms with their own issues after having grown up in this dysfunctional family of women.

And Aunt Gloria may be hiding the biggest skeletons of all. The women must look to their faith in God as they attempt to turn their lives around like Saul on the Biblical road to Damascus. Tori Henderson is on the fast track in her marketing career in Houston, but her personal life is slow as molasses.

So when her beloved Aunt Dottie falls ill, Tori travels back to tiny Bayford to care for her. Read the full review.

  1. China Versus the West: The Global Power Shift of the 21st Century;
  2. Memorie giovanili di un pazzo pretenzioso (Italian Edition);
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  4. Stellt Anna Labzina sich in ihren Memoiren „Days of a Russian Noblewoman“ als unterdrückte Frau dar? (German Edition).
  5. Lift Every Voice and Sing: A Celebration of the Negro National Anthem; 100 Years, 100 Voices.
  6. She knows better than to get involved with a semi-engaged man. And she knows Quinn is the best thing to happen to her in a long time. But sometimes, wrong feels so right. After cutting herself off from friends and family to live life on her own terms, Peaches wonders — can sin have a silver lining? Sonia is tired of raising two six-year-old twins and a thirty-something-year-old husband. These two women are heartbroken and ready to call it quits when a common friend, Miss Irma, invites them to a prayer group.

    Will help come in time to save their marriages? September 9, at 1: Just finished the 3rd book in the Mama B series. I absolutely love this character and her wonderful heart for Christ. Please, please, please write one more book on the courtship, wedding and marriage of Mama B……. I need some closure with this character.

    December 14, at September 20, at 7: I really enjoyed the Mama B series. It was refreshing to read about a senior still living life to the fullest but still honoring God with her life. I would like to see at least one more book to bring about some closure. January 25, at 7: Stimpson, Thank you so much for writing the Mama B series! I love the character and her amazing wisdom and discernment from The Lord. She is an inspiration for what He can do if we allow Him to reign in our lives.

    Thank you Mama B: Looking forward to reading more about your life adventures! June 1, at 8: You are my absolute favorite author. I love you and God bless you. Keep writing and I will keep reading. June 13, at July 2, at Thank you for making the first Mama B book free on bookbub. The instant I finished it, I bought the ebook for my self and another copy for a dear friend. Do you have paperback copies available that I can give to a friend who is not an ebook reader? July 8, at 7: Thank you so much for answering your calling to write! Your words have been such a blessing to me and many others.

    Please never stop writing! July 27, at 3: I see a lot of interesting content on your page.

    You have to spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save you a lot of work, there is a tool that creates readable, SEO friendly posts in couple of minutes, just search in google — k2 unlimited content. October 9, at 1: Momma B is my all time favorite fictional character. I love every minute of reading all 4 books. Anytime Mamma B happens to come to mind just go ahead and write it down, I think you could sell me another Mamma B story every month. Michelle Stimpson Black Christian Reads. September 25, at 3: I am really enjoying your work. The Boaz Brown series is my favorite.

    Thank you for these wonderful stories. Will there be another book in the Boaz Brown series? November 14, at May 20, at Thank you all for these sweet comments and inquiries! April 5, at 9: How do we engage with you toward that end? Thank you, Yvette M. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

    Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Peace of Mind Book 3 in the Blended Blessings Series Angelia Holly hopes that things in her blended family have made a turn for the better. Bless someone by sharing: SO glad you enjoyed Mama B! I hear you, Ollie! I have just started the Mama B series and can already tell she and I are kindred spirits.