The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (without Cross-References)

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Learn more about Amazon Prime. Read more Read less. Prime Book Box for Kids. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Customers who bought this item also bought. Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Perhaps the best Quran English translation. It is clear, easy to read, and very faithful to the Arabic original. ESV Bibles by Crossway. Experience God's love for you daily with devotions and passionate prayers inspired by the Song of Songs from The Passion Translation.

Crossway Bibles January 1, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. The Orthodox Study Bible, Hardcover: Ancient Christianity Speaks to Today's World. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology. Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version

Perfect gift for history lovers! Offering new dimensions of insight to Bible passages with behind-the-scenes tour into the ancient world. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention easy to read single column journaling bible large print highly recommend standard version english standard king james esv translation great bible study bible carry around red letter new testament love this bible font size gods word pages are thin genuine leather perfect size.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I'm struck by the sweet, old-fashioned look of this Bible. Like a classic book, the cover is cloth-covered board. It's smaller than a "regular" Bible see pictures- I added a quarter for perspective. The smaller size keeps the weight down, but look at the pictures to be certain the print is not too small for your comfort. This is not a study Bible.

There's a few introductory pages at the front of the book. The back of the book includes an explanation of salvation, a short synopsis of every book of the Bible, and a one year reading plan. This Bible as the title suggests is designed for journaling. Each page features two columns of scripture accompanied by a column for writing or art.

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The lines are faint I had to get pretty close to try to capture them with the camera. They are small, narrow lines. I appreciate the faintness of the lines for the pages where I want to add artwork instead of just notes. The pages are still traditional-Bible-thin. I wouldn't paint without some kind of gesso my opinion, your mileage may vary. You'll still need to consider carefully the mediums pens, highlighters, etc. I appreciate the cardboard slipcover. I feel like it would keep my journaling Bible safe in a tote bag if I wanted to be outside or on the road with it.

Overall, it's simply charming. I feel inspired to start reading right away. I love this bible. It may be the most beautiful book I've ever owned. The pages are surprisingly strong enough for my very wet water color painting. I place a piece of card stock behind the page I'm working on so that the moisture doesn't seep through to the other pages. I'm so very pleased with this bible, it's very well made and will last through the generations as I plan to pass this down to my children. I look forward to buying another Crossway journaling bible once I fill this one up.

This has been such a great way for me to get the word into my spirit, I'm excited for what our Poppa God will show me through this form of worship. Absolutely LOVE this bible! Perfect for illustrating in: Like the other reviewers have said, the font is small, but not that small. I wish the pages were bigger so the book could be thinner. I like the moleskeine-ness of this bible. The pages hold up well to paint and matte medium. A good story about love and faith and why your mother-in-law is not as cool as Naomi. Since they're telling a story together, they get reviewed together.

There are a lot of things about these books that are cool, but there's so much packed into them that it gets a little dead after a while. Like the bad sequel to the books of Kings. The difference is in the writing of them, that I think Kings was written when the Israelites still had the temple and these were written after its destruction, or the other way 'round. Either or, the measurements for the temple get dry really quickly, and having the four books refer to each other all the time is kind of like reading a whole chunk of "The Cat Who" series; you're pretty sure you've already read each one.

Some gems buried within, though, like Joash in 2 Chronicles ish; you just have to dig for them. King Cyrus decides that enslaving the Jews is getting old, so he allows some of them to head back home and rebuild the temple that got Hulk-smashed some years earlier. It would be exciting, perhaps, if it was not a carpenter's list of materials and a priest's list of names--added because we all need to know what schmucks married outside the bloodline, bad Hebrews!

Also, Ezra himself doesn't come in until ch. Also, no one likes Nebuchadnezzar, even though his name rocks. Really, just read 6: Ezra gets more screen time in this than his own friggin' book, which is silly. Not cool to switch all the time, guys. Whoever thinks the Bible is filled with women-hating chauvinists is so very wrong. It only has some women-hating chauvinists. Esther is beautiful, tricksy, and Jewish, which can happen.

She saves her people and a guy named Haman gets hanged on his own scaffold and it's just generally an awesome book.

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (without Cross-References) - OHFB

Also, love the name Mordecai. My favorite book of the Bible when I was a kid, which says something about what kind of kid I was. This is kind of an introduction into How Not To Be In Friendship, because Job's friends are the suck and his life is the suck and it's never really clear what God is up to, anyway, because all-powerful but gambling with people because Satan challenged? I like the psalms, because once you get past the fact that they talk about things I don't so much have to worry about, like enemies slicing off my head or setting fire to me tower or something well, at least I don't have to worry about that exactly , it's a whole book of someone complaining, rejoicing, and being very human.

I can totally relate to it, and that's always good in a book.

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Not great to just waltz through, though; take your time with this one. Filled with great wisdom and wonderful one-liners, but it's a bit like reading a giant batch of fortune cookies with no coherent connections. Sorry, Solly, your dad was a better writer. Even if you are much smarter. Sure, there's a ton of good wisdom in the scant 12 chapters, but it's depressing as hell. Because all is vanity, it keeps saying. And wisdom is wonderful. And all is vanity. This is the bowchickabowwow of the Bible, and it's really sad it doesn't get more press these days.

So many verses about Solomon's girlfriend's breasts. Because Christianity is, in fact, full of sexy sexy foxes. Also, this is just really good love poetry, aside from the innuendos. Here we have the "my beloved is mine, and I am his" bit. You're much better at love poetry than proverbs, Solomon; way to go. Isaiah is sometimes called the mini-Bible, because it has NT and OT themes and it's 66 books and I suppose theologians just like comparisons. It is long, and at times many times I had no freaking idea what was going on, but there are some really great passages in here.

The beginning puts Isaiah at the top of the list for Best Doomsday Preachers Evar, and I'm pretty sure he was part of the invention of fire and brimstone sermons. The rest I have a bit of trouble with because, you see, I've sung some stuff by this one dude named Handel , which has forever destroyed my ability to read a good chunk of this book without humming along.

Very foundational and lovely, but I'm glad to get toward the minor prophets. Really freaking long chapters! I like the premise of this book, how God finally says, "For serious? I'm so over you guys being crap. Babylon can have you. I'll knock them over later, but for right now, they can own your asses and burn your temple. I bet this is beautiful poetry in Hebrew, because it's pretty beautiful and heart-breaking poetry in English. A city has fallen, been broken, become utterly desolate; there's a lot of resonance with some of the Psalms here, actually, about loss and pain.

Hence why I am not a counselor. I don't really understand this book; it starts out like Jeremiah, with the gloom and doom on Israel for being arrogant fools. But then there are beautiful extended metaphors for the love of God, an episode with zombies dem bones dem bones Minus a few stars for lack of narrative connection, but some really beautiful writing in here.

Also, it would seriously suck to be Ezekiel. This is such a strange little book; the first half is the stories that always get hashed up for kids, like the lions' den and the gold statue and the writing on the wall I don't understand how people choose Bible stories for kids. The second half, though, is like Revelation: The Prequel starring Gabriel, the Chatty One. A very good book, but not a cursory read. The first of the four Gospels telling the life of Jesus; very concerned with showing how Jesus fulfilled all kinds of prophecies.

A lot of the children's Bible stories we bandy about come from this one. Sort of the Jesus as action figure Gospel, with a lot of emphasis on the miracles and last week of the Christ. This is the historical, matter-of-fact Gospel. Feels very close to Matthew, although it is written on the same timeline as Mark. We get a lot of our popular parables, like the Prodigal Son, from this one. John, I feel, was the Zen pothead of the disciples. He's very interesed in the universal themes of Jesus's time on Earth, and not so much with what was going on day-to-day.

The most theologically based of the four Gospels with a whole lot of effort in showing you the importance of Christ being who he was.

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  • Paul is introduced and the rest of the New Testament can get under way. We also have the beginning of the church as a body with the speaking in tongues and all much cooler here than in the modern Pentecostal church, I'd think. Though it's interesting, it becomes a predictable plot device.

    This is Paul's letter of everything he thinks the Romans need to know before he heads that way. Plenty of things to put on your coffee cup, but you'll have to drink the coffee before you really understand what they mean. Five stars plus a disclaimer: But yes, this is a lot of foundational stuff and Paul definitely isn't boring.

    I wouldn't have minded being his pen pal. This was one of the letters that's totally a letter; Paul is explaining himself to his friends that he's corresponding with, and it's pretty cool to remember that Paul was a person with frustrations and joys and all that sort of thing, rather than just a Church Father Important Dude. Yay for short letters! Only six chapters, and it's another Paul-as-a-person letter.

    Like it, but it's not my favorite. This is where a lot of people get verses they like to quote out of context, like the wives to husbands bit and children to parents and bearing with one another in love. It's nice to read where all of that comes from and how it actually was intended to work. Very short, very much a glimpse of Paul as pastor, just trying to tell people he loves to stop being morons. Also very short, with great thoughts on what being remade means. Very good to read as a "stay the course" pep talk, in a way.

    Apparently this wasn't that earth-shattering, as I didn't remember finishing it until I flipped to the NT and saw that my bookmark was at the end. It does house one of the first verses I ever memorized, though Thess. I'm a bit of an underachiever sometimes. It would have gotten three stars, but chapter 3 is pretty awesome.

    Here's a summary for you: All the Antichrist, half the dazed aftereffect! Get off your lazy ass and work, guys, this ain't no Cluniac monastery , you know. Ah, your brevity is inspiring, Paul. Here, writing to his BFF Timothy, Paul lays out some seriously useful rules about what church elders should be, and says some great things about what it means to stay in the faith and deal with the faithful around you when the going gets tough. Deal with it, Paul. Also, there are reminders to bring the cloak he forgot in BFE when he visits, and to say hi to Aunt Janie for him, and to tell Jeffrey to STFU when he's talking about what preaching is--I mean, there are some good things in the scanty four chapters, but it's really quite personal correspondence, even if Paul did intend it for some sort of publication.

    Dear Titus, Because I love you as a son, I left you in Crete, even though we both know Cretans are worthless idiots--so much so that their name will become an insult that only the overeducated will ever use properly. Also, I've given you the task of telling everyone how they should act, which should make you incredibly popular.

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    Love and hugs, Paul. I think this is the shortest book in the Bible being only half a page long and I have no real idea why it's in there, because it's mainly about how cool Philemon is and how he should take care of this Onesimus guy that Paul has picked up along the way. I mean, perhaps it's a lesson in friendship, or maybe guardianship, or something, but it's kind of A slow start, but then, I'm not the intended audience.

    This is the letter in which all is explained to the Jews why this one Jewish Dude is cooler than all other Jewish dudes, and here are the fundamental bits of practice you need to know now. Not being Jewish and already knowing most of the fundamental bits, it was a tad tedious at first, but it's good to see a lot of the "rules" in one place, clearly explained.

    This letter can feel a little restricting sometimes, but that's probably an indication that it's doing its job. There are some great passages on what faith is, what to do when the world sucks, and why one should be mindful of one's speech in this one. Oh Peter, I want you to be cooler than Paul, and then this!

    A passage on submission to authority AND a passage on marital power structures? I don't think we can be friends. You have redeemed yourself, Peter!

    The Holy Bible English Standard Version Without Cross References

    Some interesting things about election, but beautiful prose about the Day of the Lord and the wide gap between the realm of the fallen and of the saved. God is love, God loves us , we should love people, we accept God's love. A good book, but man, the love fest is a bit overwhelming for a crotchety sot like me. All of the 13 verses in this letter; I have no idea why it's in the NT canon.

    It's more love, because John the Zen pothead was really excited about not having to deal with spiteful Jehovah from the OT anymore, but there's not much here that wasn't said in his first letter. Repetitive sequel, won't really do well at the box office. Made it all the way to 15 verses in this one! Not that I'm complaining, after the ridiculously long nature of book like Proverbs or Isaiah I say it with love, long-dead Jewish icons.

    Yes, it has a few good things to say, and I do like it, but it's very much a placeholder from one guy to his spiritual pals, not a Letter of Divine and Enduring Wisdom. Yes, I did have the Beatles' song in my head the whole time I was reading this, so it's perhaps fortunate that it's only 25 verses. Very much a letter of "don't be an idiot, y'all", which is fine, and a good reminder, because it's true, idiocy is usually not the best choice.

    This is trippy shit, man. Even though they're super cheesy, the Left Behind books did kind of get the craziness of this vision by taking it literally, but their cheesiness gets in the way of how truly unsettling this is. I mean, really, whole chunks of the world DIE. It's kind of A Big Deal.

    Review: ESV Journaling Bibles

    Really good descriptive writing, and fascinating images, but not really something to curl up under the covers with. Amen and amen, I hope the prophecy doesn't come true in my lifetime. View all 70 comments. What I am learning from this book: View all 7 comments. It's strange that one of the most important, most dangerous, and most misused books in the world could be so mind-numbingly boring. Also, anyone who claims they live their life by the bible should actually read it and see exactly what it is they claim to do. Really, you could just collect everything Jesus says into one slender manual and cut the rest, since Jesus's sermons are the only parts anyone should really be proud of.

    The rest of It's strange that one of the most important, most dangerous, and most misused books in the world could be so mind-numbingly boring. The rest of it is a chronicle of genocide, rape, war, destruction, and hatred, interspersed with a really boring catalog of everyone born to a single patriarch. Since everyone should be familiar with the bible in order to be a well-educated member of Western society, I would recommend just reading the Wikipedia articles about the major biblical stories.

    No need to waste your time reading the stilted prose and insanely detailed descriptions of people's lineage and no need to wade through a slew of arcane, confusing, and disturbing rules dispensed from a cruel and jealous god to a gullible and fearful populace. View all 42 comments. The best English translation of the Bible available. If that goal could ever have been achieved translation in itself really is a difficult task , God used the translators of the ESV to do it.

    The one place I have an issue with is Daniel 9: It seems clear from the text that "there shall be seven weeks. Then for sixty-two weeks it shall be built again But on the much more positive side, the rest of the translation is absolutely wonderful. While retaining deep theological terms such as transgression, atonement, propitiation, etc. For instance, in the translation, "All Scripture is inspired by God," the word "inspired" means much less today than it did when originally translated that way.

    So the ESV translators simply translated it for what it is: I also especially enjoyed the fact that they leave sentences much more aligned with the length of the originals. While this is really impossible to do at times especially with Paul's writings , it really helps a lot when studying the Scripture.

    For instance, 1 Peter 5: Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. The ESV translates it this way: I don't want to pick on the NIV here. I think it is a great translation especially for younger people. However just as the NASB is criticized for being too literal, the NIV can certainly be too readable so as to lose the thought of the original.

    While I certainly suggest reading multiple translations or even the original languages if you can , if there is one Bible that you do your primary study from, I would recommend with my most earnest exhortation to use the ESV - especially in the NT epistles. I pray this translation will help all who read it to know God better and grow deeper in their relationship with Him. View all 3 comments. This is the first that worked! Recent Activity Loading activity Korryn McMinn Finally I can download and read this ebook.

    Tara Leigh I was worry at first time when I got redirected to the membership site. Kate Desjardins I don't think it will worked, but my best friend showed me this site and it does!