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  2. Download e-book for kindle: Who’s Who in Fluorescence 2004 by Chris D. Geddes, Joseph R. Lakowicz
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Plant molecular biology labfax edited by R. Lakowicz I also find that WWIF is a very useful tool for checking the research profiles of authors of papers that I read. I would hope that contributors for WWIF would make a small extra effort to include both, as it will further enhance this very useful resource. I would also encourage more people to submit profiles and keep the details up to date so that this can become a standard desktop reference for all of us in the global fluorescence community.

I must apologise for my own contact details not being fully up to date in WWIF I moved laboratories and departments just after I had submitted my entry. As someone who has not been to all that many fluorescence conferences I can find it frustrating trying to find or recognise researchers who I would like to talk to. For at long last there is a single source with photos and brief details for a good cross section of the global fluorescence community.

I also feel that WWIF will be especially useful to postgraduate students who can use WWIF to help them identify other researchers in their field.

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Review of Chris Allen, Islamophobia. Theory and Practice, edited by R. Molecular to Global Photosynthesis.

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  • Who's Who in Fluorescence 2004.
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Edited by Mary D. Archer and James Barber. Edited by Joseph Hacker and Adam Shear. Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine. Lasers and current optical techniques in biology, edited by Giuseppe Palumbo and Ricardo Pratesi.

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Biomaterials Science, edited by B. Fluorescence anisotropy in sol-gels — microviscosities or growing silica nanoparticles offering a new approach to sol-gel structure elucidation? Interpretation in terms of self-assembled nanoparticles, Geddes, C. B, , 15 , pdf. Gated sampling can reveal initial sol formation kinetics, Geddes, C. Nanoparticle metrology in sol-gels using multiphoton excited fluorescence anisotropy decay, Karolin, J.

Download e-book for kindle: Who’s Who in Fluorescence 2004 by Chris D. Geddes, Joseph R. Lakowicz

Fluorescent indolium dyes for applications in aqueous halide sensing — part 2: The repeated alkylation of Harmane post quaternisation, Geddes, C. Chloride sensitive fluorescent indicators, Geddes, C.

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Biochem, , 1 , pdf. Chemical, , 72 2 , pdf.

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Chloride sensitive probes for biological applications, Geddes, C. Optical halide sensing using fluorescence quenching: Theory, simulations and applications — A review, Geddes, C.

Multi-photon excited fluorescence particle sizing: A Halide sensor based on the quenching of fluorescence of an immobilised indolium salt, Geddes, C. Chemistry, , , pdf. Sol-gel particle growth studied using fluorescence anisotropy: An alternative to scattering techniques, Birch, D. Optical thin film polymeric sensors for the determination of aqueous chloride, bromide and iodide ions at high pH, based on the quenching of fluorescence of two acridinium dyes, Geddes, C.

Fluorescence metrology of silica sol-gels: Nanometre resolution of silica hydrogel formation using time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy, Geddes, C. Cluster dynamics, growth and syneresis during silica hydrogel polymerisation, Birch, D. Letts, , , pdf. Fluorescent dyes bound to hydrophilic copolymers - Applications for aqueous halide sensing, Geddes, C.

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