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  4. 9 Addictive and Mysterious Tv Shows Like 'the Vampire Diaries'

Caroline can barely keep herself from groaning in sexual frustration. Caught between a rock and a hard place, the vampire is left to wage a war with the rational and purely sex-driven parts of her brain. On one hand, she wants to pin her best friend to the bed and suck and fuck her until neither of them can see or walk straight, but on the other hand she doesn't—she can't—risk it. Regardless of her impeccable control, this is Elena.

This isn't some faceless nobody. This is one of her closest friends. Caroline whines in irritable defeat. I know you can stop. Maybe Caroline should've asked how and why Elena knew about the pleasure of biting mixed in with sex, but right now, her libido is doing all of the thinking for her.

She merely whimpers again, her fingernails digging lightly into Elena's generous backside. Her eyes flit to the offered portion of the brunette's neck once more, and gods fucking damn it, she can already feel her gums aching to taste. The moment that she's sure Elena isn't Punk ing her or something equally cruel , Caroline starts to hone in on the possibility of sinking her teeth in her human friend's delicious olive skin.

Her jaw begins to tick with pleasurable pain as she imagines it—the sweet rush of warm, fresh blood down her throat, of a writhing and sweating Elena on her lap, completely and utterly at her disposable. At once, Caroline's lips are on Elena's neck again, kissing and sucking and nibbling. Her fangs are beginning to emerge, but she takes her sweet time at first. She wants this to be as pleasurable for Elena as it will be for her.

That's enough of a reassurance as Caroline needs as she nips and draws her teeth over the sensitive flesh of Elena's neck. She knows she's leaving marks and that, unlike the love bites that Caroline had received, Elena's wouldn't disappear… but that makes it all the more erotic. A rumble of delight fumbles in the back of the blonde's throat as her tongue flicks over the left side of her partner's neck.

Elena's entire body vibrates as Caroline seeks to draw her first bite out as long as possible. Her teeth—her fangs—are ghosting over the welcome bare throat that has been promised to her, and Caroline moans throatily as her lips draw back in anticipation of the taste. She wishes she could hold out longer, but a sudden rush of blood thumps through the pulse of Elena's neck, and the young vampire is gone. Effectively flipping Elena onto her back in one shift motion, Caroline drapes her legs on either side of her long-time friend's hips.

Then, barely a heartbeat later, she gives into the desire to bite and to feed. Melting into Elena's quivering, naked body, the sound that bubbles at the base of her own throat nearly sends Caroline over the edge. She hums against Elena's throat as her arms seek to scoop her up and caress her just behind her shoulder blades. It's only after she's downed her first mouthful of blood that Caroline has even realized that Elena's somehow wedged her knee between Caroline's legs. Rolling her hips against it, Caroline is careful not to further damage Elena's skin as she laps delicately at it.

The sinful noises of satisfaction that Caroline is making are sending all sorts of divine vibrations throughout Elena's awareness, and the sensation of the supernatural connection forged between them from the bite nearly has both girls coming apart at the seams. Below her, Elena's working hand is beginning to become frantic—a pace that works in perfect harmony with the way that Caroline is moving herself against Elena's knee and lower thigh.

Another profound drink of that sweet, liquid warmth and of that blood-connection induced sensory overload, and Elena's finished. The gore, betrayal, romance, wolves, mythical creatures, vampires, and intriguing drama cements this show as one of the best supernatural dramas to ever air on HBO.

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However, some fans debate about the ending. If you're one of the critics, you can check out this article on ideas to improve the series finale.

All of the shows on this list fit into the category of supernatural drama. These shows are typically character-driven and focus on the relationships the characters have with each other. This is done in an environment where being like vampires, ghosts, and other supernatural beings are present. It is not uncommon for the protagonists to be one of these beings themselves. The genre arguably got its start with the soap opera Dark Shadows , which aired from to It featured many elements from horror films as well as some sci-fi elements.

The most iconic example of the genre is Buffy the Vampire Slayer , which still inspires many new series today. The past decade has seen the genre rise in popularity as it has merged with the teen drama and has gained an audience of young adults. It has been running for over 10 seasons and Supernatural is still going strong! That says a lot about it. Simply put, this show so damn good and addicting. It only gets weirder as the show progresses. From demons, ghosts, and vampires to gods that roam around—they have fought them all, and there are more lurking around.

If you're looking to get a taste of this series, I recommend checking out this list of the 20 best Supernatural episodes to get an idea of what the show is about. Nevertheless, there are two whole seasons for you to burn through if you love vamp TV. I'd urge you to not judge it before you give it a shot.

In fact, any adult who is into the supernatural genre will love it. This is a masterpiece that must be brought back from the dead! A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living in the same house? They try to live a normal life despite being non-humans, but things always go haywire. Every day in their lives is a new adventure as they learn that living together probably wasn't a good idea. You can either go with the original UK version or the US remake. Give both versions a go for the first few episodes and see what you like. Putting aside its misguided title, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an incredible show.

What began as a mid-season replacement soon became a hit amongst the audience, securing a huge fan base and tons of merchandising. The plot revolves around a girl who is destined to slay demons and vampires. She alone battles and relieves the world of evil creatures. Surprisingly, fighting vampires is only a small part of what this show is about.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood

With some daring and intriguing narratives and some terrific character development, this show is definitely one of the best vampire serials. It should be noted that the relationship between Buffy and her mom has earned this show a spot on the list of TV shows that mom and daughters should watch together. I strongly recommend this show to everyone who loves mystery shows like TVP and Lost where things are revealed pretty slowly. I strongly suggest that you watch this series from the very beginning.

Give the first couple of episodes a shot and see if you like it. From the cast, to the plot, to the character development, everything was top-notch. It was great to see the character Angel change throughout the show.

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The biggest criticism this show received was that it was a spin-off. The idea was that a spin-off show couldn't be good. Give it a chance and see it for yourself. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. My favorite is secret circle.

I watched vampire diaries but did not find it that interesting! You forgot to include my favorite supernatural show that got me watching the rest of them I don't think any series will be as good as the vampire diaries it would be impossible to make a show that good again they can try but how many series have been cancelled loads no series will be able to top the vampire diaries. I honestly love all those shows vampire diaries first then the teen wolf which seasons one and two are classic and then the rest of the shows were really good but those are my two favorites.

I need help crying so much finished wolfblood andteen wolf cant find any that r like them 4 wolfblood i only liked season 1 and 2. There are other shows too like shadow hunters,stranger things and American horror story there amazing. My heart literally broke when I finished watching The Vampire Diaries.. I hate watching series because this always happens.

9 Addictive and Mysterious Tv Shows Like 'the Vampire Diaries' | ReelRundown

I live 4 Vampire Diaries! Those are the best series ever watch them and yall gona thank me after it. U wont regreat it trust me. And ive read some comments that its hard to find all seasong of series movies Well then i sugest this site, I searched and searched for The secret circles second season!

It was canceled before they made it! I'm so mad this article got my hopes up! The secret circle had sooo much potential, so much! I love vampire diaries and originals basically my life. I found the secret circle after I was done with those and let me just say I should not have watched the episodes so fast because now it's over and I'll never get to watch it again. Teen wolf is the best show I ever watched in my life and Vampire Diaries because it has a lot of werewolves and vampires,witches ,demons, and other supernatural things.

I can say that for the whole seasons, there is no boring episode. Thumbs Up for this! I would suggest not skipping seasons of Supernatural because each season builds on the previous. Overall it's a great show. It can be a little daunting to try to catch up it's almost done with the 12 season but it's worth it. Ok, so the Vampire Diaries ended and I'm looking for new shows to look at that relates to the Vampire Diaries but has to be on netflix, anyone got any ideas? Some of these are actually similar. Genuine skill is required to balance the Eros and Thanatos elements with a rollicking good yarn.

Vampire books live or die or undie on the strength of the world building within their pages. The Twilight Saga takes a lot of flak, deservedly. Just like a regular boy, only nice. There is some inevitably icky stuff surrounding his undead status, but that usually revolves around other vampires, not the nice Dr. Cullen and his family.

When the shit hits the fan, Bella usually just closes her eyes and lets Edward and Co deal with it. Nonetheless, Twilight is a page-turner in that the reader keeps turning the pages eager for something gory to happen. The possibilities are there. Twilight woulda coulda shoulda been a trilogy. Bella gets her HEA, Jacob runs out into the woods in wolf form, never to return, his humanity and his love eclipsed by Edward.

So far, so Wuthering Heights. After thousands of pages of repressed desire, Edward and Bella finally get to have sex. Like it or not, the Twilight Saga has shaped a generation of readers. They also create an insatiable lust for more vampire stories. Despite her noble intent to promote abstinence, Meyer may only have succeeded in turning her young readers on to the exciting possibilities of monster sex.

9 Addictive and Mysterious Tv Shows Like 'the Vampire Diaries'

Hamilton started churning out her Anita Blake books in Anita is an animator who raises the dead on a pay-per-corpse basis, usually to ask them about a disputed will or an unsolved crime. Anita investigates dead vampires and arrests bloodsucking suspects. Unlike Bella, the aggressively flawed Anita goes all the way with a whole variety of supernatural lovers, often with several at once.

Her epic fucks are far from zipless, bringing a whole range of emotional entanglements and dilemmas that have so far propelled her through 21 volumes. Although Anita is hot-tempered, hypocritical, stuck with some appalling 90s fashion choices, and inordinately proud — like Buffy — of her beeper, she makes an engaging anti-hero, flaws and all.

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Ward is the urban fantasy nom-de-plume of Jessica Bird, erstwhile Silhouette romance writer of titles like Leaping Hearts and An Irresistible Bachelor. Bird has always confessed to a fascination with alpha males, and with the priapic vampire Brotherhood she certainly gets her pheromonal overload on, as well as revealing a delicious dark side. Lessers begin as human beings, usually weaselly, molesting types, and are recruited by the sinister Mr. Once initiated into the Lessening Society, Lessers are immortal, and over time their natural human coloring fades to albino. They take orders from The Omega, a non-temporal being whose dirty tricks arsenal makes Voldemort look like a UN delegate.

Over nine volumes to date, Ward has introduced a vampire pantheon headed up by the Scribe Virgin , a fallen angel, human-vampire half-breeds, mating rituals, centuries-old curses, Sympaths, as well as the ever-present threat of the Lessening Society. Hamilton and Ward are just two of many authors writing within this sub-genre.

Suggest your favorites below. The vampire bandwagon shows no sign of losing momentum. Any text that explores Eros-Thanatos is guaranteed to thrill, especially if it grabs at your groin and your gut with equal vigor, and manages to tickle your brain as well. Karina Wilson is a British writer based in Los Angeles. As a screenwriter and story consultant she tends to specialize in horror movies and romcoms it's all genre, right?