Death! : What Happens When We Die?

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  1. What Happens When You Die?
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  3. What Happens When You Die?

What will happen to you and me after we die? What happens to consciousness after the physical death of any living organism?

What Happens When You Die?

From where does consciousness arise? Is consciousness an emergent property of complex information-processing systems, like brains , nervous systems, and possibly computers, or can it exist independent of a physical structure? Is everything conscious, as many mystics believe? This is one of the most ancient of all philosophical debates, and the question of what happens to consciousness after death is a recurring theme in my interviews. Death—what Terence McKenna called the black hole of biology— is, perhaps, the greatest mystery known to human beings. While there is compelling evidence that there is life after death and that consciousness survives death, there is also compelling evidence that it does not and the truth is no one knows for sure what happens when we die.

I would be highly suspect of anyone who tells you otherwise. Although the postbiological fate of human consciousness is a truly magnificent mystery, beliefs about what happens to consciousness after death generally fall into four traditional categories: This limited range of possibilities for life after death is likely due to our strong fear of death, which creates a powerful emotional charge and makes playful speculation on this topic difficult for most people.

But if our fears of the afterlife can be suspended or transcended, and we can set our hopes and expectations aside, how might we explore this mystery and come up with alternative possibilities for life after death? Is it possible, as some people claim, that altered or mystical states of consciousness can give us insight into what happens after death?

Moving slowly

Death is like taking off a tight shoe. Do we reincarnate in this world as other people, or even animals, plants or rocks? Do we keep living the life we led over and over again? Do we simply disappear into nothingness? Different teachings offer different answers to these questions.

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Science details how the body decomposes when we die. In general, the discussion around this topic falls into two main categories: People who have survived clinical death have reported a range of feelings, such as a sleep-like nothingness, a peaceful floating sensation in the sky or in a tranquil scenery like a garden, a bright light or a tunnel heading toward a bright light, seeing and speaking with loved ones who had passed away, as well as out-of-body experiences where they could see what was happening in the room where they were pronounced clinically dead.

They are all sensations of freedom from the corporeal body. In near-death experiences, the corporeal body is no longer a disturbance. People feel as if they belong to something other than what they identified as their body. The mind continues working and processing corporeal information, albeit differently. Near-death experiences express a boundary between our corporeal life and its death. It is a boundary where we end our contact with information we received through our body, mind and corporeal senses.

In other words, the feeling of life we experience in our individual desires food, sex, family and social desires money, honor, control, knowledge fully vanishes and we agree with its withdrawal, ceasing to receive, feel, live and enjoy. The sensation of freedom from the corporeal body marks a shift to a new state.

This new state, however, is still not death, neither is it spirituality nor eternity.

What Happens When You Die?

According to Kabbalah , it is purely psychological. It is b y attaining our soul. The soul is a desire above our egoistic, corporeal desires. That is, above our desires for food, sex, family, money, honor, control and knowledge, there is a small desire that asks about the meaning and purpose behind everything we experience: The full development of this point is considered the attainment of the soul. Attaining the soul is like feeling an additional life to our current one, a life that was hidden from us. When we attain contact with the soul, it becomes the center of our life.

We reevaluate our current life and start relating to it on a completely different level. It is a spiritual informational gene, similar to DNA. When we die, we lose awareness of everything we sensed in our corporeal lives. However, does it mean that we lose it all? It is being passed on in the form of personality attributes.

This explains why, in every new generation, children are better adapted to life than adults. For example, children are instinctively proficient with the latest technologies and gadgets, while the older generation finds them more complicated. In each successive generation, the will to receive undergoes an upgrade. If the will to receive fails to bring a person to spiritual development, then it shifts to a new stage, to another opportunity. All the problems, pains and knowledge gradually accumulate from one generation to the next, toward the need for spiritual development.

Through the wisdom of Kabbalah , we can gain access to the eternal and whole system of the soul, discover its inner power, and become its active part, revealing spirituality as a clear perception and sensation, and this is the purpose of our development. Course is available for self-study and as live video classes. PhD in Philosophy and Kabbalah. MSc in Medical Bio-Cybernetics. When the body dies, this informational part the Reshimo must connect with a new body in this world and start all over. Every person has a Reshimo , the particle from which we eventually develop a soul.

Out of our corporeal, egoistic desires for food, sex, family, money, honor, control and knowledge, we have a small particle of information that works inside this corporeal desire that urges us to build a soul. The more intensely this point in the heart awakens in us, the more we address our egoistic desire and seek out means where we can realize this desire.

Eventually, we come across the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah , which teaches a methodological approach on how to build a soul. If you attain the revelation of the soul—the smallest spiritual property, the smallest development of the soul from a point, its real existence—then when your body dies, you will continue perceiving your soul. This is because your soul will then have acquired volume and light spiritual force of love and bestowal inside it. It will then once again dress in another body, born by a woman, in order to attain all steps of its development while existing in this body, since this can only be done while being physically present in our world.

The body goes through renewal because its inner qualities are renewed. These qualities cannot go through the change while in the same body, since a particular body is always the most suitable for realizing a particular set of qualities. Hell depends on how a person defines it. There are those who suppose that Hell is when everything that they had in this world disappears and they regret that life passed by without any benefit.

There are those who suppose that Hell is not here in this world, from an emotional point of view: Rather, it waits for us in the future, after the body dies. They think that after the body dies, Heaven or Hell awaits. In Kabbalah , Hell is the name given to the most undesirable spiritual state. Through progressing on the spiritual path using the method of Kabbalah , we strive to reach a state where values are changed so that Heaven and Hell acquire a different identity in comparison to what is conventionally accepted.

Many people believe that when the body dies, some kind of door opens to Heaven or Hell. But is this wretched beast at fault for having died or because it was alive? The illusion that I am in a physical body and feel this world is intentionally given so that I will leap above it and see myself as alive and existing only in a spiritual Kli vessel in relation to Light spiritual force of love and bestowal. It is perfectly fine, even beneficial, to imagine and see Hell differently all the time. Nothing disappears in nature. It only changes its structure, design, just as our body decomposes into basic elements.

It passes from one state to another. It can be stated that consciousness exists not in a person, but that it is around him, or maybe even in a completely different dimension, in another space. Our brain is kind of a modem that picks up the general consciousness to the extent that it needs to realize itself in the current moment. Consciousness per se is information. Informational connection exists beyond time and field. It permeates the entire universe.

Information does not disappear, it can only change its medium. We cannot say for certain in what form and where it exists. Our bodies and the whole corporeal world are only an illusion. Everything else exists in the consciousness.

What does the Bible say about death?

Does suicide mess up the process or is it planned by the path of the spirit? If I were to kill myself would I be messing everything up for myself and those who were to follow me? Does killing myself help quicken the release or does it just make things much worse? But why are we limiting this only to humans and to the planet earth.

What Happens When We Die? Is There Life After Death? - The Truth About Death

In my opinion that can be applied to life per se and since the univers is so vast geting reborn just on earth as a human is not the right way to look at it. I think life itself follows something that you are describing here and we are only one steping stone in an endless ocean of soul progression. This is not true. Choose to help the world in a different way.

You have to come back down here. Kabbalah theory seems to match closely with Vedas. Bible also talk about spirit, which is same as soul. But you have not discussed about destiny, which is included in both Bible and Vedas. Destiny guides everything in our life, we do not have any freewill. How a soul will progress in one life is already predefined and nobody can change it. Life can be precisely predicted moment by moment and also for long term by any high level yogi.

I am wondering why we have to consider this as religion, when everything about soul, reincarnation, destiny, yogic power, etc. These things should be considered as real and true science. For many examples take a look at the free book on soul theory at https: A human being when he analysis and come to conscious of thoughts he do. He can act in better way.

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The truth, purity,unselfish all these things helps to feel the existence of soul. The idea presented here that there is a part of us, deep inside, that creates a yearning to figure out the source of our existence is comforting and mind-blowing at the same time. To me it makes perfect sense that the Creator would instill such a thing in us.

I grew up in a religion that held over our heads descriptions of our post-death eternal states—either heavenly bliss or the horror of being burned forever. What is suggested here, however, is that these states do not await us, but exist throughout our lives. To know that I can achieve the state of eternal connection with the Creator during this lifetime is so reassuring and heartening.

Death then becomes achievement of that sublime connection or an exit and re-entry into corporeal life so that I can continue my quest. Thank you for this beautiful and informative series of articles. Lots of new and very unusual information. Not easy to absorb it all at once. Will have to come back and go over it again.

Very interesting though… Keep it up please!

Looks like we have to hurry and reach the sensation of the spiritual world while we are still living in this body…. This is a scary thought when you just sit and think about it.