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Before the police arrived Sylvia, an industrial scientist, is troubled by strange hallucinations related to the tragic suicide of her mother. A chronicle of a group of friends in rural France in Garris and Riton live in the marshlands along the banks of the Loire river. Riton is afflicted with a bad-tempered wife and three Michel, a fifty year old man, graphic designer, decides to change the urban lifestyle and go on an adventure. Fascinated by airmail, he dreams at Jean Mermoz when he's on scooter. One day, Michel sees a picture of a kayak. A sound engineer who is chronically hesitant has to make a hard choice between three successively charming young women.

Prudence Beresford is investigating another murder. Her aunt had witnessed it, but no body was found, and nobody trusted her word. Nobody, except Prudence, of course! The life of four best friends in Paris: Antoine a gym school teacher , Jeff director of a monthly journal , Alex Jeff's associate in the monthly journal and a Don Juan and Manu owner Newly married, Mathilde and Robert are honeymooning at a resort owned by their friends Edith and Arthur, the Chateau d'Hercule.

But an unpleasant shock is in store for them. However the blatantly clumsy dialogs create an uneasiness between the actors who miscommunicate with one another. Indeed the breath-taking location shots invite the spectator to a stay in the wild and craggy island of Port Cros. Nevertheless I couldn't merge in the picture at all just like the touching, melancholic and mysterious Stangerson Professor embodied by the faultless Michael Lonsdale who sits on a chair facing the azure sea a palette in his hand wondering what he's longing to paint.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. What is Emily Mortimer Watching? Share this Rating Title: Le parfum de la dame en noir 5. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

I tried to translate it. I could use some help for missing and mangled translation please. Song is about a girl whose brother kills her while she is in the form of a white stag I know that stag is male but doe seemed too small and petite joyeux Halloween what holiday like Halloween do they have?

C'est longtemps que je vous avez "parler", malheureus! Je suis tres ocupee avec les etudes en ce moment et c'est tres dificile de trouver le temps de m'amuser sur le 'computer'. Alors, j'ai vue ce "thread" masc or fem? Il y a un station sur l'internet qui donne beaucoup des chansons a peu pres de "Alouette". Il s'appelle Les Comptines mais je ne sais pas si quelqu'un l'a donne deja. Si non, voici le location - http: J'espere parler avec tout le monde a bientot en Anglais je pense.

Grosses Bissess Slan go foill Laoise de Belfast. Halloween has become a celtic celebration in recent times - it was brought to America by the conquistadores, for whom all saints was a big Christian event it still is in Spain. Working its way north, a Hispano-Indian, Roman Catholic mixture of Christianity, superstition and traditional beliefs revived a moribund All Hallows' celebration. Of course, in true folk "recycling" tradition, it is now a ancient celtic mysterious feast, but it just hasn't been ancient for very long: A deer is a cerf red deer or a daim a smaller, southerner species.

That folk songs are published in scouting, children and religious associations' books was so obvious to me that I would even have thought of saying so. Nice to know there are fans of George Brassens too. Right, I'd forgotten Toussaint. But what do they do on Toussaint's Day? Do they dress up, or is it a church thing? I just heard that the Japanese have started celebrating Halloween like we do because some Americans didn't want their kids to miss out and had a parade and trick or treating.

Thanks for all the info. The Halloween information I have is the other way around.

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Like you say, the native cultures in Mexico, Central and South America also had celebrations regarding the dead. Dia de los Muertos Day of the Dead IS a very big thing where they even go to the gravesite and have a meal. I think I remember somewhere in Asia people are very into taking care of the gravesites and have very elaborate ones; almost like mausoleums. I've added a thread called Halloween Origins with all the specifics so that the Halloween thread people and anyone else can see it.

And it was terribly long and seemed a bit preachy of me. Here's the short version. Info taken from an article by Eric A. Kimmel in the Oct issue of Cricket Magazine: Feralia Festival end of Oct. Watchers of CNN may have seen the Trocadero opposite the Eiffel Tower tricked out in thousands of pumpkins along the contour lines of the landscape -- typical French, develop a new stylistic artistic form. A great debate is raging about whether this represents the latest Americanization or a Celtic rebirth or something to market in the runup to Christmas. Naturally, it is accompanied by handwringing, mingled with the traditional Parisian love of dressing up.

Why didn't they discover this before? Adding to the ghoulishness: Above, a monument to Liberty the International Herald Tribune donated a facsimile of the flame of the torch of liberty in which just happens to perch atop the freeway site! Macabre, mes braves, macabre Lyr Req - Bilingual french! It was sung by I believe a male accompanied by an acoustic guitar and little if anything else, I think. However, the verses were in English, bits and pieces of which I remember and I believe this is roughly the first verse: Moon flew away in the night His best friend Magnus?

I want to say the chorus involves something about "les petites enfants" as a rhymed couplet with "tout le monde", but I could just be completely insane. I was very young at the time I heard it and my friends all think I made it up when I sing it to them! Any help is mucho appreciado! French Canadian Folk Songs From: Marie Henault, de Montreal Date: Ton moulin va trop vite.

Ton moulin va trop fort. Ton moulin ton moulin ton moulin va trop vite, ton moulin ton moulin ton moulin va trop fort. Also, Alouette; Au clair de la lune; Le petit mousse - which I barely remember - had to do with drawing the short straw. And one with Mironton Mironton Mirontaine: Si vous pouvez continuer, aidez-moi. If you can pick it up, please help me. No, I don't get a kick-back, I just happen to think they do a great job on folk tunes. The guys are from the Peterborough, Ontario region, and go by the name of Tanglefoot. I've seen them twice in concert here in Nova Scotia, and I heartily recommend them.

Their web site is: Quel pure dead brilliant thread! My advice to anyone in the world is As far as French music is concerned they are IT, and possibly the best in any language. If anyone wants I can post 'Perrine etait servante', 'Blanche Niege' 'Voila le Printemps' and any Malicorne, but if they're posted elsewhere let me know and I won't bother.

Last one - cabt remember title or singer, but the first couple of lines were: Qui a eu cette idee faux Pour inventer les ecoles?

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Bon Chance, mes amis et amies du Mudcat! They have started growing them around here for Halloween purposes. They are a strange shade of orange and are perfectly shaped for jack o' lanterns. If I find the rest of the song in the song book I got while at summer school at St Pierre and Miquelon, I'll add them: Dominique, nique, nique S'en allait tout simplement Routier, pauvre et chantant En tout chemin, en tout lieu Il ne parle que du bon Dieu, Il ne parle que du bon Dieu. I have a version that I will post tomorrow if nobody beats me to it.

I wish you would post it. I learned it many years ago during the vendage while cutting the grapes. I also learned "Janeton" from a young french girl named Corinne: JANETON Janeton prends sa fancille La rirette, la rirette Janeton prends sa fancille Et s'en va couper des joncs Et s'en va couper des joncs En chemin elle rencontre Quatre et jeunes et beaux garcons Le premier un peu timide Lui chattouille le menton Le deuxieme un peu moins sage Lui souleva son jupon Le troisieme encore moins sage L'allangia sur le gazon Ce que fit le quatrieme N'est pas dit dans la chanson La morale de cette histoire C'est que les hommes sont des cochons La morale de cette morale C'est que les femmes aiment les cochons!

How this song progresses from a maiden going out to cut corn? As I mentioned, I learned this song from a co-worker while crawling beside or bending over the grapevines. Usually, we worked in pairs, one taking either side of the row. No one seemed to pay much attention to us until we got to the end, when invariably, all the men in the vineyard would stand and lustily sing along with the last verse!

Not much to do with music though. I originally submitted the request for the lyrics for French folk songs back in In the meantime, someone referred me to the following URL where I found the information I was looking for. In case anyone is interested, please go to this site: He also has done several other songs on different albums that include some French lines. L'Air de la Louisiane is one that is totally in French. French Folk songs From: Are there two performers with the same name?

I notice that the overall thread title is enclosed in quotation marks.

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But in the reply box, under subject it just reads RE: I seem to recall that she died an inauspicious death in mid s amid some sad controversy at least according to the Belgians I knew. She helped get Debbie Reynolds out of a career doldrum. Walloon French uses a more logical system of counting: Malbrouck s'en va-t-en guerre From: French folk songs From: Let's see, I'm replying to this one only, um, seven-plus years late. For JB3 -- for Corinne, JB3's informant -- and for anyone else who's struck out trying to find this song: It's a phonetic variant title.

Gotta give credit to my wife and ace researcher Amba Lee on this one. She, thinking back to years of French, realized that "Janeton" is not natively a French name -- even though I, thinking back to similar years of French, insisted it "could be" -- and going by sound alone, tried "Jeanneton" and found it. It's actually a not uncommon French children's song. Midis or MP3s of the tune are less common, but can be found on the web as well. A number of the songs appear on later Malicorne albums as well, though I've not heard them. I've just searched for this song, and found several variants, also titled "Et moi je m'en passe" and "Marie-Madeleine".

Here is the version that I learned. The first verse provides the pattern for all following verses. The third line of each verse becomes the first and second lines of the next verse, so I have only provided the successive lines after the first verse. Encore sur la mer il m'envoie. Tant d'amants qui se font l'amour Et moi, je m'en passe. Le marinier qui m'y menait Il devint amoureux de moi. My father had no daughter but me Once he sent me to sea My heart is of age So many lovers who make love And me, I pass it by.

The sailor who took me there He became enamored of me. A Russian site of French songs http: Et dessus la mer il m'envoie, Le marinier qui me menait, Me dit, ma belle, embrassez-moi, Non, non, monsieur, je ne saurais, Car si mon papa le savait, Ah! And finally, Marie-Madeleine, at http: Nenni, Monsieur, je n'oserais 6.

Mais qui, la belle, le lui dirait? Ce seraient les oiseaux des bois Parlent-ils les oiseaux des bois? Las, que malin le monde il est Another version of this can also be found at the Russian site, under "Divers". Le Renard s'en saisit, et dit: Please forgive any spelling errors or places where my diacritical marks don't cross cyberspace intact from my 'puter to yours. Sur l'air du tra la la la Sur l'air du tra la la la, Sur l'air du tra de re, de ra, de ra, Tra la la!

Dan cette chic habit noir, ah! Et si votre ramage egale vos atteur? L'corbeau, ravi d'avoir un auditeur de choix, Ouvre son large bec pour mieux montrer sa voix. J'ai vous joue un bon tour, et, par bleu! Crow, perched in a tree, held in his beak a glazed? In that chic black suit, ah, how beautiful you are! And if your voice equals your attire You are the phoenix of the forests all around. The crow, eager to have a willing audience, Opens his big beak to show off his voice better.

The good cheese, alas, only falls leaps to the ground. The fox seizes it and the crow is very upset. For the other one gloats and in a mocking ton Says to him, "Mr. Crow, beware of flatterers! I played a good trick on you and, by heavens, it was done well! I'm very hungry and the cheese is perfect.

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The chorus profoundly proclaims "On the air tra la la I'm thinking of a cheese with some kind of rind or frosting, maybe? I also found ramure, but this mainly refers to foliage or the antlers of a stag, and is singular "votr' ramure" ; possibly it was used in the plural at the time or in the place that La Fontaine's fable was reworked into a song? Ramure makes a suspiciously close pairing to ramage, and rhymes with your "allentour".

So it's quite possible the word you want is "attires".

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There are also the verb "attifer", "to deck out" usually pejorative , and the noun "attirail", "gear, tools; fishing tackle; paraphernalia", but that's casting a bit far afield. It's been a long time since I've sung the song, much less actually looked at the printed lyrics.

Being primarily an auditory processer and not being familiar with the word "ramure," all I could really remember was that the word meant "attire" and rhymed with "allentour" which I'm not even sure I spelled right. I knew it wasn't "auteur" author , but I think I was getting interference from that word and others in the song. I had a feeling someone more fluent in French would quickly correct this mistake any any others. Thank you for refreshing my memory.

The line should read: I mean "Artful," not "Arthur. Can't get the DT to open right now. Si mon moine voulait danser! Tu n'entends pas la danse. Dance, my monk, dance, You not hearing the dance. You aren't hearing my mill over there, You aren't hearing my mill running. Oh, if my monk would dance with me, I'd give him a sash, Oh, if my monk would dance with me, I'd give him a chain rosary?

Oh, if my monk would dance with me, I'd give him a frock of?? DK what word's being abbreviated as "bur'" Oh, if my monk would dance with me, I'd give him a beautiful psaltry If he hadn't taken the vow of poverty, There are a lot of other things I'd give him. This song is of Canadian origin. A "moine" is also a toy, a kind of spinning top, hence the play on words. In some versions instead of enumerating a monk's things, music instruments are enumerated. Monique Click to play. It can also, by itself, mean a monk's frock. I mean, a coat of "beurre" would NOT be an appropriate thing to offer a monk.

Le Grand Derangement occurred between and the mid s. That said, do you know any phrases from the song? To complicate matters, is a group, and I'm not aware of any song entitled "" done by Bois Joli, but then I'm not an authority on anything, either. Without a bit more to go on, this will be extremely difficult to track.

When did you first hear it? What's the 'story line'? I have further discovered that the song is is possibly titled 'mon acadie' and is considered the unofficial Acadian anthem. Doiron writes in both official languages. He was voted Acadian Artist of the Year in Alouette, gentille alouette Alouette, je te plumerai bis Je te plumerai le bec bis Et le bec, et le bec Alouette, alouette, ah ah ah ah! Please try that, and if you are still having difficulty in a few hours, post here and someone will point you to 'em.

Was reading the wrong request. Harry Peace paroles de la version espagnole: Now When the sun says Good Day to the mountains And the night says Hello to the dawn I'm alone with my dreams on the hilltop I can still hear his voice though he's gone I hear from my door the love songs through the wind It brings back sweet memories of you History and many other versions here.

Bonhomme, bonhomme Bonhomme, bonhomme, sais-tu jouer? Bonhomme, bonhomme, sais-tu jouer? It's essentially a house party song, asking "Good man, can you play an instrument? Well, you're not so damn great and you don't run the show around here! For over thirty years I have played the concertina without using it for singing accompaniment.

I may just have a go at this one. Thank you for your quick response and message Al. In general, if you're requesting lyrics, chords, etc. Requests that are piggybacked onto threads about other songs are often not noticed by the people who can answer them. The lyrics are in the DT.

Can anyone supply the French lyrics? I'd also be interested in details of how the song came to be translated, and how it reached Summers, a Virginian I think dulcimer player and singer in the Dyer-Bennett style, then living in New York. Bob the Postman Date: Rugby Song is actually a request for words to a naughty French song. Que maudit soit la guerre ou le roi m'a mande je veux aller en france, ou le roi m'a mande mis la main sur la bride, le pied dans l'etrier je partis sain et sauf et j'en revins blesse de trois grands coups de lance qu'un Anglais m'a donne la premiere a mon epaule et l'autre a mon cote La troisieme a la mamelle, l'on dit que j'en mourrais le beau prince d'Orange est mort et entere l'ai vu porte en terre par quatre cordelliers Malicorne did a great version of this one.

Also really good was the 'tristes noces, but it's as long as a very long child ballad, so I thought I'd leave that one out. The melody is mournful, longing but beautiful. Should you wish a translation, please let me know. Perrine Etait Servante Perrine etait servante Perrine etait servante Chez monsieur notr' cure Diga-doma-dohn-daine Chez monsieur notr' cure Diga-doma-dohn dai! Son amant vent la voire, Un soir apres souper PErrine, ma Perrine, Je voudrais bien te biser Oh, grand nigaud, qu't'es bete Ca se fait sans se demander!

Ou je vais t'y bien me cacher? Cache-toi dedans la huche! Il ne saurait point t'y trouver! Il y restait six semaines On l'avait oublie! Au bot des six semaines Les rats l'avaient bouffe On fit creuser son crane Pour faire un benitie On fit monter ses jambes Pour faire un chandelier! A very sad tale of an amorous young man who was interrupted in courting the Cure's servant girl by the return of the Cure, and was hidden in the bread-cupboard where he was forgotten for six weeks, by which time the rats had eaten him up.

They made a holy water bowl from his skull and a chandelier from his leg bones. A Click to play. Anyway, here's a naughty chanson a repondre which might be the one requested in another thread. I'll post it here where it belongs and link to it from the other place.

I'm not sure about the word "pignouf". It's the only one I can find in the dictionary which seems to fit the context. It's usually translated by "peasant" If you want traditional French songs, you'll want to google "thierry klein" lyrics, midis, sheet music , "rassat" lyrics, midis, sheet music , "medietrad" only lyrics , Mama Lisa's World France page -kids songs- lyrics, midis, mp3, sheet music and English translations.

It's one of those playful love songs where the singer says, "If you did X, then I'd do Y" e. I have the lyrics in a trad. French songbook, but I don't know where it is. I did find many references to it on line but no lyrics. But I found this site, with lyrics and MP3s of many trad French folk songs, including: Si mon moine Aimons le vin… Amis, buvons Compagnons qui roulez en provence Comprenez-vous? Dessous le rosier blanc J'entends le loup, le renard et la belette J'entends le moulin Je m'suis fais faire, un ptit moulin Je ne veux pas Je veux veux un boulanger, maman Ma dong dong diguedong Ma jument Hypoline Malbrough s'en va-t-en guerre, Malheureuse vient Mariez vous la belle!

Marions les roses mes souliers sont rouges Papillon volage Pas moyen! Quand je suis parti d'La Rochelle Que la barbe m'en fume! Que venez vous chercher Sur la montagne du loup Sur le bout du banc Sur le pont de Nante Sur les quais du Havre Tenez la belle voila la rose Tout en montant la place d'arme Y'a pas d'amour sans peine Zimbalazim boum boum. Si tu te mets anguille, If you became an eel Anguille dans l'etang, An eel in a pond Je me mettrai pecheur, I'd become a fisherman And I'd catch you And other lyrics similar to these: Je me mettrai pecheure pour te pcher.

Je pecherai le cceure d'ma bien-aime'. Duo homme et femme, alternant chacun un couplet. Si tu te mets alouette, alouette dans les champs bis Je me mettrai chasseur chassant dans les champs Je t'aurai en chassant Si tu te mets chasseur pour m'avoir en chassant bis Je me mettrai nonette Nonette dans un couvent. Si tu te mets anguille 3. Mariez-moi ma petite maman 7. J'ai une brune 8. J't'aimerais mieux mon mari 9. La plume qui s'envole La laine de nos moutons Chanson de foulon I Went To The Market Vive la canadienne Goodbye fare thee well, goodbye fare thee well.

As tu connu le Pere Lancelot? Goodbye, fare thee well, we're homeward bound. Il boit mange la viande, a toi les os. Il boit du vin, a toi de l'eau. Et si tu grumes, il te jette a l'eau Il a trois filles qui font la peau. Sorry, can't do the accents on this machine - and my French is none too good anyway! I guess it's analogous to the way we turn one syllable into two or more syllables when singing in English. I have seen French people do it at karaoke, but then plenty of them also regard Sardou as a folk singer. Very anti-England and one or two of the lines would sound fairly grim if sung in English but I'd argue that Song for Ireland, widely considered a good song, has a couple of low moments.

Au printemps suivant, Le ciel irlandais Etait en paix. Sean Kelly s'est dit: Click to play Also: Monique Click to play AH!

Here is the version I have on different books and the way I learned it with accents and all. It has two more verses than Amos' version at the end. So it's no real clue to trace it back but it's said to be from the 19th century. The "ti" 2nd, 5th verse is a popular particle added after the verb in questions J'y vas-ti, j'y vas-ti pas? The conjugation "je vas" 5th verse is also popular standard "je vais" , so is saying "i" instead of "il" before consonant i' saura pas t' trouver , 9th verse: The song as we know it now has been popularized by Les Compagnons de la Chanson is quite recent.

On fit monter ses jambes Pour faire un chandelier The tune is a popular one. The French translation you'll find on this site is Mistral's own literal translation. The spelling is what we call "Mistral or Roumanille spelling" spelling based on the French spelling , only used by some authors from Provence nowadays. All the other Occitan authors now use the "classic or Alibert's spelling" based on the troubadours' one. A short singable version can be found there as well as other French traditional popular songs. As you will easily guess, my English translation is quite literal!

L'auro es toumbado, Mai lis estello paliran, Quand te veiran! Mai, tre te veire, Ve lis estello, o Magali, Coume an pali! Listen to this dawn serenade Of tambourines and violins! It's full of stars up there The wind has fallen But the stars will turn pale When they see you! No more than of the whisper of the foliage I won't care of your dawn serenade! But I'm going in the fair sea To become an eel in the rocks. Oh, but if you become a fisher When you throw your creel I'll become a flying bird I will fly in the fields!

O Magali, if you become A bird in the air I will become a hunter I will hunt you! To the partridges, to the warblers, If you come to set your traps I will become the blooming grass And I will hide in the wide meadows! O Magali, if you become A daisy I will become nice water I will water you! If you become the sea wind I'll run away to another side I will become the radiance Of the big sun that melts the ice!

If you become a lizard That hides in the bush I will become the full moon That, in the night, brings light to the witches! O Magali, if you become The quiet moon I will become a nice mist I will hide you! Even if the mist wraps me up You won't hold me thus As a virgin beautiful rose I will blossom in the thorn bush! O Magali if you become A beautiful rose I will become a butterfly I will kiss you! Go, lover, run, run You will never, never catch me I will, with the bark of a big oak tree, Dress myself in the wood!