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Please email the club on stanfordcanoeclub gmail. A copy of the Club's Constitution is available on request. All Stanfordians are welcome to join us on the water on Saturday mornings. Fast or slow; no matter what boat you paddle - come for a paddle! At present things get underway at 08h30 for 09h00 from the put-in at the bottom of King Street.

Stanford is a hidden gem on the Cape Whale Coast, and it is an increasingly popular holiday destination for locals and overseas guests, especially for families, foodies, pet lovers and those seeking outdoor adventure. Why is it unique? Well, Stanford is home to diverse and delightful heritage buildings, restaurants, wines, galleries, and offers a variety of places to stay. November is packed with exciting charity events. The Food Heroes Thanksgiving Dinner on 24 November kicks off a weekend of charity-driven events that offer just about the best fun you can have while giving back to the community.

Bikers from across the Overberg will rumble into the village bringing toys for needy children throughout the area. Stanford Tourism and Business promotes the village, surrounding area and events through many channels. You are welcome to advertise in this group. Not long after arriving in Stanford, I decided that when I had identified different birds from our garden, I would create a book to record the achievement.

A milestone achieved in a short two years, testament to the abundant birdlife in our area. The book however remains a work in progress! My criterion in identifying birds was to record birds either seen or heard from our garden. Most commonplace is the Reed Cormorant and as many as can be seen flying towards the estuary in the morning, returning in the evening to roost in the dead trees in the dam.

Summertime brings swifts and swallows circling above, raptors put in frequent appearances as do sunbirds, starlings and other local birds as they do their feeding rounds from garden to garden. These and 5 feeding stations around the garden ensures a constant flow of birds as do the 7 bird-baths, some at ground level for the robins and thrushes, others shallow for the white-eyes and sparrows and at eye photography level for weavers, doves, starlings and shrikes.

Along the boundary are the trees and shrubs that create seclusion zones and corridor canopies, allowing the shy batises, apalises and sombre greenbuls to access the garden from the vlei. Enchanting are the flocks of waxbills and Brimstone Canaries who gather in their numbers to feed. The garden also attracts its fair share of rarer birds for the garden, including the Cardinal, Olive and Knysna Woodpeckers, Black-bellied Starling and Acacia Pied Barbet.

We have even had an out of range Cutthroat Finch, so uncommon to this area that it was decided he must be an escapee from a private aviary, spend 2 weeks in the garden. My favourite time of year is August to November when the garden is alive with breeding activities of mating, nestbuilding and babies. Cape White-eyes have nested in the potted gardenia on the veranda, Cape Robin-Chats in baskets in the garage, Olive Thrush and Cape Bulbul in the shrub thicket, doves everywhere, sunbirds in the banana pit and Kigelaria tree and Spotted Thick-knees in the ground-thicket of next-door plot.

It is a joy to see the weavers, bishops, sparrows and waxbills bringing their fledglings to the feeders and always amusing to watch. And while one can sit in a garden and enjoy the sight and sound of a multitude of feathered visitors there are still many more to be seen by exploring Appel Dam, the vlei and Wandelpad and cruising the Klein River. During the breeding season, November to March, most commonly heard are the beautiful African Fish-eagles. There is a pair whose nest is in a copse of trees on the Klein River and they can be seen thermalling overhead and walkers on the Wandelpad are often rewarded with views of the pair perched in dead trees.

In my opinion, our iconic raptor is the African Harrier Hawk, the Gymnogene, which has made the village home. They are particularly conspicuous when the juvenile shouts incessantly at the parents beseeching food and attention! Our garden is constantly abuzz with weavers, bishops, sunbirds, doves and more. The surest sign there is a raptor about is sudden silence and not a bird in sight. Listening out for raptors cries can yield fascinating sightings and whenever you hear a commotion take time to seek this out.

One special Saturday morning cries of a juvenile Peregrine Falcon alerted me to their presence in gumtrees on the corner of De Bruin Street. An adult had caught a Common Starling and was teaching her offspring how to feed. In summer, Yellow-billed Kites are always around, Jackal Buzzards are common on the outskirts of the village and occasionally one can spot a Steppe Buzzard.

Rock Kestrel and Black-shouldered Kite can be seen in the rhenosterveld towards Mosaic on the south side. Spotted Eagle Owls are resident in the village and can be found near the river or vlei roosting in the Weeping Willow trees, as are Barn Owls whose frightening screech call is often heard and if you see one, what a privilege.

Stanford River Talk November by Stanford River Talk - Issuu

At the top of my list of sightings is the Little Sparrowhawk. For some time there has been debate as to whether they can be found in the Overberg. One Christmas Eve we had a juvenile raptor in the garden that I was convinced was a Little Sparrowhawk. When I told members of the bird club I received raised eyebrow skepticism and so to end the speculation, I sent my photos to Trevor Hardaker, the renowned birder and conservationist. That is a really interesting record indeed and the first photographic confirmation that this species is actually reaching this far west as far as I know!

It is a very young bird too which would suggest that they have bred in the immediate area. In the heritage heart of Stanford, Eagleyes has been beautifully restored, furnished and equipped to provide superior accommodation for groups of up to 12 people. Absorb the atmosphere of Stanford, the jewel of the Overberg. Experience its village lifestyle, abundant bird life, meandering Klein Rivier, towering mountains, award-winning restaurants, heritage architect, Eagleyes reflects the elegance of a bygone era.

The beautiful, established garden with exceptional outdoor living facilities adds the finishing touch. For details, please visit www. From all launching is to take place from Du Toit Street slipway area. A request has been made to move the calmin measure further away from the stop street, as well as for another traffic calming dip further down the road. While sitting on the deck sipping our sundowners we were delighted to be surrounded by fireflies glowing in the twilight! It is a slow and steady climb and quite tiring even for the fit few. At time the path appears to be practically perpendicular!

But once you reach your destination the sheer magnificence of the vista makes the slog well worth the effort. As they say 'If you want to see a rainbow you must endure the storm. Take note that the single hot water bottle hones your sharing ability to a fine point. The likelihood of being in the clouds is high but this just makes the scenery appear even more spectacular when the cloud cover breaks. What goes up must come down, and the descent can be equally hair-raising, traversing down the hills and dales of the reserve. But once you reach base the feeling of achievement leaves you glowing and you know you have to do that hike again So come on couch potatoes limber up, its time to see the world from new heights!

Kock by Caledon afgehaal deur broer M de Villiers. Op Saterdag, 28 Februarie, om Die nuwe leraar is tegemoet gekom buite die dorp deur gemeentelede en die kerkraad met 53 perdekarre en een motorkar. Saterdagaand hou die konsulent toe die bevestigingsrede en Sondagoggend lewer Stanford se eerste herder en leraar sy intreepreek met Mattheus 26 vers My Vader, as dit moontlik is, laat hierdie beker by My verbygaan; nogtans nie soos Ek wil nie, maar soos U wil. Ds Kock het daarna op Maandag, 2 Maart , die administrasie oorgeneem van Ds. Die nuwe troubeampte was ook taamlik lasting geval en baie besig, want in plaas van op Napier kon mense nou op Stanford ook trou!

Veertien pare het binne die eerste jaar getrou: Die laaste egpaar tydens Ds. Koch is op 31 Julie , getroud, nl. Lourens 55 van Stanford, en Petronella G. A Beukes 26 vanaf Oubosch. Gedurende die leraar se 3 jaar en 7 maande se verblyf in Stanford was 41 huwelike bevestig, 38 daarvan deur Ds. An enthusiastic wave jumper, young Neil began by learning how to make wave boards, working with resins and foams. His prestigious client list included Mercedes Benz, BMW and the South African Music awards, and the unique trophies he designed and crafted for them are outstanding.

Like many artists, Neil faces the conflict between earning a living and being able to create what he is personally passionate about. Stanfordian Chris Burls - are awe inspiring. The exquisite detailing is balanced by more organic and free modelling in parts. His production process is fascinating to watch: From this artwork a silicone and plaster mould is made and eventually the sculpture is cast in plaster.

One is continually learning about new materials and ways of designing and making things. This despite our country being a lot less damp, and far more inclined to burst into sympathetic flames. The chihuahua-sized one is available for R, and the larger — suitable for a spanielsized pooch, or daschund with delusions of grandeur — is R There are also much larger plastic igloo kennels, that start at around R, and are big enough to fit an entire pack of dogs or a small pony.

Largely, in recent years, bylaws have been put in place that restrict where and when fireworks may be discharged. These restrictions are in place not only to ensure public safety, but also to manage fire hazards, and as a measure of protection for our animals. While we might enjoy the spectacle of fireworks, animals, with sensitive hearing, skittish temperaments, and little or no revolutionary political affiliations, can be seriously traumatised by the loud bangs that accompany the brilliant flashes of fireworks.

Distracting your dog is a good way to keep him happy, and Spar stocks a range of toys that will achieve just that. From a dinky rubber tyre, to a fake bone, there's plenty to chews from you thought I wouldn't go there? The hollow rubber kong can be filled with peanut butter, which will keep your dog amused for ages, but it's up to you whether this would be first choice on a night when you're keeping him indoors! The toys range from R40 — R60 each. Overstrand Municipality limits fireworks displays to two hours at New Years, but just in case some errant fireworks go bang in your neighbourhood on 5 November, I decided to find some treats to spoil our sharp eared, four-footed canine companions on Guy Fawkes.

First up, somewhere snug and cozy for them to spend the night. Finally, just as we might retreat to our bed with a tub of ice cream when under stress, your suffering pooch might like to indulge in a spot of comfort eating. These bags of juicy bones are available at the Suidsee Slaghuis for R10 each. Be aware that there might be cause on the night of the 5th to keep your dogs indoors, and to make sure they. In case they get loose, also make sure they are identified, either with a tagged collar or a microchip.

With somewhere to lay his anxious head, a toy to keep him busy and something tasty to nibble on, your dog should make it through without the need to resort to expensive pet therapy - although in a pinch, I know of someone who does remote pet healing over the phone you will have to hold the phone for your dog though The Friday girls pottery class is never dull.

Princess Puffball always gets a laugh out of me as she confidently uses new words and experiments with her language development. On the fifth or six attempt to get the name right, an exasperated laugh bubbled out behind me and Princess Puffball declared, "Oh Bryan, you are so forgettable! Baked until the cheese is crisp and browning and the tomato slices under it are steaming hot. I still love the idea of pasta and cheese, but, just like Princess Puffball, I've been bold and experimental and tried variations. This recipes is from the worlds most placid and unflappable chef, Ina Garten.

Place a baking rack on a sheet pan and arrange the speck in 1 layer on the baking rack. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, until the speck is crisp. Remove the pan carefully from the oven - there will be hot fat in the pan! Transfer the speck to a plate lined with paper towels and crumble when it is cool enough to handle. Drizzle oil into a large pot of boiling salted water. Add the macaroni and cook for 6 to 8 minutes. Meanwhile, heat the milk in a small saucepan, but don't boil it. Melt the butter in a medium pot and add the flour. Cook over low heat for 2 minutes, stirring with a whisk.

While whisking, add the hot milk and cook for a minute or 2 more, until thickened and smooth. Off the heat, add the Gruyere, Cheddar, blue cheese, 1 teaspoon salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Add the cooked macaroni and crumbled speck and stir well. Pour into 2 individual size gratin dishes.

Place the bread slices in a food processor fitted with a steel blade and pulse until you have coarse crumbs. Add the basil and pulse to combine. Sprinkle the bread crumb mixture over the top of the pasta. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes, or until the sauce is bubbly and the macaroni is browned on the top. This was not music to my ears. Mother Abbess or even Julie Andrews could not persuade us to plan and execute such a project in a few days. But climbing 5,m in short notice with no preparation or indeed training is downright madness.

Goodbye 20L Guppy Tank

The eloquently persuasive daughter, super-fit, got us moving early the next morning in Day 2. She had already organised three Sherpas to carry the wine and a few other essentials. En route we met many other crazy people all of whom seemed. The following day the intrepid three mountaineers set off in the British project Land Rover for Nanyuki to the northeast of Nairobi in the Great Rift Valley completely unprepared but carrying a CD unit, a box of cheap SA wine, newly acquired climbing boots and some touristy books that hopefully would persuade us not to be idiots and even entertain such a venture.

Maddy & Peanut: Goodbye Guppy

When one reaches the base camp it is awesome to view a snowcapped mountain in such close proximity. It the rock mountain that is is situated in a National Park and one has to pay to endure such suffering. My Scottish nature was already being irritated to the extreme. On Day 1 we lit a small braai as one does on the edge of a ghastly mountain and had a few glasses of wine. He had a torch and ski sticks! The Comrades runner could not be embarrassed and show unwillingness, or indeed fear, so two people continued to the Austrian Hut as day light approached.

The good news was daughter climbed the mountain, C and A managed some of it but it was time for a new passage modulated to another pitch, legato, fox-trot on — Solomon Islands where else! But, not before a significant purchase was made in Adderley Street, Stanford. This would eventually be our home — Castle Herriot. C and I were already defeated at the thought.

It was thick mud, rocks, undergrowth up dale, down dale, rain and more rain. Are we enjoying this? A big FAT no! Mild cursing and unwanted epithets and sobriquets were heard. We arrived and C announced no more. The accommodation was a large hall full of snorting, sonorous Spanish hikers. The Lily's Beauty Whilst walking along our coastline I was struck by the beauty of a lily growing and flowering amidst the rubble on the water line. The pureness of this lily contrasted greatly with the surrounding dirt thrown up by the sea and washed down by the storm water drains and this really set me thinking.

The Bible tells us to consider the lily how it grows. To consider is really to think it over, and in doing this I was struck by the many different aspects about its growth, like the following: It stands out in its surroundings. It flowers in spite of its surroundings and circumstances — it makes the best of it. A lily blooms in splendour even in the midst of filth without being soiled and spoiled by it. It has no wrinkles of worry detracting from its beauty.

It receives with humble gratitude the strengthening which God provides — air, light, sun, heat, mist, rain, and wind. We with our God given talents and gifts and abilities? We with our access to the Word and the throne of grace? Flowering is the external sign of inner life, strength and growth.

The lily also grows upward reaching as it were towards God and heaven. The Lily uses its energy to produce what God had intended it to do. It unfolds its beauty without fanfare. The lily conveys a sense of complete peace. Are our lives perceived as spreading fragrance, and our prayers received as an acceptable fragrance before God? The painter artist cannot depict the fragrance; the poet cannot fully describe the delicate colours or the emotion and joy that the flower evokes in man. Similarly music is also limited.

Let us consider the lily! The momentous win means that Johan qualifies to participate in the annual Corporate Games which will be held in Cape Town later this year. His success comes at a time where the municipality is also in the process of establishing a Municipal Pool Table Club. Overstrand participated in various other codes of sport at the Better Together Games such as touch rugby, golf, netball, and darts. However, despite their best efforts the netball team only advanced to the quarter finals, while the soccer team were knocked out in the semi-finals.

Moreover, the rugby team unfortunately did not fare much better and were side-lined in the early stages of the tournament. Doors open from For more information, contactstanfordevent. Discover South Africa Travel Channel Are you interested in featuring your tourism activity in a 2 minute video for this online travel channel?

This production company will visit Gansbaai and Stanford from November during which they would like to film a selection of tourism activities. Each participant needs to pay R2 for a 2 minute piece, and 10 of these 2 minute pieces will make a video of 20 minutes for a series on the Cape Whale Coast. You will be allowed to use your segment for your own marketing.

Please contact the office if you would like to participate, or ask any questions. Fighting for the British against the Germans, the brave men of 1 South African Infantry Battalion were ordered to capture and hold Delville Wood 'at all cost'. Come listen to their story: Sensitively recounted and illustrated by James Gray of Hermanus. R pp includes a delightful lunch. Tickets available from maryknight78 gmail. Please find the agenda attached and RSVP tocapewhalecoast overstrand. Fun for the whole family. To pre-register and book your 'I ran for Sam' T-shirt, please contact Helen events stanfordhills.

Bring the whole family and enjoy this feel-good day on which hundreds of bikers from around the Overberg ride to Stanford with a toy to donate to needy children for the festive season. Bring a toy along, and enjoy the market and live music on the Market Square. Stanford shops and restaurants will also be open, creating wonderful street culture. For more information, contact marketing stanfordinfo. Shakuhachi concert with Adrian Freedman, Bodhi Khaya This is Adrian's second visit to Bodhi Khaya and we are truly blessed to have such a beautiful, world-renowned musician come and share the mystery, and deep spiritual power of his music, in the tradition of the Japanese bamboo flute.

Cost is R per person and includes drinks and snacks Email us now for more info and to book a spot: Songs of a century Join us on a journey through the 20th Century music history in our all-singing, all-dancing cabaret show. With full, fast costume changes between each decade we will keep the energy high and our audience thoroughly entertained.

Tickets go on sale in November. Please visit our websitewww. So, whether your partner is a robust red, a delicate white, or has gorgeous hints of chocolate register now for your chance to race and win. For more information and to register, email john orton. Call or collect your entry forms from stanford tourism. S only the winning partner will be weighed.

Photo courtesy Sunday River North American wife carrying championship. Please enclose the amount in an envelope or ed stanfordrivertalk. Leather boots and wedge - heeled shoes, both tan, size 8, never worn, bought online from Woolworths, don't fit, never worn, R and R respectively.

Denise Please call Terry on A group of upmarket Stanford guesthouses wishes to appoint the above person to assume the following key responsibilities: An attractive salary package which will be results dependant, could include a fully-furnished cottage for two. Please submit comrehensive CV with contactable referees to info eagleyes. We are adding our Coffee Corner voices to your chorus of birthday wishes! If YOU are on this page and enjoy our singing, pop around on your birthday to add a free coffee to your present basket: All our customers are special but our birthday ones are extra special.

Marisa and the Coffee Corner team. If your birthday or a special occasion is coming up, please email: Canoe Club Social paddle any craft , Canoe Club10 km and 6 km time trials. Lana All Welcome Thursday Canoe Club 10 km and 6 km time trials. Contact Chris Wolf Movember SA Stop men dying too young. Join us on Facebook to see how you can help. Also open for group bookings minimum 15 any other day of the week.

Should you wish to stay over too, enquire about our charming farm cottages with fireplace! The Stanford River Talk has been under new management for four months now and we have seen some changes in the publication that were welcomed by our readers, and we are grateful for your feedback and encouragement.

Stanford to share his story with us. We are indeed extremely grateful that he has agreed to come to Tickets available from Mary Knight, Bea Whittaker and Sarah James or emailmilkwood maxitec. Thursday 17th November, Venue: Manor House, Stanford Valley Ticket: But they don't have enough! Will their little sister—the one who spent the afternoon skipping, running and turning cartwheels—come through and save the day? Learning how to regroup numbers is essential for solving more advanced addition problems.

Animals on Board Adding: It's a caravan of trucks, each carrying an exotic load. There are three tigers on the first truck, followed by two more on the next truck. How many tigers in all? Then come trucks filled with different numbers of swans, frogs, horses and even pandas.

How many are there of each animal? And where are they headed? And what's hidden under the tarp of driver Jill's extra-wide truck? Simple addition equations help children to understand basic arithmetical operations. Jill can't believe it. Her older sister Jenny and older brother Jeff are at it again, arguing over who's got the better backpack and better book.

But their biggest battle is over who has the best bedroom in their new house. To measure the area of their windows, they use sheets of paper. Yet even though their windows are different shapes, they both need the same number of sheets—12—to cover the glass. Their windows have the exact same area! Sheets of newsprint come in handy for measuring floor space. Meanwhile, Jill's just happy that her little room is way down the hall.

Understanding that area is a two-dimensional measurement of space is a basic concept of geometry. Illustrated by Marsha Winborn. Meteor showers, flying saucers, and a "galactic beast" are some of the dangers lurking among the stars. They have to push the right button—the cube, pyramid, cylinder, cone, sphere or rectangular prism—in order to land safely in…Sam's bedroom! Recognizing and classifying three-dimensional shapes is an important part of geometry.

Coyotes All Around Rounding: It's another fine desert day for the counting coyotes: Clumsy thinks there must be hundreds of roadrunner birds, but Clever thinks that's a little high and encourages the other four coyotes to take a count. When it comes time to add up the totals, Clever says she can do in it her head by using rounding. The actual total is 58, so she's pretty close. The coyotes then try counting lizards and grasshoppers. Clever's fast estimating amazes her friends. The story is also filled with lots of coyote factoids. Rounding and then computing are necessary skills for making sound estimates.

Who knew that riding an elevator could be such an adventure? Ben meets his Mom at her office on the 10th floor, then together they make several stops on their way down. They find cows and chickens at "Farm Bank and Trust" on the 8th floor, and a traffic jam at "Speedway Delivery" three floors below. As for the "Hard Rock Candy Store," you've got to see it to believe it. Learning how to subtract using a simplified "number line" helps children understand the concept of subtraction. Get Up and Go!

The puppy is worried. Will his Little Girl be ready to go to school on time? First there's a five-minute snuggle with Teddy. Then another three minutes spent washing up, and eight minutes for breakfast. And there's still so much more to do! Pup creates a colorful timeline to help keep track. Constructing and interpreting timelines helps children determine elapsed time using such skills as adding on to find sums.

Illustrated by Diane Greenseid. When a little boy tries to eat a whole pizza without sharing half with his sister, it's not pretty. Of course, she isn't too keen on sharing her juice or cupcakes. With a little adult prodding, however, they soon learn the benefits of sharing and split everything in half, including clean-up chores. Recognizing that half means one of two equal parts leads to understanding fractions. Let's Fly a Kite Symmetry: It's a good thing that Hannah and Bob have such a nice, smart babysitter.

When Laura suggests that they make a kite to fly at the beach, the kids immediately start arguing over whether it should be decorated with a lightning bolt or a whale.

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Laura draws a line down the length of the kite, so they each have exactly the same size and shape to draw on. Later, the kids divide the back seat of the car, the beach blanket and even their sandwiches into two equal parts. Symmetry is a geometric property that helps children classify shapes. Illustrated by Brian Floca. Mall Mania Addition Strategies: To celebrate, the th shopper to enter the mall will win all kinds of cool gifts. Jonathon, Nicole, Gabby and Steven — members of the Wilson Elementary chess club — are adding up the number of shoppers to come through each of the mall's four doors, sharing the data via walkie-talkie.

Club captain Heather and advisor Mr. Grant are coordinating efforts. Nicole counts 7, Gabby 4, Steve 3, and Jonathon 2: Nicole adds the numbers one by one: Meanwhile, Gabby rearranges the numbers to uses "facts of 10" to make them easier to add: Both girls come to the same answer, but by using different strategies.

Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love

Who ends up the lucky th shopper? Let's just say it's someone who never expected to be counted at all! Addition strategies are important skills for adding more than two numbers. More or Less Comparing Numbers: Shaw, the principal of Bayside School is retiring, so all the students and teachers, and family and friends are having a picnic in his honor. If Eddie has to ask more then 6 questions, he gets dunked. Find out whether Eddie can swim! Comparing numbers is an important part of the understanding the mathematical concepts of "greater than" and "less than," and for developing skills for making logical guesses.

Grandma's cat Snowy is about to have kittens, and Lisa and her little brother Joey will get to keep one. Little Pepper, whose white fur is dotted with black spots, has a very busy first year. Lisa keeps track of the highlights using a calendar. Her journal is also filled with lots of nifty information about cats. Events in people's lives are measured by time, so it is important that children understand the relationships between days, weeks, months, and years.

Ever have one of those days? First, Jack wakes up late and trips over his dog Pirate. Then Dad makes tuna-fish sandwiches for lunch. But Jack remembers that Emma's mom usually gives her pastrami—four out of five days last week. Maybe he can trade. What are the chances that she'll have pastrami today? And what's the probability that Jack's day will improve?

Learning to make astute predictions helps children analyze data to make informed decisions. Mike loves riding his bicycle. This year he wants to ride in the annual kilometer race around Perimeter Park, just like Justin and Marissa and all the other big kids. His practice ride around the athletic field was only 6 km, while the ride around the zoo was just 9 km. It's going to be a tough race. Good thing Bingo the dog is there to cheer him on. Perimeter—the distance around a shape—is an important measurement concept for children to understand.

Illustrated by Mike Reed. Same Old Horse Making Predictions: Poor Hankie the horse is allergic to hay! And every 20 minutes he sneezes. They also know which week Hankie will wear a blue saddle pad, and when he likes to roll in the grass and take a long cool drink. Still, Hankie may have a surprise in store for everyone… Making predictions based on the observation of patterns is an important part of logical thinking.

Spunky Monkeys on Parade Counting by 2s, 3s, and 4s: The "Monkey Day" parade is a very big deal. The crowd loves to watch the Monkey Cyclists who cycle two by two 2, 4, 6, 8…. They're followed by the Monkey Tumblers, who travel in groups of three 3, 6, 9, 12…. Finally there's the Monkey Band lined up four across 4, 8, 12, 16….

Counting by 2s, 3s and 4s is called skip-counting and is an important step in the development of multiplication skills. Illustrated by Lynne Cravath. Super Sand Castle Saturday Measuring: Juan, Sarah and Laura are building sand castles. But which one's tallest? Juan's is only two shovels high, while Sarah's is three. Laura's moat is one big spoon deep, while Juan's is two little spoons deep. Too bad their shovels and spoons aren't the same size.

But "an inch is always an inch," says Larry the Lifeguard, using a tape measure to determine the winners. Children learn that it is helpful to use standard units of measure to make accurate comparisons. Illustrated by Julia Gorton. The O'Malleys are driving to the beach for vacation. Eric, Bridget, and little Nell are getting bored in the back seat, so Mom suggests a Tally game.

They decide to count cars on the highway. Each of the kids picks a color - silver for Eric, blue for Bridget, and red—always red—for Nell, while Mom sets the timer. Eric trounces the competition and gets to wear the Shamrock medal. And his sister dubs him "Tally O'Malley! Tally marks are a useful tool for children to keep track as they count, and for data collection.

Grouping tally marks also reinforces counting by fives. The family needs a break. Everybody's always so busy. But where should they go? A very smart and practical little girl asks some key questions and charts the answers. Mom wants to go some place quiet and cool. Grandma and brother Charlie are looking for fun. And everybody but Dad wants Fluffer the cat to come along. Is there any place that'll make everyone happy? Learning to organize and interpret data develops the ability for critical thought. Illustrated by Bernard Westcott. The Sundae Scoop Combinations: Winnie, the nice lady in charge of the cafeteria, has a stupendous idea for the school picnic: But when supplies run low, the number of combinations changes.

Determining how many different combinations can be made from given sets of items is an important first step in understanding probability. Rodeo Time Reading a Schedule: Katie and Cameron are all excited to help their uncle, Cactus Joe, with chores at the rodeo. Their first chore is watering the horses before the Bareback Bronc Riding event. The next day, the rodeo starts with a Parade and Grand Entry at By lunchtime, Katie and Cameron are running late. They feel awful when the see Cactus Joe taking care of the horses because they didn't arrive in time. But they get a chance to make it up by catching loose calves one half hour before the Calf Roping Contest.

Katie makes up another schedule: Barrel Racing at Cameron checks his watch and this time they make it! For the really important final task of handing out ribbons for the Bull Riding Championship —Cactus Joe's specialty — Katie's schedule includes both the starting and ending time for events, so they'll be sure to be on time.

But even the best plans can get knocked off course when a bunch of bicycle-riding clowns drive by. Will the kids make it? Reading a schedule involves time-telling skills, developing a sense of elapsed time, and an ability to anticipate and plan. Illustrated by David T. And all you have to do is guess the correct number of jelly beans in a jar at the Planet Toys store. One particularly smart boy has an idea: Why guess when you can estimate? He plays a game with his buddy as they head over to the store on the bus. With four people per row, 10 rows, and a few folks standing in the aisle, he estimates that there are 43 people on the bus.

Knowing how to estimate is an essential skill that helps children determine approximate totals as well as check the reasonableness of their solutions to problems. Budding geologists Josh and Amy are crazy about collecting rocks. And with the help of local expert Dave, they learn how to sort rocks by different attributes: The story is filled with lots of rock facts. Classifying objects according to attributes is a skill used throughout mathematics and science.

Dave's shop is a real place, located in Evanston, Illinois, around the block from Stuart's old house. Illustrated by Cat Bowman Smith. Dinosaur Deals Equivalent Values: Andy's in heaven on his 7th birthday when Mom lets Mike take him for the very first time. Mike really wants a T. Rex card, but to get it he's going to have to trade. He needs three Allosaurus cards to get a T. Rex, but has only one. This is going take some wheeling and dealing. Helping children to comprehend the concept of equivalent values is key to their understanding of equations.

Illustrated by Kevin O'Malley. Divide and Ride Dividing: In order to ride the Dare-Devil roller coaster at the Carnival, there must be two kids in each seat. But what if you're part of a group of 11 best friends? Ten kids will fit in five seats, but what do you do about the one who's "left over"? Meanwhile, chairs on the Satellite Wheel seat three, which means two best friends will be left over.

Every ride presents a problem. Can the kids figure out how to fill all the seats so that everybody gets to ride? Understanding the meaning of remainders in simple division problems is a precursor to solving more difficult division problems. Illustrated by George Ulrich. Earth Day — Hooray! Instead of throwing aluminum cans in the garbage, why not bring them to the Recycling Center and use the money to buy flowers to decorate the park for Earth Day?

Watson, the club's advisor, figures out that they're going to need 5, cans, so the kids start a big collection campaign at school. Cans are grouped in bags of 10, and 1, Recycling facts are sprinkled throughout the illustrations. Understanding place value is key to working easily with large numbers. Last year, the Falcons were the soccer league champs. Can the Huskies beat them this year?

The big game is only seven days away—just one week. Then it's only one day away—24 hours. Then it's only an hour away—60 minutes. At first the Falcons come on strong, scoring during the first minute quarter. Will the Huskies catch up by the half, 30 minutes into the game?

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It's a nail-biter, right down to the last second! The relationships between the various units of time—seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks—and how clocks and calendars represent these units are important concepts for children to understand. The hamster champs offer to show Hector their new stunt, which requires they leave the safety of their cage, only if Hector promises not to chase them. Then they get in a toy car on the couch and race down another ramp—this one made of pillows — which gives them enough speed to climb up the board and briefly fly in the air.

So they try again with a degree angle. But the degree angle is too steep. He wants a larger angle. Guess what happens when the champs try a degree angle? Learning about angles helps children identify and describe different geometric shapes. Illustrated by Pedro Martin. It's Field Day at camp. The 12 campers—a kookaburra, an emu, two platypuses, three koalas, four dingoes and Kangaroo—can't wait for the games to start. The group divides into halves, then thirds and finally fourths to make equal-sized teams 6, 4 and 3 each for the big competitions.

But it's each camper for himself in the long jump, which is Kangaroo's personal favorite. Seeing the relationship between division and fractions is an important step in understanding fractions. Lemonade for Sale Bar Graphs: When members of the Elm Street Kids' Club decide to sell lemonade to raise money to fix up their clubhouse, they do it in style. Dressed in special "lemon hats," with Petey the Parrot, the club mascot squawking, "Lemonade for Sale! Sheri keeps track on a bar graph, plotting the number of cups sold against the days of the week.

But suddenly sales drop when Jed the Juggler comes to town. What will the Elm Street kids do? Gathering, charting and comparing data is an important skill for assessing progress and making predictions. Illustrated by Tricia Tusa. Less Than Zero Negative Numbers: It is so much fun to be a penguin—especially when you can swirl around on your very own ice scooter. Perry really wants one, but they cost 9 clams and he doesn't have a clam to his name.

Then mom pays him 4 clams to trim the ice in front of their house. Perry decides to make a chart to track his savings. So far, so good! But then he goes to the Ice Circus with Fuzzy and it costs 5 clams. Fuzzy lends him the extra clam and now Perry is in debt and has to mark his chart at When Baldy loans him 2 clams for a Fishy Float, the total dips even further, to Will Perry be able to climb out of negative number territory, pay back his friends, and make enough money for a scooter?

Good thing there's always plenty of snow to shovel! The introduction of negative numbers extends a child's knowledge of the number system and is an important concept in algebra. Polly's Pen Pal Metrics: Polly's new pen-pal, Ally, lives in Montreal, Canada, where they use the metric system. Polly and Ally have lots in common — they both have cats, like the color purple, and are just about the same size and weight.