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Novel situations and solutions. The adage of a picture being worth a thousand words hit home to me in this particular context. Often I prefer the book to the film. I asked myself how I would have treated the stories as a writer to achieve the quality of emotion of the films. I saw a film titled "Twilight Samurai". One of the most real, beautiful, moving and tense films I have ever seen.

A human tale of Seibei, a low ranking samurai and a poor widower caring for his old mother and two young daughters and the butt of office jokes behind his back. His reacquaintance with Tomoe, a childhood friend who also befriends his children, offers opportunity for a new life but he soon realises he is too poor to offer marriage to her.

When he is ordered to execute a troublesome samurai barricaded in a house, he sees this as his one chance to win back some semblance of a life for himself and those he loves. I had an opportunity last year to see this remarkable film again at a series of 8 Japanese films accompanying an exhibition of beautiful prints by the 17th Century artist Utamaro.

I learned that the director, Yoji Yamada had made a trilogy of films based on the stories of a popular novelist Shuhei Fujisawa - I picked up my ordered copy of eight of his stories in "The Bamboo Sword", on which some of the films are based, this morning at our local excellent bookshop. Mar 22, Just A. Eight short stories, originally written in the s and '80s, centring on low-income men early in the Tokugawa Shogunate. Most of the men are low-ranking Samurai who have menial jobs, some stories are about merchants or street people. Most of the stories centre on the dilemma faced by men of a warrior caste who can't get out of the caste even if they wanted to, which they usually don't , but live in peace time.

Some of the characters were old enough to fight, but many are soldiers who have nev Eight short stories, originally written in the s and '80s, centring on low-income men early in the Tokugawa Shogunate. Some of the characters were old enough to fight, but many are soldiers who have never gone to war. Another focus' on the chief groom in a castle who has fallen out of shape and training, and has to try to complete an important escort mission.

I found the focus on men, men and more men a little off putting, though there are some great wife and daughter characters throughout, but though it bordered on manpain a couple of times, it never slid over.

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

The author also tended to over describe things about the period that I already knew, which I felt broke the flow of the stories a bit, and swordplay solved more problems than it probably actually did in the period, but the writing was elegant, and the characters very vivid and sympathetic. I liked the book. I cried by reading every of them, but I was always pleased. Tender stories about love often about love in marriage - love of man for his wife - or between parents and their children, once about man who lost his wife and child and hated all world, but he finds his hapiness in care about abandoned young mother with her little girl, which become his new wife and adopted daughter, because he needs to care for someone which he can love - and he save them because it and about hope, hope in hardships and poverty.

A collection of short stories about life in Edo period Japan, when the classic samurai role of elite warrior had been made obsolete by peace at home and abroad. I checked it out after watching the Oscar-nominated Japanese file, "The Twilight Samurai," which is based on the titular story. I'm really glad I did, because this is a lovely, human work that really made a foreign place and time come to life. I read it straight through.

Music, Confrontation, Realism

A peep into the world of the samurai, whether ronin or stiffly honour bound these stories are delightful in their humanity and vision of a long gone time. I found it in the local libaray and could not stop reading. Funny how books from another country and time can reach across culture and space and catch your imagination. Some very accessible little Easterns. The writing style strikes me as nearer midth than midth century, with occasional digressions on history, but in all liklihood translation has done the stories' density no favours.

Worth the reading, for sure. I remember it at least. It was perhaps a bit too realistic and therefore a little bit boring but someone who's really into samurai might enjoy it more. It teaches you about the class system at least.

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Chick lit for samurais! Or is it samurai stories for chicks? Either way, a fun read and a nice counterpoint to the chambarra stereotypes. Read it in Romanian. A book of short stories - not as depressing as some Japanese lit. Nicu Grosan rated it liked it Jun 12, Tim rated it it was amazing Sep 14, Matt rated it it was amazing Apr 27, Michael rated it really liked it Jun 17, Sam Kamber rated it it was amazing Dec 07, Sam Kamber rated it really liked it Jun 10, Zapa Csitul rated it liked it Jan 18, Alex Radoi rated it really liked it Dec 19, Iuli rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Pumpkinkiss rated it it was amazing Jan 17, There are those who recycle tires into shoes, those who make lamps from sweetened condensed milk cans, those who transform zebu bones that were left by the stray dogs into soap and medication.

In Madagascar, proverbs, music and recycling skills challenge economics with humour! Afua Forson Brown is a pretty African girl whose life is a catalogue of problems. She has a lazy, arrogant and aggressive boyfriend who depends on her for everything and an alcoholic father in Ghana who frivolously spends the money he sends him.

In addition to this, her UK students visa is near expiration. Afua eventually meets the man of her dreams but her escalating problems become a threat to their relationship. McKinley, North America's highest peak , while shedding light on the complex relationship many African-Americans have with the outdoors. As the United States transitions to a "minority majority" nation, a staggering number of people of color do not identify with America's wild places. O -English - Anglais The nine months of armed conflict during that resulted in East Pakistan breaking away to become an independent Bangladesh is a story of blood and tears.

Official and unofficial estimates of deaths range widely between , and three million. In addition to the mass killings, a large number of Bangladeshi women were subjected to sexual violence; the official figure is some , While Pakistan has not been immune from the trauma of war, its government has repeatedly denied the allegations of genocide in Bangladesh. More than anything, it is an encounter and an exchange with Ayeola's and the director humbly. It narrates how sensibilies and astonishment at the changing colors of the sky, led this woman naturally to painting those colors. Notre interlocuteur est Lalo Izquierdo: Filmed in Peru and the United States, "A Zest for Life" tells the story of Afro-Peruvian traditional music and dance, its connection to Latin Jazz, and the history of the community from which it springs.

Our star is Lalo Izquierdo, an Afro-Peruvian who is a dancer, choreographer, percussionist, and a folklorist of his community.

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He is supported by the fine performance of the group in which he appears called "de Rompe y Raja. Peut-il se dire patriote? Does a citizen have duties to a country which has been going through a series of political, economic and social instability for many years?

Can he pretend to be a patriot?

Événements récurrents

She grows up to be a ruthless assassin and fights with hiding her real life reality from the love of her life. A charismatic abalone poacher. A broken love story. Three story-lines bound together by a single theme: Abalone is an endangered marine snail that's prized as an aphrodisiac and status symbol in China, but illegal harvesting has disastrous consequences for the traditional fishing community of Hawston near Cape Town in South Africa.

Nigercultures | Festival International du Film PanAfricain de Cannes - FIFP

With the break up of that relationship, she spiralled into a cycle of addiction that left her on the streets and vulnerable. The journey takes her back in time. Still struggling with addiction, she reveals the secrets she has held onto, to face her demons today. The same fighter held her as a sex slave for years. The nightmare started at an area Gladys refers to as Camp A decade later, Gladys like many survivors of the 14 year civil war is trying to rebuild her life.

The rebel who raped Gladys and killed her mother lives in freedom miles away from her as no one in Liberia has been prosecuted for their war crimes The film follows Ariel Tagar Kalbata and Uri Wertheim Mixmonster , from their basement studio in Tel Aviv, all the way to the Kingston ghettos, looking for their favourite singers of days gone by. In Jamaica, they encounter a strange, often challenging culture while trying to achieve their goal. A unique musical journey into the forgotten corners of reggae of the seventies and eighties, and a rare glimpse into the smoky, dusty world of Rub-a-Dub and its past champions.

O - English - Anglais - 'Daddy Duty' is an action drama set to music in which a father who finds out his daughter's doll has been stolen and he decides to get it back. The backstory might not matter to the casual listener, or U. President Barrack Obama, who was gifted a steel pan, and mini-pans for his daughters, during a visit to the twin-island republic in April And if she were alive, England's Queen Mother herself, whose eclectic album collection included a prized LP by Desperadoes, one of the world's most famous steel bands.

But the lore of the culture would surely attract the historian and the curious.

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  • C'est dans ces moments de questionnement qu'elle rencontre Momo. Antoine Leonardi and Jean-Michel Mariotti, offer us an immersion in a picturesque world, out of time, which invites us to think about the paradox of our consumer society. People who are still using them are out of time and borders.

    To whom are directed those anonymous calls.