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What is his long game — the elevation of a hawkish home secretary to prime minister, which would allow him to grab yet more power for the Secret Service? Then there is David himself. It is tempting to see him as the hero of the show, not least because we view the action mostly through his eyes, but it is also true that he is a man very practised at hiding his emotions.

Will he go through with an assassination? The death of Andy and the relationship with Julia suggested not, but it is also clear that his chief desire is to ensure the safety of his family — by any means necessary. Is Richard Madden about to become the latest actor linked to James Bond? The terror attack on the school was suitably tense, particularly the ending, but the assassination attempt, in addition to being genuinely edge-of-the-sofa viewing, had me shouting out loud at the idea that they would pull something like this so soon after.

Top chutzpah from Mercurio. The nameless terrorist who detonated his device yards from the school deserves a mention, but I think this should go to the double act of Craddock and Sampson. Like Julia, they appear to think they are acting in the best interests of the country, but convincing a police office to spy on the woman he is supposed to be protecting is as unethical as it gets. There he was, silently driving Julia night after night, trying to stay out of her arguments with her bodyguard, only to end up shot dead, his body discarded in the street as said bodyguard drove his charge to safety.

So, what did you think? Does Mercurio have you gripped? Is Julia a dead-eyed careerist, or something worse? As always, all speculation welcome below …. Bodyguard Keeley Hawes Episode recaps.

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Touching the Art - Season 2 - Episode 2 - Terrorism & the Global Market - Ovation

Yousef wanted the smoke to remain in the tower, therefore catching the public eye by smothering people inside, killing them slowly. He anticipated Tower One collapsing onto Tower Two after the blast. There remains a popular belief that there was cyanide in the bomb, which is reinforced by Judge Duffy's statement at sentencing, "You had sodium cyanide around, and I'm sure it was in the bomb. Though the cause of the blast was not immediately known, with some suspecting a transformer explosion, agents and bomb technicians from the ATF, FBI, and the NYPD quickly responded to the scene.

The magnitude of the explosion was far beyond that of a transformer explosion and the FBI Laboratory Division technician, David Williams, who took charge of the crime scene, claimed to know prior to scientific testing the nature and size of the bomb which other lab specialists such as Stephen Burmeister and Frederic Whitehurst contradicted and later challenged with embarrassing consequences for the FBI Laboratory. A vehicle identification number VIN , found on a piece from an axle, gave investigators crucial information that led them to a Ryder truck rental outlet in Jersey City.

Investigators determined that the vehicle had been rented by Mohammed A.

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Salameh , one of Yousef's co-conspirators. Salameh's arrest led police to the apartment of Abdul Rahman Yasin in Jersey City, New Jersey , which Yasin was sharing with his mother, in the same building as Ramzi Yousef's apartment. The next day, he flew back to Iraq , via Amman, Jordan. Yasin was later indicted for the attack, and in he was placed on the initial list of the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists , on which he remains today. He disappeared before the U.

In May , they were sentenced to life imprisonment. The capture of Salameh and Yasin led authorities to Ramzi Yousef 's apartment, where they found bomb-making materials and a business card from Mohammed Jamal Khalifa. He was acquitted by a Jordanian court and lived as a free man in Saudi Arabia until he was killed in He was not located during the invasion of Iraq. None of the U. At the time of the bombing, Smith was checking time sheets in her office on the B-2 level, Kirkpatrick, Knapp and Macko were eating lunch together in an employees' break room next to Smith's office, Mercado was checking in deliveries for the restaurant, and DiGiovanni was parking in the underground garage.

A granite memorial fountain honoring the victims of the bombing was designed by Elyn Zimmerman and dedicated in on Austin J. Tobin Plaza, directly above the site of the explosion. It contained the names of the six adults who were killed in the attack as well as an inscription that read:.

This horrible act of violence killed innocent people, injured thousands, and made victims of us all. The fountain was destroyed with the rest of the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks. A recovered fragment from the bombing memorial with the text "John D", from bombing victim John DiGiovanni, was later incorporated into a temporary memorial designed by Port Authority architect Jacqueline Hanley, and erected on the Liberty Street side of the site following the September 11 attacks.

Spiritual contradictions

The memorial was visible across a fence barrier but was not open to the public. Stephen Knapp's name is on the Postcards memorial in Staten Island, as the sole victim from the borough involved in the bombing. In the course of the trial it was revealed that the FBI had an informant , a former Egyptian army officer named Emad Salem.

Salem claims to have informed the FBI of the plot to build a bomb that would eventually be used in the World Trade Center towers as early as February 6, Salem's role as informant allowed the FBI to quickly pinpoint the conspirators out of hundreds of possible suspects. The transcripts do not make clear the extent to which Federal Authorities knew that there was a plan to bomb the World Trade Center, merely that a bombing of some sort was being discussed.

Salem claimed that the FBI's plan was for Salem to supply the conspirators with a harmless powder instead of actual explosive to build their bomb, but that the FBI chose to use him for other purposes instead. He secretly recorded hundreds of hours of telephone conversations with his FBI handlers. We pursued that on every level, traced him to a relative and a location, and we made overtures to get him back.

There were no ties to the Iraqi government. Claims of direct Iraqi involvement come from Dr. Naval War College , with the claims rejected by others. CNN reporter Peter Bergen has called her a "crackpot" who claimed that "Saddam was not only behind the '93 Trade Center attack, but also every anti-American terrorist incident of the past decade, from the bombings of U. Robert Leiken of the Nixon Center comments on the lack of evidence in her work: In March , the Pentagon released its study of some , documents captured in Iraq after the invasion see Pentagon Report.

The study "found no 'smoking gun' i. Saddam said that he did not trust the bomber Yasin, who was in Iraqi custody, because his testimony was too "organized. In the wake of the bombing and the chaotic evacuation which followed, the World Trade Center and many of the firms inside of it revamped emergency procedures, particularly with regard to evacuation of the towers.

All packages were scanned at various checkpoints then sent up to the proper addressee.

September 11 attacks

These policies played a role in evacuating the building during the September 11 attacks , which destroyed the towers. Free access to the roofs, which had enabled the evacuation by police helicopter in the bombing, was ended soon after. A decision was handed down in , assigning liability for the bombings to the Port Authority. In January , the Port Authority asked a five-judge panel of the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan to throw out the decision, describing the jury's verdict as "bizarre".

It has been argued that the problem with the apportionment of responsibility in the case is not the jury's verdict, but rather New York's tort-reform-produced state apportionment law. Traditionally, courts do not compare intentional and negligent fault. The Restatement Third of Torts: Apportionment of Liability recommends a rule to prevent juries from having to make comparisons like the terrorist-Port Authority comparison in this case.

September 11 attacks - Wikipedia

However, if a jurisdiction does compare these intentional and negligent torts, courts' second-best position is to do what the NYS Appeals Court did—to uphold all jury apportionments, even those that assign greater, or perhaps far greater, responsibility to negligent than intentional parties. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the World Trade Center bombing. For the terrorist attack in , see September 11 attacks. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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