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Comments about Transgender by Valsa George.

Chris Towndrow

Transgender , Valsa George 2. Clueless Is The Transgender. Transgender Soldiers , Randy McClave 4. To Address The Transgender , Rm. Ravi , poet r. Transgender , Madrason writer 8. Transbrain , Adeyemi Joshua. Delivering Poems Around The World. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge It sounds like that person is about to lecture me on what pansexual means rather than them just talking about what they are like the others. It was totally about the gears you racist.

The president of the Gear Confederacy said it directly in the declaration of gears. I'm a bot, bleep , bloop.


Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. But isn't that just a preference and not a sexual orientation? If I like women with blonde hair it doesn't mean i'm blondesexual. I thought pansexual meant you need to have a "romantic connection" to be attracted to someone.

According to your definition, pansexual means bisexuals who are attract to trans individuals as well. I thought this is redundant, because don't you guys say it's transphobic not to be attracted to trans people? I think what you are referencing is demisexual, people that are only sexually attracted to someone after a close romantic relationship is formed.

I'm not sure about demisexual. It does sound like a preference. I don't think I put out a clear enough statement to reach your conclusion on the definition. Pansexual people like people without focus on their gender. I see how it could sound like a redundancy for bisexuality, but bisexual has bi, or two.

Bisexual people are only attracted to people the fall into the binary which includes people who transition, because they fit within the binary. But Pansexual people don't care if some one is binary or not. In regards to the last bit about "you folk", I don't think it's transphobic to not be attracted to trans people. People have preferences, and how silly would it be for me to police who they like. Sometimes I like skipping the lengthy comments of people trying to impress or argue with one another, to go straight to these jewels.

I think part of it is the vocal fry mixed with the "actually" and the way his tone goes downward that makes it sound almost condescending. I thought pansexual meant you'd be open to dating trans people as well as the "traditional two genders", whereas bi means you're only into males and females? Seems like a fair enough distinction to warrant the use of a new "pan" prefix.

Trans folk can still be men or women, you're conflating it with being non-binary, which is what being neither man nor woman is usually called. I can't really blame you, it's a bit complicated, especially because these are all still rather new ideas and there's a lot of overlapping terminology, but just thought I'd clear this up. So it could include people who don't specifically call themselves men or women. Just putting it out there! Yes that's true, being bisexual doesn't necessarily mean you are only into men and women, when you get into that the difference between the terms is essentially semantics and difference of opinion on what the terms should mean and it doesn't really matter.

Which is curious to me because at least in my really liberal Facebook groups people call it transphobic to not want to date a transgender person based on their transsexualism alone. So by that logic, if you happen to be bisexual, then you can either be pansexual or a fucking bigot. I think that's terrible. The sexual consent of bi people is as important as the sexual consent of pan people, trans people or anyone else, and consent involves full disclosure of what you're getting yourself into if you're involving yourself romantically with them.

Your sexual identity isn't open to the public to criticise. If a trans person just doesn't do it for you, you don't have to explain that, just like gay people don't have to explain why they don't find women attractive. Is it misogyny for a gay man to not date a woman? Is it transphobic for a straight person to not date a trans person? Whatever you think, the answer to these two questions must be the same. However, I think most people recognise this is true. If anyone's reading this and you disagree though I'm interested in what you have to say.

I don't give a fuck what my reason for not wanting to bang someone. I don't care if it's because of skin color, gender, genitals or anything really. Telling others they have to want to bang you is not too many steps away from rape. I know what you're trying to say, but I think the correct response is to educate on accepted vocabulary, rather than be snarky. I think the romance thing is demisexual. Pansexual means you are into frying pans.

Pan- is simply a prefix that means "all. Bisexual doesn't really mean you can be attracted to a trans man or woman but a pansexual might be. Pansexuality is being attracted to all genders, whereas bisexuality is just being attracted to men and women. Pansexuality is more inclusive of people outside the gender binary. I don't think that's that, I have an even lower voice when I'm relaxed or drunk or high.

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It's not unnaturally low at all. My normal speaking voice is that low, or lower when it's relaxed.

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I don't know the source of that clip but i wouldn't assume they are a guy just because they haven't trained a more feminine voice. Gender neutral pronouns are never wrong. Using those pronouns for me would be wrong for me and against my preferences. If its against your preferences people shouldn't do it, but they aren't factual incorrect. If you ask people not to they should respect that, but someones gender identity is ambiguous, you should also respect that and us neutral pronouns until they tell you otherwise. Language changes over time, even the dictionary now says that it can be singular.

Even before trans and non-binary people where a subject of discourse there where situations where they could be used as a singular pronoun. That's what he says? I heard "I am agripansexual" every time. Which might be someone who's into farming equipment and doesn't discriminate between the different kinds of equipment, which wouldn't surprise me in this point because there's like a million different terms. Straight men love penis.

It is the straightest thing a man can do, playing with a woman's penis. She's cute, but personally, I fancy the lesbian more. I suppose she's off limits, though It's more that Hillary being a "warmonger" was used as an attack on her and a justification for voting for Trump; it's calling out the hypocrisy. You know, seeing this, I kinda get why people like him. No dressing up bullshit in language.

Just say whatever the fuck you want. Not a good trait for a president, but I can see why people like it. Obama can dress it up however he wants, he spent eight years doing just that. Bombing the everloving shit out of anyone tangentially related to ISIS. But he'd never say it like that. He'd dress it up, say things like "Military operations" "Drone warfare" "counter-insurgency tactics" and all that bullshit. Side not, what's with the guy saying "I am actually pansexual".

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  7. Like, what the fuck does that even mean? I thought that was just bisexual? Some people prefer the term 'pansexual' as it doesn't have the connotations of a gender binary the way 'bisexual' does.

    Young Trans & Looking For Love: Transgender Dating - Trans Relationship Documentary - Documental

    I generally use 'bisexual' to describe myself with the vast majority of people and 'pansexual' when I'm with people that I'm sure will know what I mean. I am such a hater and I don't want to be, but hearing most of this stuff just pisses me off. I have to lead a LGBT seminar for a medical school and I have to define the difference between transgender, transsexual and transvestite for the group.

    I seriously don't care how someone defines themselves. They can use whatever word they want, but when they start expecting me to look up the definitions of 3 similar, definitionally-mercurial words to make sure I don't offend them, it makes me even more bigoted. And I don't want to be bigoted in the first place. How do I chill out? Honestly most trans folk don't get offended if you use a word wrong or even use wrong pronouns. They might correct you and that's it.

    Using the right words afterwards is mostly just a matter of politeness like remembering someone's name is. The fact that you have to look up those words for medical school is just because it's relevant to that field. You have to understand what people mean when they talk about themselves to give appropriate medical care, I'd say. Why does it make you angry?

    Want to add to the discussion?

    Is it the definitions themselves or people expecting you to know what they mean? In my experience most people are pretty understanding if you misuse labels out of unfamiliarity so long as you make an genuine effort to understand them which, let's be real, is probably a good rule for treating people of any group. I've met a few people that fit the whole easily offended stereotype and I'm definitely not defending them because I agree that it's really unreasonable to expect everyone to be familiar with uncommon labels, but there are bad apples in every group.

    Someone who identifies with a different gender identity than they were assigned at birth — Always default to this if you aren't sure. Almost entirely synonymous with transgender, but used uncommonly due to associations with outdated medical literature — Should only be used if someone asks you to. A cisgender non-transgender person that wears clothing associated with the opposite sex — Should only be used for this purpose.

    We don't get offended by somebody using the wrong terminology as long as they are willing to learn and correct it. Education is the key.

    [Haiku] I'm : youtubehaiku

    Concepts in gender and sexuality can get extremely complicated but they fascinate me. Transgender has to do with identifying as the opposite gender and transvestite is merely dressing as that gender for fun or sexual reasons while still identifying as the birth gender. I'm a pansexual trans girl so I tend to get a lot of questions and none of them really bother me.