No Children, No Guilt

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  2. No Children, No Guilt by Sylvia D. Lucas
  3. Author Kristen Tsetsi: Living Guiltfree & Childfree
  4. In Japan, life without children is savored with guilt

They may act out or they may cry, which is just going to make it harder on them and whoever is watching them! You are leaving your children with the best possible caretakers you could, but if it helps you and it WILL help them , give as many detailed notes and tips as you want. If it makes you feel better, then do it. Those people are amazing and loving people.

Living Guilt Free - Joel Osteen

They know a thing or two about raising children themselves. You are leaving your children with this person for a reason…now trust them. This is your vacation! Instead, if and when you do talk to your family, focus on the bonding that is happening. Seeing your baby playing in the bath happy as can be, or your kids exploring at the zoo will help show that while you are an amazing parent when you are with them, that other adults can provide happiness and care as well, allowing you the freedom to confidently step away from time to time.

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Instead, my heart burst with love as I looked down on this beautiful baby. I needed to be happy, healthy and emotionally ready to tackle what tomorrow had to bring. No, a vacation is not a MUST for a parent to feel like they can survive. It makes you human. Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: My sister must read this because couple time is important but so is sister time!

Love my niece and nephew but miss my sister time. The most I have been able to get her to do is a day trip to Catalina Island, which was great but not enough.

No Children, No Guilt by Sylvia D. Lucas

As you say, the best version of yourself you can be. If it makes you a better parent to those children you brought into this world and are responsible for then you should have your own time and your couple time. Good for you for saying it out loud. This is such a great post. I think this topic need to be discussed more! Everyone needs a holiday, including mothers! Society expects so many things for us. I really loved to read this.

Author Kristen Tsetsi: Living Guiltfree & Childfree

Having time for yourself will definitely only make them better parents and slowly teach their children how to become independent. Like you said, your kids need to see you in a good and healthy relationship. So these kinds of guilt free trips are important. You need to have time to yourself, too.

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I just keep reading certain lines from your post over and over. They are becoming a mantra to help me deal with guilt and anxiety. My brain knows it is okay, but my emtions are struggling. We are going on our first baby-free vacation AND. Which then THAT makes me feel horribly, horribly guilty.

And then, what they said next floored me. When you go to bed at 8: Lazy quiet afternoons with a good book and a hot chai tea latte?

In Japan, life without children is savored with guilt

I had nothing for ME. Valuable Bonding Time For Your Kids Whether you are going on a girls trip, a guys getaway or a couples only retreat, chances are, you are going to be leaving your precious cargo with a close family or extremely trusted friend. I work 40 hours a week at a large weather company and I love it.

When I had my first child — my daughter Violet is now six — I was a busy executive producer of a local news station. My husband worked in construction part-time and cared for her the rest of the time. I nabbed a gig writing for Babble shortly thereafter and after a year of writing furiously during every spare moment I had, my writing income surpassed my income from working in local news. At first I felt like I was living the dream. I was a work-from-home mom who never had to be away from my children.

Ever tried writing an article with a baby screaming? I was so stressed I eventually started taking my kids to daycare a couple days a week — only to have the guilt of dropping them off become equally overwhelming. Try telling your kid no, 20 times a day. You end up feeling worse for having to ignore them than you would if you were gone at a job all day.