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Blue & Gray Bar & Grill, Gettysburg

In the process of correcting the matter, the titles of those Maps were sent to a different layer and, unfortunately, did not print. The titles should have appeared as follows:. The line of blue infantry crested the hill just as the officers gave the order to halt. Men caught their breath and then looked to their weapons in anticipation of resuming the fight. As his men enjoyed a few minutes of rest, Maj. Mower took stock of the situation.

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A veteran of Corinth, Vicksburg and the Red River Campaign, Mower had watched as his division shattered the thin Confederate left flank. He was now well beyond the Union position. Through the course of the attack, his brigades had lost cohesion, and he had been forced to break off the advance. The pause was fatal. Suddenly, in the distance, a line of infantry in ragged gray and butternut appeared, bearing down on their foe. Since then there has been scant new material focused solely on the Bentonville battle and campaign. First used as a highway of exploration and settlement by European settlers, the river famously served as an avenue of invasion by British forces during the War of Forgotten today, between Spring and early Spring , Confederate batteries effectively stopped all riverine traffic.

After falling out with his family over the issues of slavery and secession during Christmas of , John returns to Pennsylvania, while John's brothers Matthew, Mark, and Luke join the Confederate Army.

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The Hales' youngest child, year-old James, lies about his age to join the Union Army, but contracts dysentery and dies before he sees any action. Caught "betwixt and between", John will not fight for the South, but is unwilling to bear arms against his own brothers. After being reunited with Jonas Steele, who has joined the Union Army as a scout, John becomes a war correspondent for Harper's Weekly. At Bull Run, John meets Kathy Reynolds, the daughter of a senator, who, despite her higher social standing, proves to be a good war nurse.

Jonas overcomes his doubts and marries Mary.

Menus for Blue & Gray Bar & Grill - Gettysburg - SinglePlatform

John's sister, Emma, and her child are caught up in the Siege of Vicksburg, where her husband, Lester is killed. The Battle of Gettysburg is a prominent focal point of the story; Mary is killed as the battle rages near the Steele home.

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John reconciles with his family as he, his father, and Matthew join a group of Confederate troops in defending the Geyser homestead against a Union Army attack. The Union Army is driven off, but Matthew is killed in the skirmish.

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Later, his strange dream of President Lincoln arrives too late to save the President at Ford's Theater. The Hales and the Geysers come together after the war to celebrate John and Kathy's wedding at the Geyser homestead in Virginia.

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Although the series is largely set in Virginia , it was filmed entirely on location in Arkansas , except for the segment representing the Elmira, N. The first was released on November 6, , and the second on July 26, The 3-disc edition runs minutes, while the 2-disc edition is an abridged minute cut.


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