Shelter Mountain (A Virgin River Novel, Book 2)

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Jack—he could handle it. He was chivalrous; he knew exactly what to do with a woman under any circumstance. Preacher was uncomfortable around women until he got to know them. When you got down to it, he was inexperienced. She transferred the child to the pillows on the table. He immediately curled up small and put a thumb in his mouth. Preacher stood there, lamely holding the throw. When she reclaimed her chair, she looked around. She turned full circle, noting the bear skin on the wall, the sturgeon over the bar.

One of the biggest sturgeons on the river. I like the quiet. If I kill it, we eat it. We had a great winter of venison. I made bread today. How about a brandy to warm you up first?

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He went to the bar and poured a Remy into a snifter—fancy stuff for this place. He hardly ever used the snifters on the usual crowd—but he wanted to do something special for the girl. For sure she was down on her luck. He took her the brandy and then went back to the kitchen. The soup was put away for the night, but he took it out of the refrigerator, ladled out a scoop and put it in the microwave.

While it warmed, he took her a napkin and some utensils.

By the time he got back to the kitchen, the soup was ready and he got out the bread—some of his best; soft, sweet and hearty—and nuked it for a few seconds. He put that and some butter on a plate. When he came out of the kitchen he saw her struggling out of her jacket, like maybe she was stiff or sore. The sight of it stopped him briefly and made him frown. She threw a look over her shoulder, as if she was caught doing something bad. Preacher took the food to her and put it in front of her, his mind spinning.

She was maybe five-foot-five and slight. She wore jeans and her curly brown hair was tucked through the back of the ball cap like a pony tail. She looked like a girl, but he guessed she was at least in her twenties. The thought alone got him a little hot inside. He went back behind the bar while she ate. She shoveled the soup in, smeared the bread with butter and at it ravenously. Halfway through with she gave him a sheepish, almost apologetic smile. It tore through him, that bruised face, split lip. I sure appreciate it.

It took a while for people to warm up to him. He transferred her dishes to the bar, clearing her place. He sat down across from her, leaned toward her. I know how I look. Works great on guys. They back right off. Sometimes I sound as bad as I look. Probably makes you wonder, huh? Better here than at some hotel on the freeway, guaranteed. A whole lot more okay than out in that storm, trying to deal with those mountain roads.

She looked at him hard for a minute. I have a first aid kit in the kitchen. With a lock on the door so you feel safe.

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You on the run? I never know what to do. He touched one of her hands, very lightly. Maybe I can help. She lifted her head. It was an accident. She licked her lower lip. It was just a little accident. You can hide or run here. Preacher got up and flipped off the OPEN sign and threw the latch on the door.

I can be a friend. She gave a little huff of laughter, but had trouble looking him in the eye. She picked up her brandy with a slightly trembling hand and lifted it to her mouth. I could go get him. Or take you over. She can give medicine, see patients… She takes real good care of the women around here. If a woman makes a difference, under the circumstances. Help out where they can. She pursed her lips tight, shaking her head. Her eyes welled up again. You can say your names around here without being afraid.

Something about her, he guessed. No one calls me John, though. The only one ever to call me John was my mother. I got the nickname way back, when I was just a kid in the Marine Corps. The boys said I was kinda straight-laced and up tight. I used to go to mass, when there was a mass. I grew up around priests and nuns—my mother was real devout. None of them ever went to mass, that I remember. And I kind of hung back when the boys went out to get drunk and look for women.

And getting drunk never really appealed to me. He watches over people real good.

Shelter Mountain | RobynCarr

I like a shot at the end of the day, but no reason to get a headache over it, right? She lowered her eyes for a moment, then raised them again. You staying open and everything. You will have to be a fan of the town in order to appreciate the joy and to suffer through the tragedies. Shelter Mountain is a wonderful addition to the series and I'm so happy I was able to enjoy it. This beautiful little story is not to be missed and I can't wait for more. Jun 30, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Looking at all of my friends' ratings of 4- and 5-stars for this book, I have to wonder if perhaps we may be thinking of different books. To be perfectly fair, I have not read the first book or any other book in the Virgin River saga, and perhaps I would have enjoyed this one more had I done so. I actually skimmed a large amount of this book. Much of it read as a Public Service Announcement from a Women's Health Clinic mixed with what felt like a narration of some videos from High Schoo Looking at all of my friends' ratings of 4- and 5-stars for this book, I have to wonder if perhaps we may be thinking of different books.

While I get that this is an early installment of what seemed to have always been intended to be a sweeping series, there were just far too many characters distracting from the story between what I had anticipated to be the main couple. While I was surprised that Paige didn't show more signs of PTSD, especially with all of the emphasis on the possibility of her having the disorder, watching a big gentle giant fall for a petite battered woman and her young son was a joy.

I would recommend this one to fans of battered heroines, but I do say to understand going in that this is far more of a story about the community of Virgin River as a whole than a straight up romance between the title couple. Feb 04, valee rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book as well. This is an amazing series. I couldn't put this book down until I was finish. Preacher was a great hero. Although not the alpha dominant kind, but the kind who are strong, shy and not very talkative, but when it comes to protect their ladies there isn't anything they would do.

Paige was great and I loved how she got to get through her problem with John's support. They made a great couple and the baby boy was definitely a plus. I'm very surprised of how much I I loved this book as well. I'm very surprised of how much I'm enjoying this series because I really don't like contemporary romance much and I never though I would like a series set in the middle of nowhere, but what can I say? Can't wait to read Mike's story. I didn't like all the pages used for Rick and Liz's romance. I never liked their romance, they were too young and everything developed wrong between them.

I just wanted to go over those pages fast. And I know it sounds bad and kinda twisted but I'm glad how everything worked up at the end. I would never be happy in real life if something like that happened to real people but as this was a book I felt like what happened was the right thing, it's just that everything would have ended too complicated and it wasn't right. I do feel curious to see what will happen next. What I like a lot about the series, and it hasn't happened in any other that I have read so far, is that in one book you have a lot of different POV.

And you get to follow more than one romance in town. View all 44 comments. I had lots of mixed feelings when reading this book, so I thought I would break down my review by my opinions on the good and the bad. I always admire authors that step outside the happy-happy-joy-joy topics found in so many books in Romancelandia. I believe that Robyn Carr did a decent job with the heroine in this book facing demons in the form of an abusive ex-husband, though in some ways I had lots of mixed feelings when reading this book, so I thought I would break down my review by my opinions on the good and the bad.

I believe that Robyn Carr did a decent job with the heroine in this book facing demons in the form of an abusive ex-husband, though in some ways I wish she had taken the story even further. He was a very likable character, but he showed signs of imperfection for example attacking his best friend for being a prick. I appreciated that Preacher seemed more realistic because that was one of my main complaints about the hero in the last book. I love when the hero of a novel is compassionate with children and acts as a wonderful father-figure.

It just leaves me beaming. It made me think of a couple months ago when I was at the Emergency Room, half passed out, with an I. My husband sat by my bed, eyes fixated on me and the medication drip. He was rubbing my hand and refused to so much as turn on the television or be distracted by anything.

Every time I opened my eyes, he smiled at me and squeezed my hand softly. He sat like that in silence for 3 hours… I had never felt so loved in my life. From a pregnant woman having a tipple, to serving a high school senior a drink when he finds out that he impregnated his ex-girlfriend. Not a good message at all. Perhaps the author likes to drink a lot? I mean, it could be a sweet scene, but why do authors always make it out like the earth moved?

I always wonder about that, especially with a heroine that has such baggage with men. Lucky for me, they all culminated in very interesting endings, so I was left feeling less disappointed than I thought I would be. I enjoyed the audiobook, even with my mixed feelings, and I will likely continue the series. Apr 22, jenjn79 rated it really liked it Recommended to jenjn79 by: Romance Series Lists group. Spent most of today reading this book since there wasn't anything else to do except laundry , and because it hooked me in pretty quick.

Such a great character; the kind of guy I think a lot of women would be glad to have. Picking up Shelter Mountain after reading Virgin River is kinda like going home and seeing old friends again. I loved that Carr didn't relegate Mel and Jack to the background in this book. They had actual POV scenes which I thought really enhanced the feel of t Spent most of today reading this book since there wasn't anything else to do except laundry , and because it hooked me in pretty quick.

They had actual POV scenes which I thought really enhanced the feel of the book. Plus she lets you get to know Mike and Brie, to a lesser extent who are featured in the 3rd book. For me, Shelter Mountain had a smidge more storyline substance than Virgin River, with Paige's battle to gain her freedom from her abusive husband while Virgin River was a bit more about small-town life.

But I pretty much liked the books equally, and I'm looking forward to reading the final book in the trilogy. La historia de predicador y de Paige me ha encantado. Predicador es tan tierno La parte que menos me gusto es la hisyoria de Rick y Liz. No me gusta la pareja, puede que sea porque no. La pareja Jack y Mel es omg Jul 22, Chan rated it really liked it.

Another Robyn Carr Hit. Book 1 oriented me to Virgin River. So at this point, these are my peoples and my town. I felt like I was returning for a visit. Just like in Virgin River, the heroine Paige is a mess. Preacher is a gentle giant. At times I felt like his bulk and strength was a waste. Paige is literally running for her life. She stumbles upon Preacher in the middle of the night and he convinces her to take a load off. And they gave me a wonderful welcome back to Virgin River.

I did think that a part of this story was drawn out a bit too much. There is affection between Paige and Preacher and it is sweet. More focus is on the affection. This was another winner. This ended up being one of my favorite reads for the Virgin River series. We have a nice long burn of a romance novel and though some of the secondary plots were too much and there were a lot of them it felt like in this one if you look at just the main couple Preacher and Paige then the book gets high marks.

Unfortunately we get everyone, and I do mean everyone in this book and I think 3 or maybe 4 B plots so the whole book just kind of feels scattered in parts. And this also started my lon This ended up being one of my favorite reads for the Virgin River series. And this also started my long slow dislike for Jack Sheridan Virgin River 1. This was the beginning of his whole I am just going to tell people like it is and everyone else telling him to shut up or really just his wife though Preacher does with fits. Paige Lassiter is on the run with her 3 year old son Christopher.

After suffering another beating at the hands of her husband she's finally willing to run, hide, and change their names to get away from him. Getting lost she ends up stopping in Virgin River and meets the cook at the local bar, John "Preacher" Middleton. Of course Preacher looks scary, but inside he's a shy guy who can tell that something has Paige scared and decides he will do what he can to keep her and her son safe.

The majority of the book is Paige and Christopher slowly opening up to Preacher. Though I do say that Christopher warms up to the gentle giant faster than Paige. And Paige rightfully has a ton of issues to work through in this book. I do applaud Carr for not rushing this romance. I would have been so upset if she had. Being in an abusive marriage for years has Paige rightfully leery of men, especially big ones like Preacher.

A Virgin River Novel: Shelter Mountain 2 by Robyn Carr (2013, Paperback)

However, these two quickly understand each other and she realizes that Preacher is going to do whatever he can to keep her and Christopher safe if she stays in Virgin River. I am surprised that Carr took on a topic like this one in a contemporary romance. I think most authors would steer clear of it since I don't know if they could right a romance featuring that as one of the plots. Heck, I still remember to this day the romance book I read where the heroine after running from her abusive husband, gets stranded, gets picked up by the hero, and they are both off and having sex with each other an hour after meeting each other.

I DNFed that book so hard I left marks on it. I liked Paige a lot. We see her slowly grow and change once she realizes that she can start a new life in Virgin River. And we get to see Preacher becoming more vocal and not just Jack Sheridan's shadow. Did I already say that Jack stuck his nose in and Preacher gave him a black eye for the trouble? I was happy about that.

See a Problem?

We get more about Rick Sudder and Liz Anderson and boy oh boy that whole storyline is just. Reading about how she was a 14 year old girl on the make for a guy was off-putting as anything in the last book. In this one we have Liz pregnant and the two of them thinking they can raise the kid on what mind you together and Rick being angry that everyone was talking abortion and adoption.

Once again I applaud Carr for actually having that brought up by the adults in this book because I think a lot of people would have steered clear of it. We also get updates with Jack and Mel and they have their first child together. I did forget to mention in the last book that I hated the whole thing with Mel being infertile, but Jack and his super sperm somehow got past her infertility and she got pregnant. Once again, Jack was better than Mel's dead husband. We also get re-looks at Mike Valenzuela and Brie Sheridan.

And some parts of it read a bit too Lifetime for me, but all in all I did love it a lot. Probably because at one point I was hoping a tornado would touch down on Virgin River so I could see if Jack would somehow lasso the thing and tame it. Okay I am being a total jerk right now but I can't help it.

The writing was once again very detailed. Virgin River comes alive though it feels like the only places anyone goes are the medical clinic, Jack and Mel's cabin, the bar, and shopping for supplies. The flow was a struggle in this one.

596,67 RUB

I kept wanting to get back to Paige's story. However, it was very realistic to show how long it takes most domestic violence cases to settle. If everything had been wrapped up in a week I would have been really irritated. The ending was done better in this one with things wrapped up quite nicely I thought. Upon a reread I could give it another star or half star because I did like the man couple and the hero was so totally awesome.

The problem for me is when a book series when it reminds me of a soap opera in that you have so many side stories and don't totally focus on the main couple. It makes the book longer of course but it can work against 2. It makes the book longer of course but it can work against a book when you either don't care for other couples or don't like the story for them either. The story is about Paige and her son Christopher. They are on the run from her ex husband when they stop at a bar and met John aka Preacher. She has been beaten badly and her son is coming down sick but because she is trying to go into hiding she doesn't want to stay.

But after she gets some real help and understanding from Preacher she decides to stay and get help. This is how they begin and it is a slow burn type of fall. They are attracted but both are kinda shy and not sure how to proceed. But once they get it then it is sweet. I really liked them My problem was the side stories. I got to get stuff about previous couple, a young teenage couple dealing with teenage pregnancy, then also got some stuff on the previous couples family and some drama going on with that hero's sister.

Shelter Mountain

Then we have the story of an old friend of hero and previous hero and him coming into town and the set up for him and sister for future story. This is all just one book. I don't mind setup of another couple but I didn't really want to get so much about all the other people. You know how a soap opera hops around to all these different characters lives and you get to see things they go thru. It felt just like that and I am not a fan of this type of read.

So while the main couple was great all the extra for me just took it down, made it slower, and made me want to skip so much just to get back to main couple. So it downgraded what could have been a good story to me. Previous review view spoiler [Okay I ended up skimming this story.

I will say that it is not a bad story. It was cross between a Lifetime and Hallmark movie. Not a fan of Lifetime. It was just a little too much for me. I can do drama in romance but this was a slow read for me and it was really hard to keep going. So I have some friends who would love it but unfortunately I just didn't enjoy it.

Jan 16, TJ rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the first time a Beta male has actually stolen my heart! John "Preacher" is as close to a real life perfect man as it gets! Big, huge, muscly, ex-military, who is quiet, devoted, doesn't care to sleep around, cooks, cleans, is somewhat shy but very affectionate and protective - sigh We get to watch him as he befriends, then falls in love with a young mother who is running away from a very abusive husband.

The storyline isn't particularly original and most of the book is predictab This is the first time a Beta male has actually stolen my heart! The storyline isn't particularly original and most of the book is predictable but the love is sweet and well worth the trouble! View all 3 comments. She shows that hope exists in the darkest corners of our lives. This well written novel brings Virgin River to life in an excitingly suspenseful manner that had me on my toes while also completely engaging my emotions. The beautiful scenery combines with the exciting yet also low key lives of the characters to paint a quaint picture of this small town that has me dying to move there.

Shelter Mountain A Virgin River Novel

The characters definitely made this novel for me. Seeing Preacher come to life in so many different ways was fantastic. Surrounded by the rest of the strong, approachable individuals who live in and around Virgin River, Carr has a winning cast that truly does her story justice. Dec 11, Fanny rated it liked it. Shelter Mountain es el segundo libro de la saga Virgin River de Robyn Carr y tiene como protagonistas a Paige y John " Predicador ", un personaje que conocemos en el primer libro.

Este segundo libro me parecio ligeramente mejor que Virgin River, no solo la lectura es mas fluida y agil sino tambien la trama me parecio mas atrapante que la del libro anterior. Me gusto que el protagonista masculino no fuera el tipico hombre cliche, ese echo hizo que la historia me pareciera mas autentica por decirl Shelter Mountain es el segundo libro de la saga Virgin River de Robyn Carr y tiene como protagonistas a Paige y John " Predicador ", un personaje que conocemos en el primer libro.

Then Paige's ex-husband turns up in Virgin River. And if there's one thing the marines' motto of Semper Fi--always faithful--has taught Preacher, it's that some things are worth fighting for. Additional Details Series Volume Number. Reviews "An intensely satisfying read. By turns humorous and gut-wrenchingly emotional, it won't soon be forgotten. You won't want to put this one down.

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