Bodenlos: oder Ein gelbes Mädchen läuft rückwärts (German Edition)

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A woman is something with a smell. She contains the South, the shepherd and the sea. On each slope a pleasure lies. Lightly-tanned woman swoons onto darkly-tanned male. In my head, I am so weary. Oh, this feverish sweet final smell from the gardens. Kasino Menge war schon auf Kriegsschule ein Idiot.

Na Prost, Onkel Doktor! Aber wenn ich mich mal auf Abbruch verheirate: Arm kann er sein und dumm kann er sein; Aber jung und frisch gebadet. Auf dieser Basis fanden wir uns. Although there are different opinions on this. You, the Junker, you can gee up with me when I ride. The still before the storm: Arnim, my dear fellow. You are quite incorrigible! It must be pretty interesting.

The seats are supposed to be really small. Rather less morality And a bit more of a fine leg. What sort of figures have you built on this common ground? Everyone saw the joke. Herbst Todstumme Felder an mein Dorf gelehnt. Nirgend mehr Purpur oder junge Glut. Nur in der Georginen Sehnsuchtsaugen brennt noch des Sommers wundervolles Blut. Bald wird auch dies die Erde in sich saugen. The scattered chicory and scabiosa offer a little consolation. While the rangy twigs of a rose bush spread themselves, devoid of bloom, along a fence. No more purple or fresh glowing.

Only in the yearning eyes of the Georgia does the summer still burn full of wonder. But soon also this will be sucked up by the earth into itself. Kinder, lasst Euch das nicht gefallen! Mit uns wird Schindluder getrieben. Soll ich damit atmen? Soll da vielleicht der kleine Kreislauf durchgehn? Alles was recht ist! Das geht zu weit! Wie bin ich hergekommen? Wie aus dem Ei gepellt! Und das rechte Herzohr brauchte auch nicht grade aus meinem After rauszusehn!

Des Landes Lippe nagt: Wo sass deine Kotfistel, fragt man sich? Ich bin aufgestiegen wie ein junger Adler. Children, you do not have to put up with this! They are treating us like rubbish. Who, for example, has thrown my brain into my breast cavity?

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Am I supposed to breath through this? Is my faint blood circulation supposed to flow through it? By all that is right and fair! This is going too far! How did I get here? As if peeled from an egg!! And my heart valve on the right side does not need to be poking out of my arse! That looks like I have got hemeroids. Soil and worms will soon be going through me. The lips of the land gnaw: And in the dark towers of the limbs Eternal earth cries out with joy. Freed from my tear-drenched Cage.

Freed from hunger and the sword. And as the seagulls flee in winter Over the sweet water: Where does my breast come to an end? Where does my stomach start? Where can we find your excrement fistula, someone asks? A completely different constitution. The navel has been thrown overboard. Back to nature seems the best way to go. Men, hairy and randy. Women, cowardly and deceitful, Driven out of your shit-lives, Whined around by human beasts. I have ascended like a youg eagle. Ich will ein ausgeschlenkertes Meer sein, du Affe!

Your voice, the expression in your eyes, your ear lobes Mean nothing to me. I want to push you in your shoulders. I want to spead myself over you. I want to be a sea at high tide, you idiot! They are soft, white, large, As if from the flesh of the womb. But you are wearing a good English suit. You can come with me. But, of course, bring a solid gold coin. Europe, this piece of snot Europe, this piece of snot Out of the nose of a confirmation pupil.

Wir gerieten in ein Mohnfeld Wir gerieten in ein Mohnfeld. Everywhere bricks screamed around. Encase us in the tower of flames With everything that kneels before the gods. Ten naked redskin heathens danced around the edifice and bleated An ape-song to death: You are simply spraying around the dirt from a puddle And are squashing underfoot a mound of worms when You crush us, We are and do not want to be anything more than filth.

They have lied to us and deceived us With talk of God, purpose and meaning And gave you as a payment our sins. For us you are the enticing rainbow Stretched over the peaks of joy. Ich liebe eine Hure, sie heisst To. Ihr Gang sticht durch mein Blut. Sie ist ein Abgrund wilder, dunkler Blumen. Kein Engel ist so rein.

Ich liebe eine Hure. I love a whore called To. Yes, as if made from a vessel All through summer. Her step cuts through my blood. She is an abyss of wild, dark flowers. No angel is so pure. I love a whore. Don Juan gesellte sich zu uns Don Juan gesellte sich zu uns: Samen, Schwangerschaft und Durcheinandertreiben.

Feuchtigkeiten ein lauter Rausch. O ja, ein Kind! Moistness, a pure intoxication. Oh yes, a child! But how to get one and not — feel ashamed. I dreamt once that a young birch-tree Had given me a son. A violet song from the heavens Sung to the buds of young roses. Oh, through the nights there sobs unto the stars My male blood. Vor einem Kornfeld Vor einem Kornfeld sagte einer: Da lobe ich mir den tiefen Alt des Mohns. Da denkt man an Blutfaden und Menstruation. The loyalty and fairy-tale loveliness of the cornflower Is a nice sign for the beauty of womankind.

Das grüne Gesicht: Ein Roman by Gustav Meyrink - Free Ebook

I prefer the deep alto of the poppy. It reminds me of patches of blood and menstruation. Of hardship, the death-rattle, hunger and extinction — In short: Ewig ruft das Meer. A clot of slime in a warm moor. Life and death, sex and procreation Would slide from our dumb seed. A piece of algae or a dune of sand: Formed by the wind and heavy at its base. Even the head of a dragonfly or the wing of a gull Would be too much, and would suffer too deeply. II Despicable are the lovers, the mockers, Despair of all longing, and those who hope. We are such sickly corrupted gods. The dark dreams of the woods.

The stars, huge as blossoming snowballs and heavy. The panthers spring soundlessly through the trees. Eternally calls the sea —. Get in there, into that stale Thermopylae! Ich bin eine Wasserstunde. Wir wollen helle Haut sein. Meine Vorderflossen sind schon lang und haarig. In der ersten Nacht ist alles entschieden. Du machst mir Liebe: Ich will von dir. Deine Stirn ist fliehend: I am a water-hour. In the evening my eyelids drowse off towards forest and sky. My love knows few words. It is so beautiful by your blood. Come into my burrow.

Let us be bright flesh. Until the shadows of the cedars rear over the little lizard: Roses bloom in my hair. My front paws are long and hairy. Longing for the boughs of trees. From strong thumbs you can hang down the whole day long. All is decided on the first night. I grip with my teeth the thing that I desire. Hyenas, tigers, vultures are my emblems. You are now crossing the water. So like a sail yourself.

And yet bitter red, the blood inside is dead, The mouth is a crevice full of screams. You, let us not land on a shore! You make love to me like a leech: I want something from you. You have cornstalks on your hat. Your back is brown from your Maccabee blood.

You hold it like a sea, so that nothing spilt in play Should moisten the earth. Now, look through your eyelids and steel yourself: Vom Rand der Erde komm ich her. Weil meine Mutter weint? Weil meinem Vater das Haar vergreist? Mir aber rauscht die Stirn wie Wolken Flug. The Robbers-Schiller I bring plague. From the edge of the world I come here.

At times, there is something that runs together in my mouth: If I were to spit it out, the stars would hiss, And the entire cowardly boozy lot and the blood of Abel would go under. Because my mother cries? You now impotent gorges! Pretty soon a few handfuls of earth Will be fertilising you. In me, however, the brain rages like a flight of clouds.

And that touch of infection that trickled into my blood from the slime of a whore? A crumb of death is forever stinking in the corner — Sod it! Das Affenlied Ihr Spiel Gottes! Von meinem kaum getrennt! Durchrausche mich noch einen Tag! Ape song You jest from God! Heavens are the shadows Of the great forests around your fur. Sleeping, feeding, breeding quietly ripens on the Summer land of your blood.

From mine barely different! One and the same. Rage through me again for just one day! There was the sea and there was the earth — See these hours once lived out, Oh, the return of all these longings Assemble around you! Ich bin so hingesunken An dich. Und bin so trunken Von dir. Die Welt ist tot. Alles klingt In mein Herz. Madonna Do not give me back yet! I have totally expired on you.

And am completely intoxicated In you. The world is dead. The heavens sing stretched out against the stream of stars, bright and full. Everything is resounding in my heart. Deeply fulfilled and so beautiful sings the hunting pack of my blood. Das Fett wird ranzig and hat ausgepaart. O was in Lauben unseres Flesichs geschah! Verwirrt im Haar, in Meer. Over graves This one slaves away and bakes, bent throughout the night With rotten meat, following an old baking method. Finally the pig broke his legs. His fat became rancid and fell away. Aegean are our tides. Oh, look what has happened in the foliage of our flesh!

Tangled in our hair, in the sea, our breasts bleed in dancing, in the summer, by the strand and Ithaka. Mai ist um die Harfe. Doch deine Hand ist eine Erde: O Sommer dieses Nackens! O Diese jasmindurchseuchte Ellenbeuge! O, ich bin gut zu dir. Ich streichle Dir deine Schultern. In Rosenschwangerhaft Die Ebenen. Felder Sterben den Asphodelentod. Du Kranke, tief im Flor Der dunklen Brauen! Die Geigen schimmern einen Regenbogen.

May surrounds the harp. The palm trees redden.

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In the desert wind. Rahel, a slim goldwatch at her wrist: Protecting her sex and threatening the mind: She is the enemy! Your hand however is as if from earth: Sweetly-brown, almost eternal, wafted by womb. Friendly Earring turns up. The bright Easter lillies are so lovely: Their wide mouths yellow, with meadows at their feet. Oh summer ripened back! Oh These elbows drenched with jasmine! Oh I am good to you.

I stroke Your shoulders. Pregnant with roses, The plains. Fields Expire into their asphodel death. Lips, bold and deeply filled like chalices, As if blood from its sweet place was hesitating, Roaring through a mouth of early autumn. Oh the sorry brain. You sick thing, deep in the bloom Of your dark brows! The violins are shimmering a rainbow. Der kleine graue Stock in ihrer Hand Friert mit. Will tiefer in die Hand. Du rauschst so an mein Blut.

Du Ufer mit Libellen! Kein Boot, kein Segel geht. Wer nimmt mich winters auf?! Spa concert Beyond cripples and bathing proletarians, Sunshades, lapdogs and Boa scarves, Beyond the autumn sea and the ditty by Grieg: Whether Iris will come? The small walking stick in her hand Is also freezing. Wants to go deeper into her hand. The bell flowers, enclosed in your scarve, The white cross of your parted hair and teeth Contrasts, when you laugh, so sweetly with your brown skin!

You steep, white land! You are the intemperance of my blood. The relaxed expanse of your shoulder blades! The delicacy of the skirt around your knee! You river bank with dragonfly! You, from the sides of a bowl ascending In bursts of violets. Surrounded by breasts loudly bloomed! Oh autumn and a return home across this sea! The grey shores lie impotent. No boats, no sails flutter. Who will take me now in winter time?! From so many distances blown together. From so many stars newly-born. Just before this river bank: Untergrundbahn Die weichen Schauer.

Der Strumpf am Spann ist da. Doch, wo er endet, ist weit von mir. Ich schluchze auf der Schwelle: Nun lebt es unter ihren Kleidern: Ein armer Hirnhund, schwer mit Gott behangen. Ich bin der Stirn so satt. In the Subway The soft shudder. As if from warm fur, it comes straight from the forest. Through full spring the new female comes. She wears her stockings, stretched. But there, where they come to an end, is beyond my reach.

I sob at their edge. Sultry fecundity, alien moistures. Oh, how her mouth devours the tepid air! Life is now beneath her dress: I am a wretched dog-brain, heavy hung with God, sick of the mind. Oh, that a frame of clustered blooms should gently take its place, and swell and stream and shudder. I long to wander. Songs from the gardens.

Shadows and the Flood. Buchtet sich ein und aus. Wirft sich aus ganz ebenen Stellen auf: And anyway love hit me, the snouts of two whores bulge forward. Ida moulds her curves to the music. Gyrates in and out. Throws herself up from totally level places: I want to lose myself. Give birth to me. Der junge Hebbel Ihr schnitzt und bildet: Ich schlage mit der Stirn am Marmorblock die Form heraus. Ich bin mir noch sehr fern. Aber ich will Ich werden! Wir wohen in einer engen Bucht, ausgebaut an des Dorfes Ende. Meine Jugend ist mir wie ein Schorf: Davon bin ich so entstellt.

Unerbittlich ist der Kampf und die Welt starrt von Schwertspitzen. Jede hungert nach meinem Herzen. Young Hebbel You chip away and fashion: I beat form out of the marble block with my brow.

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My hands work for my daily bread. I remain to myself still distant, but I will become me! There lies someone deep in my blood who cries for heavens of gods and earths of men, which he has made for himself. My mother is so poor: We live in a narrow sty, built at the bottom of the village. My youth is like a scab to me, with a wound beneath. Blood drips everyday from it. That is why I am so disfigured. Sleep I do not need, and food only enough to stay alive. The struggle is relentless, and the world bristles with points of swords, each of which hungers for my heart.

Everyone of them I must melt into my blood: Als wir blutfeucht zur Welt kamen, Waren wir mehr als jetzt. Jetzt haben Sorgen und Gebete beschnitten uns und klein gemacht. Aber ich will mein eigenes Blut. Feiger Herr, feiger Herr! Ich aber will tanzen durch dich schleierlos dein Blut. A Troop of strident sons did cry A troop of striding sons did cry: Made adroit with weapons, to free ourselves, we have become haters, beyond redemption. When we came into this world blood-stained, we were more than we are now. Now sorrow and praying have cut us down and made us small.

We live small lives. We want small things. And our feelings, like tame animals, are eating out of the hand of our will. But there are times when desires well up, strong from deep within our blood, their wings like the eagle, as if they wished to broach a flight away from the shadows of the earth. But the mother of cares and prayers, the earth, allied to you, will not let them go from her old and wrinkled body. But I will have my own blood. I tolerate no other gods beside me. Covered in purple, my beauty persists day and night for you. Why are you trembling?

I trained my tendons to be swift for your desires.

Thomas Lang

O give them to me! Clean out my hall. Yellow salivating skeletons of white-haired and sullen blood threaten me. I, however, will dance. Sie schmerzt nicht immer. Mother I bear you like a wound upon my brow that will not close. The pain sometimes abates, and my heart flows from it still alive. Only now and then I suddenly become blind, and feel blood in my mouth. It is so beautiful beside your blood. Ein Mann spricht Ein Mann spricht: Hier ist kein Trost. Sieh, wie das Land auch aus seinen Fiebern erwacht. A man speaks A man speaks: Here there is no consolation.

See how the land also awakens from its fever. Almost all the dahlias have stopped gleaming. Everything lies wasted as after a cavalry battle. I hear an upsurge in my blood. You, my eyes are already drinking in the blue of distant hills. It is already caressing my temples. Hier ist kein Trost Keiner wird mein Wegrand sein. Mein einer Arm liegt im Feuer. Mein Blut ist Asche. Let your blossoms whither. My path flows and runs alone.

Two hands are too small a bowl. One heart is too small a hill to rest on. You, my life is lived on the strand and under the falling blossom of the sea. Egypt is spread before my heart, and Asia is dawning. One of my arms lies in the fire. My blood is ash. Leaving breasts and bones behind me, I sob my way towards the Tyrrhenian islands: There glimmers a valley with white poplars, an Ilissus with shores of meadows: Schnellzug Das Gleitende, das in den Fenstern steht! Wir kleine Forst, kein Adler und kein Wild! Die weiten Felder der Verlassneheit! Das Rot der Erbereschen hat schon Blut.

O sei bei mir! The Express The passing images that face me in the windows! Past my shoulders crumble the fields, the arbours, and the overgrown villages; long-forgotten mothers; the entire land, a grave full of fathers: That which is festering sounds loudly with its sick voices: Where did we ever come close to happiness? We, a small forest, without eagle or game. Paltry blooms blossom in pale tones in our meadows. The heart cries out: You comforting, blossoming hand! The broad fields of abandonment! The red of the rowanberry already is of blood. Oh, be with me! It is so silent in the gardens.

But the passing that faces me in the windows. Past my shoulders crumble the fields, fathers and the grief of hills and the happiness of hills —: The sons have grown tall. The sons go naked and in the grief of unleashed blood, their red brows reflect a distant abyss of joy. In unserem Blute ist kein Dorn.

Oktobertiere rechts und links: Wir makellose, wir letzte Julibrut. Dann kann in einem Park ein Beet: Ich bin ganz unvernichtbar! Ich versenge dem Tode seine kalte Fratze. Wie alles Rote, Glut und Flammenhafte aus meinen Schenkeln hurt! Flowers I-II I In the room of a pastor between crosses and images of Christ, Jerusalem relics and Golgatha wreaths a bouquet of roses blooms blissfully beyond the shores: We may now happily pass away. There is no thorn in our blood. October animals to teh right andleft: II A sea, entirely poisened by the grey blood of autumn, has made me sick.

Startled, the river bank, devoid of joy and barren of leaf receives my final step as words of commital. Then in a park there was a flower bed: It bloomed over this entire misery, the sea, the clouds and the storm in the garden. I am completely indestructible! I burn away the cold countenance of death. As everything red, glowing and flaming rushes from my limbs! Good morning to you! Der Mond fiel hinterher. Gab Stein statt Brot Dem atemlosen Blut. Die Enkelin spielte das alte Spiel: Dann ging etwas Luft durch und sie konnte schlafen.

Ein Sarg kriegt Arbeit und ein Bett wird leer. Wie Garben Aus Schnee. O kaum zu denken! Finish I The spittoon — not in the least able to contain such large warm green emissions — finally broke apart. The moon dropped down. Sucked Backed the vomit in gulps. Gave to breathless blood Stone instead of bread. II The little clot smelled like a chicken coup, moved here and there. The grand-daughter palyed the old game: When grandma is asleep: Around her collar bones the cavities were so deep That she could hide beans in them.

A ball could even be fitted into her throat, if one blew the dust out of it. III For him it was all about the spittoon with plum stones. Then he crawled in and cracked open the stones. He was thrown back into his box bed. And he burrowed into his straw. Towards evening the head keeper came And rebuked the warden: You bloody lazybones, Why has the box not been cleaned up yet? IV For weeks they held the heads of their children, When they had returned from school, high in the air: Then a little breeze went through and she could sleep.

Then one bent down once by mistake And his head fell out of his hands. Hung over his shoulders Deep blue. V Requiem A coffin gets work and a bed becomes empty. When one considers it: How white they are! Like sheets Of snow. Oh, border of the great winter land Of comforting snow: Nearness and distance are one and made equal. We flakes blow into the field, and then a piece, Then is the final spark of the world exstinguished. Oh, it is almost unthinkable!

VI Beyond the Graves This one slaves away and bakes broken throughout the night With rotten meat, following an old baking method. Dem Manne rutscht das Auge hin und her. Ick habe schon gehabt. Ob du noch kommst, Ick kann mir doch mein Brot mit Schinken kofen. Der Mond verirrt sein Gold in diesen Gram. His eyes slide to and fro.

A little snout daubs a laugh into the air: Will you still come with me, I can still fit a bit of ham on my bread. Semen-ready sits at every table with feathers In her hat and puts out her legs, sucks up her hips Full of semen ever more brazenly to her womb. A song curves a dome into the table Of glass: The moon mixes its gold into this misery. Ich war so sehr allein. Die Lippen weinen mit. Da sitzt sie mit der Laute. Er schwimmt sich frei. Fleischlaub und Hurenherbste, Ein welker Streif. Ein Spalt voll Schreie unser Mund.

Then someone lurches in And falls. I have just gone past the edge of God. Do you love me too? I was so very much alone. The Weser song bucks up the spirits of the jerk. Lips cry along to it. A stream flows down. There it sits with its lute. The head waiter flails around with his nightcap. He manages to stay upright. Flesh foliage and whore autumn, a withered strip. Our mouth is a crevice of screams.

Die Hure To entkleidet eine Hand: He pushes through the dumb bouquet of her palate. The murky bourgeois steps out onto the benches: Herd, pimpels, marriage, beards and medals. Many four litres of blood, from which three Is gorged in the intestines: The whore To uncovers her hand: Soft, like the flesh from the womb, half-open, just there where desire is felt. Your measurements are normal, Any child can come through your pelvis. Widely girthed you take in everything, right up to your brain and then leave. Poems of Transcendence, Benn had attended a military medical school as a student, and in he was called up a doctor at the outbreak of Word War One to serve with his local regiment.

He was stationed in Brussels, where he worked in a hospital treating soldiers with sexually transmitted ailments. Other poems yet explore, argue for the need to structure experience, to prevent exertion becoming formlessness. Icarus I Oh midday, that with scorched hay dims my brain To field, flat land and shepherd, So that I run and, and arm in the stream, Draw poppies to my brow — Oh you, expanse of sky, Drifting over curse and sorrow, Being and becoming, Divest my eye of vision. On through the rubble of the hillside, on through the carrion of the land, Turning to dust, on through the miserly jagged shapes Of rocks — everywhere Blown by the sun — everywhere, Deep mother-blood, streaming, Mindless Drained Borne along.

The animal lives only for the day And, suckling, has no memory. The slope in silence brings its flower to light, And is destroyed. Only I, with sentry between blood and paw, A carrion eaten away by mind, with curses Screaming into the void, spat upon by words, Mocked by the light — Oh, you expanse of sky, Balm my eyes for an hour With that healing early light of primal vision — Melt away the lie of colours, Hurl these cavities pressed by filth into the roar Of rearing suns, the whirl of the suns of suns, Oh, the eternal fall of all suns — II My brain eats dust.

My feet eat dust. If only my eye were round and complete, Then through their lids would break Sweet night, brush-wood and love. Out of you, my sweet animal, Out of your shadows, sleep and hair, I must needs bestride my brain, All its convolutions: III So near to the shore, already in the ferry, In the crocus-coloured garments of the supplicant.

And around my limbs the delicate down — Oh sun! Every night from out of your folds You roar new worlds into space — Oh, that one of these obliviously scattered here Freshly ablaze would melt my temples, And drink up my instinct-blood! Caryatid Free yourself from stone. Burst apart those sockets that enslave you! Rage into the fields.

Mock the cornices — Look at the drunken Silenus: Spit on this obsession with columns. Senile hands, done to death, lifted them trembling towards sullen skies. Pull down the temples before the desire of your limbs which crave to dance. Oh, let your soft meadow bleed from deep wounds. And see this final hour of blissful deception: Reise O, dieses Lichts! Zu Flachem, das sich selbst benennt! Das Auge tief am Horizont, Der keine Vertikale kennt. Journey Oh, this light! Whene'er she passed before ray sight, She dazzled me, I own.

And finally it came to pass That all was changed again, Not less my darling was the lass, Or beauteous did remain: I came and went, and went and came, Like tide in ebb and flow, With pleasure always when I came. Nor sorrowing to go. Ye sages, thought to be aware Of all below, above, When, how, and where do two hearts pair, What is the bond of love? Ye learned sages, answer, pray, Explain, 1 beg of ye, When, how, and where love makes his way, And why this happened me? But I have thought in vain: For love is like the wind at 'sea. Yon feel its breath, I know.

But can you tell whence comes it free. Or whither it will blow? Doch, liebe Blttmchen, hoffet nicht Von mir ein Sterbelied. Denn Molly trillert hundertmal So hell und silberrein. Dass ich singen und preisen kann. Zu singen und preisen den braven Mann. December's cold and cruel hand Has stript ihe poplar tree: And flow'rets red, and white, and blue, 'Neath snow and ice are lost to view. But flow'rets dear, expect not me To make a dirge my song: For true to me yon maid I see. Whose beauty is lifelong!

Whene'er her purple lip I touch, A moment's gone, of bliss! No beny, cherry, has so much Of nectar as her kiss! High sounds the song of the valiant man, Like clang of bells and organ-tone. Him, whose high soul brave thoughts control. Not gold rewards, but song alone. Auf Pfeilern und auf Bogen schwer. Laut heulten Sturm und Wog' um's Haus.

The thaw-wind came from southern sea. Like frighted herds, when the wolf they see. It sweeps the fields, through the forest breaks, And the ice bursts away on streams and lakes. On mouniain-top dissolved the snow ; The falls with a thousand waters dashed, A lake did o'erflow the meadow low. And the mighty river swelled and splashed. Along their channel the waves rolled high. And heavily rolled the ice-cakes by.

On heavy piers and arches strong. And midway stood a house thereon. There dwelt the tollman, with child and wife ; O tollman! And it groaned and droned, and around the house Howled storm and wind with a dismal sound ; And the tollman aloof sprang forth on the roof. And gazed on the tumult around: Lost, lost, and forlorn! The trembling tollman, with wife and child, He howled still louder than storm-winds wild. As one by one they shot away. To the middle approaches the overthrow! Wann nennst du ihn, mein schdnster Sang? Bald nahet der Mitte der Umsturs sich. Rasch gallopiert' ein Graf hervor, Auf hohem Ross ein edler Graf.

Was hielt des Grafen Hand empor? Ein Beutel war es, voll und straff. Doch ich weiss einen bravem Mann. Zeige dich I Schon naht das Verderben sich fOrchterlich. Retter I Komm' geschwind! When soundest thou, song of the valiant man. Like clang of bells and organ-tone? Say on, say on, my noble song!

How namest thou him, the valiant one? Swift galloped a count forth from the crowd. On a gallant steed, a count full bold. In his hand so free what holdeth he? It is a purse stuffed full of gold. Two hundred pistoles to him who shall save Those poor folks from death and a watery grave Who is the brave man? Is it the count? Say on, my noble song, say on! By Him who can save! Fearfully the ruin approaches now! And ever higher swelled the flood, And ever louder roared the blast, And ever deeper sank the heart of the keeper; Preserver! And as i ier after pier gave way in the swell, Loud cracked and dashed the arch as it felL Halloo!

In vain doth the tollman with wife and child. For rescue howl through the storm-winds wild. Der Nachen war alku klein. Um Retter von allen zugleich zu sein.

Thomas Lang

Sag' an, sag' an, mein braver Sang f Der Bauer wagt' ein Leben dran. Doch that er's wol um Goldesklang? And boldly, in Heaven's name, into The nearest fishing boat sprang he ; Through the whirlwind wide, and the dashing tide, The preserver reaches them happily. And thrice he forced his little boat Through whirlwind, storm, and dashing wave ; And thrice came he full happily, Till there was no one left to save.

And hardly the last in safety lay, When the tost of the ruins rolled away. Who is, who is the valiant man? The peasant, I know, staked his life on the throw, But for the sake of gold 'twas done. Had the count not promised the gold to him, The peasant had risked neither life nor limb. Beat the peasant's heart in his kirtle gray. But the tollman old stands in need of thy gold ; He has lost whatever he possessed.

And, turning away, went forth alone. Unsterblich su preisen den braven Mann. Thank Heaven for song and praise, that I can Thus sing and praise the valiant man! Lfenore, at glow of morning red, From dreams oppressive started: How long must we be parted? The king and empress weary grew Of feud and war's disaster. They curbed their wills, swore friendships true.

And Peace again was master ; Each host came home, with sing and song. Sad for Lenorc this meeting. Lost every kiss and greeting. Die Mutler lief wol hin zu ihr: Du trautes Kind, was ist mit dir? Und schloss sie in die Arme. Nun fahre Welt und Alles hin! Bei Gott ist kein Erbarmen, O weh, o weh mir Armen! Kind, bet' ein Vaterunser! Was Gott thut, das ist wohlgethan.

Gott, Gott erbannt sich unser! Gott hat an mir nicht wohlgethan! Was half, was half mein Beten? Kein Sakrament kann Leben Den Toten wieder geben. She asked them all if aught they knew Of William, but not any Could give to her the slightest clue, Not one, of all the many.

Then quickly came her mother mild, Il j loring Heaven's blessing, And to her heart she drew her child, With kisses her caressing. World, all farewell, since hope hath Hown ; 'Gainst me closed Heavcn'h portal. Woe, woe is me, poor mortal! What God decrees, is well decreed, WUl help us in affliction!

For God to me hath not done well: My prayers were unheeded. And now they are not needed! Thou'rt just and mild. Oh, heed my supplication ; The holy sacrament, my child, Will give thee consolation! No sacraments, my mother, The fire in me can smother. Lass fahren, Kind, sein Herz dahin! Er hat es nimmermehr Gewinn! Der Tot, der Tot ist mein Gewinn! O wir' ich nie geboren! O weh, o weh mir Annen! Sie weiss nicht, was die Zunge spricht. Kind, vcrgiss dein irdisch Leid, Und denk' an iott und Seligkeit!

Bei ihm, bei ihm ist Seligkeit! Lisch aus, mein Licht, auf ewig aus! Sie fuhr mit Gottes Vorsehung Vermessen fort su hadern. Now hangs o'er htm a dieadf ol ban: Death, death is my reward alone ; Bom, would that I were, never I Out, out, forever out my light! Die 'mid these horrors black as night! She knows not what she's sajring. Away, with earthly woes away, Of God, salvation think, I pray, — No bridegroom then will tarry. Out, out, forever out, my light! Die 'mid these horrors Uack as night!

Thus in her brain, in every vein. Did rage wild desperation, She rashly railed, with cries profane, 'Gainst God without cessation: She wrung her hands and beat her breast. Till sank the sun far in the West, 1 ill golden stars above her Night's asure vault did cover. Dann kamen durch die Pforte Vernehmlich diese Worte: Thu' auf mein Kind! Schufst, Liebchen, oder wachst du? Wie bist noch gegen mich gesinnt? Und weinest oder lachst du? Geweinet hab' ich und gewacht ; Ach, grosses Leid erlitten!

Wo kommst du her geritten? Und will dich mit mir nehmen. Herein, in meinen Armen, Herziiebster, zu erwarmen! Lass sausen, Kind, lass sausen! Der Rappe scharrt, es klirrt der Sporn ; Ich darf allhier nicht hausen. Muss heut noch hundert Meilen Mit dir ins Brautbett eilen. Die elf schon angeschlagen. Impatiently he mutters ; These words distinctly utters: Art thou awake, or sleeping?

Art true to me, my own Lenore? Art laughing, or art weeping? Have watched and wept so long for thee — Till flown, I thought, my reason: Whence comest at this season? Rode from Bohemia hither! I started late, long can not wait, And thou must with me thither. Cold rush the winds through hawthorn tree And warm 'tis under cover, Warm in my arms, my lover!

My charger snorts and paws the ground. Away we must together. Quick, tie thy dress, to horse, away! Three hundred leagues, ere break of day,. To nuptial couch must carry, — No longer dare we tarry. Oh, Ust I the clock is striking, stay! It toUs the hour eleven! Still, ktthl und klein! Sechs Bretter und zwei Brettchen! Der Mond scheint hell I Hurrah!

Graut Liebchen auch vor Toten? Was flatterten die Raben? But eight rough boards doth couch contain, Small, still and chill's the other! Quick, swing and spring, sit back of me. The guests are congregated. With longing we 're awaited. The sparks and pebbles scatter. On right and left, like lightning flashed, Past meadow, land and heather! The bridges thundered as tlicy dashed On to their goal together! Hurrah I how quickly ride the dead!

The dead, my darling, fearest? Like croaking frogs the singing. From bogs ud marshes-ringing. Mit, mit zum Brautgelage! Hart hinter's Rappen Hufen. Und immer weiter, hop hop hop! Gesindel, komm und folge mir! Tanz' uns den Hochzeitreigen, Wann wir zu Bette steigen! The corpse and all, obeyed his call,' With shrieks and hideous laughter ; In furious gallop on they fly, Like fiery meteors through the sky.

With click and clang and clatter, And sparks and pebbles scatter. On right and left how swiftly flew Trees, mountains, hedges, flowers! On right and left flew swiftly too Town, hamlets, cots and towers. The dead, beloved, fearesl? Moon doth reveal, their phantom reel, Their hideous grotesque capers. With dancing and with singing To nuptial couch us bringing. The rabble rout did bustle, As when young Winter's whirhng wind Through Autumn leaves doth rustle. Wie flog, was rund der Mond beschien. Wie flog es in die Feme! Wie flogen oben ttberhin Der Himmel und die Sterne!

Bald wird der Sand verrinnen. Ich wittre Morgenluft — Rapp'! Die Toten reiten schnelle! Wir sind, wir sind zur Stelle! Es blinkten Leichensteine Rund um im Mondenscheine. And sparks and pebbles scatter. Quick did the moon's round shadow fly, As on the steed was bounding, And swiftly aye, the starlit sky, The earth and all surrounding. The dead, beloved, fearest? E'en now the morning air I scent, — Must quick from hence be going.

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Wide openeth now the bridal bed. And locks were burst asunder ; The doors swung open with a crash, And over graves they then did dash. By moon's pale, silv'ry shimmer. How weird the tombs did glimmer. Behold a sight to freeze the heart, So ghastly and appalling ; The rider's jerkin lo! His head, a naked skull, alas! Mit Gott im Himmel hadre nicht 1 Des Leibes bist du ledig: Gott sei der Seele gnSdig! Der Wild- und Rheingraf stiess in's Horn: The earth her own reclaiming. And shriek on shriek did rend the air, Above, below, ay, everywhere. Lenore for Life contended, O'er brink of Death suspended.

In giddy dance, by moonlight pale, The spirits round were whirling, And at Lenore, with shriek and wail. Thou diest now 'mid terrors, May God forgive thy errors. The Rhenish Wildgrave wound his horn, Halloo! Swift clattered after pack and force: Lood dashed and crashed they, spreading trouble, Through com and thorn, through heath and stubble. The glow of Sabbath morning lit The high cathedral, cross and spire ; The joyous bells pealed cadence fit ; The high mass thrilled the ravished choir: Far, sweetlj, sounded chime and singing.

The grateful Christians thither bringing. Rischraach quer aber'n Kreuzweg gmg's Mit Horridoh und Hussasa. Sieh' da, sieh' da! Kam rechts und links Ein Reiter hier, ein Reiter da! Wer waren Reiter links und rechts? The rightward horse was silver beaming. And fiery red, the leftward gleaming. Who were the riders, left and right? The rightward knight was fair and bright, Benign and genial as spring: Let me tme princely action teach thee ; Nor yonder gentle's counsel reach thee.

Wer nicht des Waidwerks pflegen kann, Der scher' an's Paternoster hin! Stets ritten Reiter rechts und links Zu beiden Seiten neben an. Verschont den sauren Schweiss der Armen! Doch bass hetzt ihn der linke Mann Zu schadenfrohem Frevelmut. Up sprang, afar, a white stag, rushing With antlers sixteen-pronged and brushing. And louder blew the count his horn ; And swifter flew both foot and horse ; And — see!

Sank dead two hunters of his course: That fail to follow princely pinions! The leftward spurred him — aye morose— To every wrong within his reach. The count despised the rightward warning ; And cheered the leftward. Zum Zeichen, dass ich wahr geschworen, Knallt ihm die Peitsche um die Ohren! Gesprengt, verfolgt, doch unerreicht, Ereilt das Wild des Angers Plan ; Und mischt sich, da verschont zu werden, Schlau mitten swischen zahme Heerden. Bedenket, lieber Herr, hier grast So mancher armen Wittwe Kuh.

Ihr Eins und Alles spart der Armen! Erbarmen, lieber Herr I Erbarmen! I'U hunt thee— Halloo! Hark, comrades, follow, there! The scent's here I for delay and jjlaguing, My whip shall make him rue his begging. And, mingling with the herds, long doubled, In hopes to be no further troubled. Yet here and there, through plain and wood. And there and here through wood and plain Turn where he might ; do what he could ; The scenting hounds rushed on amain: The herdsmen knelt before their master ; And urged him to avert disaster.

Amongst my poor and quiet herds, Full many a widow's only cow: Then check, dear lord 1 the hunt's oppression: And spare the poor her last possession! Der rechte Ritter sprengt heran. The leftward spurred him — aye morose — To every wrong within his reach: The count disdained the rightward warning ; And cheered the leftward — Heaven scorning. Would that thine own best cow Were growing fast around thy neck, With every slattern of the slough. Twill be onto my heart full pleasant To hunt thee into Heaven, peasant! The herdsman sank to earth, blood dripping. Whilst, head by head, the dogs were ripping.

This murd'rous crew scarce shunning, flew The game with ever weakening stride ; Blood-stained, foam-flecked, to balk the clue, He takes the gloomy forest-side, Far pressing through its depths, to enter A hermit's chapel in its center. Entweihe Gottes Freistatt nicht! Doch bass hetzt ihn der linke Mann Zu schadenfrohem Frevelmut Und wehe! This creature mourns to Heaven, though mute And for thy chastisement hath prayed. For the last time, obey the warning, Or meet perdition, mercy scorning! The sneering Red One — aye morose — Still taught all wrong within his reach: And if yon the Third Heaven were, I'd seize that deer, alive or dead, In spite of thee— in God's displeasure— have my sport in fullest measure.

He blows his horn, he cheers the clan, — Lo! On either side his ] arb he spurreth. That forwards, backwards, never stirreth. Und immer dastrer, wie ein Grab. Dumpf rauscht es, wie ein fernes Meer. Ein schwefelgelber Wetterschein Umzieht hierauf des Waldes Laub. And rieselt ihm durch Mark und Bein! Das tirausen weht, das Wetter saust. Und aus der Erd' empor, huhu! The creature brought thee, fell self-traitor I Beneath the doom of thy Creator! It blew, before him, damp and chilling, Behind was fervent heat distilling.

The lightning flashed on hail that hissed. The thunder roared, when, from the ground. Rose up a sable giant fist, That, opening, clutched him all around — Fear-blanched, his face turns back — already — See! Er muss die Ungeheuer sehn. By day ihey thrid earth's caverns lightly ; And through the welkin flit midnightly.

Fear-fixed his face, his eyes cast back — So quick their onset made him run — And he must see them on his track. Loud goaded by the Evil One ; — Must see the gnashing hear the champings Of jawSi which after him are ramping. And many a gallant hunter's revels Are hashed wifh this Wild Hunt of Devils. Alles springet, Alles singet, Was nur lallen kann. Jeder scherzet, Jeder herzet, Dann sein Liebelein. Nach geleerten Kannen Gehen sie von dannen, Singen und juchhei'n! Sickles sound ; On the ground Fast the ripe ears fall ; Every maiden's bonnet Has blue blossoms on it ; Joy is over all. All are springing, All are singing, Every lisping thing.

Now they mow ; each maiden Soon with sheaves is laden, Busy as a bee. Now the blisses, And the kisses! Alles, was ich habe Dank' ich, Spaten, dir! Alles, was ich habe, Dank' ich, Spaten, dir! Reich' und arme Leute Werden meine Beute, Kommen einst zu mir! Rosen auf den Tfad gestreut. Und des Harms vergessen! Eine kurze Spanne Zeit Ward uns zugemessen. Dig, dig O spade! Whate'er these sturdy hands have made. Good spade, they owe to thee!

For rich and poor alike must come ; Sooner or later, every one His iributc brings to me! And once so proud. Yon skull the fawning, flatt'ring crowd Scarce passing, bowed to thank. These bones that lie all scattered here Belonged to one man held in fear, Because of power and rank. Yon golden hair Decked once the head of maid as fair As ever angels are ; Admiring thousands used to stand Hoping to kiss her little hand And stared themselves half blind. Dig, dig, my spade!

Whate'er these sturdy hands have made, Good spade, they owe to thee! Roses in our path be strewn And our grief forgot! Let unheard no nightingale Warble forth her strain! In the vale of spring no bee Hum her song in vain! Taste, as long as taste ye may. Juicy grape and kiss, Till the robber death one day Robs you of your bliss.

To our bones that sleeping lie, Wrapt in death's dark gloom, Wafts the rose-tree grove no sweets, Whisp'ring o'er the tomb. They no sound of rapture hear, While the toast goes round, Nor the reveler's roundelay, With the vine leaf crowned. Selbst in zerrissne Seelen Ruh! Drum will ich, bis ich Asche werde. Wunderseliger Mann, welcher der Stadt entfloh! Who to caprice a slave would be. While spring and youth are still in bloom? As once in Paradise serene ; Still doth the vine tree's purple flood Pour balm into the heart's distress ; In evening's bow'r is sweet and good The kiss which rosy lips impress.

The groves with nightingales abound, With rapture lists the youth apart ; Still streamcth, when their songs resound. Happy the man who has the town escaped! To him the whistling trees, the murmuring brooks, The shining pebbles preach Virtue's and wisdom's lore. Einsam wandelt er oft, Sterbegedanken voll. Then he admires Thee in plain, O God! Where coolness gushes in the waving grass ; Or o'er the flowers streams the fountain, rests: Inhales the breath of. The gentle airs of eve. His straw-decked thatch, where doves bask in the sun.

And pUy and hop, invites to sweeter rest Than golden halls of state Or beds of down afford. To him the plumy people sporting chirp, Chatter, and whistle, on his basket perch. And from his quiet band Pick crumbs, or peas, or grains. Ich tass und spann vor meiner Thttr, Da kam ein junger Mann gegangen. Mir ward so angst ; der Faden brach ; Das Herz im Busen schlug mir hoher.

The lUM beneath the elden, where a text Of Scriptuxe teaches joyfully to die, — And with hu scythe stands Death, — An angd, too, with palms. Happy the man who. Him did an angel bless when he was born,— The cradle of the boy With flowers celestial strewed TV. Approaching with a timid grace ; I trembled, and the thread, it broke, My heart beat with a quicker pace. AgSiin the thread I fastened on, And sat so bashfully and spun. With soft caress he pressed my hand.

And swore none could with it compare ; No I not the fairest in the land. So white and round, so soft and fair. Though by this praise my heart was won, I sat so bashfully and spun. Upon my chair he leant his arm. And praised the fineness of the thread, His lips so near, so red and warm, How tenderly Sweet maid," they said 1 Thus none e'er looked at me, not one ; I sat so bashfully and spun. O sagt mir, Schwestern, sagt mir an: He kissed me then, while I, undone, Sat bashfully and spun and spun.

As in leading strings a child! And when weary, then will I Sweetly on thy bosom lie, Breathing Heaven's joys, so blest, Clinging to a mother's breast Ah! Es lebe Prinz Eugen! A beauty, by my soul! A red clay flower-pot, rimmed with gold SO neatly! What ask you for the bowl?

Like after-grass you might have seen US mowing The Turkish ranks down clean. Come, old man, be no fool; Take these two ducats, — gold for glory, — And let me have the bowl! Wie hicss der Mann? Damit auch mein Herz ihn verehren. Und ihn beweinen kann. Ihr seid sein irackrer Erbe! Ich ziehe morgen ein, Und euer Dank soll, wenn ich sterbe Die Tttrkenpfeife sein.

And, in remembrance of my old friend, brought I The pipe away with me. In flicht or in punmit ; It was a holy thing, Sir, and I wore it Safe-sheltered in my boot. Sir, And then picked up my leg. What was the brave man's name? Tdl me, that I, too, may admire, And venerate his fame. Come, friend, you've seen some stormy weather ; With me is now your bed ; Well drink of Walter's grapes together.

And eat of Walter's bread. I march in, then, to-morrow: Fein bin ich nicht und schlan ; Doch kriegt ein braver Schwabe An mir 'ne brave Frau. Liebst du dein Vaterland? To read in books they're able, They Gleim and Wieland praise ; Sweet are as virgin honey Their manners and their ways. The raillery they sting with Is like a pointed lance ; The wit that they discourse with Is taken from romance.

For trifling, writing, readmg All turn a maiden's head ; The man for me elected Will read for me instead. Fair youth, art thou from Swabia? Dost love thy fatherland?

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So come then, thou shalt have me, Behold i here is my hand! Es war ein herzig's Veilchen. Ach nur, ach nur Ein ViertdstOndchen lang! A violet in the meadow stood, With drooping head in solitude ; It was a darling violet. There came a youthful shepherdess With lightsome step and joyousness Along, along, The meadows there, with song! It was a darling violet! Yonder on the mountain, A thousand times I stand, Leant on my crook, and gazing Down on the valley-land. I follow the flock to the pasture ; My little dog watches them still ; , I have come below, but I know not How I descended the hiU.

Es stehet ein Regenbogen, Wol ttber jenem Haus! Sie aber ist weggezogen, Und weit in das Land hinaus. Wie zu der Freude, So zum Verderben. Das ist ein Leben! The beautiful meadow is covered With blossoms of every hue ; I pluck them, alas! I seek in the rain and the tempest, A refuge under the tree: Yonder the doors are fastened.

And all is a dream to me. But she has departed forever, And gone far out in the land. Far out in the land, and farther. Go forward, ye sheep! Bold in the venture. Stormy our life is ; Such is its boon: Und die Soldaten Ziehen davon. Was soll all der Schmers und Lust? Warte nur, balde Ruhest du auch. Kennst du es wol?

Bold is the venture, Splendid the pay! And the soldiers go marching Marchiog away. Thou who dost in heaven bide, Every pain and sorrow stillest, Him whom twofold woe betide With a twofold solace fillest, O, this tossing, let it cease! What means all this pain, unrest? Come, O, come into my breast! In all the woodlands Hearest thou Not a sound! The little birds are asleep in the trees ; Wait!

Rnow'ft thott the land? Kennst du das Haus? Was hat man dir, du armes Kind, gethan? Kennst du den Berg und seinen Wolkensteg? Dahin Geht unser Weg! O Vater, lass uns ziehn! Fliesse, fliesse, lieber Fluss! Nimmer werd' ich froh! So verrauschte Scherz und Kuss, Und die Treue so. Dass man doch zu seiner Quai Nimmer es vergisst! Know'st thott the mount — its cloudy path, oh, say? The stubborn mule there seeks hb foggy way ; In carems lives the dragon, wingM beast ; There high the cliffs, and deep the floods thou seest Know'st thou it well? Come, lead the way ; O father, let us go!

Fillest hill and vale again, Still, with softening light! Every echo thrills my heart, — Glad and gloomy mood. Joy and sorrow both have part In my solitude. River, river, glide along! I am sad, alas! Fleeting things are love and song,— Even so they pass! I have had and I have lost What I long for yet ; Ah! Happy he who, hating none, Leaves the world's dull noise, And, with trusty friend alone. There was a stripling; saucy, bold. And after all deserted. When the girl learnt she was betrayed, Her senses from her parted ; She lauglied and wept, and swore and prayed, And thus her soul departed.

That was to him a heavy day, It tnmed his hair from brown to gray, And drove him forth to wander. Und als er sich ermannt vom Schlag, Sieht er drei Lichtlein schleichen. He stuck the spurs into his steed, Through every cross-road gliding Hither and thither, with wildest speed ; Can find no rest by riding. Seven days and seven nights he rode: It lightened, thundered, crashed and blowed, The floods are out and raging.

He rides into the lightning's teeth. Up to a wall he rideth, And ties his horse and creeps beneath, And from the rain he hideth. And as he taps from side to side, Right under htm the earth gapes wide: He plunges down a hundred fathom. And as he comes to from the blow, He sees three tapers blinking, He lilts him and he crawleth low ; The lights go further winking: This way and that they lead him round. Through broken, dreary caverns. Then, of a sudden, in a hall By hundred guests he's greeted ; Their hollow eyes smile on him all, They nod him to be seated.

And there among them meets his sight The maiden dear, all clad in white, She tumeth TV. With thoughto'eifiil brain ; Yctraing And burning In mutable pain ; Heaven-high shouting, To death now depressed ; Happy alone la the soul by love blessed. My peace is gone. My heart is sore! Where him I can't have There is my grave, For me is all Turned into gall. I've lost my wits, And my poor brain Is all in bits. My peace is gone, My heart is sore ; find it, ah! For him only look I Out on the street. Mein Herz ist schwer; Ich finde sie nimmer Und nimmermehr.

Wie kommt's, dass du so traurig bist, Da alles froh erscheint? Man sieht dir's an den Augen an, Gewiss, du hast geweint. O komm an unsre Brust! Und was du auch verloren hast, Vertiaue den Verlust. His lofty gait, His noble size. His mouth's sweet smile, His powerful eyes. My peace is gone, My heart is sore, I'll find it, ah! My bosom yearns For him so dear. And kiss him, kiss Just as I would.

Upon his kisses O! One sees it in thine eyes, my friend ; Thou'st surely been in tears. And whatsoe'er thy heavy loss: Conhde it to the rest. Es steht mir gar zu fem. Wie droben jener Stern. Ich hab' mein Sach auf Nichts gesteUt, Juchhe! Drum ist's so wohl mir in der Welt ; Juchhe! To youth like thine there wanteth not The strength to seek and get. I've set my heart upon nothing, you see ; Hurrah! And who has a mind to be fellow of mine.

Why, let him take hold and help me drain These moldy lees of wine. I set my heart at first upon wealth, Hurrah! And bartered away my peace and health ; But, oh! Daher mir kam viel Ungemach ; O weh! Die Beste war nicht feil. Und liess meine Vaterlandesart ; O weh! Wie ich mich hatt' hervorgethan, Da sahen die Leute scheel mich an. Hatte Keinem recht gethan. Ich setzt' mein Sach auf Kampf und Kriege Juchhe! Und uns gelang so mancher Sieg ; Juchhe!

Und ich verlor ein Bein. I aet my heart upon woman next ; Hurrah! For her sweet sake was oft perplexed ; But, ah! The false one looked for a daintier lot, The constant one wearied me out and out, The best was not easily got I set my heart upon travels grand. And spumed our plain old fatherland ; But, ah! Naught seemed to be just the thing it should, Most comfortless beds and indifferent food, My tastes misunderstood. I set my heart upon sounding famct Hurrah! I'm eclipsed by some upstart's name And, ah!

When in public life I loomed quite high, The folks that passed me would look awry ; Their very worst friend was I. And then 1 set my heart upon war, Hurrah! And the whole wide world belongs to me.