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First is the use of abrogation in the Quran, which means to replace older teachings and positions with the most recent teachings and positions. Islamic scholars agree that the earliest writings of Muhammad occurred when he resided in Mecca and that these writings were largely peaceful. However, after securing a larger following, most of the violent laws and rules given by Muhammad instructing Muslims to kill infidels and spread Islam by the sword became more numerous and written later when Muhammad resided in Medina.

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Since the more violent teachings of Muhammad are the most current writings, according to Islam, they are the only relevant teachings to be followed by today's Muslims. So many of today's Muslims recite the earlier peaceful passages in the Quran and wrongly conclude that Islam is a religion of peace. What they don't understand or don't want to believe is that almost all of the earlier peaceful teachings were abrogated or replaced by the violent message to spread the teachings of Islam by the sword.

The other two reasons for the confusion are ignorance and the practice of Tuqyah; which means to deceive.

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There are many Muslims who truly are unaware of the violent teachings of Islam but it is hard to differentiate and separate those Muslims from Muslims who purposely misinform others about the violent core teachings of Islam, through the use of Tuqyah, which is sanctioned by Islam in cases where Muslims are outnumbered or weaker than non-believers. They are called to act friendly until they gather enough strength in order to fight.

Ibn Kathir on 3: For instance, Al-Bukhari recorded that Abu Ad-Darda' said, We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them. There are many peaceful Muslims who do not know or don't want to believe in the violent contents and message of the Quran. Muslims in this country, who believe in the United States Constitution, co-existence between all religions and personal choice would not be considered by those faithful to the teachings of Muhammad to be followers of Islam and would and do face the same violent fate as non-believers. Remembering that Muslims are also called to convert the unbelievers to Islam by persuasion, violence is not always the method of choice especially in the early stages of conversion and against a stronger opponent.

The push to dominate and control America's future currently takes the form of using America's ample supply of corrupt politicians, a broken media, political correctness and fear of being labeled racists to undermine the laws and freedoms of this country.

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To assist Islam's agenda to take over the United States one must remain silent and vigilantly practice political correctness. One must allow corrupt politicians to remain in office and advance the idea of multiculturalism at all costs. But above all, one must continually reinforce the idea, through denial or verbal repetition that such an invasion could never happen here.

The Juniper Berry magazine, first published in is an all-volunteer effort containing articles on crime prevention, neighborhood issues, meeting reports and notices, neighborhood history and photographs, guest articles, editorials and more.

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The Juniper Park Civic Association will hold their annual holiday party and raffle on Thursday, December 13th, at 7: The civic association will use this occasion to close out its 80th anniversary year. The opinions expressed may not necessarily be the opinions of the Juniper Park Civic Association or its members. In the empty field next to the gas station, he found a discrete corner, laid out his mat and began to recite the holy verses, first standing, then bent forward, then on his knees with his head to the ground.

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  7. He noticed two people looking at him, secretively peering out from behind their truck. Uneasy, he rushed through the ritual, folded up his mat and got back in the car to leave. As he pulled away, he could see in his rear view mirror a cop car pulling into the parking lot. The people who had been staring were flagging down the police officer and pointing at Caldwell. He drove on at an intentionally moderate pace, and the cop did not follow, but he has not risked praying publicly in the South since.

    Caldwell is soft spoken.

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    He pauses thoughtfully before talking and sometimes between sentences. He wears a plaid button down shirt, slacks and small, round wire-framed glasses. His wide-set green eyes gaze out earnestly from his creamy white face. One quickly gets the sense that he is a kind and spiritual person. Perhaps this is his fatal flaw. After growing up in the Episcopal Church, Caldwell rediscovered his spirituality in Islam and decided to convert. Now, less than a hundred miles from where he was raised, onlookers see Caldwell's prayer as a potential threat.

    Why might this be? She repeatedly questioned his credentials and asked him to explain how a Muslim could write about Christianity. Negative sentiments about Muslims most often link to an association of Islam with radicalism and terrorism. The Homegrown Threat ," says, "Jihadist ideology is the driver that motivates young men and women, born or living in the West, to carry out an 'autonomous jihad' via acts of terrorism against their host countries. Muslim converts have received extensive media attention. Katherine Russell, the widow of one of the notorious Boston Marathon bombers, began practicing Islam after meeting her husband.

    Samantha Lewthwaite, known as the "White Widow" after her husband's suicide bombing in London public transit, is among the suspects implicated in the Nairobi mall massacre in September She, too, is Muslim convert. Nicholas Brody, a main character of the popular television show "Homeland", becomes a Muslim while he is imprisoned by al-Quaeda in Damascus, Syria. Once back in the United States, he collaborates with his captors to plot and execute terror attacks.

    Karen Danielson, Director of Outreach at the Chicago chapter of Muslim American Society, says that any event that brings Islam into the public consciousness -- for negative or positive reasons -- generates interest.

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    Sometimes people come forward hostile, but then even they end up converting because of what they discover," she says. She has worked in community building for Muslims ever since and has interacted with hundreds of converts and support groups. Despite their powers of attraction, these terror-infused portrayals are very problematic for converts, says Iqbal Akhtar, a professor of Islamic Studies at Florida International University.

    New Muslims are forced to view themselves as outsiders in their own culture and are not given the opportunity to reconcile the different parts of their identities. Converts to any faith seem increasingly abnormal as the United States gravitates farther away from religion. According to a Pew Research study, the number of Americans who do not affiliate with a religion has gone up by 5 percent in the past five years , from Yet the number of Muslims in the United States is increasing.

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    This anomalous increase in religious practice may be because conversion to Islam is quick and very simple. He translates the verse to mean, "There is no god but God and Muhammad is his messenger. There's no training, no test. You just recite the creed. Ingram attributes the successful global spread of Islam to the ease of this process. The difficulty for many converts comes in the change of daily customs, rather than in the change of faith. In , at the age of 36, Jennifer Gauthier converted from Catholicism to Islam in order to marry to a Muslim man.

    The pair has since moved to Alexandria, Egypt.

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    Saba Safder, Scholarship Manager at the national non-profit Islamic Society of North America and a Muslim convert from Methodism, speaks to the challenging cultural adjustments. Sometimes when I came to the mosque, my scarf may not have covered all my hair, or my sleeves may not have been as long as they should have been," she said. Many converts also felt alienated because of their whiteness.

    In theory, explains Ingram, Islam is meant to be a race-free religion. But in practice, he says, this is not the case.