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  1. The Return of Eleanor Rogers
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This was a good regency historical romance that involved two wonderful people I enjoyed reading about this story as we find Beth has agreed to marry Ren [her best friend] due to a way to get out of a debt after the death of her father. However, this wasn't a marriage of love as Title: However, this wasn't a marriage of love as one would think as this husband soon returns to his old way of life back in London which was away from his wife.

Beth is left behind where she is left on the Graham country estate on to help with both families. Oh, I forgot to mention Beth is blind. There will be a lots of twist and turns for Ren as he will have to return to the Graham estate where their lives will become even more entangled with each other.

The Return of Eleanor Rogers

Will they be able to work out a lots of issues that will come upon them as they are drawn together? What all will come out for Ren that will help pull these two together? What issues would be presented that will keep Ren and Beth apart? Be ready for a story that will have some drama that will keep your attention as you are turning the pages to see what was coming next for these two and also with some interesting secondary characters [especially Ren's strange mother]. I will say this was quite a intriguing read of just how one who had a handicap was able to endure all the circumstances that was presented to her and when these two came together will these things finally be worked out?

Here is a little taste of how that went: I won't agree to an annulment because I love you and I love being married to you. I love everything about you.

I love your spirit. I love your independence, I love your moments of anxiety and the strength it takes you to overcome those moments. I love that you think about things differently. Aug 04, Debra Guyette rated it it was amazing. Beth had no choice but to accept the offer of marriage from her childhood friend, Ren.

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She had to do something to get out of debt and her options were limited and some unpalatable. She reluctantly agrees to marry Ren. After marrying Beth, Ren turned around and went back to London, continuing his life as it was before. Beth is not sure if she is happy about that or not. She does not want to have any children as she is afraid she will pass on her blindness. But nothing stays the same. Ren and Beth Beth had no choice but to accept the offer of marriage from her childhood friend, Ren.

Ren and Beth were beautiful together. That just needed a bit of a push. Ren returned to his life in London after the marriage while Beth stayed behind and helped manage both her family's and his family's estates. Life is often uncertain as Beth and Ren learn. Circumstances change and the two now have more on their plates to work out. Ren will have to work hard if they are to have a future together, and that includes convincing Beth. Her Convenient Husband's Return is a marvelous look at life when one has a handicap.

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  • In most instances, life was very tough during that time for someone like Beth but she was lucky in both circumstance and determination. Ren was an amazing hero.

    Full Cast & Crew

    He, too, had his own issues which prevented him from claiming Beth. With each other's help, they made it through and that is the key. It was amazing to watch them work everything out and you are left with a big smile when the last page is read. Wonderfully romantic with misunderstandings galore, Her Convenient Husband's Return will, indeed, capture you and your imagination. This book combines two of my all-time favorite tropes: Beth and Ren have been friends since they were children. They had a close knit group that included Ren's older brother, Edmund, and Beth's eccentric younger brother, Jamie.

    Beth has been blind since birth, but she has never let her disability slow her down. Her friends help her maneuver around the world, describing to her what she cannot visually This book combines two of my all-time favorite tropes: Her friends help her maneuver around the world, describing to her what she cannot visually see. Instead, she sees with her other senses - touch, scent, hearing.

    Ren is a blossoming artist, and he takes her along when he paints, and describes the scenery as he works. The book opens with a scene at the Duke's estate, to which Beth and Ren have been invited to see his collections. The Duke manages to separate Beth from her friend and makes some rather nasty overtures to her. She's only 11 at the time, and it freaks her out. When she tells Ren about it, he agrees that they'll never return because the Duke is so creepy. Ten years later, Beth's parents have both died, and she and her younger brother Jamie are left by themselves.

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    The Duke sweeps in and asks Beth to marry him, but he's still creepy and weird and she wants to do anything but that. Ren shows up out of the blue and asks her to marry him. They haven't seen each other since Ren was sent away to school, but he ran into Jamie in London and learned that the Duke was closing in on her, and basically arrives to rescue her, knowing that she doesn't like and more or less fears the Duke.

    Beth can't believe he's proposing, even a convenient marriage, but he eventually convinces her that its for the best, so she agrees. However, he leaves immediately after the ceremony and returns to London to resume his life, leaving Beth incredulous and saddened. The two go on their separate ways for the next 18 months, until Ren's older brother Edmund dies in the war, leaving Ren as the heir presumptive.

    Ren arrives at his estate, but informs Beth that he plans to give it to the Duke, because view spoiler [he is illegitimate, and feels that it would be dishonorable to legally inherit what was never his hide spoiler ]. Beth finally learns why Ren abandoned her after their wedding ceremony, and begs him to see reason.

    Giving his estate to the Duke will mean the tenants will starve just as the Duke's are , and will put the Duke in close proximity to her, whom he sees as easy prey due to her blindness. The two argue and end up sharing their first kiss, which awakens emotions in both of them. Ren returns to London and Beth follows him, determined to persuade him not to do this terrible thing, which will lead to so much suffering.

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    Ren is struggling with his feelings of guilt, disillusionment, and depression, but can't find solace in his usual haunts of drinking, gambling, and women. Ren's legal father, Lord Graham, called him into his study one day and without a word whipped him. Ren learned the truth from taunts by classmates at school. The two charm each other and have a brief honeymoon period, and their relationship grows and deepens.

    She convinces him to give his estate to the tenants who live on it, which is a revolutionary idea that everyone else in his family hates and works to persuade him not to do. Ren is eventually caught between his family and society, and his love for Beth and her love for their village.

    The author describes Beth's world of darkness with sumptuous detail, and how she navigates the world using her other senses. She isn't perfect - she struggles in unfamiliar territory, like Ren's London home - but she doesn't let her blindness hinder her, either. She is fiercely independent and loyal to both her husband and her brother, who is probably on the autism spectrum somewhere.

    She is both strong and vulnerable. Though she cares for him and is grateful to him for saving her from the Duke, she never expected to have a real marriage with Ren, and their first kiss knocks her off guard.

    "Ironside" The Return of Eleanor Rogers (TV Episode ) - IMDb

    She's moving into uncharted territory and is both fearful and excited. As her feelings for Ren deepen, she is caught in her mother's dilemma - not wanting to be a burden on her husband. She also fears passing her blindness on to any children she might have, because blindness runs in her family.

    Yet the more she's around Ren, the more she yearns to have what she shouldn't want. Ren, for his part, is consumed by his guilt and disillusionment over what his life has become. He mourns his older brother, and is loath to take his place as Lord Graham. The Duke is a distant cousin, and giving him the estate seems like the ideal solution, until Beth reminds him of how creepy and horrible the guy is. Ren's mother is a schemer, though, and is very concerned about what society thinks of her and her offspring. She believes that Ren deserves a "whole" woman as a wife and works to drive a wedge between them.

    Full Cast and Crew. Season 8 Episode Collier Young created by , William D. Wait, Is Mary Poppins a Witch? Share this Rating Title: The Return of Eleanor Rogers 02 Jan 7.

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