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The raven haired elf blushed, he scrambled to his feet and then bowed to the prince with great respect before starting to gather his things. Realising that this other elf intended to go now he was here the prince at last found his voice. The other elf pushed the last of his things into a large brown canvas bag before turning back to the blond elf, he kept his eyes respectfully lowered but didn't leave.

Relived by this Seliun dismounted from his horse, he walked over to the other elf and addressed him again. The raven haired elf blushed again but kept his eyes firmly fixed on the ground as he spoke. Even Pixel noticed the change of tone to Robbie's voice when he called himself nothing it rung with a kind of truth which was rarely heard from the villain. The blond took a deep breath and a though occurred to him suddenly. Would you do that for me? The blond elf then turned back to the other elf and said to him gently.

Slowly the common elf looked up, the grey eyes met the blue of the price and just as he had been the first time prince Seliun was struck by how exquisite those eyes were. Seliun had heard of that land more to the point so to had Sportacus. There was something in the way the other elf asked this question which brought the prince up short, the blond shook himself and asked.

And who are you? The answer to this was said in serious tones. As for why I am here I am travelling, you see my people experience something most other kinds of elf don't At some point in our live once we are mature we feel the call of the one who is the other half of our soul. Not to answer that call is painful and has been known to kill as has for that one not to want us, not love us or to be taken from us. It is a serious matter, yet when the one we are meant for calls we go, sometimes not far or sometimes like me a long way.

My people have been known to face many trials and dangers just for this one person and to do so gladly. The call of my other half has brought me this far I will see if I need to follow it further. I pray that I will not need to go further as I have been travelling the lands for over two years now. All for one person. Slowly the raven haired elf smiled and said softly. You see they are our heart, our soul. I thought once long ago I had found that but it was no so, the pain that left in me was deep, it has left me scared and frightened to trust my heart again but the call of the one who is my soul mate is strong.

I tried to deny it at first but in the end I could not Sportacus found himself wondering if somehow Robbie was talking through his character it was certainly a possibility and if he had been hurt before it explained a lot about him.

Nick Jr. LazyTown - Pixel Sleep Troubles Book.jpg

Quickly the prince closed the gap between them and together the two male elves sat on the bank of the river. That seems wrong somehow. My heart break at the one I love not wanting me could call to me one of the priestesses of the mist, she will take me home where I will rest in a form of sleep at the centre of great tasks ones which only one who truly loves me can defeat.

This one will wake me, I will be healed by their love and I will belong to that person, so you see there is always hope. As Robbie spoke so openly about the fact he might die or enter into this sleep made the heart of the hero lurch painfully and a sick feeling of dread swept over him. It was almost as if the villain was telling him exactly what was going to happen to him and Sportacus was unsure if this was part of the story or the truth. He did however know one thing his elven form in this story and the name he had been given where in fact those that belonged to him.

The blond had a funny feeling as he looked at Robbie next to him that this form was also really his, the villain knew far too much of the secretive Mist Island people for him not to be of those people. The prince realised that the day was coming to a close, Seliun knew that he needed to return home before his parents grew worried for him and sent people to look for him. The blond looked up at the other elf standing beside him before saying softly and regretfully to the raven haired elf.

Would you meet me here again at the same time tomorrow? With this agreement from the other elf the prince put his crown back on, he mounted his horse and rode away. He had not gone far when he halted his horse, the prince looked back to find the dark haired elf watching him and for some strange reason Seliun felt happy to know Ralius was watching him.

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For the blond prince the next day went on forever and he was happy when he could finally get away from the castle for his ride. Seliun made his way strait to the clearing by the river and sure enough waiting by its bank was Ralius. When the raven haired elf heard the horse approaching he turned to face the prince and smiled at him in welcome. After making sure to secure his mount the prince walked over to where the other elf stood and then addressed him again. I wanted to invite you to the celebration.

There is no place for one such as me at royal celebration But I shall think of you tomorrow. Quickly the prince Seliun caught the hands of the other elf in his. You make me feel so strongly and I don't understand why. Slowly Ralius smiled at the other elf, he lent down and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. Blinking with surprise from the kiss the blond prince looked up at the grey eyed elf. The darker elf stood quietly for a few moments clearly thinking about this and his answer to the question.

If it is love then it is more wonderful than the first time I experienced it. Slowly the pale skinned elf carried one of the blonds hand to his mouth gently and chivalrously pressing a kiss to the back of the hand. The blond prince mounted up reluctantly and then looked down at the other elf standing beside his horse. The dark haired elf smiled back at the prince, he stood back from the horse and watched as the prince rode away.

As he had done at their last meeting the blue eyed prince drew his mount to a halt and looked back at Ralius for a short moment before riding off for home. The next day the day of his sixteenth elven year making him seventy in human years dawned bright and clear. Seliun jumped out of bed he was full of joy and energy this morning he was looking forward to the celebrations today they not only marked his birthday but that he had reached his eleven maturity.

The prince made his way through the corridors of the castle, when suddenly he felt as though he heard someone calling him, intrigued by this Seliun turned in this direction he noticed a strange golden thread leading away up a nearby set of stairs. Thinking that this was some sort of gift from his parents the blond prince followed the thread with excitement, despite knowing what was happening here Sportacus also knew that due to Pixels new program to keep the story on track he wouldn't be able to avoid the princes fate.

Seliun climbed the tower steps up and up, they seemed to go on forever then at long last they stopped at a wooden tower door. With growing excitement the price opened the door, he found before him a bedroom and in the centre of which stood a seemingly glowing spinning wheel. The blond elf only managed to frown with confusion for a short moment, before the evil fairies spell drew him forward and he put his finger to the spindle. There was a flash of bright white light, a clear audible drip of the one drop blood hitting the ground and then for the hero nothing just darkness for a few moments.

Then the Sportacus was aware of himself floating above his prince form of the story as nothing more than an insubstantial ghost. He watched as the three fairies appeared around him, they used their magic to place him in the bed, Ziggy straiten his clothing, Trixie placed a beautiful golden crown on his golden curls and lastly Stephanie place a purple rose in his hands. The three fairies looked to each other and it was Trixie who found her voice first.

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Away from the castle in the forest Ralius and Robbie both knew at the same time when the magic of the spindle struck they felt it in the air as a cold unpleasant wind. Drawn by this magic he walked to the edge of the forest, he watched as the castle's residents where enchanted to sleep by the good fairies. Then as they left the castle the evil fairy appeared and using his dark magic to cause black thorny rose bushes to grow up all around the castle. Once this was done he knew it was time, Ralius made his way to the rosebush he looked up at it, totally unnoticed by the three fairies until he said.

With startled gasps the three of them turned, they stared at the elf standing before them and Ziggy blurted out.

Pixel - Sleep Trouble by LazyTown

Slowly the dark haired elf turned his mercury eyes onto the blue fairy. The yellow fairy and the pink fairy explained to the dark haired elf the fate of the price of the land who listened intently to all they said and then when they had finished explaining said softly. I love him, may I try to brake this curse? Stephanie spoke to him softly and not without a little compassion. Smiling softly Ralius put down his simple brown bag, he opened it and pulled a sword from within it and then the elf approached the rose bush then sliced it.

As soon as the dark haired elf did this the rose bushes branch he had cut let out a howl and withered away into nothing. Startled the three fairies looked at each other then back to the grey eyed elf before going after him quickly and once they had caught up with him Trixie asked. No common elf could own such a thing. Ralius shrugged before saying.

Everyone just assumes I am. It's much easier and safer to be able to travel that way. Ralius didn't say anything to this he simply waited for her to fly out of the way before he carried on working his way through the rosebush. When he had at last made his way into the courtyard there was a flash of lightning which caused the King to bounce back with agility and then held his blade out at the ready.

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Sure enough it was with another flash of lightning and rumble of thunder that the evil fairy put in his appearance and the two began to fight. Sportacus was able to watch this as a spirit and was quiet amazed at Ralius talent with his blade and had to wonder if it only belonged to the prince. There was something about the moments which struck him as too familiar to that tall lean body to be new to it. When the evil fairy was defeated he disappeared, suddenly as Pixel had promised Stingy found himself once more in the space before the StoryMatic he had been in before and let out a relived sigh.

That is one twisted fairy tale going on in there. With the evil fairy defeated the three good fairies guided the King up to the tower and to the door of the prince's room completely unaware of the blond hero's spirit following them as they went. When they came to the door Ralius turned to them and said softly. Stephanie gave the King a nod of understanding she grabbed the other two fairies and flew with them back down the tower. Satisfied that he was alone the dark haired elf opened the door, he stepped into the room and froze at the sight before him.

The hero was quiet glad he was a spirit at that moment as this meant that he was able to see the face of the one to rescue him from the spell. Robbie's usually hard grey eyes where very soft and he was blushing quiet delicately. The elf king looked down at himself, shook his head and said to himself. Well it should be easy enough to do something about that. Smiling slightly the dark haired elf moved his fingers in a swirling motion, for a few moments he was obscured by a silvery dust come mist which when it fell away reveal an elven King in all his glory.

Sportacus was quiet aware of his mouth hanging open at the sight of the other elf in his new cloths and he quickly closed it. The taller elf was dressed in amazing formal elven robes of deepest black decorated with swirling silver decoration which looked liked stylized swirling mist. His crown was a formal elven circlet again in silver mimicking misty tendrils which lace together at the centre of his head. As the king crossed the room towards the bed the robes flowed out and round him as he walked rendering him both elegant and other worldly all at once.

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The hero was also aware of how with his now long hair the face of the villain was now much softer in appearance that it normally was. Slowly Ralius placed a hand onto the two of the prince that held the rose, before he lent over the prince and said softly. I love you, you daft elf. The eyes of the ghostly hero widened somehow he knew that last part was not for the prince but for him and he'd never heard Robbie sound so gentle or truthful before.

Then Ralius touched his lips to those of the sleeping prince, Sportacus felt it, the warmth and the power of that kiss for a brief moment before he was pulled back into himself of the story. As the blond elf stirred, his bright blue eyes opened slowly, he took in the one above him and said softly in a voice filled with awe.

I'm afraid I hid something from you my love. I'm not common at all, I'm the King of the Mist Island can you forgive me? The prince smiled at the one he loved and said softly. Does this mean I was the one calling to you, that I'm the other half of your soul? With a smile of his own the King gave the prince a single nod before answering the question. King Ralius stood, he held a hand out for the prince, then helped him up onto his feet and as the two made their way back down the castle tower the three fairies found themselves transported out of the book much to their relief back to Lazy Town.

These three joined Stingy and Pixel at the side of the StoryMatic eager to see the ending of the story. They watched as Ralius released the one he loved to his parents so they could embrace him with relief then as the prince turned to go back to the Mist Island King suddenly both Milford and Bessie came back out of the book they were followed a few moments later by Robbie and Sportacus. No one said anything and for a few moments Lazy Town was held in a breathless perfect silence. This was at last broken by the hero looking round at the younger residents of the town and asking.

There was a chorus of yes, the blond turned to Milford and Bessie who both smiled and gave him a nod. Sportacus turned again to look in the direction of where the villain should have been and started to speak. With the help of an above-average superhero named Sportacus, she helps teach the other residents how to partake in more athletic pastimes. Her attempts are often nearly thwarted by Robbie Rotten , who prefers to lead a sluggish life and is agitated by the sudden boom of physical activity. On a regular basis, Robbie devises ill-judged schemes to make LazyTown lazy once again.

However, his plans are never foolproof and always end with him losing. Each of the children that Stephanie befriends embodies negative characteristics. Ziggy, who is kindhearted and wants to be a superhero when he grows up, has an unbalanced diet devoid of fruits and vegetables. Trixie is a troublemaker with little respect for rules and other people. Pixel is an inventor who displays anti-social behaviour and spends too much time on his computer. Stingy has a self-centered attitude and is possessive of nearly everything in town.

As the series progresses, the characters become less lazy in favor of a healthier way of living.

Nick Jr. LazyTown - Jives in Maggi Mjói Borðar Ekki Mat and Pixel in Sleep Troubles.png

The program features a predominantly Europop soundtrack. Many tracks are reworked versions of songs from the Icelandic plays. Fifty-two episodes were produced for the first two seasons of LazyTown between and The final two seasons, consisting of thirteen episodes each, aired from to It featured Stephanie as an out-of-shape dancer and Sportacus as an energetic elf.

The puppet characters seen in the television series also appeared in human form, but Robbie Rotten did not yet exist. Nickelodeon Australia reported that by the time the second play finished touring, LazyTown had become a household name in Iceland. In most episodes, the only characters played by live actors are Stephanie, Sportacus, and Robbie Rotten. The rest of the characters are depicted as puppets , made by the Neal Scanlan Studio and Wit Puppets. The production floor area is 1, square meters.

Its virtual sets were generated with an Unreal Engine 3 -based framework, created by Raymond P. As we move the camera and actors around the physical set, the backdrop scene also moves in real time in complete synchronization with the movements of the real camera. All of this is recorded, and the director can watch the resulting composition in real time. In , the song "You Are a Pirate" from the first season "Rottenbeard" became an internet meme. In , the song would be covered by the pirate metal band Alestorm in their album Back Through Time. The series would continue to air daily on the Nick Jr.

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The series has been broadcast on a variety of networks internationally, many of which belong to Viacom Media Networks. Nickelodeon Southeast Asia has carried the program in eleven territories. UK , Noggin , and CBeebies. CBeebies only aired the first two series, with the channel stopping repeats in early Boomerang , another Turner channel also air seasons three and four and continue to do so as of August Viacom's Channel 5 also aired the newer episodes as part of its Milkshake!

The series has been dubbed into thirty-two languages. The week of LazyTown ' s debut on Nickelodeon in the United States was the channel's highest-rated premiere week in three years. While early reception was mixed, it would receive critical acclaim in later years. The program has been noted for its appeal towards multiple age groups. In , The Boston Globe stated that the program "has sparked a cult of healthy living among a certain preschool set [and] has a grown-up following, too.

Power Play Summer" event, which involved a series of television spots that replaced the channel's standard on-air continuity. Similarly to the live performances and the program itself, this campaign was an experiment designed by the network to increase awareness of exercise and nutrition in its preschool audience. Nickelodeon produced a stage show titled LazyTown Live! It debuted at Nickelodeon Suites Resort on 6 August.

As of [update] it was scheduled to tour the United States in It featured characters and songs from LazyTown , performed by a new cast. A live show LazyTown in Schools premiered in Australia in , touring schools to promote healthy eating and fitness for children. Fisher-Price partnered with Viacom's consumer product division to produce the merchandise, all of which was designed to encourage physical activity.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English-Icelandic children's television program. Children's Musical comedy Educational television. List of LazyTown episodes. The New York Times. The New York Times Company. Archived from the original on 13 January Retrieved 25 November Retrieved 7 September Archived from the original on 14 May Archived from the original on 27 August Archived from the original on 13 November Retrieved 29 August The world of Sportacus".