Destiny Binds (Timber Wolves Trilogy Book 1)

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But I still envy them a little…. Two guys… I have enough trouble already with finding just one!

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Iris-Boekenplank Dec 21, For this review and more, pop by my blog - Drugs Called Books What a wonderful start to a series. I will admit — I cried for a bit there. If you love shifters, this is a MUST read for you: John Davis smells like Play-Doh. I mean, we were kids. Play-Doh was pretty high on the awesome scale. But there comes a time when a guy should stop smelling like crafting supplies and develop a more manly scent, like campfire or gym floor. She is an awesome character, in my opinion. She was funny and sarcastic, smart and logical, honest, strong and loving.

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Too bad not everyone see her as such. Alex is the new guy in town. He was so sweet, charismatic, nice, caring and loving. He is kind of the perfect guy, and I loved him, the way he behaved and acted around Scout. She's pretty much the center of his world, and who doesn't want her guy to treat her as such? I loved the relationship between him and Scout, their banter and their devotion to one another. I envy their relationship. She is the kind of person who sees the best in everyone, and who knows Scout and her family like she knows herself.

He is sweet, funny, a sort of peacemaker. He understands Jace, Talley and Scout perfectly. The four of them are pretty much inseparable outside school. Not long after she realized she was in love with two guys, she understood she had to choose one. I've heard of "love triangles adding to the story" before, but never believed it as I never found an example such thing is true, until this book.

The love-triangle, surprising as it is, helps base Scout's character as well as the other two's , makes you love her more, shows you of traits you might not have known otherwise, and none of them are bad. I can't believe I'm saying this, but without the love triangle I might have liked this book less. I'm really shocked I have these thoughts. They love each other so much, and they fit together. And, there is something special about the romance in this series as whole. And, god, I just loved it. As for the ending… well, I cried. Ashley the Bitch and yes, I just said that must die!!!

Blackwell does something dangerous, and a bit unheard of in young adult books at least YA that I've read , but it works amazingly well. At least, I can promise you it works pretty well now, after reading the rest of the books FYI, it took me three days to finish the entire trilogy! Bottom line; read it. For this review and more, pop by my blog - Drugs Called Books. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Harper Lee 'Scout' Donovan. I saw it every day when I looked in the mirror. I knew no matter what I said or did, nothing would ever hurt him more than what he was putting himself through.

Do you know how many times he asked me to kill him? How many times he told me he deserved to die?

Destiny Binds (Timber Wolves Trilogy, Book 1)

How many times I thought he was going to do it himself since I refused to? I think it was a million times easier for me to forgive them then it was for them to forgive themselves. Did you feel the same? By her first Change, I already knew she was trustworthy. How do you deal with the pressure on your shoulders?

Destiny Binds (Timber Wolves Trilogy #1) read online free by Tammy Blackwell

Some days I deal with the loss of my family better than others. I thought once I overthrew the Alpha Pack everything would be okay, that all the grief, anger, and guilt would disappear. Instead, now I have to search for ways to focus my energy when it gets to be too much. I just like to work with my hands. I like the smell of fresh lumber. And I really, really, really like playing with power tools. I have to ask one romantic question. How difficult was it to deal with your growing affection toward Scout in light of her relationship with Alex? Did you worry she was using you as a substitute for him?

Do you have a therapist? Do you need one to deal with the way Alex affects your relationship with Scout? Is that because of repressed rage you have over this issue? It was very difficult. She loved him first. He loved her his whole life. I will never be Alex. We take it one day at a time, and when it gets to be too much, we distract ourselves with other things. I hope you enjoyed our interview! Scout has loved Charlie all her life, although they never turned it into a boyfriend-girlfriend thing.

Now Scout finds herself also falling for Alex. She learns that Alex is a wolf shape shifter, and she begins learning more about that world.

Many, many times I was chuckling out loud. The humor is more about the unexpected or subtle. Below are three examples. I wanted to feel his arms wrapped around me and discover what his lips taste like. I wanted to tell him I had been secretly in love with him since I was two years old. So, I did the only thing I could do. I hit him in the head with Guido, my sock monkey. She heard her name being called and felt her body being lifted off the ground.

She is thinking it must be the Angel of Death lifting her. Of course, that was assuming I was going to Heaven. They include the different types of kids that we all remember from high school, the jocks, the weirds, the beauties, the smart ones, etc. They were well done. This is the first in a trilogy. Sadly the author used a cliffhanger ending which bothered me. The reader knows good things are coming. What I did not like was what she did with Alex to create the cliffhanger.

The author needs a grammar editor. Sole was the only one that talked about him. Number of sex scenes: Nov 14, Suzanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: An absolutely fantastic series. Great characters, great plot, great romance and werewolves, always a plus for me. Scout is an awesome mc. I loved her after just a few pages, and she just got better throughout the book, her character grew so much. She has white, white blonde hair, extremely pale skin and eyes the colour of ice chips, which gets her a lot of negative attention.

But this doesn't bother her, she takes it all in her stride and gets on with it. She's snarky and sarcasti An absolutely fantastic series. She's snarky and sarcastic and really fun to read. She's a black belt in karate and can fight as well as any of the guys. Jase, Scout's stepbrother, who she's known since she was about three weeks old and is really close to, is quite the intriguing character. Charlie his cousin, who Scout has been in love with for as long as she can remember, I liked, then didn't like, then pretty much liked again.

Kind of how Scout's feelings went too. And then there's Tally, Scout's best friend. They're like the four musketeers, spending practically all their time together. Charlie and Jase are really overprotective of Scout. But when Alex and his brother Liam arrive in town, events are set in motion which will completely change Scout's life. The romance in these books is excellently done. There's no full on love triangle, but yet it's not just your average run of the mill romance either.

I have to say it worked very well for me, and while there were a few tears shed, I really liked how everything worked out in the end. So much happens in the course of these three books and I didn't want to put them down. The type of books that when you're not reading them, you're constantly thinking about them, and when you're asleep, you're dreaming of them. I'm quite sad to have finished. Thankfully, there's another series set in this world, about Charlie, that I plan on moving onto next.

And these will definitely be on my re-read list. And I need to have the hard copies for my shelf. Dec 12, Sylvia rated it it was amazing Shelves: I started this book this morning and I made every effort possible to finish it today. I could not put it down.

This book is utterly amazing and so enthralling I can not understand why I never read it earlier. It's brilliant, witty, funny, exciting, enticing, imaginative, sweet, lovely, genuine and heartfelt. The story is about a girl named Scout aka Harper Donovan, her step brother Jase, his cousin Charlie who Scout has been in love with forever , her best friend Talley and the new guy who comes in and changes her world upside down. Please enter Alex Cole. Oh swoon oh swoon oh swoon. Scout is not your typical kind of teenage girl who is into fashion or dead head boys just because it's cool.

She is her own kind of gal and is indeed a smart mouthed, witty, very funny and no pushover type of girl Her comeback lines are hilarious and she can challenge Jace from The Mortal Instruments any day with just her banter. I'm girl crushing here lol. I really liked her and felt connected to her and the story unraveling around her. The writing really catapulted me in the story and I felt everything that Scout felt and fell in love when she did, and lusted when she did, and laughed when she did, and cried when she did, and had heartache when she did Hands in the air in desperation I'm still wiping away the tears.

I never expected that ending! And the last line of the book Now I've got to go and get book 2. I need to know what the hell is going on!! LOL I highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone who is willing to be totally engrossed from the first page all the way till the end. But I warn you be prepared View all 11 comments. Feb 03, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Honestly, without a doubt, ripped my heart out and shredded it to pieces.

God, Tammy Blackwell why did you do this to me??!! I absolutely LOVED this story, with Scout's spunky attitude and quick tongue, the unbelievably sexy and sweet Alex, the mystery and intrigue behind all of the secrets hidden from Scout I was flying through the pages on my kindle, excitedly falling into this captivating world that Blackwell created with the shifters and Scout falling hard for the boy wolf just like I was.

But now, I'm just left speechless and heartbroken, and I don't know if I can bring myself to read on in this series!!! Ugh, to think at one point I was thinking 'oh great, another love triangle', now that is the least of my worries. I need a breather, some Fifty Shades, some alcohol View all 12 comments. Mar 07, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: So my friend and co-worker wrote this, so my giving four stars to it reeks of sucking-up-ism, or just-being-nice-ism, or I-had-to-do-it-or-else-it's-gonna-be-super-uncomfortable-around-the-watercooler-ism. But the book is actually really good!

The best part to me is the depiction of the setting. Perhaps I am biased since it is where I live, but you don't find all that many books that even attempt to depict a modern day rural Southern town, much less do it in a way that isn't eithe So my friend and co-worker wrote this, so my giving four stars to it reeks of sucking-up-ism, or just-being-nice-ism, or I-had-to-do-it-or-else-it's-gonna-be-super-uncomfortable-around-the-watercooler-ism.

Perhaps I am biased since it is where I live, but you don't find all that many books that even attempt to depict a modern day rural Southern town, much less do it in a way that isn't either just plain old insulting or else way, way too cutesy and cloying. I think she nailed it. The voice of the main character is also very well done. Come on, try it.

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First off, this cover is fantastic yeah? However, this story was pretty average as far a YA paranormal romances go. I mean, I liked the book. It sucked me in right away; even with the typical love triangle. The twist with regards to the love triangle was refreshing. And I thought it was done tastefully.

One thing that stood o https: It seemed a bit of overkill to me with that bit of foreshadowing. But, hey, I can overlook it. I was almost hoping they had some chemistry but in the end the love interest did end up making sense. The writing was solid, clear and concise. It was a quick read. Apr 07, Erin V rated it it was ok Shelves: I don't hate it was just not a wow for me.

It was to obvious. Nov 03, Nitzan Schwarz rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A MUST read for shifter lovers. People, I implore you, stop reading this review and go read this novel instead. You will not regret it. Destiny Binds starts the epic journey of Harper "Scout" Donovan , a kick-ass, headstrong young woman who will take none of your shit, thank you very much. But she is not just strong, inside and out, she's also funny, smart and logical, but most important - loyal and loving.

So what if she happens to be stubborn, snarky and odd looking? As many of these stories go, and mark this down because it's just about the only typical thing about this whole series, Scout's journey begins with the arrival of Alex Cole and his brother Liam into town. Alex is every girl's dream - sweet, charismatic, loving and Can you blame Scout for falling for him?

But there are things to consider And as Scout and Jace are closer than real siblings, their relationship built equally on banter and devotion, Scout can't just ignore what he thinks. Now, the romance in this book, and series as a whole, is really unique, and I mean that in the best way possible.

In this book alone we are introduced to a heroine who picks a guy when confronted with a sort of love triangle, instead of twiddling her thumbs for three books. Then, there is the beautiful slow build to Alex and Scout's romance , starting slowly from simple attraction, into wary friendship, and then into far, far more. But it doesn't end there, because the romance of the Timber Wolves trilogy can only be truly appreciated when looked upon as a whole, and it is truly a sight to behold.

So, I've sang enough praise about our main characters, but have I mentioned the array of utterly fantastic supporting characters? First, there is Talley , best friend to Scout and the kind of girl who sees the best in everyone, while also understanding her friends to their core.

Pride Mates Audiobook by Jennifer Ashley

So yeah, she's going to see the best in you Then, there is Charlie , Jace's best friend and cousin who is Scout's crush for, like, forever. He's a peacemaker, the logical one in any situation. And then there was the ending. Not gonna lie, I cried, both times I read it. The one thing I feel I need to say is that Ashley is a stupid bitch, and I don't brandish the B word lightly.

Blackwell is not afraid to take chances and mess with her readers, and it simply works. Re-reviewed here on my new blog. It's also one of the most underrated books and series out there. You don't need to read this review - go read the book instead. That's time better spent, I'll tell you that. She is also odd looking , in an eye catching way. God only knows why this incredible person doesn't have too many friends at the beginning of the series, but I will be her friend in a heartbeat.

I already consider myself one. Alex is basically every girl's dream guy: I can't, as I fell for him and the way he behaved and acted around Scout alongside her. The romance between these two doesn't happen at once , though. View all 9 comments. Dec 19, Becky rated it it was ok Shelves: If I could sum up my feelings on this book in one word, it would probably be "disappointment".

Not that this book is bad, precisely, but because it had potential to be so much more than it was, only to take a turn for the Twilight about halfway through. Mechanically, this book is excellent. The protagonist's voice is funny without being flippant, and there aren't any grammatical errors to be found. I actua If I could sum up my feelings on this book in one word, it would probably be "disappointment".

I actually really liked the first third of the book.

Our protagonist, Scout, is quirky without coming across too cliched, and she seemed to have a really positive relationship with her step-brother, Jase, and half-sister, Angel. It's a little strange, and no explanation for their negligent parenting skills is given. Some YA PNR's have a tendency to make the love interest far more developed than the protagonist, and I was initially relieved that we weren't getting bombarded with Alex's backstory.

Yet despite all of the potential for conflict and plot development, the entire book shrinks down to Scout's relationship with Alex. The pack must keep them apart! Surely the pack has better things to do with their time? Never mind the fact that Scout's brother is secretly a shifter, or that her best friend is secretly a Seer yes, there are psychics , Scout has relationship issues! Part of me wonders if this is due to using Scout as our narrator.

While it's true that she learned things as the reader did, I was personally way more interested in Jase, for one. His biological father, also a shifter, is dead. Not only that, but he's clearly struggling with all these conflicting urges to protect his sister and whatnot, but doesn't always know how to channel them in daily life. Yet we get to hear about Scout and her semi-love-triangle. There isn't really a conclusion, but it's not precisely a cliff-hanger, either. In fact, the book just sort of runs out of gas and coasts to a stop. Yes, we understand, they're so-called doomed lovers.

You don't need to hit us over the head with it. Pretty much another Twilight-wannabe minus the vampires , and we all know there are enough of those out already. I have no plans to continue the series. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I didn't go to sleep at all. I ended up staying awake and reading this book. It seriously sucked me in. I loved Scout and Alex. I liked Talley a lot as well. Jase was also a likable guy. He and Charlie seriously messed up at the end, though.

Sometimes, little kid characters aren't so bad. Man, I was crying like a little bitch during those last two chapters. I wonder if the sense Scout got was the truth.