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  1. Should I Ever Take an Action I Don’t ‘Have Peace’ About?
  2. Top 11 Bible Verses-Living a Christ-like life …
  3. Top 11 Bible Verses-Living a Christ-Like Life - Everyday Servant
  4. How to Live the Christian Life

You can wipe your hands, go off and play — without being distracted by things at the office. Balanced living is healthy living. It is Christ-centered and encompasses the whole of who we are — spirit, soul, and body.

Should I Ever Take an Action I Don’t ‘Have Peace’ About?

As Christian, who we are and all we do must flow from the core of our being — relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, by definition, balanced living for Christians must start with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It then unfolds in daily conversation with God. Once the core piece is in place—a personal, intimate relationship with God—we can then work together with clients to define and create life balance. McCluskey suggests building on these three pillars:.

It requires planning and intentionality. And it changes and evolves as seasons and circumstances evolve. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Top 11 Bible Verses-Living a Christ-like life …

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I am helpless to do anything of any significance, any eternal value, any spiritual worth whatsoever in any way without Christ. If you admit you can do nothing, you say: O God, help me. So I asked the Lord. I sat there on the pew and I asked the Lord for freedom from self-consciousness. Give me authentic emotion.

Protect me from error.

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Give me a prophetic anointing so that words come to my mind that are miraculously penetrating and liberating and saving and purifying and emboldening for the people. I wanted all of that to happen by the Holy Spirit. So I am asking for it. I trust a specific promise. I think this is right at the heart of the matter.

Top 11 Bible Verses-Living a Christ-Like Life - Everyday Servant

I trust a specific promise that God has tailor-made. It might not be just a preaching situation. It might be a financial situation or a sexual temptation or you name it. I want to trust that he promised to do something for me.

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  • So I might say: I will strengthen you. I will help you. I have used that in the last 40 years a thousand times as I have faced challenges in my life. I am your God. Or in preaching I might say: So I take a promise and I trust it. I consciously preach it to myself and put my faith in it. We act the miracle. We did a whole conference on this theme and wrote a whole book about it called Act the Miracle. So we do the acting. We are the actor and God is the miracle-maker.

    I thank God for whatever good comes. I thank him and I give him glory. But the key, the fulcrum, in this sequence where everything hangs, I think, is that point of trusting.

    Future grace for the next five seconds or five minutes or five hours. It is called living by faith in future grace. I will meet every need. That is APTAT, and that is what I think it means to live by the Spirit and walk by the faith by the Spirit and work out your salvation and act the miracle of the Christian life.

    How to Live the Christian Life

    And I will just say one last thing: Go to the top of page , anybody, and look at how he describes Augustinian sanctification. And I just came out of my chair. So I just say that at the end here lest anybody think this is kind of a quirky Piper thing. But I think it is just biblical through and through, and it is one of the most central and important discoveries I have ever made. How do you walk by the Spirit? Find other recent and popular Ask Pastor John episodes.

    John Piper is founder and teacher of desiringGod.