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Fortunately Tamil society has evolved since Back to the story. The prince and princess, left with no choice, decide to run away and live a nearby forest. Life was not as rosy as they had hoped. There were no more servants to cook for them, clean them and wipe their royal asses and so they found it extremely difficult to survive and adapt to life living like tramps in a forest.

Both eventually regretted their decision to run away but could not go back since in medieval Tamil Nadu it was considered a terrible sin to disobey your rapist father. Both struggled to feed themselves and eventually died of starvation. Appa, did Lord Shiva come back and bring them back to life? Did they live happily ever after in the end? I'm sorry but I never forced you to read, HA! Maybe it was created to scare and prevent kids from running away from home.

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If so, it makes you wonder why they added the rapist sub-plot. Anyway, the person who wrote it died hundreds of years ago probably lynched and killed by the first people he told the story to. Therefore the moral and point died with him. Home Tamil bedtime stories to tell kids you hate - Part 1.

More by Annan Mystic Maravar: Alternative endings to Famous Tamil Films Part 1.

5 Min Stories

My thoughts on Puli. This delicious book honors all the sweet pet names we call our children, from peanut to pumpkin. Available in print, board book, YouTube. This book follows baby animals and their parents as they get tucked in for the night. This interactive book allows children to pet the skins, hides, and scales of different animals as they go to sleep. This book adapts the popular lullaby to a teaching tool about the stars and the moon. Available in print, ebook, YouTube. Follow dumpster trucks, cranes, and more as they fall asleep at a construction site.

Available in print, ebook, iPad app, YouTube. Available in print, board book, ebook, audiobook, YouTube. This classic story helps children identify animals and learn rods and colors as they identify different animals. Corduroy is a teddy bear hoping to be taken home by a child who will love him forever. A baby bunny and his parent compete with metaphors about how much they love each other. Children develop at different stages. Some of these books may be too elementary for your young reader, or they may be just right. This interactive touchy feely book lets children pat a deer and wish upon a star as they fall asleep.

This rhyming book follows animals as they decide how many kisses they want from their parents before they fall asleep. Available in print, audiobook, YouTube. This funny pigeon will give your child the bedtime giggles as they follow its wacky adventures before bed.

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If your child likes this book, check out the rest of the Bedtime Math series. This cheeky how-to guide helps kids learn how to hide their yawns and push back their bedtime. Available in print, YouTube. Frances is a clever little badger who will try all sorts of things to keep from having to go to sleep. This winner of the Newbery Honor follows best friends frog and toad on their favorite things to do together. The Book is divided into chapters, making it a nice fit for more experienced readers who want to progress the story along each night.

This book prizes pictures above words and follows a polar bear cub throughout the Arctic at night. This Thai lullaby as follows a mother asking nearby animals to stay quiet so her baby boy can sleep.

Tamil bedtime stories to tell kids ( you hate) - Part 1

Available in print, board book, audiobook, YouTube. Parents might think putting children is difficult to sleep, but just imagine if they were dinosaurs!

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This fun book imagines eleven types of dinosaurs sleeping in human beds. Different animals discover the signs of nature that help them hibernate as your child learns about animals sleeping.

Bedtime Reading for Children

Available in print, board book, audio book, YouTube. While a bear hibernates, all of his animal friends crash his pad and throw a party. What will happen when he wakes up? What will they do? Winner of multiple book awards, this book follows a fuzzy caterpillar through his day all the way until he falls asleep. A young boy is surprised to learn his pet hamster has opened up his cage for 10 minute bedtime tours.

Available in board book, ebook, audiobook, YouTube. Apparently this book is so popular, a version is sold every 30 seconds. Follow the very hungry caterpillar as he devours his favorite foods. Her wish comes true when a journalist accidentally spreads the news and mayhem ensues. The child in this story thinks up inventive excuses to avoid going to bed by asking his mom if she would still love him even if he were a variety of weird creatures. Available in print, ebook, audiobook, YouTube.

A new arrival at the zoo believes he is supposed to sing his song all night long. The other animals suggest he do otherwise. This story follows a boy to a mystical place where alternately funny, friendly, and ferocious monsters lurk before he comes back home to a bowl of hot soup. This bunny tries to run away, but no matter where he runs off to, his mother can always find him. This reassuring story makes it easier for your child to fall asleep.

This book charts a mother caring for her son all the way into old age, when the roles become reversed. In this newer classic, Olivia the happy-go-lucky pig enjoys a day full of singing songs, painting, and building sand castles before she finally goes to bed. Have you ever wondered what would happen if your crayons went on protest? This modern classic won multiple awards when it came out in Skippyjon Jones is a frisky kitty who learns Spanish while he experiments being a Chihuahua for a day. This fun rhyming book observes various Seussian characters in their underwater world. A farmer and his daughter go on a nighttime walk to discover owls and other nocturnal animals.

Twins Sidney and Stella accidentally knock the moon out of the sky. How will they manage to get it back? Available in print, rag book, ebook, audiobook, YouTube. Two siblings are bored on a rainy day, until Dr. Young, snuggly baby animals from the forest to the farm snuggle up with their parents as they fall asleep in this sweet bedtime story. As soon as his parents put him to bed, Oliver goes off on all sorts of adventures.

But try as he might to stay awake, he always ends up falling asleep. Inspired by the Native American tradition of naming full moons, this book invites children to look to the sky. A young child complains that his village is too noisy for him to fall asleep until an old wise men offers him a lesson in perspective.

This story teaches children of the consequences of misbehaving. What happens when Peter disobeys his mom and ventures into Mr.

Find the Best Bedtime Stories for Kids | Tuck Sleep

Winner of the Newbery Honor, this story follows a schoolgirl who is bullied by her classmates for wearing the same dress every day. The story comes to a sweet end as the bullies find a change of heart.

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  7. Paddington the Bear travels from Peru to London where he joins the Brown family on their daily adventures. Pooh and his friends of the Hundred Acre Wood have been delighting children for nearly a century. A young girl contracts a serious case of Pinkititis from eating too many pink cupcakes.

    Teach your children the merits of eating healthy green foods. By middle school, your child will be comfortable reading chapter books on their own. However, you can prime them for book clubs in adulthood by reading separately and discussing the books together, or watching the movie version after they finish reading.

    Middle school is a great time to introduce your child to some literary series that will spark their imagination. If you time it right, the vocabulary of the books progresses as well to match the new words your child learns throughout adolescence. Another winner of the Newbery Medal observes Stanley, who is stuck digging holes all day. That is, until one day he finds something….

    Just as bedtime stories calm fears and anxieties around bedtime and the dark for children, so too do they help adults suffering from insomnia and anxiety. Many adults enjoy audiobooks, but worry about listening to them as they fall asleep in case they miss something important. Bedtime stories for adults, available via audiobooks and smartphone apps.

    The narrators all have calming, dulcet tones. Some bedtime stories have been perennially popular ever since they were first published. Here are the most popular bedtime stories, many of which have been published for 50 years or more, with a few modern classics thrown in. Many of the bedtime stories children love have taken on a digitally interactive form through bedtime story apps.