Angel & Faith Volume 2: Daddy Issues

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Sep 25, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: This felt slightly off, but rounding up because I'm still enjoying it. Would have loved to see it as an episode of TV. Dec 26, Margaret Robbins rated it really liked it. This was definitely a fun read, and it's interesting to see how Angel's and Faith's friendship evolves over time. Initially, Faith came on board to help Angel, but he ends up helping her as well.

There are times when I'd like to see Faith stand her ground more with Angel, but nonetheless, she proves to be a steady and level-headed force in his life. I love how Faith realizes that even though she has unresolved issues with her father, she now has a choice in how she writes her own life story. Spo This was definitely a fun read, and it's interesting to see how Angel's and Faith's friendship evolves over time.

I loved seeing another side of Dru in this volume, and Willow, one of my very favorite Buffyverse characters, makes an appearance at the end! I therefore look forward to see how Willow's appearance will play a part in the narrative. May 16, Abigail Pankau rated it really liked it Shelves: Hooray for the return of Dru; always such an interesting character. Nice complementary series to go with Buffy Season 9. May 23, Crystal rated it really liked it. Nov 25, Jennifer rated it really liked it. I think it is no surprise Faith has Daddy issues, but she's not the only one.

A must for those who love these characters, or the Buffyverse in general. Dec 27, Bosco Farr rated it really liked it. May 05, pianogal rated it really liked it Shelves: Want to keep going with this one a see what Willow's doing in London Oct 09, Abhinav rated it it was amazing Shelves: You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields: It also helped that Christos Gage wrote such a good script for the series till that point and the art too was on the high quality end of the spectrum.

More so when that quality is maintained in subsequent issues, keeping the flow of things going from point to point. Daddy Issues is a book that is better than its predecessor in every single way. The guy Angel tangles with is one certified nutjob in that department. Given that there has been a spree of such killing all over the city, they attempt to figure out if there is some supernatural reason for this, and their research leads them to a lorophage demon, one who can suck out all the negative emotions and feelings out of somebody.

Christos Gage did a great job here of reminding any old hats and new readers who Drusilla is and what her relationship with Angel is. From a virginal nun at a convent to a manic Vampire, he tells it all through Angel, who is now very remorseful about what he did and wants to make amends with Drusilla. The dynamics of their relationship are explored even more this time as they help each other come to terms to a degree with their past: Faith never really struck me as the emotional side during the Buffy or Angel series and seeing that side of her is quite the revelation.

Which is not what we should be getting. What Christos Gage handles really well is that Angel does not flip-flop in his convictions this time around, he sticks with them to the bitter end. Not sure what to say about Drusilla really. I read a couple quick wiki entries on her once I was done with Volume 2 so I can remember who she really was, and I have to say that Christos Gage brought her out really well with his script. She has changed considerably since those days of course, but she is still Drusilla at the core. It was a nice change from the old times.

Not too much, not too little, finely balanced. Its as dysfunctional and messed up a relationship as can be between two vampires. Apr 22, Matthew Lloyd rated it liked it Shelves: There's a line in part one of Angel and Faith: Daddy Issues in which Faith encapsulated the series - and the television series Angel which somewhat preceded it: In Faith's case, she has done fewer bad things, but she also already had a soul - in her case, the fight for redemption is limited by mortality whi There's a line in part one of Angel and Faith: In Faith's case, she has done fewer bad things, but she also already had a soul - in her case, the fight for redemption is limited by mortality while in his, it will go on as long as he does.

Daddy Issues is something of a mixed bag as far as quality is concerned. The story is pretty interesting - Faith's long lost father and Angel's long lost "daughter" show up, reviving past traumas and mistakes. Meanwhile, Drusilla has allied herself to a Lorophage demon fought by Giles some time ago. This particular demon feeds on trauma, but under the new post-magic rules it is capable of doing so without destroying the human from which it feeds - thus offering Drusilla, Angel, and Faith escape from their pasts. It's an intriguing prospect, and much of the action is believable.

I think Faith runs too quickly back to her father, although perhaps the confines of a four-issue comic book arc made that necessary; the trope of the returning absent father also holds few surprises, although its importance is more for its consequences.

Angel & Faith Volume 2: Daddy Issues by Christos Gage | Books

The story is fine, as is the follow-up short "Women of a Certain Age". Where this volume really goes wrong, however, is in its overall scope. The issues at hand here are huge, and cut to the core of Angel and Faith as characters and their relationship to one another. Rather than embracing the fact that this series is the canonical follow-up to the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel , it seems content to use the notion of Angel and Faith's battle for redemption as the background radiation which informs the entire series.

But the concept, that the Lorophage demon removes the painful memories of trauma, harks right back to season 2 of Buffy and the introduction, in "Surprise" and "Innocence" of the possibility that Angel can lose his soul. While subsequent storylines largely focused on the "one moment of perfect happiness" part of the curse, the actual cause of Angel's soul-loss is complacency - that the soul with which he was cursed as a punishment no longer troubles him.

The soul in Buffy serves as a metaphor - there's no such thing as a soul. Is this someone of substance?

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Angel never explains that he is worried that Faith will "lose her soul" if she loses her trauma - the fact that she should feel guilty for brutally murdering someone never comes up. It seems to just be assumed that Faith is a better person with her troubles, and I suppose I agree with that in Faith's case, but a convincing reason why that is true of Faith and especially why others shouldn't have their trauma "cured" is never really given, only hinted.

If you want a continuation of the storylines of the television shows Buffy and Angel then Angel and Faith suffices; if you want something which grapples with its themes in an intelligent way, then it probably isn't for you. I'm pretty keen on both, although I'm not sure you can really have the former without the latter. It's enjoyable, but I'm always hoping for more. May 20, Taschima rated it liked it. Like, there was hardly a connection, Faith talked about people going just a little bit crazy situation: I totally just read -like 5 minutes ago- about this crazy monster Giles faced when he was a kid who could POSSIBLY if he didn't outright kill you turn you a bit insane!

They arrived at their answers way too quickly with little to no build up, kind of cheap and lazy writing. It could have been ANY baddie we have seen over the years, it could have been a Queller demon the demon who was driving Joyce insane in Listening to Fear S5E9 , or something similar to Glory remember her? I know they have to get to the point a bit quicker in a comic, but this was definitely not a strong connection. Anyways, while I didn't like how we got there, I did like what came out of it. Drusilla is back, and her scenes with Angel were intense.

You get to see very graphic pictures of what Angel did to her, and her family. How he slowly drove her insane Angel is having no moment of rest. I mean we already know how he screwed up Drusilla, but it is always nice to see her back in town and playing new creepy roles. I mean, the issue is called Daddy Issues, so of course her father shows up, and she even gets to throw The Major of Sunnydale in his face.

It is intense, and he drives Faith to do some pretty extreme stuff to herself. Of course, the whole "my daddy drank a lot and didn't parent me" plot line has been played overplayed, but it was still nice to see some back story. Now if only we knew about Faith's mother, how long was she with his father, how young did she ran away? More back story please, this story line was way too short! The story with the slayer is okay, she is going insane and beating everyone around her as she goes. Regarding Giles' resurrection story line: We meet Giles magic power aunts!

Who have been cut off from magic, which they used to keep young, essentially stopping time for themselves. They have made numerous deals with a horde of demons promising them each their soul in exchange for trivial things, and now that the day to pay has come they come to Angel and Faith to save them. They bring back the Giles' story line to the fore front, which made me question it all over again. How would Angel know about "collecting" Giles' soul parts?

How did he know it was a thing to do, or that they were fragmented? And if that is not weird and unlikely enough, how does he know exactly where to find then, or which instances in his long life would develop pieces? Like "Giles' innocence" or that memory from the very first comic? Again, lazy writing, and basically no explanation. Let's just not ask questions and go about our day I guess PS; I am really glad they have not "gone there" with a romantic story line, I don't think I could stomach it.

Jun 28, Pamela D rated it really liked it Shelves: Review for Season 9 of Buffy: Last year, I read the craziness that was Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season Eight. The story got a wee bit out of control and got a bit too epic. The story also suffered from wanting to follow about fifteen characters. Luckily, Joss Whedon learned from his mistakes.

Angel & Faith: Daddy Issues

My favorite change to Season Nine was that several characters received their own books. Buffy had five books, Angel and Faith had five books, and Spike and Willow each had one book too. Breaking up the Buffy-verse make each book tighter and more focused. Season Eight felt a bit scattered with random standalone stories that came out of nowhere. With different characters having their own books, I felt more guaranteed that my Buffy comic was going to have Buffy in it.

In addition to appreciating breaking up the characters, I loved that Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season Nine and the other series returned to basics. The story focused on how the aftermath of the showdown in the final arc of Season Nine affected Buffy and her Scoobies. Season Nine didn't take us around the world or into different dimensions but that was okay, because the Scooby gang was doing what it does best: Unlike in Season Eight in which I felt like I was missing important details, because I had forgotten plot lines from the Buffy television show and never finished watching Angel, Season Nine felt more manageable.

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In Season Nine, I recognized all of the characters immediately, and I understood why events were happening for the most part. Also, I found these plots to be more relate-able. Buffy and the gang were not only dealing with vampires but also being adults and managing grown-up life stressors. I will admit that I was a bit disappointed that the creative team wimped out on a particular storyline that could have been really fascinating.

Besides this one issue though, I did enjoy all of the stories. I know I keep focusing on the Buffy comic; however, my praise goes out to all of the Season Nine books. Spike was good as well; however, his tale was only a standalone book. I didn't feel like I got too much out of it besides a fun ride. The writing was tighter and stronger. The characters returned to their inner-Scoobies.

I liked seeing my beloved characters stretched and pulled in new ways and meeting new and fun characters like a new slayer! Feb 20, LH Johnson rated it it was amazing Shelves: I could and do! She's a gift, an utter gift of a character, and I'm so very much in love with this series. Gage has Faith, he's got her. Gage's Faith is a hard won character, a woman who's pushed through the darkness in her life, and living, every day, with a sort of permanent guilt at who she is and what she's done.

I think this is key to Faith, this survivors guilt and the hard, hard edge inside her that will not let others experience what she has I adore Faith. I think this is key to Faith, this survivors guilt and the hard, hard edge inside her that will not let others experience what she has. She's a Saver, is Faith, more than a Slayer. Just took her a while to realise it, and the world a while longer.

So here, in this comic, she does her thing and she does it in the most glorious partnering with Angel. Now usually, Angel "Aaaangel" irritates me so much, and here he doesn't. He's purposeful, solid, and I believe in him and everything he does. This guy is a hero. Still trying to make up for the impact of his actions as Twilight, permanently caught in a redemption cycle, he's a mirror to Faith.

I won't spoil it. The other lovely thing about this is that we have somebody who can draw these characters and draw them well. Isaacs is perceptive and graceful with her sense of movement throughout the panels, allowing the beats to happen when they need to happen and yet giving a sense of vital action to the entire piece. Faith and Angel have always been hard characters to draw, the former sliding occasionally into pastiche whilst the latter shifts into blandness. That doesn't happen here. Isaacs catches the eyes, and that's where it all happens.

Not in the fists, or the kicks, or in the perfect perfect hair. These two are about their eyes. This is great, great stuff. This is the comic you come to when you're over self-referential navel gazing. This is the comic you come to when you need a little Faith. This was another great adventure into one of my favorite spin-offs from the Buffyverse so far. This volume in the series is all about the past continuing to haunt both Angel and Faith, coming back in the present with some major repercussions, and not without some pain involved. Also, a cliffhanger featuring everyone's favorite witch!

What's not to love? Wha This was another great adventure into one of my favorite spin-offs from the Buffyverse so far. What I loved the most - Faith's journey into her own pain, out of it, and back in again. Angel saves her from herself eventually, but the quick dip into Faith's childhood with a visit from her father was some of the best insight we've had into Faith's character and how it formed since the show was actually on the air. What has been driving her since a child was really brought out in this book, as well as why she also tends to run from what drives her, making for a great balance between the two.

And then there's Drusilla, one of my favorite vamps from the original series.

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I'm so glad she's back, even if in this one volume in a limited capacity. The way she was brought back I won't reveal how was not only really original, but fun, too. And the length of her appearance in this book was just enough for me to enjoy, and leave her behind again.

What I could have done without: I felt like they were more than just a bit of filler to get to the cliffhanger, and I think that while they added texture to Giles' personal history which gets a lot of great scenes in this particular book in general, a definite plus for not only the development of his character but of this spin-off in general , otherwise, I didn't really feel like they needed to be there.

Another great addition to this series, and I'm definitely looking forward to more.

It's definitely a whole lot of fun. Sep 06, Elia rated it really liked it Shelves: Hated the guy even more after reading the "Buffy" season 9 graphic novels. That being said, I really like this series. It had made Faith infinitely more likeable for me, and even made Angel somewhat tolerable. I especially like this story arc, because not only do we finally learn a bit more about Faith's life before she became a slayer, but also ab Despite my love of the Buffyverse, I have never liked Faith much, and I have pretty much hated Angel since about halfway through the "Angel" TV show.

I especially like this story arc, because not only do we finally learn a bit more about Faith's life before she became a slayer, but also about Giles' life before he was a watcher. We even meet members of both the extended families. One thing I was disappointed in was the appearance of Drusilla in this issue. In my opinion she was one of the best characters in either original series - but a lot of that had to do with Juliet Landau's fantbulistic yes, I make up words when real ones are not enough portrayal of her.

On the page, without Landau, Dru is just not the same She's just not the Drusilla we have known for all these years. Still, the artwork remains consistently good with characters that look like the original cast members with the exception of one cameo at the end who looks nothing at all like her TV counterpart. The stories seem like they could definitely have been part of the original Wedon ouvre and there's still plenty of monsters, magic and mayhem to keep us hardcore fans entertained.

Dec 30, Jonathan Coulombe rated it really liked it Shelves: Angel and Faith is a great series in my opinion. I feel a sense of continuity throughout the different trades. In Daddy issues, we get two family reunions: Drusilla with Angel, the vampire who sired him, and Faith and her dad. The story if really good, but not the best I've read from Angel.

Playing with Drusilla's craziness was an awesome way to turn the character around, but it also Angel and Faith is a great series in my opinion. Playing with Drusilla's craziness was an awesome way to turn the character around, but it also made her less alike her tv counterpart when I read her throughout the title, it just didn't sound like Landau's amazing play.

In the same line, Faith reactions towards her father didn't feel realistic at all. It is one thing that she constantly get back into the same problem with the people she loves, but the way she just ran into his arms and the few pages following this just felt too much out of character for her. On the other good sides though, the demon of this title was sooooo cool, from its design to its powers and the way it was relevent to the full story. Plus, we got to see flashbacks from Giles younger self! The one shot was also really good with a bit of comic relief vibe in it.

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