Meta-Analysis for Public Management and Policy

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  1. Meta-Analysis for Public Management and Policy
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Meta-Analysis for Public Management and Policy

The New Public Management is not that bad after all: Evidence from Estonia, Hungary and Romania. Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences. The effects of agency reform in Europe: A review of the evidence. Public Policy and Administration, 29 3: An optimistic review of the impact of New Public Management reforms in central and eastern Europe.

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Public Management Review , Online first. Searching for impacts in performance-oriented management reform: A review of the European literature. Policy and Politics, 19 4: Between continuity and change: The Baltic States and the Crisis of A Study of the Estonian Central Government.

Public Management Review , 14 7: Further academic publications can be accessed here. The impacts of the new public management in Europe: Psychology, a social science because it involves interactions between and among people, is usually classified as a soft science because it gathers subjective data, even though that data may be analyzed objectively.

Book Review: Meta-Analysis for Public Management and Policy

So psychology may be part hard science and part soft science, sort of like a zebra. Research studies in the social sciences seeking clear answers to specific questions often end up with different and conflicting conclusions, because there is no single method for researchers to use in collecting data and analyzing it to come up with reliable results.

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In the hard sciences on the other hand, the scientific method is used in experiments, gathering data, analyzing it, and writing the conclusions and summary report. The author of this book points out that oftentimes, there are mountains of sometimes inconsistent conclusions from original research studies in the social sciences, and trying to make sense of them can be frustrating.

This book is principally about meta-analysis. That set of tools called meta-analysis consists of a six-stage process, namely:. This book provides statistical approaches to meta-analysis that researchers have found to be useful in the area of public management and policy.

WP1: NPM meta-analysis | COCOPS

Besides that, the author and his team provide four original research studies in this area that he and his team conducted. The studies pertain to:. A detailed discussion of the step-by-step process on how to conduct a meta-analysis is offered to students in this book. The author first encountered meta-analysis in at the University of Michigan when it was not yet developed and he found it not very useful for social scientists.

But by the year , advances had come rapidly in econometrics, and the quality of social science research had improved greatly. In other words, in my opinion, let us have people in government make informed decisions based on gathered data and analysis, instead of guessing or shooting from the hip, or out of political motives.