How to Prosper In a Famine

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Remember, it is not by formula that we prosper, but rather by finding out the plan of God for each generation and flowing with that plan. God wanted Abraham to go to Egypt because He wanted Abraham to see something there. Notice that during all of these famines, Egypt nearly always had excess crops. Egypt is a very arid land and seldom receives sufficient rainfall to produce good harvests. The Egyptians had long since mastered the art of irrigation.

The land of Egypt was blessed with the Nile River, which has it's headwaters deep in the mountains of Africa. Drought in Egypt did not affect the Nile because the source of its flow was in Africa. God wanted Abraham to observe how the Egyptians irrigated their crops. You could put it this way: While Abraham was in Egypt he had the opportunity to observe the "cutting edge" of technology regarding crop irrigation in an arid land.

I am sure, to Abraham, this technology was interesting but he could see no application for it in the land of Canaan. After all, Canaan had no Nile River from which to irrigate, and you certainly cannot use saltwater from the Dead Sea nor the Ocean. Sometime while young Isaac was growing up he surely asked his father, "What was Egypt like"?

In telling the lad about Egypt and their customs which were so different from their own, he certainly must have described how they irrigated their crops from the Nile instead of depending on rainfall. That information was filed in Isaac's mind for future use. Now Isaac was grown and had a family of his own. There was famine in the land, yet the Lord had actually "appeared" to him in the city of Gerar and specifically told him not to go down to the land of Egypt as his father Abraham had done.

The actual promise reads like this:. And Isaac went unto Abimelech king of the Philistines unto Gerar. Sojourn in this land, and I will be with thee, and will bless thee; for unto thee, and unto thy seed, I will give all these countries, and I will perform the oath which I swear unto Abraham thy father; And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these countries; and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws.

This was the mind of God for Isaac, and Isaac chose to flow with it. The Lord said he would bless him in this land, yet there was drought, no rain from above. By now the rivers had run dry or were so low that there was not enough water flow to irrigate as Abraham had told him the Egyptians had done. Isaac had faith like his father Abraham and knew that the Lord would not lie, and that what he had promised, he was well able to perform it. His thinking may have gone something like this, "I know God will bless me here, as He has promised.

I need water to grow my crops. There is no rain, no water from above.

How To Prosper In Famine – Gen. 26 – Calvary Cathedral International

The rivers are dry, no water available from them And right about there, the idea must have hit him, "There must be water available from below. I could irrigate my crops using well water.

Because of this one idea from God, not only did Isaac have plenty of food for his household, but an abundance left over to sell to the Philistines. His prosperity really began to increase rapidly now, as the wealth of the Philistines was transferred from them to him. In fact, he became so rich and powerful that the king said that Isaac's household was more mighty than the entire nation of the Philistines, and they sought a peace treaty with him. You don't have to be a genius to prosper. All it takes is one idea from God, acted upon. Isaac had to find out God's plan.

Isaac had to hear from God. Isaac had to obey God's voice.

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Isaac had to break with the tradition of his father. Isaac adapted the wisdom of previous generations to the circumstances he was living in [Famine in Canaan]. Isaac had to be bold enough to do something that had never been done before [irrigation from well water]. Isaac had to overcome resistance [they contended for his wells]. Isaac had to persevere and not become discouraged by the resistance.

Isaac refused to get in strife with those who were opposing him. Basically, Isaac had to believe what God had said. In this sense, he was following in the steps of the faith of his father Abraham. You could say, "And Isaac believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness. He also had to believe that what God had promised, He was well able to perform it. God had promised Isaac that if he would remain in Canaan, in the midst of famine, that God would bless him there! I am sure that in the natural that seemed impossible, but Isaac believed God.

Notice that in Gen He was telling Isaac to do the same. There is no doubt that Abraham and Sarah had told young Isaac about the miraculous way that he was conceived and born. He knew that he, himself, was a product of his parents believing the Word of God. Once Isaac made the decision to obey the voice of the Lord and remain in Canaan where famine was raging, what was the "nuts and bolts" of his faith to receive the promised blessing from God?

What did he do? His situation seems so precisely the same as mine and Sue's once we hearkened to the voice of the Lord to go full time in the ministry with no visible means of financial support at all. It certainly appeared to be a "land of famine.

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It seems to me that Isaac could not have done much different. Isaac had a family and servants and cattle to support. They were all looking to him as the head of the house. Once he told them that he was going to obey God and stay in the land of famine because God had told him that He intended to bless them there, I am sure there were some who wondered if he had lost his mind. Once the decision was made to stay in Canaan, what could Isaac do at first but worship God and put Him in remembrance of His Word that "I will bless you there.

Isaac had done his part. He obeyed God and stayed in the land of famine. Now he could turn his face toward God in worship and trust that "What God had promised, He was well able to perform it. In this case, God manifested His Word to bless Isaac by giving him an idea that no man had ever had before.

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Isaac knew about irrigation from rivers because Abraham had told him about what he had seen during his sojourn in Egypt. But nobody had ever thought of irrigating crops from well water until God dropped that wisdom into Isaac's heart. This was a "Word of Knowledge " straight from the mind of God to Isaac.

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  8. The key is having a personal relationship with God. Trusting in God, Isaac sowed into the land despite the famine and reaped plentiful harvest. Do not stop sowing or tithing when in difficult times.

    When we continue tithing in faith, God will pour down rain on our land to bring forth supernatural harvest on us. Isaac dug many wells, thereby enhancing his land for greater production. Are you maximizing your assets? Are you setting aside your resources to compete in the market place? Do you need to upgrade your computer system, your operation processes or the skills required to stay competitive? Are there any government grants to enhance your position or competitiveness? Take advantage of tools or grants to help you stay competitive.

    Isaac not only farmed the land but raises cattle, sheep and goats that can feed off his farm produce. Is there possibility of operating an online business from home?

    How To Prosper In Famine - John Koe

    Have you consider renting out a room to generate income? Or put your uncommitted resources to generate more income? Isaac introduced new technology to the land of the Philistines by irrigating crops with the well water on a large scale. Ask the Lord for wisdom.

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    Most of the so-called new businesses are actually devised from old things: We need to ask God to open our eyes and give us the discernment and wisdom to discover new things to help us tide over tough situations or consolidate without being wasteful while things are going smooth. We are the sons and daughters of God the Father and He wants to prosper us and glorify Himself through our lives if we allow Him to. All we need to do is to acknowledge His Lordship over us and allow ourselves to be used by Him. However, we need to consistently walk with Him, look to Him and trust in Him.

    Our faith is a two way relationship. Without faith in our part, it is not possible to please Him. In verse 3, what can we learn about God and spiritual inheritance? According to Malachi 3: Share on one specific area where you can apply one or more of these principles in to tide over difficult times.