Why Dont They Call Me? Job Search Wisdom to Get You Unstuck

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  1. 2. If You Want to Fall in Love With Your Current Job
  2. What do you when you are stuck in the wrong career and can't find a better one?
  3. 4 Unusual Situational Questions
  4. Law of Attraction: 4 Nuggets of Wisdom to Get You Unstuck

The best way to answer this question is to be honest about one of your shortcomings , but add you are willing to do whatever it takes to learn the necessary skills to do the job. It would be even better if you could give them an example from a prior job of how you already did this. Also, I'm not sure I like being asked why I might fall short personally. In rare cases, they may expect you to do something that would compromise your values or principles. Always probe to find out what they mean by personally. Give me an example of a time when you have been fearful and how you coped.

This question is very similar to your first question and I believe you'll find your answer by studying the situational interview questions.

2. If You Want to Fall in Love With Your Current Job

Any time you are asked a question that doesn't apply to you, it's OK to rephrase the question in your own words, then answer your own question. For example, I don't like the word fearful in this question. So, I might respond by saying, I can't honestly say that I've ever been fearful during one of my jobs, but I've felt insecure, concerned, worried about declining economy, poor quality of product or service, lay offs. Be sure to explain how you coped with one of these issues and successfully worked through it.

Also, it would be inappropriate for a company to probe into your personal fears, family issues, or other non work related situations. If a company goes there, it's a big red flag and you probably would be unhappy working there. What experience do you have working in a potentially insecure environment? It's unlikely any company would ask this question, but perhaps in your country there may be security concerns or other dangers to consider.

Whenever you are asked an uncomfortable or vague question, ask your interviewer to please clarify. What do you mean by insecure? Insecure could mean a lot of things You must know exactly what they mean by insecure before you answer this question. Lastly and most importantly You are in the driver's seat in any interview. The purpose of an interview is to determine whether or not this job opportunity is the right fit for you. Losing the weight will not feel as hard. So, carefully consider how you may be benefiting from your current situation—I assure you there is some benefit, some way you are being protected.

Then you can begin shifting that energy, and start seeing changes quite quickly. Regardless of the exact reason, at the root is a fear of some kind, and fear is an extremely powerful blocker of manifestations. It is really hard to let something in if there is a relatively strong belief getting it would be bad somehow. So, think about the things you want, and ask yourself whether you think getting this thing would be problematic for you in some way.

It might be a good idea to actually write down what comes up so you have something concrete to examine. Are you afraid how your blue collar family would view you if you became very successful financially? Would you be worried they would always come to you for money? If you fully move into your awesomeness, do you think you will evolve past all your friends, or you would no longer be a match to your partner, leaving you alone?

Are you afraid of the responsibility that would come with that more prestigious job, or running your own business? Do you fear the increased risk of criticism you may face as more people become familiar with your work? Are you scared that husband and kids you want so much would interfere with your career ambitions, or are you afraid your career ambitions would cause problems in your family life?

What do you when you are stuck in the wrong career and can't find a better one?

Remember LOA is not about just thinking happy thoughts and ignoring all the yuck—if the yuck is really powerful, it needs to be dealt with directly. I think a lot of people develop a fear of acknowledging blocks, and bad feelings ,when they start working with attraction consciously, because of all the emphasis on thinking positively and feeling good. And yes, that is where we want to be as much as we can, but getting into that space genuinely often entails some deliberate effort at clearing out what is dragging us down.

That is why it seems so hard. The powerful creator within is buried underneath an avalanche of crap that has been existing for years and years. It can take a bit to trust the process fully. There are fears and beliefs that need to be addressed. As your vibration raises, more good will come into your life, and as this begins to happen, attraction will become easier. Keep feeding your mind information about LOA that makes you feel good and helps you understand it better.

You have so much power, and as you keep up your efforts, you will access more and more of it. What did you think of this post?

4 Unusual Situational Questions

Did you see any of your own experience in what I wrote? What part did you find the most helpful? What tips would you give others to help them when they are feeling a bit stuck or overwhelmed by their challenges? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts so we can have a chat. I always figured that my biggest nightmares were my biggest catalysts too. Smart points all around! Because crazy negative manifestations both give us contrast and also alert us to what needs to change.

For years I ignored my debts. After beginning to pay off my debts I felt such an amazing shift in energy. The dingbatish thing to do was ignore it; I did, and not only played the role of dingbat to the level of getting an Academy Award, I received all the nice trimmings that come with being foolish, including some tough money times. I dealt with the problems, and instantly, I got unstuck because I finally did what needed to be done to clean up my vibe and to align with what I was really wanting. Hi Ryan Thanks for sharing your comment. I think a lot of people can relate to your experience of ignoring things, hoping they will just go away.

It is fascinating what we convince ourselves of just to provide a little relief! Like you said, when we begin to see what is happening, take the appropriate actions, things make a big shift energetically, aligning us with a whole different, and much preferred reality. Wow, Kelli … perfectly timed post for me. Things have been going up and down as far as my vibration, and I have been feeling really discouraged. Infinite gratitude something to feel great about! Relieved to know all is not lost … just have to focus and reset my direction! Hi Thank you so much, I am so glad you found it helpful and it really contained information that was applicable to your life.

The more we examine ourselves, and the more we learn about LOA, the easier it becomes to analyze what is happening with us. And, from there we can make so many great changes because we know what to work on specifically, or why something was happening and what to do to shift gears. Nothing is ever lost! I know how you feel though…this work can be challenging at times. One of the things I want is a lot of money. Not just enough to quit my job, but enough to do whatever I want whenever I want and enough money to help a lot of people in need.

I noticed one of my fears revolved around family members asking for money. Now some family members I would lovingly give whatever they needed because they have always been there for me. At first I blocked these thoughts out because they felt bad, but they kept popping up over and over, so I decided to explore it. Those feelings pop up to show us that there is still more to do before we get to where we want to go.

In fact, if we learn to catch it at the thought, maybe we could avoid A LOT of those big, nasty manifestations.

Hey Summer Thank you for sharing this.. I really enjoyed reading it. Like you said, when something keeps popping up, we need to take a look at it because that means it is something strong. I like what you said about it boiling down to gaining more trust in the process…that is a sticking point for most of us. Even the most masterful manifestor probably has moments like.. This is all I have to do to get awesome stuff? I am glad you mentioned setting that intention, then experiencing situations that gave you the opportunity to make that decision you would not be taken advantage of.

I have found that to happen with me as well. I suppose that to actually make changes and new decisions, we need to experience things that will give us some practice being this new way. Thanks again, Kelli, for getting me thinking and I bookmarked this so I could ponder it again. Very timely for me. I do know that all of our challenges are our teachers but I needed to hear it again and I am looking for that saboteur, the little bugger! Thanks for the encouragement and insight!

Hi Jennifer Thanks so much, I am so glad you liked it, and want to revisit for further reading! We all need that reminder sometimes I think as we could happily do without those challenges! I love that analogy, and I think that can be a great way to describe how we feel when something bigger is happening. I actually feel like I just got unstuck in a very good life way.

That has been a particular saboteur that I recently discovered during my meditations. Once I recognized that, and shifted my mindset to focus on the value I was providing with my services, I was able to finally earn as much in 1 month from freelancing as I did at my corporate job. And this is just the beginning.

"Peanut: Can you hear me now?"

Hey Mandie I have been there with the writing thing, so I know how that feels. I have found a couple of things to be helpful. The first is to not try and force myself to sit down and write at any specific time—I know that works for some people, but not for me. Even if I am the one telling myself what to do, I feel a lot of resistance to it! When I tell myself that I will think of something to write, and I will get it done in time, things usually come together quite nicely.

If you are feeling stuck for ideas specifically, I have found asking myself to come up with a blog post idea upon waking up from a nap or going to bed at night works a lot-not every time, but often.

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That is a fascinating insight because I think that is a block for a lot of us. Sure, there are lots of people who truly love their work, but we consider them to be in a very small minority, and it is just kind of drilled into us that work is supposed to be something you do to get paid. You are supposed to complain about everything, hate your boss, blah, blah, blah.

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To achieve that result, you must have made a really big shift.. It is pretty interesting how our mind works sometimes, huh? Thanks for sharing your experience.. I think that will inspire a lot of people. This post really hit home. Especially, when you said we can repel the things that we really want because of fear.

I have experienced both of these things. I have been working on just feeling good like you said to do. I have been doing my best to change this mindset. It has been challenging but I am so determined. I would always feel bad as a result of this mindset and a lot of things would not work out for me. I now know it was because of this mindset and the feelings behind it.

Law of Attraction: 4 Nuggets of Wisdom to Get You Unstuck

I have been feeling much better these days! Thanks for sharing this with us! I really love reading your blog posts because they are extremely well written and helpful.