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Lola Bensky

Lola Bensky is a nineteen-year-old rock journalist who irons her hair straight and asks a lot of questions. Lola spends her days planning diets and interviewing rock stars. In London, Mick Jagger makes her a cup of tea, Jimi Hendrix possibly propositions her and Cher borrows her false eyelashes. In Los Angeles, she discusses being overweight with Mama Cass and tries to pluck up the courage to ask Cher to return those false eyelashes.

Cats and Girls-Paintings and Provocations , a new retrospective containing over 35 paintings — mostly of girls just past puberty in suggestive poses — certainly lives up to its title.


His work is littered with images of cats, a longtime obsession , with particular focus on his childhood kitty that ran away, Muitsou. The artist completed 40 ink drawings depicting his feline friend at age eleven, and they're quite something.

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