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You name it, and it happens to Victor. The story is WAY overblown and overly dramatic and there was very little characterization of Victor, so I didn't really sympathize with his plight. The reason for the two stars, is because there are areas in the plot that are realistic to what actually happens to immigrants coming into the southwestern U.


Nov 30, Eduardo Chavez rated it it was amazing. Crossing the Wire is a book that portrays the very real reality of immigration in the United State. We follow the life of Victor and the conflicts he faces coming to the country. These conflicts are both within Victors family and Victors actual travels to America.

Often times we only hear of these stories but with Crossing the Wire we are able to put a face to this story. The book always had me on the edge of my seat. I was always wondering if things were going to work out for Victor. There were Crossing the Wire is a book that portrays the very real reality of immigration in the United State. There were many times when I thought it would be the end but Victors perseverance and luck helps him along his journey.

In times like today I think is important to read stories like this where it shows the real struggle of someone trying to provide for their family in desperate times of need.

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As a person who comes from a family of immigrants, this book is not just a book, it is a story of something that could have easily happened in my family. View all 4 comments. Mar 30, Layla rated it liked it. This isn't usually the type of book I read but since I had to read this for school it was actually really interesting. I liked being able to learn about both sides of the border situation and all of the crazy stuff that can happen to people trying to cross over to the US.

While this was a really good story it moved super slow for me so I didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Dec 12, Ben Park rated it liked it. One of the similarities is that both protagonists; Salva, and Victor need to travel to survive. Another similarity is that Victor and Salva both look forward to seeing their family again when they travel. The last similarity of the books A Long Walk to Water and Crossing the Wire is that Salva and Victor both imagine what they will do when they get to their destination.

Nov 09, Steph rated it really liked it. This would be an incredible book to discuss in a classroom. So glad I finally read this after it sat on my shelf for years! Jan 24, Heidi rated it really liked it Shelves: Hobbs tackles the controversial issue of illegal immigration, including US involvement in falling corn prices, crime on both sides of the border, and the notion of what it means to be human.

The setting rings true to life, as do his characters, especially year-old Victor Flores. Hobbs creates many multi-dimensional characters crossing the border for a variety of reasons and coming from a multitude of backgrounds, their desperation, hope, and bravery resonating. This story is so intensely vivid that I can see it changing the mind of some of my students, those who follow the ultra-conservative view that people should not even offer water to people trying to "cross the wire.

Oct 04, Dominic Bridda rated it liked it. His friend, Miguel, told him that he is going to America to work in Silao. The smugglers are people who you must pay to go across the fence to Silao. This book is was decent, but I think it could have been better. What stood out was that it was in Mexico, and the boys were trying to get back and forth across the Mexico border to do work for their families. The positive part about this is that it shows how the people get better work for their families.

Some negative things is that it can be deadly to cross the border, and it's not a pleasant thing. I would recommend this book people who like to read fiction books and action adventure books. Aug 31, Nick rated it really liked it. Book Title and Author: Crossing the Wire by Will Hobbs Throughout the book the main character Victor Flores runs into a lot of adventures on his quest to keep his family and himself alive for the sake of money.

In the book Crossing the Wire by Will Hobbs, Victor is a boy that lives in Mexico with his family and has been working by harvesting corn and getting paid which his family lives on, but free trade agents made corn worthless in Mexico. With some advice from his friend Rico who has money to Book Title and Author: With some advice from his friend Rico who has money to cross the border with a coyote, he decides to go by himself.

His only option left was to cross the border and to make money for his family in America. Through Victors adventure he met a inspirational man by the name of Miguel who showed him the way to get into Arizona and he taught Victor life lessons to persevere through hardest times. Victor by himself faces problems running from the police, running away from a smuggler, and even attempting to survive in the most worst conditions mother nature can throw at him. View all 3 comments. Dec 10, Aescobar1 rated it it was amazing Shelves: Crossing The Wire by Will Hobbs is a phenomenal and adventures book.

The book is about a boy named Victor Flores and his friend Rico. They wanted to cross the border into America. On the way he meets some friends and learned lessons along the way. Also the book talks more about how Victor and his family are suffering because the economy is down in Mexico which causes him to go on adventure to go and save his family from losing their home.

Victor goes through many obstacles even when times were t Crossing The Wire by Will Hobbs is a phenomenal and adventures book. Victor goes through many obstacles even when times were tough. This book teaches about bravery and how never to give up. This book was a very interesting book because it's about how he goes through things and knowing that his family will be safe at the end that help him to never give up.

If you enjoy learning about Mexican culture and like adventure,this book is for you. Jun 07, Susan rated it liked it. I picked up this book for a friend's sons at a library book sale, but it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be.

Crossing the Wire

I felt like much of Victor's dialogue was more that of an adult's. I also felt there weren't enough specific details during Victor's crossings; I always found myself wondering about what he ate and what he wore, etc. I feel like this book was still a draft, not a final copy. I'm really interested in stories of people crossing the border, so maybe I should read some memoirs.

I find it s I picked up this book for a friend's sons at a library book sale, but it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. I find it so sad that people would risk death to come to the US because their lives are so hopeless in Mexico and Central and South America. This story did humanize this issue so I appreciate that and I had a newfound compassion for those who come to the US illegally. Feb 14, Christina rated it liked it Shelves: Fifteen year-old Victor must cross the border illegally, i.

A major strength of this book is its realistic depiction of the myriad of dangers faced by illegals who attempt the treacherous border crossing into the U. This harsh, unrelenting view of the experiences of a Mexican immigrant may prompt middle-school readers to a deeper appreciation for how lucky they are to live a l Fifteen year-old Victor must cross the border illegally, i. This harsh, unrelenting view of the experiences of a Mexican immigrant may prompt middle-school readers to a deeper appreciation for how lucky they are to live a life of security and plenty.

Although it's a close call, I prefer this book to Julia Alvarez's Return to Sender, another novel on the same topic. I liked the book. It was interesting and I personally thought that it may have been a bit too advanced for being What I read it for a 5th-6th grade summer read. Not like reading levels to hard or anything like that but just some chapters topics; smuggling drugs across the US-Mexico border, etc. I also felt I needed to know what happens to Victor at the end. There still seemed like a lot more needed to be found out.

It left me majorly hanging. But the book was a good read and I am happy that I I liked the book. But the book was a good read and I am happy that I that I read it to better understand the troubles of trying to "cross the wire" illegally. Jan 27, Breanna G rated it really liked it. When i saw i had to read this book, i wasn't super excited, because i heard it was "a pretty good" book.

I got into it and actually really liked it. It was a great story of a boy and the love he has for his family, enough to put himself into danger almost every day, to help them. It had parts that touched your heart and parts that kept you on the edge of your seat. I thought it was a really good book and recommend it. Nov 11, Kylie D rated it it was amazing Shelves: I gave Crossing the Wire five stars because this book is a exciting yet sad. It was about a boy crossing the border to the United States to earn money for his family. This book was thrilling and also made you think about your friends and what they would do.

Crossing the Wire was very addicting and full of suspense. Sep 13, Dominic Couch rated it really liked it. Crossing the wire is a suspenseful novel about a fifteen year old boy name victor florez. He is from A small town and mexico and struggles to support his family. After the death of his father, his family struggled financially and had to grow corn and sell it for almost nothing. As time passed, victor decided he needed to cross the border to get money for his mother. After multiple tries, Victor battle with heat,cold, sharp rocks, and wilderness, he makes his final attempt to help his family.

Oct 16, Vincent rated it really liked it. I liked this book. When I picked up this book I wasn't sure but my doubt ended right away. From page one I was on the edge of my seat. The values of faith, loyalty, and effort are all exercised in this book. This book put some insight into what life is like on the other side of the border. Crossing the Wire was written very well and I would read it again.

May 09, Kamryn rated it really liked it. Crossing the wire is a very good book! It shows you how hard it was to cross the wire to get to the states. You learn what everyone had to get to so they could support their family. I never got bored when I was reading this book and I am very glad that my teacher encouraged us to read crossing the wire. I encourage if you have a chance to read this book to read it. Apr 03, AnnaBelle W rated it liked it. Against better judgment, Victor decides to follow him. Rico and Victor become mojados wetbacks. The name derives from illegal immigrants who have attempted to swim across Rio Grande river into the U.

He looks to be in his early 30s and is disheveled, tall, and skinny. Victor pegs Miguel as a 'Lone Wolf', an experienced border crosser. On their way to Nogales, the bus stops at a checkpoint. Victor gets spooked and ditches the bus. He hops onto a train instead. The train is headed to Nogales, Mexico. In the car, Victor meets Julio, a boy about his age, who has traveled from Honduras.

Crossing the Wire by Will Hobbs

Victor thinks,'You have to be really crazy, really stupid, or really poor to cross the border without a coyote. The first time, he went to visit his aunt and uncle in Texas. He worked for five months on their farm until he was deported by 'La Migra' immigration police. Julio and Victor spend four days in Nogales looking for work and avoiding the cholos.

The cholos, or gangs, live in and control the tunnels. But then, an opportunity arises. A torrential storm sets down upon Nogales, flooding the tunnels. Julio mounts an inner tube and rides across the US border. If the grate on the other side is locked, they would drown! Back in Nogales, Victor reunites with Miguel. Miguel had crossed the border but was beaten up by pretty badly by American vigilantes. Now, he hobbles through the streets and continues to avoid the cholos. Surreptitiously, Victor follows Miguel to the bus station, boards a bus destined to Agua Prieta, and disembarks at an unscheduled stop somewhere near Douglas, Arizona.

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Miguel isn't happy that he's being followed, but the 'Lone Wolf' shows Victor the way out of pity. Miguel tells Victor about La Perra Flaca, a kind of outpost for illegal immigrants just east of Tuscon. The illegals called it 'The Skinny Dog'. La Perra Flaca was a place where mojados lived ten or fifteen to a trailer and were met every morning by labor contractors who took them to work on farms.

Victor follows Miguel over mountains and across valleys. Along the way, Miguel opens up to Victor. He first came to El Norte eight years ago at the age of 19 and has crossed the border three times since then. As they are crossing the valley near the city of Apache, La Migra catch up with Miguel once more. Victor must continue solo. Victor climbs Chiricahua Peak and descends to a small lake. He stows away in a fisherman's pickup but is soon discovered and taken into the custody of La Migra.

Victor catches a quick glimpse of Tuscon from the patrol car window before being thrown on a bus back to Nogales. It's now April in Nogales. Victor holds up at a parish at the Port of Entry.

To his astonishment -- he spots Rico! Rico had hired a famous coyote named Fortino. Rico describes how the coyotes treated their passengers like 'pollos' cooked chickens. That's why the mojados called their guides 'polleros' chicken wranglers. To their surprise, the Judiciales Mexican police followed the coyotes into the park because they weren't paid their full bribe. In the confusion, Rico got separated from the group and continued north on foot. Shortly after his arrival in Phoenix, La Migra raided the safe house.

Rico was sent back to Port of Entry. Victor and Rico are still compelled to make it to La Perra Flaca. This time, they choose the border town of Sasabe as their crossing. Here, they meet Jarra, AKA 'the mosquito,' a self-identified 'gangster. It doesn't take long for them to realize that Jarra is a mota marijuana drug runner. They walk across the desert into Arizona. Though overburdened by heavy packs, they don't have enough food and water to make it all the way to Tuscon. All the while, Victor and Rico are afraid that Jarra will turn on them. One night, Victor and Rico, exhausted and dehydrated, decide to run.

They cross Baboquivari Peak.

On the other side of the mountain, they run into a friendly zoologist named Dave Hansen, or 'jaguar man. A better life for the Flores and Rivera families is in sight. Rico hires a coyote , AKA a pollero. Victor decides to wing it. We focus on Victor and his journey from one bus station to another. Along the way, Victor is accosted by cholos and aided by fellow mujados , Julio and Miguel. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.

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