One Land, One King

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Hassan constructs King's values from a patchwork of sometimes opposing principles -reincarnation, free will, and predestiny all within the same pages- but I was fascinated by the philosophies in play. On the one hand, "the Land" inexplicably invests some men with kingship above others, and this king determines the fate of the land, suggesting with Tolstoy-esque fatalism that only a few great men decide our fate and the rest of us lesser ants, or in the words of royal advisor Daronom, "us ordinary people," soldier on.

On the other hand, King Jirgar descends from farmers, even if he does tell them he's destined for bigger and better things, and the struggle for the soul of the people, i.

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This is the less glamorous fight, the effort to keep the people from despair when their crops fail -how relevant to us post-Great Recession- the attempts to keep them from the easier, less ethical path. I appreciated the emphasis on the ruler's responsibility to produce a better environment for his people: However, while King broaches compelling topics, the prose suffers from vague and abstract language where more concrete, striking visualizations could enrich the narrative.

For example, describing the dining room of a castle, Hassan writes, " The music and wines were abundant What kind of stone and wood, what kinds of events? What are distinguished designs? Instead of saying that the music and wines were abundant, he might have given a list to convey the same to his audience. A list would also have offered some variety to his sentence structure and given some breath to his writing.

One Land, One King

King also lacks characterization. Characters like Daronom the advisor and Soel the angel interested me -Soel was more human than the Knights- but I would have liked to see more of their eyes and mannerisms, etc. I would have liked further insight into them. All the characters and the world could have benefited from further development. So, all told, I enjoyed King's engagement of Good and Evil, even shades of grey.

In this land there's only one Nkosi Yamakhosi, only one King of Kings, Shaka. ...

I liked King's message that the most important battle takes place in hearts, in their swings between despair and hope and so on, but I believe that Hassan's delivery requires more finesse and more visualization and that this would be best targeted toward a young adult audience. View all 8 comments. Aug 08, Bookwatcher rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mr Hassan surprised me!

For few days I live in his fantastic world and I love it! About the story Without spoilers This book is divided in two moments. Book one, starting with two kings and 10 knights fight, and Book two, seventeen years after the winner became the only king of the land.

The book one was bloody and amazing! The fights were so well written and you will read it without stop. Before the final and incredible fight between the two kings there is a little time to breath, and with a Mr Hassan surprised me! Before the final and incredible fight between the two kings there is a little time to breath, and with a flashback you will know about King Jirgar past.

Reading that I was lost I really was in love with that character. I warn all impatients that only at the end of the final fight everything will be explain, and a new great mystery will be create. A strange newborn boy, that will be the mystery the second part of the book.

The book two was more "slow" even if there is no boring or useless scene there. Sorry if I'll offend some fantasy readers but I really love fantasy books that don't waste pages and pages talking about a damn mountain and all each, one by one trees there. I want a dynamic fantasy book, where the writer explain me what I need to know to understand the characters.

Mr Hassan is my type of fantasy writer, and I never get bored. Plus, this second part of the book is full of secondary stories.

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Normal and common humans will be tempted by demons. Was so incredible, jump from one to another, and read this "independent" facts. But, what I most appreciate reading the Book Two was learn about the knight Yanas. He will surprise you, and I guarantee that will be hard to decide who is the best character of this book About the theme of this book Angels and demons The good or the evil? The light or the darkness? Ok, I know very well what you are thinking: And eat the popcorn I loooooooove popcorn! Please, I don't want to start the never ending discuss about religion.

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So, reading it without religion bias I thought this theme was perfect. Love the soul maturating thing, and the devil or good fight. I don't want to ruin the fun of your reading so I'll stop here. The pleasure was all the mystery that surround the characters, and why there is this immense desire to fight for human souls.

One Land One King

I enjoy it, and I hope you do it too. I also find very creative the mental link between the king and the knight.

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At the beginning I thought a little oppressive the existence of such mental way to commands or "force" people do what they want Was not oppressive, but wonderful! Minor critic The use of the expression "with his will". It's a repetition that tired me. I understand that was necessary the use of this expression, but some times I really got tired of all their "wills" here and there and here and there again Surprising end and so cuuuuuuute! I recommend it to all fantasy readers! View all 7 comments. Sep 08, Jim rated it liked it Shelves: Thanks Goodreads for another First Reads win!

One Land, One King is a fantasy like many others where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance and the story builds toward the final battle between good and evil. Much of the philosophy of the tale rings true, especially the concept that a slight variation of presentation can conceal evil intent.

It is common both in real life and in this book for people to be unable to see behind the many masks that hide the core value of a person or idea. My favori Thanks Goodreads for another First Reads win! My favorite books in the fantasy genre develop detailed and complex worlds with multi-faceted characters inhabiting them. Unfortunately, in this work, detail is sacrificed in an attempt to move the plot quickly by telling the reader what has happened rather than showing them.

I think that this book would have been improved if Hassan had more fully described the One Land, it's people and customs. The primary characters, although strong images, are too one dimensional and need more interaction between them. I gave this book three stars, but if I had the option, I would have said two and one half.

Sep 07, Rodolfo rated it it was ok Shelves: This book has interesting ideas. Yet the writing style is hard for me to get into. It is written like an old fairy tale with more broad stroke as opposed to taking you through the story with the characters.

  • One Land one King, a song by Medwyn Goodall on Spotify.
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I am doing my best to get through it but the flatness of it is making it tough. Which bums me out because I really like the concept Dec 22, Nick rated it liked it Shelves: No poetry, just a simple answer. When a man lies he murders some part of world. You should know that. You betrayed the duke. You stole his wife. You took hist castle; now no one trusts you. It's not for you, Uther-- hearth and home, wife and child. To kill, and be king?

Perhaps not even that. Give me the child. I saw what I saw. The boy drew the sword! As if death were not enough, also at stake is the fate of the One Land itself.

One Land One King, a song by Medwyn Goodall on Spotify

Each knight holds ownership over—and a form of telepathic kinship with—those who dwell on his home soil. As one knight falls in grisly battle, that telepathic tie transfers to the knight who slew him. The stakes are soon raised as heavenly forces flock to Earth, matched by the arrival of monstrous demons, all bent on waging a war of gods in the land of man.

At times the novel reads like an enchanted edition of Sports Illustrated magazine, albeit one published in the realm of J. Many of the battles, however, follow so closely on the heels of the one before it that readers may confuse who is fighting whom, and with what alchemic, metaphysical powers.