Mein russisches Abenteuer (German Edition)

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It now feels more like a bustling Chinese market, crowded and noisy, with one tour group rushing in after the other and plenty of people waiting and chatting in the entrance hall. That makes it also a good place for interviews and observations. I talked to many Chinese tourists and it surprised me in which positive way they speak about Taiwan, calling it clean and civilized and praising the Taiwanese for their gentleness.

Spring Asia-Pacific Program

Some think Chiang Kai-shek robbed the treasures now shown in the museum, others said he did a good job, because the artifacts might have been destroyed during the cultural revolution. In front of the museum Falun Gong supporters are besieging the way, so that the Chinese have to pass their anti-CCP-banners. You can find these stands at every major tourist spot in the whole country.

No matter if the idea that tiny Taiwan can influence its giant neighbour holds any water or not, the Taiwan-China rapprochement is indeed interesting to observe. The last four weeks were full of absorbing experiences and conversations. I am very happy that I can be here and take a closer look at Taiwan, its vibrant democracy and civil society — it is by the way also a place blessed with great cuisine and scenery.

Thanks Yu, Yujie and Yu-Tzu! By Li Yilan At the beginning I made a lot of fools of myself because I had no knowledge of German. One day, I got lost, and I had to ask passengers for help. It was a quite interesting experience for me. Another thing that impressed me most was an experience on my way from Prague to Berlin. I booked a round trip train ticket from Prague to Berlin per online, so the tickets would be send to me by mail.

The next day, when I got on the train, I had no proof of my tickets. I told the conductor that I bought the ticket online. After listening to my situation, she said the same words: It is highly respectable. By Liu Jingfeng On both sides of the road there are nice buildings. Some old ladies have a walk with their dogs - actually, I always noticed that old ladies often wear a pearl necklaces. The peak of this tour was the "Comenius Garden".

The concept is based on the pedagogical and philosophical ideas of Comenius. A major role plays the sympolic of some plant species and how they are changing during the four seasons "Lehrgarten der Natur". The two sisters told us, that they grew up with this garden, spending a lot of time there during their childhood, like many other kids in the neighbourhood. People who live nearby come here to find peace and retreat. The garden holds magic power that can even make the naughtiest boy to behave well.

To my surprise the garden is administrated by a scientific historian called Henning Vierck, who is deeply respected by everybody around the neighbourhood, even by those youngsters who usually tend to be violent and aggressive. The money comes from the "Berliner Senat" and a high number of privat sponsors and from some social foundations. Her work is to help the government to transform some poor areas, to make them a better place to live.

Mein russisches Abenteuer

If you want to sell your house for commercial purpose, you must get a permission. Some specialists as my landlady will research and talk about it, and then tell the government whether it fits for local residents or not. So, how does the government deal with corruption? It is probably true to say there is no country in the world that is entirely free from corruption.

But I believe the system of checks and balances can let them oversee and control each other. By Simone Kaiser When you want to explore a foreign country and go beneath its surface charms, you have to, in my opinion, go to three places where locals gather: Because —worldwide- this is where people bare their souls.

When I asked my friends and colleagues for help navigating the online jungle in order to buy a ticket for the Chennai Super Kings Match, most of them were shocked. And so, I swallowed the hefty price. Saturday arrived and I rushed to the stadium, diving into the yellow-decked crowd and floating amidst the horde to entrance gate in sheer joy. But once inside, I had a rude awakening. I was suddenly trapped inside a silent glass box, with a security-net between me and the players.

There was something terribly wrong here. Only a few of the kids were wearing tram colors and the adults were silently whispering to each other — all, while I could see on the huge screen across the field, a virtual needle measuring the noise level of the fans outside. The only sound came from a little TV in a corner of the glass box showing the match— with a second delay. I survived there for nearly two hours, frustration like a stone in my stomach. A chance chat with one of the security guards revealed that these were the lousiest tickets in the stadium — if you paid for them yourself.

Once outside, I decided to address one last appeal to the next person I met who seemed generous. All I wanted was a single glimpse of the field from one of the open seats in the stadium. And then, an Indian miracle happened.

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Suddenly, I was right there. In the middle of hundreds of fans I could hear myself cheering: I grinned and waved at the camera, thinking it was for the stadium TV. When my picture appeared on the big screen for a moment, I high-fived a little boy sitting next to me, and there, looking into his excited eyes, I finally found what I had come looking for to the stadium.

Five minutes later, I climbed down again, with my hero guiding me to the exit. I took my mobile phone out of my bag, eager to tell my friends about my once-in-a-lifetime cricket experience — only to find that they already knew. They had all seen me, waving, jumping and grinning — on national TV! By Jenni Roth He looked frightened and was very attentive…. We had to say something, so I began: The old man did not reply immediately…. Finally, we heard a soft, uncertain voice: Karp Lykov and his daughter Agafia, wearing clothes donated by Soviet geologists not long after their family was rediscovered.

When a snowstorm killed their crop in , the family was forced to eat shoes and bark.

Akulina wife chose to die of starvation so that her children would not go hungry. But they have not. Only 2 left in stock more on the way. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Only 11 left in stock - order soon.

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