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I know what you mean about saying oh instead of zero when giving out phone numbers. I bet phone numbers with two zeros together are more memorable when said as double oh because of the Bond connection. Similar in Poland - zero zero siedem zero zero seven. However it's probably because in our language Double-O Seven would sound strange It's been covered by many folks - my favorite version is by the California ska band Mento Buru. Thanks for reminding me.

A very popular song which, as you say, would have helped spread the O-O-Seven meme. All their codes numbers begin the the Or do you mean why did Fleming come up with when creating James Bond? According to Ian Fleming, British naval intelligence signals during WW2 were marked with the double-0 prefix.

Agent Double O Soul

The code stuck with Fleming, who used it for Bond. For example, Elizabeth I's astrologer and spy John Dee is said to have signed his communications with a symbol that looks like 'OO7', ie the OO - the secret eyes of the queen - framed by a seven-like mark. But these seem implausible to me. Here in Brazil we are used to speak zero zero seven. Further, I think that last expression make the agent name be worldwide known, as every country can pronounce the numbers instead of letters according to their alphabets and languages.

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Thanks for your comment. That's a good point - 'double O seven is more like a name than a number, which probably makes it so memorable and spreadable in different cultures. Edward, I think she was saying just the very opposite, that saying "zero zero seven" was more spreadable in different languages, because every country has the word 'zero' in their language to refer to the number, but not the word 'O'. Saying 'Oh' to call the number zero is only used in English I think.

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However, I think 'Double O seven' sounds a bit better than the rest of the names in English. In Spain they went to say 'Cero cero siete' Zero zero seven in almost every film, and I can only recall 'Doble cero siete' Double zero seven being used very few times in some of the oldest films. However, when referring to the '00' agents group, they say 'los doble cero' the double zeros.

As I was trawling through the archive of the Daily Express , I stumbled on an interesting article from the edition dated 14th September It was interesting not so much for its content — alas I didn't make a note of what it was about — but rather its headline: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 10 December , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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  6. James Bond is the only agent In the novel You Only Live Twice , Bond was transferred into another branch and given the number , suggesting there was no active agent in that time; he is later reinstated as in the novel The Man with the Golden Gun. In the novel Moonraker , called "Bill" by Bond is mentioned as being on recuperative leave after returning from a mission behind the Iron Curtain.

    Referred to in the novel Thunderball , Referred to in the movie Octopussy. Mentioned in the novel Moonraker as vanishing while on assignment in Singapore.

    JAMES BOND MEMES: Double-O-Seven or O-O-Seven?

    A appears in the Benson novel The Facts of Death. Was until defective eyesight impaired his marksmanship, and he was made head of Station G Greece in the Kingsley Amis novel Colonel Sun. In The Moneypenny Diaries: In the John Gardner novels, agent is the remaining active agent as the section was disbanded in the s. This was later contradicted in the Raymond Benson novels. Although unmentioned on screen, Benson's The World Is Not Enough novelisation has Bond investigating 's death at story's start seen in a photograph of a dark-haired man, in the film. A first appears in Thunderball.

    He is shot through the neck and killed by Francisco Scaramanga , in Beirut , Lebanon, in film version: The Man with the Golden Gun He is found dead, in Siberia , in A View to a Kill. In Goldfinger M threatens to replace with agent Later in the film, Bond tells Auric Goldfinger , " Mischka and Grischka kill him dressed as a clown after the opening credits in Octopussy by throwing a knife into his back as he tries to escape them.

    Found by shot and bleeding to death at the beginning of Skyfall Bond attempts to stabilise Ronson, but is forced by M to leave him unattended.

    Assists Bond in the pursuit and attempted capture of mercenary Patrice who was in possession of a sensitive list of active NATO agent names at the beginning of Skyfall and shoots Bond by mistake. She later takes a desk job as M 's personal assistant since she had been suspended from active duty for 'killing' James Bond. Main antagonist in the film Skyfall. Raoul Silva is presumed to have formerly been a 00 agent, preceding James Bond as M 's "favourite" agent.

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    8. An agent killed during the pre-title sequence of Live and Let Die. Another agent killed during the pre-title sequence of Live and Let Die. He was stabbed by an unnamed assassin in New Orleans. Third agent killed during Live and Let Die' s pre-title sequence. Bond is dismayed to hear of Baines's death as he "rather liked Baines" and they "shared the same bootmaker".

      Agent Double-O-Goof/Egg-xasperating!

      In the GoldenEye video game, on the Silo mission briefing, Q mentions to to "remember to treat the timed explosives with respect — you remember what happened to in Beirut"; it is unclear whether he speaks of another agent or one of the ones in the EON films.

      In the video game James Bond , gives Bond an exploding pen before dying. A former agent featured in GoldenEye: He was shot in the right eye, and was dismissed by MI6 for "reckless brutality". He joined up with Auric Goldfinger against the shooter, Dr. Julius No , and eventually received a gold-hued artificial eye as a replacement, which granted him several hidden abilities. After killing both Goldfinger and Dr. No, he becomes Ernst Stavro Blofeld 's personal bodyguard. The game takes place in an alternate universe [ citation needed ].

      In early , there were rumours about a part Netflix series starring Mehzeb Chowdhury as agent Cyrus Varten. This was revealed to be a social experiment conducted by Mehzeb himself to gauge the audiences' reaction towards an extended Bond universe. Thorne is revealed to be a double agent for China. Agent York is a 00 agent but his number isn't revealed. A recurring character in the Daily Express comic strip series of the s and s, Suzi Kew is a 00 agent but her number is not revealed.

      Portrayed by Peter Sellers. One of several MI6 agents given Bond's name and code number in a bid to confuse enemies in Casino Royale Portrayed by Ursula Andress. Daughter of Bond's retired secretary, with the same name as her mother.