Climbing The Stairs

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I am asking if one of them is more correct than the other.

Climbing Stairs for a Flat Stomach : Getting in Great Shape

So, either of the following would be equally correct: I climbed the stairs. Not "I climbed up the stairs.

climb the stairs | WordReference Forums

Climb doesn't imply up. You can just as easily climb down something. MrLister Perfectly true, but we do climb stairs, climb mountains, and climb buildings. However we climb down a mineshaft , and we climb down from on high.

In other words with the word climb the presumption is that it means up , unless down is specified. WS2 Illuminating point re "down" versus "up". RichardKayser There wouldn't be anything much wrong with saying I climbed up the stairs , or I climbed up the mountain for that matter.

Climbing the stairs - Picture of The Southern Ridges, Singapore

But it is not the usual idiomatic form, that is all. However climb up does provide a nuanced variant - perhaps implying that it was all done rather more easily and quickly than would be realistic. At least that would be my view of climb up.

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Others may feel differently. As regards the original question, if I were talking about our own stairs at home, which I use every day, I think I would say I walked up the stairs , or I went upstairs. However if I visited a tall building and the lifts elevators were not working, I might say I had to climb the stairs to the eighteenth floor. If I had to go into my loft attic at home I would probably say I climbed up the loft ladder. Our speech is highly nuanced but it is not always easy to spot the rules which we all employ, without thinking, every day.

Climbing the Stairs

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