The Cauldron of Messana (Crucible of Empire - Book IV 4)

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Book One Twilight of Empire. Book 4 Warrior of Rome. Throne of the Caesars: Swords Around the Throne: Book Two Twilight of Empire. Lion of the Sun: Book 3 Warrior of Rome. Book Three Twilight of Empire. The Eagle Has Fallen. The Furies of Rome.

The Cauldron of Messana | Crucible of Empire

Book 2 Warrior of Rome. Eagles in the Storm. Book II Throne of Caesars. Marching With Caesar-Birth of the 10th Legion. Marching With Caesar-Antony and Cleopatra: Marching With Caesar-Final Campaign. Book Three Throne of Caesars.

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Marching With Caesar-Pax Romana. Nobody Loves a Centurion. The Remarkable Career of Petellius Cerialis. Greece and Rome at War. The Eagle Has Fallen. The Furies of Rome. Galdir - A Slave's Tale. The First Man in Rome. The Iron Hand of Mars. A Dying Light in Corduba. The Mask of Command.

Give Me Back My Legions! The Confessions of Young Nero. Marching With Caesar-Birth of the 10th Legion.

Marching With Caesar-Antony and Cleopatra: Eagle in the Snow. The Dreams of Morpheus.

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Nobody Loves a Centurion. The Emperor's Blood e-novella. Bear and the Wolf. Guided by his Greek advisers and assisted by the marine legionary Decius, he effectively conceals his intentions behind a bodyguard of deception. Slowly, he moves south with his army, to meet the destiny he has chosen for himself and for the Roman Republic.

Deserted by its Syracusan ally, King Hieron, the awesome Carthaginian Empire resolves to oppose the pretentious Roman invaders and defend its pre-eminence in the Western World. Victorious on land — in the fearsome battle of Acragas — the Romans are, nevertheless, woefully ill-equipped to counter the overwhelming naval might of the African Colossus. Enmeshed in a web of depravity and corruption; plagued by sedition and treachery; and rent by unfettered ambition and rancorous personal animosities; the archaic system of governance of the Roman Republic struggles to adapt to a distant war.

With the wily Hieron — abetted by his sensuous queen — hovering over the conflicting powers; and with neither of the major antagonists prepared to concede; the Sicilian squabble inexorably escalates into a war of continents, the greatest conflict yet to rock the Western World. For more than twenty years, by land and sea, the hitherto land-based forces of the Roman Republic will contend with the mighty naval power of the indomitable Punic Empire for dominance of the Western World.

The Libyan War and the Subjugation of Spain.

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Forced by the Treaty of Catulus to evacuate its troops from Sicily to Africa, Punic duplicity over payment of its mercenaries provokes a rebellion that rapidly escalates into war. Torn by intrigue and corruption; and beset by factional rivalry and vicious personal jealousies; Carthage recalls Hamilcar to sustain the tottering edifice of Punic power.

However, even he is unable to prevent Carthage falling under siege, its survival dependent upon help from the enigmatic Syracusan, King Hieron. Having survived the Libyan War, Carthage must confront the perceived threat of renewed Roman expansionism. For otherwise, with Sicily and Sardinia lost and with her naval strength depleted, Carthage must abandon her pretension of being mistress of the Western World and revert to being simply an African power.

From Saguntum to Cannae. Having harnessed the silver and the fierce tribes of Spain to his cause and with the support of Carthage, Hannibal launches his assault on the Spanish city of Saguntum, thereby provoking the second Roman War. Beset by unrest in Gaul, Illyria, Sardinia and in Etruria, the Romans are slow to react, such that Saguntum falls to the Carthaginians.

Hannibal has entered Gaul before the Romans are encountered. Before him rise the towering mountains that separate him from his potential Gallic allies ….

Crucible of Empire Series

At the Ticinus, at the Trebia and then at Trasimeno, the Romans become aware of the tactical genius of their enemy. Desperately, Rome seeks to protect its confederacy.

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The enemy must be destroyed. Cannae will be the place to defeat the Carthaginian invader …. From Cannae to Zama. With the death of King Hieron, Syracuse falls into a morass of intrigue that will lead to murderous anarchy in Sicily.

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With the treacherous destruction of their forces in Spain, Rome braces itself to meet more Carthaginian armies now freed to leave Spain. Will the young Scipio prove to be that man?