When You Are A Soldier

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I got no sense that she was using these stories to make herself a really interesting person to me so I'd really want to work with her, or something. Or that she was just living in this stuff like it was her life.

When You Are a Soldier

Once she dealt with it and processed it, it was gone. We just went on to other things. Parts of her were integrating where she could say,"I have a sense that some particular alter has folded in with some basic alter", and she didn't bring it up again. She didn't say that this alter has reappeared to cause more problems. That just didn't happen. The therapist had learned from training and experience that when real integration occurs, it is permanent and the patient moves on.

It may be nothing more than a placebo, a fairy tale that gives the hopeless hope, but sometimes a little hope is all people need to get through the day. Imagine a unit of soldiers under heavy enemy fire. They are told by their superiors to hold their position, even in the face of overwhelming fire power. The soldiers are being told that reinforcements are on the way, and that thought alone gives them the hope and courage to continue fighting, even if ultimately the reinforcements never arrive.

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I think some people simply need to believe that God is sending them reinforcements, to get through another day. They live through hell and often the most wounded, they live with the guilt, despair, of being in the war, they may be happy but deep down they are a different person. Not everyone is a hero.

When You Are a Soldier Lyrics

You live with the moments, time when you were unsuccessful, when your actions would have helped your comrades, when your actions get your comrades killed, you live with regret, joyous in the victory can never help you forget the time you have spent. You are victorious for the people you have lost, the decisions you have made, the courage you have shown but being victorious in the war has a price to pay, irrevocable. You can't take a memory back from a person, even if you lose your memory your imagination haunts you as deep down your sub conscious mind you know who you are, who you were.

Close you eyes and you can very well see your past, you cant change your past, time you have spent, you live through all and hence you are a hero not for the glorious war for the times you have faced.

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Decoration with medals is not going to give your life back. Arms and ammunition kills you once and free you from the misery but the experiences of war kills you everyday, makes you cherish the times everyday through the life. You may forgot that you cant walk anymore, you may forget you cant use your right hand, you may forgot the scars on your face but you can never forgot war. Life without war is never easy and only the ones how survived through it can understand.

Soldiers are taught to fight but the actual combat starts after war which you are not even trained for.

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You rely on your weapon, leaders, comrades, god, luck in the war but here you rely on your self to beat the horrors,they have seen hell, heaven, they have felt the mixed emotions of hope, despair, courage, victory, defeat, scared. I was beloved by the soldiery, who generally care very little what god they serve so long as they are caressed by their king. He had probably seen the man a dozen times before yet did not know anything about him. King Davit would have no doubt have known half the man's history already.

This had to be done delicately, to make sure this Henry did not think him a fool. He tried to think of how his father would do it. It is a comfort to know I am so well guarded. I will make sure to praise you when next I speak to the lord general. But for now I think there is no need to worry. Paid by the government so what can you expect?!

Soldier Quotes

Though the annual tax free bounty is always a welcome sight! The money that you save on things that you would have to pay a fortune for in 'civvy street' is brilliant, the adventure training in particular is a real money saver Took some spending money, but since I was there on army time I was paid to be there!!

All money spent was made back! And that's only one of many travel opportunities It's not only war that means we go traveling. Job security is pretty much garanteed as they're always recruiting. Advancement opportunities are always there for people who want to progress Management is completely dependent on your unit and who's in charge, military management is unique to say the least, but as long as you keep on the good side of your NCO's and Officers, you're more likely to see progress It's not hard to keep on their good side, work hard, don't be an idiot towards others and you'll be fine!

British Army Employee Reviews for Soldier

You're also part of the wider forces community, and we always look after our own, regardless of whether you're a regular, or reserve, and irrespective of which service. You're unlikely to find the same type of culture in many other jobs. It's got me looking to go full time, and it's helped me in so many ways that I didn't imagine it would including getting other jobs as the skills obtained from the forces are highly desirable for employers , truly an amazing job!

Travel, bounty, culture, qualifications available, sporting opportunities, academic opportunities Being a soldier is an excellent job career, it offers a great salary, team bonding, great opportunity to travel and excellent career progression. The opposite to this is being away from family a lot. Chances to see the world. The job was very productive and salary was good and had opportunities to learn no skills or trade and enjoyed new challenges and seeing new country's and culture's and equipment was always supplied for the jobs ahead a got various driving skills and licenses and always keep my mind clear and healthy.

In Army you do not stuck at one place.

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The army was full of great people and great experiences. Although it was long hours and often tiring, i enjoyed every minute of it and would highly recommend the experience to others. Amazing career choice and amazing people. Everyone in the British Army is like a big family. Everyone helps eachother and no one is left behind to struggle, everything was done as a team and everything relied on teamwork. This made me realise I have to work hard to get what I want in life.

Excellent opportunities for travel and sport. I was in the military for over twenty three years. I was given the opportunity to travel all over the world, given life skills which have remained with me throughout subsequent careers. There is a good wage structure and plenty of opportunity for personal development.

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Good place to work. I was only ever in training, so I can't say that much. Yes, it can be hard sometimes, but it's a good career for people who want to do something a bit different with their lives. The Army as a whole. In the Army you will gain so many skill sets including: