Her Dark Dragon (Siren Publishing Classic)

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Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA] Torrey Neadson wants more than physical intimacy-she wants love, connection, and the white picket fence.


Deceptions Revealed (Siren Publishing)

Torrey blew the chance at having it all with Holt Addison, once. Until he can connect with her on an emotional level, she'll make do taking care of herself. Holt doesn't want any more one-night stands. Being friends with benefits with Torrey became more and introduced him to a deeper relationship. The problem is Torrey moved on before he could tell her.

Passar bra ihop

Holt thought he could move on, too. Can they overcome their unsettled past to become the real thing? Their respective friends want them back together, but Torr.. When two dates dressed as pirates show up claiming to be her date for the evening, Tina begins wondering what buried treasures she may uncover before the night's over. Jon Smithson and Drake Cranston are ready to act on their shared attraction.

Jon and Drake have failed at a shared relationship before.

They're ready to try again, this time with Tina. Tina's had her share of failed affairs too. Is she ready to put her bad relationships behind her and give love another.. Dark Knights, Volume 2 [taming His Wolf: Colleen Duncan is certain someone at the Lyon's Den knows where her sister is. Doms willing to trade lessons in submission for their efforts to find her sister.

Daniel Welsh and Rob Conrad know a sub when they meet one, and that look is all over Colleen. A gifted trauma surgeon, the woman is clearly frightened out of her wits at the disappearance of her younger sister, Mercy. As the men help Colleen reveal her inner submissive, they also bring more than their own expertise to the c.. Brac Village, Volume 4 [escaping Christmas: Escaping Christmas Siren Publishing: Not according to Robbie. After suffering a devastating loss a few years ago, he wants nothing to do with the holiday. Too bad he can't simply escape Christmas, but fate has other plans.

Abner loves everything about Christmas, but his excitement is hampered by Robbie's sour mood.

Dragon S Mate Cairngorm Dragons 1 Siren Publishing Classic

He's at his wits' end on how to cheer Robbie up--until they're splashed by freezing water while trying to cross the street. Abner is livid, ready to tell the driver off. Beasts in Winter Siren Menage Everlasting: Angel Hunter challenges them at every turn, determined to return to her home because she misses her friends and what little family she has left.

Though she can't deny the growing connection she shares with Bestial and Charmeur, she must refuse them. With the help of their crafty little sister and a meddling fae enchantress, they plan to convince her.. Erotic Western Romance, with M M involving the hero, public exhibition, spanking, HEA] Because of her brother's illness, Helen Miller is forced into an engagement with a corrupt banker she doesn't love, a man with hidden motives that have nothing to do with love.

She doesn't expect to experience true happiness in her life, much less unbridled passion. But when a mob of ruffians attack her one night, she's rescued by Jared Parker, a mysterious man dressed all in black, whose expertise with a gun is matched only by his skill at sensuality. Though he's a gun-for-hire, Jared's gorgeous looks and dangerous virility ignite in Helen a passionate side to..

Abandoned by her adopted family and trapped in an abusive relationship, she takes a job with Tyler Paulson and Thomas Kinsey as their cleaning girl. Nevvie knows her fantasies about "the boys" will always be just that--the two handsome men are devoted, loving life-partners. Then Tyler and Thomas fall in love with Nevvie and hatch a secret plan to seduce her and make her their permanent third.

For the first time in her life, she feels attractive and wanted. Eighty Days Red Vina Jackson. Highlander Most Wanted Maya Banks. Only Pleasure Lora Leigh. Be With Me Maya Banks. Nauti Boy Lora Leigh.

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