Angels and Demons: Have Wings - Will Travel (Peoples Bible Teachings)

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  1. Angels & Demons: 15 Powerful Bible Verses
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  3. Angels & Demons: 15 Powerful Bible Verses

Either bring more information to the table, or clearly state that this is just your opinion. It may depend on whose heart. If we accept and believe Christ lives in our heart perhaps we will be saved in the end no matter. Sorry you have such a reality in this life. Cross yourself and say a prayer for discernment if you are Orthodox or Catholic our authority is from God, pray he will protect you demon or enlighten you angle and praise him for such an encounter. But do not assume any being of light is angelic, always assume the worse and unless the being testifies to the truth of Our Lord and his Holy Church, do not take its advise.

Can an angel help you turn over at night when you are in alot of pain due to cancer. Turning over helped me sleep better. The power of the angelic is incredible and even more so as they act solely on the will of Our Lord. Demons love to take advantage of the sick and discourage them. We have the power through Christ to fight these demons. Pray constantly for healing from the cancer and fight the unseen war within yourself! Hi I loved your information and had a question, I know God gives us the power to run out demons but do we have the power to destroy them?

If so can u point me in the way of some biblical backing? Thank u for your time. Hello Danny, We do not have the power to destroy any angel, whether he be good or bad. Engaging any angelic being is a very dangerous thing to do. Pray in the name of Jesus that He will protect you from these things and be careful stay away.

I just love angel and thank God for them because I feel them wherever I am and it gives me a sense of security! No demon can touch me or my loved ones because they would have to passby them! Praise the Lord for angels! They sorround the heirs of the kingdom of God …..

Angels & Demons: 15 Powerful Bible Verses

I believe in god and how holy he is but why should he sound so perfect and the devil sound so evil why cant they just be one person? God does test on people but what if it turns out to be it was just science would we just be waisting our time by following the 10 commandments? I know it comforts me to see that i am not the only one that is confused and asking for clarity. I wish you the best, and answers to all you have asked. I will pray for you. If you want to know the truth, God know that you are serious about it, and when you ask He will let you know it.

If you seek the truth you shall find it. The devil is trying to stop you seeing the truth however, but if you genuinely want to know the truth, God will reveal it. May God bless you with a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and a relationship with Himself. God bless, Love, Donna xxx. When your in doubt of what to believe. Turn to yourself and believe in yourself instead. God gave you a tool to use in your darkest hours. One time ago when you decided to walk with GOD he showed you a path of heaven.

He said, take this path it will lead you back to me. He also showed you the demons who will try to derail you from this path. Demons will try to guide you with truth and lies but no matter what they say do not give into temptation. They will keep you guessing from what the right and wrong is. So GOD gave you a heart. He said, if your not able to give GOD your faith listen to your heart and it will guide you back to me. But there will be tests along the way. So stayed Prayed up and continue to ask for guidence. If you think logically. Nothing or no-one can be completely pure and completely evil at the same time.

God is pure and holy and everything He is and says is truth. The devil is evil and described as the father of lies. He certainly do not speak the truth. God wants us to know the truth; however, it is only when we turn to Him and genuinely want to know the truth that He can share that with us. I hope hat this helps you in some way. Hi, my name is Wouter. I live in South Africa. I read the artical above.

I do believe that there is angels and demons. That is why I write you. I want to know how I can get rid of the most popular demons of all time. The demons of lies and pornography.

See a Problem?

I have given my life too Jesus and I know that His laws are to be held. It is though my flesh still desires the cravings of these sins even though I do not whant to do them in my spirit. I have had this demon with me for over 25 years and I need to get rid of him as soon as possible. Do you have any advise on what I can do? These demons exist in nature like you. Your desires are the same as this demon.

Like many things such as pornography the sin lies in the type of pornography itself. If your watching pornography that is immoral then the demon is in control of your lust. To rid lust and bore the demon to move on you must entice it to enjoy a more loving nature porn. This will bore the demon and it will try to entice you to go back to immoral porn.

Do not rid sexual desire cause these are important to maintain a healthy frame of mind. Soon as you have learned how to full fill your sexual desires in a loving nature and accept it, the demon will move on. Sometimes it helps to initiate this with a demonstration of your personal strength to make change. What ever your religion is go to your church and repent or get baptized. Remember demons are only as powerful as much as you allow them to be, without you they have no power. Make the change and drain the power from the demon and empower yourself. Every time you do this you will be rewarded with the power of happiness and nothing is like the happiness GOD provides, it is a gift not a privilege.

How you live your life will determine your fate. The best way to fight off any unwanted sins in your life is to not feed it. Just imagine 2 dogs fighting of equal size the one you would want win feed it more and starve the one you would want to lose. Instead of looking up porn look up bible Scripture.

I was told by some fellow believers that I trust that some Angels fell for women. Has there even been a case in the bible where an Angel or Demon falls for the beauty of a woman? I would like to if there is a bible verses that talks about angles having wings. So the answer, some do have wings, some may not have wings. There is one mediator between God and man— Jesus Christ. See 1 Timothy 2: Cupid is not an angel.

They shine with the glory of God. Angels are never afraid. Your Aunt Tess is not an angel. Neither is your husband. Jesus dispatches them in His name to do His bidding, which may include healing, but they cannot heal in and of themselves. They are charged by God in all their actions. Angels are not subject to the limitations of humans. Angels are not naive and are incredibly wiser than humans. Angels are not as smart, wise, or powerful as God is. Angels are servant-beings created by God. Only God is omnipotent. Is any- thing too hard for me?

They can only be one place at a time. Only God is omnipresent.

John Paul Discusses Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Beings on Joni Table Talk

They do not know everything. Only God knows everything. See 1 John 3: They are created beings. All things were created through Him and for Him. Angels are not to be worshiped. They are mighty spiritual warriors. Jesus is the embodiment of their victory and ours as well. They possess superhuman physical strength. I am a Christian woman. For the last two years I have been hearing voices. At least at first I thought they were voices. I then went to a Christian counselor and she told me they were demon voices.

I proceeded to continue with counseling for some time. Also, I was finally able to share my problem with one of my friends. We then got together with two other friends and we fasted and prayed together. I have opened up my whole story also to my local pastor and his wife.

They have anointed me with oil, prayed and fasted for me also. My friends and my pastor and his wife have all came to my residence and anointed my house with oil and prayed. I have attended several nights of meetings with an anointed minister who has prayed for many people to be set free from demonic oppression. I feel blessed to have so many fine Christians praying for me.

However, I am still being oppressed by these demonic voices. Does anyone know of a minister that specializes in this kind of deliverance? Any advice or website or other help would be appreciated. I am married to the wonderful man who was previous Married before me. My question is could this be considered a demon. What should we do to continue to fight this demon.

Should I confront her with it. Pray is the only key. The Holy Spirit will always be stronger and more powerful than the devil; so lean on God, His promises, His truth, and focus on Him. Everything that He gives us, is all we need. Prayer is very important yes, it is in itself a spiritual weapon. People often do not realise what they are doing and the harm it can have. Demons do have an effect on how we think and potentially therefore also act too.

So yes, she is likely to be under the influence of satan and his army of demons, to desire to do what she is doing in the first place. I had a dream that God usually gives me when He prompts me to write or begin a Christian novel and the main thing was about aliens being fallen angels. I have yet to see an article about aliens on your website and i would be excited to read it to cross reference with what information I do have. Please reply as soon as possible. I have some questions I am in search for some answers of… Do Angels have tails?

I know this may be a funny question but the reason being is that if you believe that someone you know is either an Angel or a Demon and you believe you have seen a tail behind them in a picture. How would you be able to tell the difference? This is very real for me right now and am looking for serious guidance if any one could please help, Thank you for your time God Bless. Thank you Jase for your questions. I have never heard of any description of angels and what they look like exactly except for a few verses in Ezekiel. I wished I could have been more help sir. Is it possible for there to be an angel half demon an if so what type of child would he have if he impregnated a women?

An what will happen to the world if this happens? Angels cannot bear children for they have no sex organs…and a demon is a fallen angel, therefore an angel cannot impregnate women because as Jesus said, angels are neither male nor female as you can read in Matthew Please can you help. My boyfriend says that he has demons in him and that they have been with him for centuries. His psychiatrist said that it is a mental condition and that it is just voices.

All I know is the one voice spoke to me via sms and admitted to being a demon and that I wont ever be able to sage my boyfriend. He has also admitted to hating me and wanting me gone. My boyfriend has also told me that he has send one of his demons to protect me. I do not know whether this is demons or what. Please help with some advise or guidance on what I need to do.

Hello Tanya, I am sorry to hear about how troubled your boyfriend is. From what you are saying it seems that he is a very troubled man. Being bothered by demons is NOT a mental condition according to the Bible. It is a matter of the heart. When someone is bothered by demons it is because they are not relying upon the Holy Spirit to influence their life choices.

It is true you cannot save your boyfriend, the only One who can save him is Jesus and when he believes in what Jesus did for him on the cross the Holy Spirit will take up residence in his heart.

Angels & Demons: 15 Powerful Bible Verses

When the Holy Spirit is there and he allows Him to influence his choices he will not be bothered by demons. Also read Ephesians 1: Tanya, I am concerned for your safety. Also, if you are a believer and he is not, I am concerned that you are not with the right man. The Bible is very clear about whom we should seek to spend most of our time with. My friend Jack wrote a great article about this here: You might want to consider whether or not your relationship with this young man is something that is pleasing to God and healthy for your walk God.

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That is a very good question and also one that many Christians ask. In fact, many believe that we, as humans, have the authority to command angels. However, I cannot find any Scriptural evidence that we command angels. Here are some Bible examples that I thought you would like to study:. He did not call out for an angel Numbers They called upon God and God sent an angel to rescue them Daniel 3: When Peter showed up at their door they were so surprised it is clear that they did not command an angel.

Angels are real and God sends them to bring messages and protection. We should not try to call angels nor pray to them. We call out to God and He will send angels when He deems necessary. Also, there are other verses that show that sometimes angels take on human form. Si now im asking for all of y 2 pray for his swift trip home!! If any1 whod like to write. Are all Christians each assigned a demon? Can u answer me from KJV p! There are no biblical Scriptures that prove each of us has a demon assigned to them.

Did you hear this somewhere? I cannot find that in scripture except for in the OT where they anointed the tabernacle to make it a holy place for the Lord to inhabit. It is not biblical. Buildings are non-beings and demons only inhabit people possession or influence people but never a structure or thing. Jesus, as you rightly said, has defeated the Devil at the cross. He has finally crushed the head of the serpent Gen 3: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Angels and Demons by John D. Paperback , pages. Published January 1st by Northwestern Publishing House. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Angels and Demons , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Aug 30, K. Montemayor rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is well-written, easily relatable, and full of interesting information. While a lot of it I had read before, I was pleasantly surprised to learn a few things. The author uses the analogy of the Wild West to symbolize the fight between good and evil.

Each chapter begins with a story to illustrate the point. Some of my favorites--comparing the angels to the Texas Rangers, portraying the allure of witchcraft to "Women of the Evening", playing with the occult as gambling with the devil, and defeating Satan as "How Our Rest was Won". The first three chapters were about the good angels, while the rest of the book focused on demons.

I thought that was fitting as most people are more familiar with angels than demons. Anton LaVey, one of the leaders of the Satanic movement, does not believe Satan exists. The devil has even fooled him. I had never heard of or read the nine commandments of the Church of Satan. They are all parodies of the ten commandments and meant to mock Christianity.

The author illustrates just how sneaky Satan is and how the demonic has crept into our lives. The popularity of these "Angel Readings" which are nothing more than divination, spring to mind. One thing I took away from this book was that we are so blessed to be born in and live in a country where we have the freedom to worship the Lord.

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In many other countries the superstition and witchcraft has infected the culture.